Hidden Power Changing Station
Hidden Power Changing Station

Welcome to the Hidden Power Changing Station! This is where you can change your Pokemon's Hidden Power. It costs $2,500 to change your Pokemon's Hidden Power.

  • The Pokemon must already have a HP type (and therefore have HP)
  • When posting a purchase, post it like any other purchase, and include the Pokemon you want changed and a link to your stats
  • You can only change a Pokemon's Hidden Power once per month. This still applies even if the Pokemon changes owners.
  • You must keep your new chosen type, unless you change it in the future.
  • After a HP type is changed, you must update your stats to reflect the new HP type and link your approval post to the changed HP
  • Don't start a battle if you haven't updated your stats with a change
  • Don't change the HP of a Pokemon if it is currently in a battle
  • All Staff, Senior Referees, and Approvers can approve Hidden Power changes

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