The One
Name: The One (also: The Hive, The Allmind, or Ravana)
Age: Unknown
Personality: The One is composed of the souls of many Pokemon, though it starts with Pokemon like Rhenlo and manipulates their pain. The One's ultimate goal is to acquire more minds into itself and destroy the island/Pokemon-kind. The main entity of The One allows its parts to act on their own, but maintains the ability to regain control of its individual parts when necessary. Only exercises this power when The One is in danger, however, and will let the parts of The One act towards their own goals. However, Pokemon controlled by The One typically end up more aggressive/evil than their Pokemon peers.
History: Pure rage against Pokemon and the concept of utopia. For some reason absolutely hates the island, more than likely because it considers Mautte as something similar to The One (and thus a threat).

Find out more about The One, including a short intro post as well as his timeline/forms here!
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