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Io's masked features don't change at the mention of the woods, but she can't help the small lurch her heart makes at remembering her heavy body crashing violently through the canopy. She tries to remind herself that her capacity for destruction could, perhaps, be put to good. They'd taken the branches she'd broken and created a shelter from it--maybe she could pick up the pieces of her past and create something better with that, too.

Io nods. "Sounds good." She pauses for a moment to allow Miki time to respond if she wished, then back to Gawain with a gentle tilt of her head. "You would start, and... lead, yes?" she inquires. She doesn't have a poor opinion of the idea--in fact, she can't help but be a little proud of the knight's sense of initiative--but wants to know how Gawain feels about it. What would he do? How would he lead this community? They would have to create their own purpose here in this world of lost memories and uncertain future.
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Miki nods at Gawain's mention of the forest. "I suppose that would be fine," she remarks. She hasn't really got any plans of her own, so she may as well follow along with what the rest are doing. "Wouldn't mind making a new den there."

She thinks back to her only time in the pine forest - with Allen in control - and realizes she hasn't actually gone there in her own form (or at least, she doesn't recall it) and at that exact moment, as if called from the depths of their shared mind by Miki's thoughts, Allen speaks up. I wouldn't mind setting up there, either.

I'm not surprised. You seem to really like that place, though we've only been there... once?
Twice, actually, Allen corrects her.

Miki realizes she's staring into the distance and turns her attention back to Gawain at this point, and Allen promptly retreats back into the recesses of their mind.
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And there it is, the inevitable question. There's no accusation in Io's tone; no judgment for Gawain's desire for power or doubt that Gawain could handle the position. That, in itself, is a victory. The concession that Gawain, if not necessarily should, then at least could, lead this group reaffirms his sense that he's doing the right thing, almost more than Miki and Io's willingness to join the group itself.

"Naturally," he answers, though he tries to keep at least a bit of humility in his voice. "I wouldn't put that responsibility, that burden upon anyone else. And, if I might say so, I think myself decently suited for the position. Though I don't think myself a... regent," the word sounds foreign, but correct, as it crosses his jaws, "so much as a guide and guardian. Devising and giving laws with the help of others, yes, but not regimenting everyone's daily lives." 

As Gawain looks between Io and Miki, he notices something off in the Leafeon's expression, something vacant at strange. Is she honestly spacing out now? Gawain had thought she was interested, but maybe she simply isn't as invested as he is. He supposes he can hardly blame her, but it's a reminder. This is going to be a challenge.

"This is going to work," he says, almost to reassure himself. "I believe in it. And I believe in us." His gaze wanders toward Io as he says the latter; Gawain suspects that he'll be relying on her more than anyone in the coming days. "I was thinking that we could call ourself knights. Knights are heroes, from old stories I remember in fragments. They do good in the world and serve a cause. I rather like the sound of it."

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