A Lone Grubbin #ANewChapter
Pokemon Captured: Grubbin
Rank: Simple
MCC: 5,000
ACC: 5445
Hard Pokemon Intended: Mienfoo

Beneath the Mienfoo, the log began to vibrate. The Kung Fu Pokemon took a sharp breath and opened its eye. A hole started to appear in the moss near its leg. A mandible poked through the mossy flesh and a Grubbin poked its head out. The Mienfoo’s eyes widened and it reached a paw down next to the Grubbin. The bug Pokemon inspected the paw before climbing onto the paw before it.

The Mienfoo brought the Grubbin up to its face for further inspection. It appeared to be in good health, bearing no scars or signs of malnourishment. The bug climbed around the paw and palm of the Mienfoo, inspecting and exploring the new environment.

A small sigh escaped the Mienfoo, now bearing a smile. Life for the Grubbin species had been very difficult in recent months. To see one in such good health in the forest after the incident is a rarity.

Ten years prior, the Melinawan Forest faced an influx of Pokemon of all varieties. A group of crusaders bearing a coat of arms on their chest with the letter P surrounded by touches of lightning came with a philosophy to preach to the humans of the nearby towns. They claimed that the Pokemon they had grown up with and raised alongside them did not wish to be held in captivity. To these crusaders, it was only just to have all of the Pokemon released into the wild, and for the world of Pokemon and the world of people to be separate. The people, though hesitant at first, adopted the idea that perhaps the Pokemon would be better off to live naturally as opposed to in captivity. However, circumstances made Pokemon life in the nearby area a near disastrous experience.

The Pokemon entering the Melinawan Forest were not necessarily those that complied fully to the forest biome, much less the forces of nature that the forest would combat their entrance with. Weaker Pokemon, the Pokemon that lived as companions to the people as opposed to battle partners, struggled to find sources of food to sustain themselves. The more powerful Pokemon released into the forest fought for territory and waged wars on other well experienced Pokemon for their resources. 
Holding type advantage, Fire type Pokemon often won over the common residents of the forest prior to the mass departure. However, the sustenance provided by the forest food could not quench the hunger of the veteran Pokemon. Their diets, similar to the companion Pokemon, were far more pampered and fixed than what the forest could provide. Following in suit with the companion Pokemon, the veteran Pokemon left the forest, searching for greener pastures to feed their diet. What remained of the forest were both the plants and Pokemon that adapted to survive this unwelcome boom of Pokemon in their habitat. The tough skinned flora, bearing fruits covered in a bitter coated skin or trees marked with spikes would be the plants that thrived in place of the more feeble flowering bushes of Cheri Berries. As for Pokemon, only the scavengers and crafty thieves could have possibly outlived the malnourished forest period. To this, the well adapted Pokemon thrived with a healthy forest.

However, the crusaders who set the Pokemon from their trainers unto the world had not relinquished their own Pokemon. With this, the crusaders took a monopoly of power and strength from the people whose towns they converted. Only those of their kin would be allowed to hold Pokemon, for they were those deemed of good will to be able to have a Pokemon assistant to do their work. The human passerby of the forest transitioned from the happy-go-lucky children looking to explore the world and play with their Pokemon companion transitioned to crusaders searching for resources to expand their empire. Pokemon with specific utility would be favored in raids of Pokemon rich environments. For this, many Grubbin have been captured and ground in battles for experience. The ability of Charjabug to hold electricity and provide consistent sources of power for machinery was seen as very useful to these crusaders, an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. As such, every Grubbin these crusaders could find was captured, to help further their cause and power their machinery. To find even a single Grubbin in the wild goes beyond imaginable odds.

The Grubbin began to climb across the back of the Mienfoo and across to the opposite paw. Despite all odds, it has escaped the grasps of the crusaders, living happily and healthily in the woods. The Mienfoo reached to the forest floor and picked up an Aspear berry, offering it to the Grubbin. The bug sniffed for a moment at the food before giddily digging into the delicacy.

Vibrations reverberated on the forest floor. Footsteps were approaching, lacking tact but attempting stealth. The heavy hits of the feet brought about the feeling of hard rubber or a metal heel. The smile on the Mienfoo’s face vanished. The crusaders had come to harvest once more.
The Mienfoo tucked the Grubbin under its arm. Even being associated with Grubbin could lead to capture or a torturous battle, but letting another Pokemon fall victim to the grasp of the crusaders was without a question against the will of the forest. They were intruders, and it is the job of the residents of the forest to protect one another. With the movements of the swift winds, the Mienfoo jumped off its meditation log and leaped into the forest. The forest would provide, and the forest would keep them safe. It had for ten years. 

It has to now. It must.

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