The Pond of Miracles
Jerr takes his Pokeballs. He had a habit of bringing everything he had with him, of course except for things like clothing, vehicles, parcels, etc. He was a new trainer who spent everything on his team. He had dreams of catching Magikarp, although it was a dumb thing to want, he insists that it's necessary for himself to develop as a trainer and a person. He takes his map, and races out of his house, despite leaving his door open, a very foolish mistake. 
As he races out the neighborhood, a neighbor who was obviously from a foreign country, speaking a very broken English. "Excuse me, hablas Español?". He wished this wasn't real, but of course his brain conflicted between whether or not this was real. He rushed East, yelling "I hope you get some English classes!" He just wanted to complete his quest for this red, or rarely gold live sushi, commonly known as Magikarp. 
As he slowly ventures into the forest, an odd reflection shows up. It looked like a lake was nearby, and he tried his luck with the fishing pole he conveniently keeps in a duffel bag. Nothing. A voice, a very odd and familiar voice comes from the deepest part of the forest, yelling out a cry for help. He ventures into there which wasn't that far and asked about it. An abnormally large Gyrados appears, and he tries defeating it. A battle against this evolution of Magikarp begins! 
He slowly takes a look at the face of who cried for help, and it was Gina, a beginner trainer from the local vicinity. He takes out a Pokeball from his bag, and a Cyndaquil appears from it. Lucky for Jerr, it had a selection of moves that could come in handy for the situation. "Gina, stand back just to be safe!" he says in his very demanding tone. His Cyndaquil uses Burn Up, just as Jerr orders in a battle against anything with a type advantage against pure fire types. The reason behind this is because Burn Up makes a Pokemon temporarily lose the fire type, which makes it easier to battle with a pure fire type. The Gyrados uses hydro pump, which landed onto Cyndaquil. The disadvantage was that despite type advantages, hydro pump still packed a punch. His Cyndaquil faints because it was a critical hit. Gina was a little disappointed but Jerr smiled. 
Gina was confused and asked "Why are you grinning? I mean your Pokemon just fainted." He reaches into his bag and grabs a Pokeball which was in a separate pocket and he sent out a Bagon. His Bagon uses Dragon Dance, and the Gyrados used Hydro Pump which missed because it was a little hard to aim and stuff. His Bagon uses a second Dragon Dance and Gyrados uses hydro pump again except it lands this time. He then tells Bagon to use Double Edge and it lands a critical hit, but Gyrados doesn't faint. Gyrados uses Bite and the next turn Gyrados uses Hydro Pump on his Lillipup except it misses. Next turn Lillipup uses take down and faints Gyrados. Gina then thanks him and they go their own paths. 
Jerr and Gina didn't have a single connection and something seemed a bit peculiar. They hadn't parted yet. They both headed east and didn't talk. Later Jerr heads North where he finds the end of his path. A pond full of Magikarp. These were all red to him. Something was missing though, it was as if the Magikarp were fake. He shouts out illusion since that's what he thought this was and the pond goes blank. No single  noise was heard, and a noise all the sudden is heard. It sounds like a door unlocking, and a pond with a Magikarp is behind this door. 
Of course, he goes in since he found the noise and he finds a Magikarp. His Pokemon seem to all be healed and he sends out Caterpie. His young bug tackles Magikarp and Magikarp tackles back. This goes in until Magikarp defeats Caterpie with flail. At this point, he had to catch this Magikarp, and catch it fast before all his team is defeated. 
He sends out Lillipup and throws a Pokeball which fails, and another which succeeds with Lillipup still not fainted. He goes and ventures back home to do what he always wanted to do, add it to his team permanently. 


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