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Name: Jones.
Age: Adult (roughly 20 years).
Gender: Female.
Jones is surprisingly smart. While she doesn’t tend to say much - or initiate pleasant social interactions at all - she’s always listening and watching, and the gears in her brain are always turning. She’s quite intelligent, and adaptable to all sorts of problems. She’s also incredibly determined; while she’s fairly noncommittal most of the time, if Jones sets her mind on doing something, she won’t let anything get in her way.

All of that said, Jones is kind of a jerk. She believes that the world is a terrible place, that people who aren’t outright hostile have a hidden agenda, and she conducts herself accordingly. She doesn’t trust others, and while she doesn’t go out of her way to pick fights, she can get very snippy with people. She has very little in the way of social graces; if she’s having a conversation and becomes upset or disinterested, she will often literally just walk away or interrupt with a thought of her own. She also has a very might-makes-right attitude, and if she believes it will get her ahead, she’s not above stealing from, attacking, or bullying others who she believes might be a threat.

History: Born in a small village in the deserts of Orre, Jones was pretty much going to be unhappy no matter what. When she was a meager six years old, her village was seized by a powerful warlord; Jones herself was recruited by the warlord, who “compassionately” spared her and took her under his wing, training her up alongside the other child soldiers he’d “recruited”. Jones trained loyally for years, but one day, she realized that this lifestyle was liable to end in her death. Afraid to stay but afraid to leave, she stayed in perfect lockstep with her commander’s wishes until one night, she decided she couldn’t take it any more. She snuck into the warlord’s chambers while he slept, stabbed him with his own sword, and then ran.

She didn’t look back. For years, she worked as a sellsword in Orre, using the weapon she’d claimed for anyone who would pay her. She failed her last mission - she cornered her quarry in the alleys of a port town, but the woman turned out to have a Pokemon protecting her. In the fight, she was knocked out; her attacker fully expected Jones to die when she tossed her limp body into the waters.

Washing up on Mautte, Jones only remembers a few things: the world is a horrible, hostile place. She is in it to fight. The desert is her home. And she has done something terrible, something that she’s glad that she can no longer remember.

Available Forms:
Species: Heliolisk.
Form Type: Linked (Jones the Heliolisk).
Dry Skin. Jones is a desert rat, through and through. She can withstand harsh temperatures and go ages without drinking. Sunlight gives her a boost of energy, while overabundant moisture is a shock to her system. Jones is extremely quick when she’s in strong, direct sunlight and warm environments, and her reflexes are slowed when she’s in rain, deep shade, or cold.
Sand Veil. Through years of living in the desert, Jones has learned to work with sandstorms rather than against them. When Jones is in a sandstorm, the sand will simply roll off of her scales, not hurting her at all. Furthermore, every two posts, so long as there is an active sandstorm, Jones can activate her Sand Veil ability to freely “disappear” into the clouds of sand and dodge one attack.
Solar Power. With effort, Jones can deliberately harness the sun’s power. Once every other post, if Jones is in direct sunlight, she can “supercharge” herself, enhancing her agility or attack power. However, after exerting herself this way, Jones will suffer a bout of fatigue directly proportional to the boost she gained. Repeated uses of this ability will cause the post-use fatigue to increase.

Appearance: Jones is a pretty scrawny, scrappy-looking Heliolisk, only skin and muscle draped over bone. She has several scars; while none of them are particularly horrifying, she has plenty of nicks and dents in the scales all over her body. She wears a leather sash around her waist. It’s not particularly useful, but something about it feels right. 

Species: Manectric.
Form Type: Linked.
Abilities: Static. Jones Should Not Be Touched. Touching Jones when she is in her Manectric form will give the enemy a powerful static shock. Once per battle, Jones can deliberately increase the force of the shock to briefly stun her opponent.
Lightning Rod. Jones's connection with weather does not end with sandstorms. Once per thread, she may alter the weather, calling a rainless thunderstorm that lasts for the rest of the thread. If it is already raining, lightning will begin to strike. This lightning will not hurt Jones. Doing this is exhausting for Jones, and will leave her fatigued for the rest of the thread.
Appearance: Unlike with most Manectric, the yellow patches on Jones's body are evenly distributed rather than concentrated in a few places. The majority of her fur is black rather than blue. Curiously, there are a few white spots on her fur as well. The majority of her short-cropped mane is still gold. She is lanky and rangy, with a short, bushy tail. She overall resembles an African wild dog, but with more yellow than brown. Her sash will usually remain around her waist in this form, although she occasionally ties it around her ankle.

Species: Clauncher.
Form Type: Earned.
Abilities: Mega Launcher. Jones's ranged attacks are usually a little bit unfocused and scattershot, covering a wide area but dealing less damage. However, if she takes a moment, she can steady her claws and attack with a very concentrated, accurate ranged attack. These assaults are more damaging, but leave her guard down while she's steadying her claws.
Appearance: Jones's Clauncher form is slightly smaller than average, with thin armor that gives her more maneuverability in exchange for lesser defense. Her chitin is red and black with yellow eyes and antennae. She does not usually wear her belt in this form; if she does, it's usually in a pretty hopeless tangle around her torso.

Species: Flygon.
Form Type: Imported.
Appearance: In this form, Jones retains all the scars from her Heliolisk form, but written large all over her draconic body. She's a bit slender for a Flygon, but otherwise doesn't vary too much in size or shape. However, her scales are very differently-colored to a typical Flygon - the usual greens are replaced with beige on the light areas and gold on the dark areas. The reds remain in their usual places, though Jones's red scales are closer to a scarlet tint than a typical Flygon. She wears her belt around her waist in this form, keeping it tucked behind her wings. 
Abilities: Levitate. Despite Flygons' dense muscle and bone giving them a very high body weight for an avian, they are able to fly as long as their wings are free to flap. Jones is no exception. She also gets some pretty mad hops, what with her large-muscled hindlegs.

Post Tracker: Located here~
Clan: N/A. Rebel 4 lyfe.
Place of Residence: Drifting Oasis.
Inventory: Leather belt (minor accessory claim from Winter 2019 Invitational); ground megastone.
Timeline (Rough).

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