Grader Wages (to 1/31/2019)
Hi all,

A short note on wages for Concise grades: Going forward, Concise grades will follow a formula of $2,500 + $250 per 5k of story after the first 5k. I'll also use a Strong Concise tier that grants a $1k boost for grades that go a little above and beyond. In addition, to keep the pay structure from getting too complicated, I'm bumping pay for the Basic and Strong Basic levels to match these. I feel this is appropriate as our new In-Depth rules require graders to post a Concise grade before the In-Depth one, meaning even Basic In-Depth grades require a little more work. 

That means a short story of $10k in length will generally pay $2,750 for a concise grade. Worried about messing up your money? Grade another story and it'll come out even. Probably!

Additional note! Most wages this period are boosted 50% for Invitational! Please note that this bonus does not count toward your legend tracker.

Final note, mostly for my own sanity: I'm rounding anything under $5 up to the nearest $5. Enjoy your free money :)

Wages toward Legend Tracker: $14,900
Bonus wages: $7,450
Total wages: $22,350

「The End of the World and the Morning After 」, by Jack
Strong Concise: $7,200 * 1.5 = $10,800

I liked your short but pertinent breakdown of why you passed or failed each Pokemon. Good job!

Eyes, by Gold
Concise: $2,750 * 1.5 = $4,125

Hunting Immoral Morals, by Surfer Liam
Concise: $4,950 * 1.5 = $7,425

Wages toward Legend Tracker: $2,750
Bonus wages: $1,375
Total wages: $4,125

Preparing for Liftoff, by evanfardreamer
Concise: $2,750 x 1.5 = $4,125

Wages toward Legend Tracker: $6,575
Bonus wages: $3,290
Total wages: $9,865

Fish Food, by Mikey57
Basic: $3,000 * 1.5 = $4,500

You provided some good feedback, but you have a huge opportunity to improve this kind of grade (and therefore your wages!) by including textual references that back up your feedback. Try grabbing a quote or two and explaining why it worked well (or didn't). That will help give the author more specific points that they can work on, or feel good about!

Beating the Darkness, by evanfardreamer
Concise: $3,575 * 1.5 ~= $5,365

Wages toward Legend Tracker: $25,625
Bonus wages: $12,825
Total wages: $38,440

Introducing a new friend, by Brock
Concise: $2,500 * 1.5 = $3,750

continuum, chapter 1, by luckgandor
Strong Concise: $5,250 * 1.5 = $7,875

I felt you gave a wealth of really specific feedback to show Luck where he did well and where he had opportunities for improvement. This is a good example of a concise grade for a (relatively) short story! Please be careful with words like "pointless", though. 

Off the deep end, by evanfardreamer
Concise: $3,300 * 1.5 = $4,950

Midnight Snack, by heltear
Strong Concise: $8,250 * 1.5 = $12,375

Striving for More, by Dash
Concise: $3,575 * 1.5 ~= $5,365

Fit for Royalty, chapter 1, by heltear
Concise: $2,750 * 1.5 = $4,125

Claiming mine! Thank you all![/i][/i][/i]
claiming! Thanks Elrond

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