DoDuel #ANewChapter
Pokemon Captured: Doduo
Rank: Medium
MCC: 10000
ACC: 10730
Hard Pokemon Intended: Mienfoo
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Reducing one’s presence in the Melinawan Forest while moving was a task ill suited for those in a rush. The amount of debris and brush to push through would cause an overwhelming amount of noise for any given Pokemon to remain under the guise of stealth. For this, the Mienfoo did not bother holding back pressure on the ground as it fled. The earth was a blur beneath the Kung Foo Pokemon’s feet, wind carrying leaves and vines of the trees above through the spare fur atop its head. In its right arm, the Mienfoo cradled the Grubbin, using its left arm to push away any branches that would jut into its path.

Before long, the soft light grew in strength ahead of the Mienfoo. The fighting type lurched forward to meet the light and found itself in a clearing. About twenty meters in diameter, this would be a suitable resting spot to gather its bearings.

The Mienfoo put the Grubbin down on the forest floor and took in its surroundings. The clearing was surrounded primarily by thick barked non-berry producing trees. Many held branches close to the ground, but none were conifers. The wide designs of the leaves and various plant life strewn between the spread out branches allowed for this to be an oasis of a hidden treasure in the forest. Even as a veteran, this territory was new to the Mienfoo. It looked around, marvelling at the scenery. Though perhaps not the best area for residence, this could potentially be a good spot for meditation in the future.

The Mienfoo looked back to where it had entered the clearing. The brush left an imprint of its entry, a roughly three foot tall hole in the otherwise thick wall of brush guarding this safe haven. It shook its head moved to reform the natural barrier. As it replaced the leaves and vines, thumping on the forest floor started to tip off the Mienfoo. It was careless, directed towards the clearing and rapid. By far, this was faster paced steps than any human could muster, but it carried the weight of the impulse of humans. No forest creature would chase this obviously when trying to capture prey. Some variety of chaser Pokemon was sent in the stead of the Minefoo to recover what it had fled with. At the pace of the heavy steps, it would arrive through the hole in a matter of seconds.

In a flash, the Mienfoo rushed to pick up the Grubbin and hide in the nearby shrubbery. If nothing else, it would serve as an advantage to the oncoming foe.

The leaves parted and revealed a Doduo skidding to a halt in the sunshine. The two-headed bird Pokemon looked around, revealing certain aspects of its garb. It bore two specific ties to the crusaders who had raided the forest before. Each heada wore a helmet with a reflective dark blue sheen to it. Red LED’s ran down either side of the head to what appeared to be a wire reaching out from the back of the head. At the front, a light blue screen covered up one of the eyes of either head, the left eye for the left head and the right eye for the right head respectively. Muffled audio was audible in short spurts from even the Mienfoo’s stance in the bushes. This was clearly some means for the crusaders to give chase without leaving the path. The other piece of equipment was a vest around the main body of the bird. It was a similarly dark blue piece, but this had various holes spread throughout, the holes laminated with some light protective outliner. There was no rhyme or pattern to the holes, but it inquired a sense of importance to the Doduo’s usage.

The heads of the Doduo raised and spread their attention around the clearing, rotating away from one another to cover ground most efficiently. After the entire area was scanned, there was a brief bit of muffled audio before the Doduo moved to where it had entered the clearing. Once there, it positioned the left head to look behind the main body, while the other head scanned the nearby foliage. Slowly, the Doduo started moving around the clearing’s edge. It would only be a matter of time before the Doduo reached the spot by which the Mienfoo was located.

The fighting type let the bug down onto the forest floor to allow itself some space to fight. Flying type pokemon were well known for being able to snatch things out of the palm of the Pokemon they fought. With the utility of the Doduo’s two heads, it could easily pluck the Grubbin off of the Mienfoo during battle and ruin the point of the escape. For this, the Mienfoo had to fight alone.

The Mienfoo concentrated it’s focus and leapt forward out of the shrubs, clapping both paws on either side of the Doduo’s head. The fighting type then hopped over the bird, taking a step off of its back to land in the middle of the clearing. It raised a paw and a knee before planting its raised foot in the dirt, creating a wide and active stance to fight its newfound foe.

The injured Doduo head shook violently. The other head cawed to its other self, recentering itself and turning for the fight. Various audio cues were given to the two heads from contradictory sounding voices. Two crusaders were involved in this.

The left head of the Doduo reached its beak into a hole on the underbelly of the bird. The eyes of the second head narrowed, the pupil dilating. The leg muscles of the bipedal bird tightened, preparing an attack.

The Mienfoo moved to halt an immediate approach. It got into a crouched position and held up both forearms in front of its head. This stance would manage to halt a fast moving attacker, as the lack of control over its speed would push the attacker into a block, doing no damage. The Doduo’s feet lurched forward. They were noticably faster than before, but lacking in the speed that would push the bird out of concentrated control. The Mienfoo peeked out of it’s comfort zone, finding the business end of the right head’s beak lurching towards its head.

The direct impact sent the Mienfoo flying backwards, drawing up a cloud of dirt as it skid across the battlefield. The Mienfoo shook its head, having made a clear miscalculation. The technique just revealed was not one it had seen often, but it was known. Meditite it had met in the past had a means of pressure based meditation where triggering certain pressure points increased its ability to fight on various fronts. The five holes in the vest must each represent a pressure point in the Doduo. It hit the pressure to increase speed and launched a normal attack that could be perceived as a fast attack; a clever ruse.

The Mienfoo pushed itself off of the ground and wiped away at the grass that had clung to its face. Letting out a harsh breath, it repositioned itself to retaliate. There was a high likelihood that, with concentrated blows like that peck, the Doduo may win from a close range, It was imperative to keep the bird at a distance if this is a battle for the Mienfoo to win. The Mienfoo crossed its arms in front of its head and let out a small growl as it made a chopping motion in front of itself. From its arms, star shaped projectiles launched towards the Doduo.

In a panic, the Doduo tried to flee from the projectiles around the rim of the battlefield. However, despite its increased speed, the stars caught the bird around the back of the knee, toppling it. The Mienfoo, seeing an opportunity, brought both forepaws behind itself and closed its eyes. The Kung Foo Pokemon channeled its inner chi and created a light blue ball of energy. The ball slowly grew in its palms. Once of medium size, the Mienfoo opened its eyes and sent the ball flying towards the Doduo, creating a cloud of dirt and dust in its wake. A direct hit.

The Minefoo let out a sigh of relief and slowly moved back into its prepared battle stance. It held out a paw in front of itself and a paw above its head with the lower body close to the ground. However, the fighting type Pokemon did not tighten its muscles. There was no need, given the downed stance of the Doduo.

From the cloud, the crackle of fire, lighting and ice resonated at one time. The Mienfoo’s eyes widened, trying to pull the muscles tight before any direct attack could launch forward. However, instead of the Doduo sending itself rushing towards the Mienfoo, it was a ball of chaotic energy being sent the martial Pokemon’s way. The Mienfoo tried pulling it’s forearms into a defensive position in front of its face to block, but the energy ball clashed with the Pokemon’s chest, creating a explosion of elemental catastrophe.

The Mienfoo lost its grip on the earth and went flying into the nearest tree, its shoulder catching the trunk and creating a spinning tumble into the brush. The feeling of the fire blazing across the light fur seemed to contradict the tight chilled skin of the Mienfoo, offsetting any pure elemental damage it would have taken.

The Mienfoo brought itself to its feet. It shook its head, trying to look side to side. The peripherals of its sight were starting to fade, and its breath drew heavy. The next blow could decide whether or not it could keep the Grubbin safe.

Slowly stepping out of the brush, the Doduo was staring directly at the Mienfoo, almost as if knowing it had a shot of completely knocking the fighting type out with that direct hit. The Mienfoo widened its stance and stuck a palm out in front of it, keeping the other close to its side.

Channeling the spirit of the Tauros, the Doduo scraped dirt behind it and leaned both heads in forward. The Doduo leapt forward, charging head in front of its feet. Both beaks glowed with the power of their respective attacks prepared to create a pincer to finish off the Mienfoo.

The Mienfoo ducked, avoiding the headlong first attack. With the target directly in front of it, pushed the held back palm into the the chest of the Doduo. The blunt force of the palm strike pushed the Doduo off of its feet. Both necks snapped forward slightly, not prepared to run directly into such a sturdy wall of force. Upon relanding, it collapsed to the ground, Neither head was unconscious, but trying to move whatsoever only resolved in light twitching.

The Mienfoo nodded, knowing it had accomplished its task. The Doduo would not be incapacitated for long, the strike only immobilizing the weakened bird until its owners could come to the rescue and heal its paralysis. However, it would buy enough time for it to get away and relocate the Grubbin.

This in mind, the Mienfoo ran towards where it had hid the bug, picked it up and dashed into greater forest. With Grubbin in its arm, the Mienfoo smiled and lightly jogged to a new territory. The crusaders still have the war won, but this battle belonged to the Melinawan’s residents. With due time, perhaps the other biomes could resist this surge and put an end to the tyranny brought about by the crusaders.

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