The Soulmage
Name: The Soulmage
Age: Varies between personalities.
Personality: The Soulmage is a group of personalities inhabiting the same body. Unlike other similar multiple-personality characters, each personality has a one-to-one mapping with a preferred form, but none of them are above cutting into another's preferred form if they thinks it'll work better for the situation at hand. The personalities are all different, but all share two traits: the pursuit of knowledge, and a vague memory of being human.
History: None.

Available Forms:

Species: Gardevoir.
Gender: Female.
Form Type: Imported (Starter).
 - Synchronize: When Gardevoir is hit by poison, paralysis, or burning, an anomalous force deals an identical status effect to the opponent, as equivalently as possible. However, this doesn't mean the status effect will actually have any effect on the opponent - if she's paralyzed by a Raichu, the Raichu will simply shrug off the equivalent paralysis.
- Trace: At the beginning of the first fight of a given day/thread, Gardevoir's ability is set to an exact copy of the opponent's. This persists throughout the day/thread; when transforming back into the Gardevoir form, she can pick Synchronize over the Traced ability, but the Traced ability is not reset until the end of the day/thread.
Appearance: Standard.

Associated Personality - Rinna Ichihara. Originally a teenage girl whose interests lay in theorizing about the magic powers of Pokemon. She's idealistic, believing that everyone can just get along with each other. One night she wished for an insight about her theories, and she found herself washing up on a beach as a Gardevoir the next day.

Species: Hatenna
Gender: Female.
Form Type: Earned (0/35)
Anticipation - Shizuka can sense the arrival of Pokemon in her general area. When a Pokemon enters a thread she is already in, she can sense what general direction they're coming from, as well as what species they are.
Healer - Shizuka can revitalize another Pokemon slightly once every 5 of her own posts, curing them of any status effects. This is in addition to any move she uses that turn.
Appearance: Standard.

Associated Personality - Shizuka Otonashi: ???

Species: Petilil
Gender: Female
Form Type: Earned (0/35)
Chlorophyll - When in direct sunlight, Petilil feels more energetic to the point of being hyperactive and can react faster.
Own Tempo - When this ability is active, Petilil is harder to confuse in battle.
Appearance: Standard.

Associated Personality - Arinne Hanazono: ???

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