After's Stats
♠ A f t e r ♠


Art Pass x10
Park Pass x2
Park Voucher ($5,000) x1 - Usable at the Park shop or at the Park gates for the specified amount.
Monochrome Coupon x1 - Removes the requirement for a specific ribbon type. Selected ribbon is still consumed on use.
Major Accessory Voucher x1
Minor Accessory Voucher x1
Heart Scale x1 - Can be exchanged for one BM, MT, or SM, redeemed in the Mart.

Rare Candy x1

TM10 Double-Edge x1
TM12 Water Gun x1
TM31 Mimic x1
TM75 Swagger x1
TM42 Dream Eater x1

Evolution Items:
Soothe Bell x1
Fire Stone x1
Shiny Stone x1

Battle Items:
Charizardite X x1
Leftovers x2
Limited Edition, Premium Maylee 2019 Headband™ [Focus Sash] x1
Lum Berry x1
Figy Berry x1 - Restores 33% HP when HP falls below 25%. Confuses if lowest raw stat is Attack.
Iapapa Berry x1 - Restores 33% HP when HP falls below 25%. Confuses if lowest raw stat is Defense.
Wiki Berry x1 - Restores 33% HP when HP falls below 25%. Confuses if lowest raw stat is Special Attack.
Aguav Berry x1 - Restores 33% HP when HP falls below 25%. Confuses if lowest raw stat is Special Defense.
Yache Berry x1
Terrain Extender x1

Black Apricorn x1
White Apricorn x1


Pickup last attempted Tues Jan 14; roll failed.

⚔ B a t t l e . B o x e s ⚔

Fully Evolved:

Training Basics:

Basic Bruisers: (Perma Basics)

Mock Ice:

- TBA -
♦ N a t i o n a l . P a r k ♦

Kouryu Kisaragi


- TBA -

Active Pokemon:

[Image: 571.png] Sojiro - male Zoroark - Calm

Kouryu's first Pokemon. As a Zorua, Sojiro saved him from a group of bullies and they've been friends ever since. Enjoys sitting with Kou and watching whatever he's doing. Also enjoys teasing him a bit by putting his head on his Trainer's and reminding Kou that yes, he's still short.

[Image: 653.png] Matsuri - female Fennekin - Jolly

An older Fennekin with a kit's enthusiasm, given to Kouryu by his grandmother. Frequently entertains herself by stealing Kou's sunglasses and otherwise making a mild nuisance of herself. Loves to cuddle and play and appreciates a good long nap.

[Image: 373.png] Veldora - male Salamence - Bold

Received as a Bagon as a birthday gift from his parents. Veldora is fairly stubborn and loves to fight head-on, which often puts him at odds with his Trainer's strategies. The dragon's more aggressive temperament as well as his species are two of the reasons Kouryu has refrained from adding to his team until recently.

Character Art+Writing:

Legend Tracker:

38,280 / 500,000 characters

♣ C r e a t i v e ♣


- February 19-28: $6,000 earned March 3
- March 1-31: $21,000 earned April 14
- April 1-30: $23,750 earned May 3
- May 1-31: $19,250 earned June 3
- June 1-30 + July 1-31: $44,500 earned August 2
- August 1-31, September 1-30, October 1-31, November 1-30, December 1-14: $102,250 earned December 15
- December 15-31, January 1-31: $31,500 earned February 3
- February 1-?: ongoing

Capture Hub
- Feb 25: Shinx - curated, claimed - Simple capture ($5,000) + pass at Hard Rank (+$15,000 bonus) = +$20,000 to Tracker
- Mar 31: Spewpa - curated, claimed - Simple capture ($5,000) + pass at Medium Rank (+$5,000 bonus) = +$10,000 to Tracker
- Apr 30: Fletchling - curated, claimed - Medium capture ($15,000) + pass at Complex Rank (+$20,000 bonus) + April Art Theme at Medium+ ($5,000) = $40,000 to Tracker
- Sept 29: Swablu - curated, claimed - Art Fourplay Hard->Medium capture ($15,000) + pass at Complex Rank (+$20,000 bonus) = $35,000 to Tracker

Legend Tracker: $353,250 / $500,000


Story Journal
- November 2-10: $5,500 earned December 1
- December 22-31: $6,000 earned January 6
- January 1-31: not yet paid
- February ?: N/A

Story Hub
- to be added -

Legend Tracker: $11,500 / $500,000
Transaction Log:



January 6 '20 - plus $6,000 for December Story Journal wages. New total: $8,250.

January 7 '20 - Basics loss. $2,500 earned. New total: $10,750. +1 EXP to Kai, Wicker, Gora, Lofflusa, Gareth (evolves to Rampardos), and Zane. Pickup rolled, currently unclaimed.

January 7 '20 - Claimed Leftovers from the Pickup roll. Also exchanged the two Heart Scales from SwSh Invitational for MT Defog and MT Heal Bell on Lofflusa (evolves to Altaria), and the Heart Scale from Staff's Christmas gift for BM Fell Stinger on Minato.

January 12 '20 - Added TM76 Sleep Talk, TM62 Snore, and TM83 Thief to Wicker from Inventory. Sleep Talk+Snore came from second Contest Napper TM Case, Thief from Contest Section Summer Wheel 2019. First TM evolved him to Linoone.

January 14 '20 - minus $5,000 for Underground rolls. Got Leftovers and Sail Fossil. Sail Fossil revived ("Winry") for $5,000. New total: $750.

January 14 '20 - Basics win. $5,000 earned. New total: $5,750. +1 EXP to Jake, Gora, Kai, Saburo (evolves to Boldore), Wicker, and Winry.

January 18 '20 - FFA with Gora (+1 EXP), placed 8th of 8. $2,500 earned. New total: $8,250.

January 25 '20 - FFA with Zane (+1 EXP, evolves to Meowstic), placed 5th of 9. $3,500 earned. New total: $11,750. (Log went up a day after.)

February 1 '20 - plus $10,000 from 1st Anniversary Gift. New total: $21,750.

February 1 '20 - minus $5,000 for Underground rolls. Got Prism Sphere (4k TM of choice at Mart; chose TM255 Gunk Shot) and Galar fossil. Claimed and revived Arctovish ("Rime") for $5,000. New total: $11,750. Applied TM Rest and TM Hail to Rime from Inventory (+2 EXP). Rest came from the second Contest Napper TM Case and Hail from the Underground.

February 1 '20 - Shopping. TM268 Throat Chop, TM216 Stomping Tantrum, and TM69 Iron Tail. Also exchanged Prism Sphere from above Underground for TM255 Gunk Shot. New total: $1,750. (Approved Feb 2.)

February 2 '20 - TM255 Gunk Shot, TM268 Throat Chop, TM216 Stomping Tantrum, and TM69 Iron Tail applied to Wicker (evolves to Obstagoon with the first two).

February 2 '20 - claimed temporary Darkrai as part of the Legend Ascension event!

February 3 '20 - plus $31,500 from December 15 to January 31 Sketchbook wages. New total: $33,250.

February 5 '20 - Shopping. Yuuto gets TM50 Substitute, TM64 Protect, TM06 Toxic, TM264 Play Rough, TM45 Thunder Wave, TM251 Nasty Plot, TM84 Steel Wing, TM33 Reflect, and TM96 Light Screen, along with MT Tailwind. New total: $750. (Approved Feb 6. Yuuto now at 13 EMs.)

February 6 '20 - Applied TM42 Dream Eater from the first Contest Napper TM Case to Yuuto, bringing him to 14 EMs.

February 13 '20 - plus $3,000 and a Heart Scale for voting in the 2019 URPG Awards. New total: $3,750.

February 15 '20 - Basics win. $1,000 earned. New total: $4,750. +1 EXP to Winry.

February 15 '20 - Basics loss. $2,500 earned. New total: $7,250. +1 EXP to Renzo, Gora, Jake, Saburo, Kai, and Winry. (Log posted on the 16th.)

February 18 '20 - Team Forum FFA with Yuuto, losing team. $5,000 earned. New total: $12,250.
☼ G o a l s ☼


[T1] White Kyurem - Ryusenka [ Art ]
[T2] Darkrai - Arsene [ Writing??? ]
[T2] Latias [ Morphic??? ]
[T1] Shiny Rayquaza - Rebellion [ Park??? ]
[T2] Shiny Zeraora - Silas
[T1] Zamazenta - Oki

Maybes: Zacian (Shiranui) [T1], Dusk Mane Necrozma (Lucifer) [T1], Origin Giratina [T1], Reshiram [T1], Zekrom [T1], Shiny Victini [T2], Poipole [T1], Mewtwo [T1], Shiny Mew [T1], Deoxys [T1], Lugia [T1], Articuno [T2], Yveltal [T1], Zygarde [T2], Therian Tornadus [T2], Therian Thundurus [T2], Sky Shaymin [T2], Shiny Dusk/Dawn Necrozma [T1], Hoopa Unbound [T2]


Poochyena (Mightyena) - m, Shuhei
Shiny Sentret (Furret) - f, Kamiki
Taillow (Swellow) - f, Riza
Burmy (Mothim)
Magikarp (Gyarados) - f, Scylla or m, Jörmungandr
Caterpie (Butterfree)
Spinarak (Ariados) - f, Vesper
Shiny Wurmple (Beautifly) - m, Jigokuchou
Wurmple (Dustox) - f, Alain
Unown "?"
Pidgey (Pidgeot) - f, Guardian Eatos


Spheal (Walrein) - m, Thoran
Wooper (Quagsire) - m, Spotty
Shiny Mareep (Ampharos) - m, Stark
Shiny Pansage (Simisage) - m, Bon
Fomantis (Lurantis) - f, Chihiro
Elekid (Electivire) - f, Nails
Cleffa (Clefable) - f, Eltanin
Shiny Pichu (Alolan Raichu) - f, Sable
Galarian Zigzagoon (Obstagoon) - m, Wicker
Galarian Zigzagoon (Galarian Linoone) - f, Lycoris
Blipbug (Orbeetle) - m, Motobug
Wooloo (Dubwool) - m, Orik
Alolan Sandshrew (Alolan Sandslash) - m, Mabufu
Nickit (Thievul) - m, Ren
East Shellos (Gastrodon) - f, Taco


Solosis (Reuniclus) - f, Liri
Cubchoo (Beartic) - f, Lorel
Vanillite (Vanilluxe) - m/f, Yuki
Snover (Abomasnow) - m
Snorunt (Froslass) - f, Omoe
Snorunt (Glalie)
Seel (Dewgong) - f, Selkie
Shellder (Cloyster) - m
Bergmite (Avalugg) - m, Baikal
Crabrawler (Crabominable) - m
Shiny Heatmor - f, Jorry
Shiny Mime Jr. (Mr. Rime) - m, Jiji-san
Shiny Mime Jr. (Galarian Mr. Mime) - m, Crow
Shiny Bunnelby (Diggersby) - m, Huffle
Togedemaru - f, Zoey
Duskull (Dusknoir) - m, Dominion
Cubone (Marowak) - m, Ryuji
Cubone (Alolan Marowak) - f, Egwu
Tyrogue (Hitmontop) - m, Cyrano
Rockruff (Lycanroc) - f, Hisana (Day or Dusk)
Shiny Rockruff (Lycanroc) - m, Koji (whichever Hisana isn't)
Shiny Rockruff (Lycanroc Midnight) - m, Apotos
Azurill (Azumarill) - f, Nixie
Trapinch (Flygon) - f, Calima
Shiny Vulpix (Ninetales) - m, Gin
Alolan Vulpix (Ninetales) - m, Yusuke
Shiny Joltik (Galvantula) - m, Lucas
Sandile (Krookodile) - m, Raehan
Shuppet (Banette) - m, Daniel
Venonat (Venomoth) - f, Avixi
Karrablast (Escavalier) - f, Ebali
Shiny Shelmet (Accelgor) - m, Hanzo
Starly (Staraptor) - m, Tobias
Petilil (Lilligant) - f, Mimi
Houndour (Houndoom) - m, Brisket
Nidoran-M (Nidoking) - m, Nero
Nidoran-F (Nidoqueen) - f, Cleo
Baltoy (Claydol) - Sentinel
Teddiursa (Ursaring) - f, Rachel
Alolan Grimer (Alolan Muk) - m
Natu (Xatu) - f, Siekvi
Snom - m, smol
Snom (Frosmoth) - f, Rukia
Rookidee (Corviknight) - m, Oomara
Yamper (Bolthund) - f, Athena
Shiny Silicobra (Sandaconda) - m/f, Kukri
Clobbopus (Grapploct) - m, Coulson
Milcery (Alcremie) - f, Chiyo
Galarian Corsola - m/f, Reishi
Shiny Galarian Corsola (Cursola) - m/f, Cipher
Shiny Stunky (Skuntank) - f, Maple


Mudkip (Swampert) - m, Mushi
Archen (Archeops) - f, Kai
Shiny Lileep (Cradily) - f, Lei
Shiny Electrike (Manectric) - f, Abigail
Murkrow (Honchkrow) - m, Feruli
Eevee (Vaporeon) - f, Melusine
Eevee (Jolteon) - m, Nagito
Eevee (Flareon) - f, Tomo
Eevee (Espeon) - m, Scion
Eevee (Umbreon) - m, Lore
Eevee (Leafeon) - f, Ceylon
Eevee (Glaceon) - m, Marth
Shiny Buneary (Lopunny) - f, BLACKPINK
Wishiwashi - m, Arata
Swinub (Mamoswine) - m, Magnum
Torchic (Blaziken) - m, Ichigo
Treecko (Sceptile) - m, Sage
Snivy (Serperior) - m, Soba
Cyndaquil (Typhlosion) - m
Chimchar (Infernape) - m, Takuya
Scorbunny (Cinderace) - m, Albion
Popplio (Primarina) - f, Sayaka
Oshawott (Samurott) - m, Holt
Grookey (Rillaboom) - m/f, Taiko
Smeargle - m, Soma
Sneasel (Weavile) - m, Tsurara
Slowpoke (Slowbro)
Horsea (Kingdra) - m, Cepheus
Rufflet (Braviary) - m, Sitka/Seigen
Zangoose - m/f, Dante
Tynamo (Eelektross)
Mienfoo (Mienshao) - m, Kenshin
Salandit (Salazzle) - f, Yoruichi
Shiny Wimpod (Golisopod) - m, Adachi
Shiny Noibat - f, Mint
Noibat (Noivern) - m, Trance
Tropius - f, Holly
Minccino (Cinccino) - f, Dawn
Skorupi (Drapion)
Skrelp (Dragalge) - m, Synapse
Furfrou - m, Bakura
Druddigon - m, Nexus
Mawile - f, Homura
Applin (Flapple) - m, Envy
Applin (Appletun) - f, Avalon
Shiny Hattena (Hatterene) - f, Sophie
Shiny Impidimp (Grimmsnarl) - m, Yasha
Sizzlipede (Centiskorch) - m, Dinraal
Rolycoly (Coalossal) - m, Prometheus
Indeedee - m, Sebastian
Galarian Yamask (Runerigus)
Duraludon - m, Arondight
Darumaka (Darmanitan) - m, Shido
Galarian Darumaka (Galarian Darmanitan) - m, Miror B.
Shiny Golett (Golurk) - Skulker
Galarian Farfetch'd (Sirfetch'd) - m, Cassian
Shiny Galarian Ponyta (Galarian Rapidash) - f, Lusamine
Chewtle (Drednaw) - f, Armada


Sigilyph - m, Sicarius
Hawlucha - f, Gavina
Deino (Zweilous) - f, Susie
Deino (Hydreigon) - f, Alice
Litwick (Chandelure) - m, Caldera
Dreepy (Dragapult) - m, Artemis
Shiny Axew (Fraxure) - m, Milo
Shiny Axew (Haxorus) - f, Mikasa
Goomy (Goodra) - m, Charlie
Larvitar (Tyranitar)
Lapras - f, Aria
Passimian - f, Chie
Dratini (Dragonair) - m, Seiryu
Dratini (Dragonite)
Jangmo-o (Kommo-o) - f, Vajra
Jangmo-o (Hakamo-o) - m, Skaro
Shiny Ditto - Rimuru
Beldum (Metagross) - Xerxes
Feebas (Milotic) - m/f, Naydra
Gible (Garchomp) - m, Drift
Drampa - m, Totosai
Heracross - m, Alcaeus
Gligar (Gliscor)
Sableye - m, Spire
Absol - f, Virlomi
Pawniard (Bisharp) - f, Sae
Shiny Mareanie (Toxapex) - f, Izumo
Toxel (Toxtricity Low Key) - m/f, Jazz
Toxel (Toxtricity Amped) - m, Ryuji
Shiny Dracozolt - Dustfall
Arctozolt - Farosh
Dracovish - Chomper


Larvesta - m, Sollen
Larvesta (Volcarona) - m, Espero (will be Morphic'd for eventually because Plot™)
Abra (Alakazam) - f, Rasa
Riolu (Lucario) - f, Makoto
Kangaskhan - f, Maia
Rotom Frost
Rotom Wash
Honedge (Doublade) - f, Katen Kyokotsu
Shiny Honedge (Aegislash) - m, Zangetsu
Munchlax (Snorlax) - m, Takenoko
Gastly (Gengar) - m, Fatal
Type: Null (Silvally)
Misc Notes:

HP Fire for Reuniclus
Heart Scale - Can be exchanged for one BM, MT, or SM, redeemed in the Mart.

Morphic stuff:


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