Yuu and i
Very graphic and bloody violent warning. I've been playing bloodborne.

To go back in time. 

That was all Yuu wanted. 

In the center of the dinner table rested a flickering tower of candles. Each a differing calm color: white, gray, red, black, light yellow, beige. All neatly spiralling upwards, one taller than the one previous. Slowly, waxed dripped down, blending into each color below it. Atop every single candle lie a dancing flame, illuminating the table with the perfect mood light. The orange flames dancing, making the white table glow as if made of gold. 

Amidst the flickering gold were neatly aligned plates at four different sets. Two adjacent on the longer end, and one at each head of the table. Parallel to each plate were a set of forks and knives. There was also a spoon of course, for dessert. Although, if anyone in the house were to be honest with themselves, dinner was far too fantastic, and there was never enough room for dessert. 

The room smelled of the sweet decadence that was pumpkin. Floating against the walls, it clung to everything around it. And when that wasn’t enough, it flooded out of the room and poured into every room within the small cozy home. It was if gold had taken the form of fog, and wrapped itself around everyone. And even when dinner arrived, the scent still overpowered everything. 

When mother made dinner, it was a gift from the gods. Blessed as they were, no one was more blessed than dear mother. Her warm eyes always hugging those who looked into them. Always in pajamas, roaming the house doing menial chores, she was a walking teddy bear. Yuu always felt the need to hug her after anything he did, and she happily accepted. She poured everything into her family. And it showed on all their faces. Especially Yuu and his sister’s. 

And although it didn’t show on their father’s face, he did choose to marry her after all. He knew just the type of person she was, so he snatched her up as soon as he could. And once they were married, it was obvious they would live happily ever after. And with two children running around their house, it was fair to say they did. 

His sister, the mirror to Yuu, was always butting heads with him. Even when they sat across the dinner table from each other. She was always able to twist his nerves. In a room such as that, it should have been impossible. She was the devil’s advocate for everything. The defender of mom’s rules and the enforcer of his bedtime. Somedays, he wondered if she wasn’t pure evil. 

But at dinner time, amongst her bickering and his quiet nature. He would find himself closing his eyes for their daily prayer, and all would feel well. The warmth of love wrapping around him, and soon entering his stomach were more than enough for any boy to feel happy. When he look around the room, he saw pure bliss. The room, no matter what happened, never changed. It was always a place of rest and love. The room was a snapshot of itself, neverending. 

But it ended. 

Yuu found himself on the floor, unable to speak, shivering. Tears he swore he had not cried lay in a puddle adjacent to his face. His chestnut hair sprawled out, tangled and coated in sweat pressing against his skull. The blood oozing from all around him. 

The candles lay atop the dining room table, no longer lit. Each and every one was knocked over, creating a fallen spiral, like dominos that were lined up. The white wax hardened into the gray, the gray into the red, the red into the black, the black into the light yellow, and the yellow into the beige, which rolled off the table, into the pool of blood. With no flames to light the room, it was a mere shadow among the darkness. 

Each and every piece of silverware lay splattered across the room. Forks and knives all thrown into walls and sticking out of the floorboards. The plates had been turned into broken glass. Tonight’s meal still sticking to them, with no chance to be cleaned. 

The scent of pumpkin no longer remained. A thick dying stench had filled the room. The metallic smell of blood filled Yuu’s nostrils, mixing with the smell of the floor he was pressed against. Whatever spirit had been watching over him, had certainly left. Blood trickled into the halls, a trail beckoning anyone who entered to the tragedy. 

He turned his head, weakly. His body pounding all over. His mind rattling inside of his head. No thoughts, but there was something inexplicable there. In front of him, but behind the table was his sister, headless. Her body lying against the wall that lead to the kitchen. And across the room, her eyes stared at him, lifelessly. Her clothes too, were stained with blood. It was the one time, he had wished she would scold him for something. 

Weakly, he moved again. In front of him, collapsed onto a sword, was his father. Tears of his own formed a puddle beneath him. And that was when he remembered. The outburst. In the middle of dinner, how their father silently sat up, throwing his hand onto the table. A dark look he had never seen before was drawn onto his face. His eyes glowing red. He bent beneath the table and from below, pulled out a sword. Silently he walked over and picked his daughter up by the hair. In one swing, he cut her head off. Red painting the room. For some reason, Yuu couldn’t seem to hear anything. Just low rumbles from all around him. 

Yuu’s eyes flickered. His weak body twitching to life. He just realized, he didn’t want to remember. He didn’t want to remember what had just happened. He rose to his knees and begin to crawl, struggling not to slip in all of the blood. And as much as he didn’t want to, he remembered. He remembered it all too well. 

His father leaped as his mother got up, mouth opening, a low rumbling coming out. She looked to Yuu, tears flooding her eyes. He had never seen someone’s eyes so bloodshot. And within an instant, he saw the life leave her, the blood forcing itself down the middle of her body, splitting her in two. A gasp of horror was forever on her face. And finally, it was his turn. 

His father struck at him, grazing his chest. And again, but only grazing his cheek. His father let out a rumbling. Grabbing his face, he tried to strike again, stabbing Yuu’s arm. The rumbling stopped, words came out of his father’s mouth in a guttural tone. “I.. WON’T LET MY FAMILY PERISH…” Beneath the shouting, a strange high pitched warbling could be heard leaving his body. 

His father looked him in the eyes, for a split second a calm demeanor coming over him. Grabbing Yuu by the shoulders he spoke. “Son...never let them see you.” And in an instant, he threw himself onto the blade he had used to kill his family. As his body lost its lifeforce he started spitting out whatever was within him. Launching out was a small black lump that clacked onto the ground like plastic. And as he wiped the blood seeping from his mouth. He stared at Yuu. Within seconds, he died. His red eyes flickering to white, and his body stiffening. Yuu had found himself amidst the corpses of all of his family.

Yuu crawled to his father, gazing at the strange shape of the oddity he spat up. A small i shaped being, a small eye in the center of two lines looked up at him blinking. Yuu shaking, picked it up and looked at it closely. 

“Eyes…” He whispered to himself, shoving it into his pocket. He clawed at his face, taking in his surroundings. His lip quivered as he began to cry. 


And it was from that moment, that Yuu was able to see the ones who watched. The ones you were never supposed to see 


“The final stages of a difficult pain or death.”

“C'mere, pretty!” The pitch black cyclops cackled. It's shaggy hair sticking at impossible ends. From behind jagged teeth as sharp as blades was a long salivating tongue. The body of the monster blended into the night, it was as if it absorbed the light reflecting off of it. It leaned into the young woman crawling backwards down the alleyway.

The woman bashed herself against a wall, now cornered. Her dress from her evening out was now coated in dirt and blood. Open wounds dripped from her face and arms. Her knees were scraped to pieces and her feet in broken heels. She was trapped.

Desperate for help, she let out a scream. 
Before it could fully escape her lips, she found herself gagging. Within a flash the beast had extended it's gangly finger into her mouth and down her throat. She was retching, attempting to get the the beasts disgusting finger out. She pried at it, fingernails cutting into the beasts wrist to no avail. 

The beast gave a toothy smile. Leaning forward, it wrapped it's long slender arm around her. Its lanky physique wrapping around her with ease. The flexibility of the beast was unreal, bones snapping and adjusting as it moved positions. Now holding her tightly, it heaved her up into its grasp, laughing as it did so.

“Give me something good tonight!” You could hear the bubbling of saliva with every word. 

“Hey, Agon, save her stomach for me… I've been craving that human food…” Leaning against the brick wall of the alley was a hulking beast. It donned a poor excuse for a human disguise, pitch black skin patching all over their body. Scars from god knows what also painted a picture of what this thing's life was All of this was beneath old wrinkly clothes that wreaked of a dumpster. Rubbing it's stomach, revealed a single eye where it's belly button would be. The entire head of the monster was a mouth waiting to devoured. 

The woman squirmed in Agon's grasp. She let out a gargled cry as the monster dug deeper. Snapping of ribs echoed in the alleyway, and pouring into the noisy streets of the city.

Agon cackled, it's single eye flickering like a lizard's. “Honey, why so scared? Does it hurt?” It licked its lips. “It won't hurt for long… please trust me.” 

The dark alley was home to the most horrid of people. So horrid, it was hard to even consider them people. And these monsters were only a few examples of what horrible monstrosities the city of New Hellia had to offer.

And as they offered them, a shadowy figure sat atop a building, watching in silence as the tragedy took place in the alleyway below. Their dark cloak was torn at all edges.It showed its age, but also its durability. The black of the cloak hiding all matter of features on them, except for their height. Black steel toed boots pounded against the rooftop as they moved to peer over the edge. The only thing notable was a single blade at their hip, sticking out from beneath the cloak as they bent over.

“Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Yes! God yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” The floating eye echoed out a quiet laugh. “The fifteen eyed god… he resides here, Yuu! These are him! He is them!” it's voice resonating with a metallic warble. It turned to the cloaked figure floating up and down excitedly. “This is it! It's here!” The eye gave off a faint glow, it's black outline narrowing the light escaping its body. “Yuu, you have to kill it! kill it! kill it! Kill the thingies! If you don't I'll… I'll-” before the eye could finish it's ecstasy filled rant, the figure dove down below. And as they delved down, the eye floated down as well, making a slurping noise.

Landing with a loud thud, it was a perfect landing. The figure rose to its feet slowly. The slight breeze kicking at the bottom of the cloak, making it dance like fire. The beast still pulling apart the woman, was entirely unaware of the newcomer to the event. Pulling with both arms now excitedly, like a child digging at sand, he let out a laugh. “She's so… good.” He rolled the O's and continued to shriek with laughter.

The big monster sniffed the air, but upon closer inspection It had no nose. It was simply inhaling slowly to get a taste for what was nearby. The eye upon its stomach looked around nervously. 
“Agon.” The hulking beast was no longer leaning against the wall. Its three fingered hands clasping into fists. “Agon.” It spoke stoically.

“Shut it Dismuth!” Agon spoke between chewing. His cheeks protruding out past his head as he engorged himself upon the flesh of the woman. Blood seeped from his black lips, almost like neon signs  in the dead of night  “This lady sure is fine.” a free bloodied hand slapped the thigh of the corpse. Without looking back, he waved his hand forward, beckoning Dismuth. “Come on. Try it, she's damn good.”

Dismuth sighed. Scratching beneath his eye, he took a stomp forward. The brute looked to the cloaked figure. “Well-” Before he could respond, a flash of darkness overcome him. A large cloth had wrapped itself around him. As Dismuth batted at the darkness covering him, he could hear the swish of a blade scraping against concrete. And then, a flash of red. 

The blade was now plunged into the eye of Dismuth, he let out a howling screech as he swing wildly around him. Implanting his beefy fist into a wall and then into the cement at his feet. As he flailed wildly, the figure ducked and weaved through every heavy swing, throwing jabs into the squishy body of the beast. 

Recoiling back against the wall, the beast screeched. They threw their fist forward, just barely missing the figure. Sliding past, the figure pulled their blade from the stomach of Dismuth. Reeling back from the spray of blood the figure dove in again, ready to strike.

Agon finally stood up, rubbing his stomach. Blood stained his front side. He turned with his widened eye flicking around. Gazing upon the scene he gave a large smile. Licking his teeth. He slowly strut to the figure. As the figure was ready to lunge in with another stab, Agon grabbed them from the back holding them tightly underneath both arms. “Little shit.” Agon gave a glance to his bleeding friend. Black blood dripped onto the concrete floor. It seemed to give off a faint glow, but would dare not reflect light.

“Dismuth. Here.” Agon licked the side of the figure's face. The blood of the woman that was left on the tongue of Agon was now smeared against their face. “Oh you're so fucked, kid. To think you can see us.” Agon chuckled. “Nothing like a poor human to notice the creatures in the night.” Agon looked up to Dismuth with a jolt. “Dismuth, get the hell over here.”

Dismuth, swinging blindly, finally stopped their fury. “Agon… My eye.” Turning to follow the voice of Agon, they let out a groan of pain. They stomped over to the two.

Agon surveyed the damage done to his dear friend. With fury they spat. “Obliterate.” Agon spoke, hissing. “Dismuth, hurt them for hurting you!”

Dismuth roared, throwing his fists into the stomach of the figure. Bones cracked with every blow. They let out a yell of agony. The beating continued for what seemed like eternity. 

The figure watched the distant floating eye. It stared back at him. They could hear it's laughter. It was like a bullet diving into his flesh. The mocking feeling would never not piss the figure off. Within seconds, he felt the pain dissipate from his body. It wasn't a soothing feeling though, as every nerve in his body went numb, no feeling going through anything. 

Their eyes watered, teeth gritting together. Gripping his sword, they struggled to swing upwards. Agon laughed maniacally as they were just barely able to raise his arm high enough. Although they felt nothing, he could sense his body vibrating as each punch flew into them. 

Agon's eye watered, in a state of bliss as they watched this human suffer. “Swing your sword, it's not gonna do you any go-” All the wind left Agon's body. Their arms fell to their side, the figure collapsing to the ground, a pool of red pouring out. Pedalling back, Agon stared down at their stomach. A large gaping wound was open. Black poured out. Agon coughed up sludge. Taking a Shaky breath, they fell to the floor, groaning in agony.

Dismuth licked at the air. “Agon… where are you?” They stomped over the figure, looking around blindly. “Agon?” 

The figure pulled themselves up. The feeling of pain still absent through their body. Their sword was impaled through their ribcage. Grasping at it with shaky hands, they began to pull it out. They could feel the metal wiggle inside of them as they slid it out of the wound. As they pulled the blade out, a splash of blood poured onto the floor, creating quite a bit of noise.

Dismuth swirled around. “YOU!” Dismuth barreled at the figure at insane speed, mouth wide open ready to devour. Their bloody eye slowly opening, desperately trying to make sure they hit their mark.

It was too late though. The figure took the blade and slashed them in two as they approached. The rate of their speed sent the split in half body flying past the figure. 

The figure took a breath. Then another. As if struck by lightning, i like the instantaneous speed of light, the figure felt pain surge through their body. Collapsing to the ground with a snap, they dropped the sword to their side as they writhed in pain. They couldn't breath, nor could they move properly. Their spine contorted, jutting upwards from all of the blows. Face stuck to the pavement as they were too weak to rise. 

“i… you gotta… heal me.” The figure spoke weakly, their lungs rattled. 

“Alright! Alright! Alright! I suppose I can reward you for doing the dirty work, old Chum!” The eye bounced over gleefully. A purple aura surrounded them. They cheered. 

The purple aura covered the figure now. Bones began to creaking and blood could be heard sloshing around inside of them. Slowly, their body began to writhe unnaturally as if in reverse. Then his body began to fly up, doing the previous motion of his final blow to Bismuth. Then, they were in the air floating, as if being held. Their sword wound closed up as if it never happened. Their stomach being punched in began to expand out slightly as the bones went back into place. Then their body repeated the fight from before, until they seemed to make a hopping motion, as if landing from a long fall. 

“There! All Done! Done! Done!” The eye cheered.

The figure cleared his throat. “Thank you, i.” The figure stepped to the lifeless corpses. “So these are the beasts which fuel it… the fifteen eyed god.” 

The eye bounced to the corpse of Agon. “They sure are! And they're my dinner!” The eye seemed to transform into a giant fanged mouth dripping with drool. The eye rapidly devoured the first beast, and without hesitation, launched to the split body of Bismuth, slurping each side of them up like a noodle. “Yum! Yum! Thank you, Yuu!”

The eye bounced around Yuu. His eyes glazed over, he stared at the mangled pile of bones in the corner of the alley. “They dined on her as if she was a mindless animal…” He stepped towards the body and leaned down. At the corpses side was a torn up purse. Yuu began to dig through it. “No ID… a shame.” He sat there, hand sinking into the blood. “i… is this, is this common? Is it common for these beasts to devour humans like this?”

i bounced over to Yuu. It bobbed it's body up and down. “Nope! Nope! Nope! This is a new thing! It appears they are yearning for their god to awaken and are acting out in their dissatisfaction! Sure are!”

Yuu looked to the eye and back to the woman. “I'm sorry, miss…” his pale face was lost in the chaos of her corpse. Monsters existed, and he was all too familiar with them.

Although menacing, monsters like this were easy to kill. The issue wasn't killing them though. The true problem lied in the beast’s very existence. They were never meant to be seen by the human eye. And now, they were treading where they should never be.

“Twelve more to go, right?” Yuu looked back.

“Sure are!” i stated matter of factly.

Yuu stood up, flinging his blade, black ooze splashing the walls. “And then….you'll take me back, right?”

“Abso-lu-lu-lutely!” The eye shouted.

C is for Corporeal

“Consisting of material objects; tangible.”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Little guy!” A small voice squeaked from beneath Yuu's childlike hands. His large eyes trickling with tears and clothes stained with blood, he stood up and peered into his hands. 

He sniffled. “Y-yeah?” Opening his hands, he looked at the small eye. What he had just witnessed in this home was unreal, in a way, clarifying that the impossible is possible. This eye was nothing compared to the harsh world. 

“You know we gotta get outta here right? Right? Right?” The eye wriggled back and forth. 

“W-what-” Yuu began to speak, his voice hoarse, but he was cut off by the tiny eye.

“No time for chit chat!” The eye hobbled up, now floating. It zoomed out of Yuu's hands and towards the back door. “C'mon ya slow poke!”


“The next three…” Yuu spoke softly, shifting the dry sand in his hand. He could feel it's coarse texture gripping into his palm. It was rough, tearing apart his hands. “Are they here?” Yuu sighed. 

“Oh yes!!!” i blinked. It's body had widened, now showing it had three eyes rather than one. “When the eclipse begins… they will appear in all of their glory!” i danced around in circles. It's widening body emanating a dark and foreboding aura.”Wait!” The creature stopped. 

The wind had stopped. Replacing it was an unbearable silence. The ocean waves now subsiding, the world stood still. The scent of metal now impaled Yuu's nostrils. Along with that, a thick and sickly sweet taste had filled the air. The setting sun that had hid upon the horizon seemed to vanishing in a flash. In its  place was the moon as red as blood. As large as a mountain, it reflected off of the still ocean, beckoning Yuu and i both. 

“You said three, Yuu! That's not right! Not right! Not right!” The eye mass was swirling around him now, giggling. 

“What do you mean?” He gave the creature a cold stare. 

Six tendrils rose from the ocean waves as if they the water was nonexistent. Gliding through the water like, there was no disturbance as it approached the duo. Black hardened skin jutted out from each tendril, swaying wildly. The hardened skin acted like spikes, a simple defense mechanism against otherworldly beasts. Upon each tendrils was a single eye.

“Haha! Haha! Haha! There are six here!” The eyes bounced off of Yuu’s head. “This is him!!”

“This is the fifteen eyed god?” Yuu questioned sharply. Confusion flooded his mind. 

“No you dumbo!!! This is GilFenEinDrieCaaHaa!” The eyes cheered.

“What kind of name is that?” Yuu spat out as he dove to the side. The monster gazed at him swinging tentacles a bout. It blinked, speechless. 

“It's not a name. It's a spell for a gateway!” The creature roared out. 

Another tendril slammed into the sandy beach. Yuu just barely missed it, sand spraying into his face. “Wanna help?” he shouted, leaping onto the slammed tendril. He dug his blade into it and began to run upwards dragging it through it's thick hide. Black sludge sprayed out, littering the ocean. 

“No can do, buckaroo!” i's eyes squinted as if smiling. “This spell must be slain by a HUMAN! If it is slain by something else, it resets! Resets! Resets!” The beast roared as Yuu stabbed it repeatedly, i simply watched in bliss. 

The black sludge seeping from the beast had melded with the ocean below them like an oil spill. The blackening water now consuming the red light from the blood moon. With not even a splash, the second tendril fell into the ocean's blackening grasp. 

“Do you remember, Yuu?” A girl's voice echoed inside of his head. A familiar tone, judgemental, but loving nonetheless. 

Yuu slashed at the third tendril, stabbing it. A piercing screech had flooded his head. Amongst the bloodshed and silence. It reverberated inside of him like a yell in a cave. His vision blurring and his eyes watering, he held onto his blade that was jutting out of the arm. 

“Don't you remember what I made you promise me?” Her voice now, he could feel it talking from above him. It was as if some cruel god was judging him, scolding him. 

Yuu began to hack violently at the tendril. “No! No! I don't!” His ears now ringing intensely, overpowering his senses. He cut the tendril into two and fell to the ocean below. With no splash, he fell deep into the water.  
“How do you not remember?” The girls voice cracked as if starting to cry. “How do you not remember that you would protect me from everything?” 

Yuu's eyes widened. He could feel the grip of a tendril tightening around his abdomen. He held his head tightly, letting out a bubbling shout. Tears rose upwards through the darkened water, piercing to the red light above. 

“How can you not remember?”

“I don't want to remember!” 

“How can you not remember?”

“I am scared to remember!”

“How can you not remember?”

“If I remember, I'll have to admit failure.”

“How can you not remember?”

“I refuse to let myself think I failed to save you!” 

From above, i watched the water intently from the beach. Floating, an aura of joy pouring from it. Far off, the four remaining tendrils spun wildly into the water. The blood moon stayed still, the eye of gods judging silently. Amongst the red and black, the white of the sand seemed like a holy place where only angels would wander. 

“Oh my! My! My! He isn't freaking dead! Impressive!” The eyes inched closer to the still water. 

The tendril beast began to recoil back, a metallic humming booming from it. Yet even though it's scream was powerful, nothing moved. A flurry of red slashes blasted out from thin air. Then another flurry. In unison, three of the last four tendrils fell deep into the ocean.

“Why the hell am I fighting?” Yuu wiped the tears from his face. The tendril bashed right into him, launching him across the ocean. He skipped like a rock, bouncing. Finally crashing into the sandy shore, the tendril launched at him. Before Yuu could react, it impaled his stomach. Rising him upwards, his body slowly began to slide down the tendril. Spitting up fluids, Yuu let out a cry. Eyes rolling back, sweat poured from his skin. Adrenaline had taken over, or what was left. He tried to speak, but only a slur of vowels came out. 

With a final scream, he raised his sword up into the air and pushed it to his body, cutting his upper half from the wound. His shouting unending, he launched himself down the tendril like a wheel, spinning and cutting. Blood and sludge sprayed in all directions, making the embodiment of violence rain down onto the beach below. 

The tendril began to descend into the water. As it did, the blood moon sank as well like a damaged boat. In its place, the the setting sun was back again. The wind began to blow, and the ocean waves lapped up sand. The scent of salt filled the air. 
Yuu's body flung to the sand. The final tendril was defeated. As Yuu lay there, lifeless, he felt his body hum with the purple aura. His body began to slowly reanimate itself, flinging back together like a puzzle. In a matter of seconds, his body was back to normal again. As his body regained life he cried out. 

Sitting up. He took the blade and aimed it at himself again. He stared up at the sky. “I do remember…” Yuu began to bawl, hair hanging over his eyes. “I do…” And as he sat there, he began to launch the blade repeatedly into himself, piercing his body like paper. “but I can't protect you down here…” he pressed his teary face into the sand. “I can't do anything down here for you. Or mom… or dad…” Hey let go of the blade sticking out of his back. “Why can't I be with you…” he mumbled, sniffling.

“Because!!! I need you!!!” Now a shambling man-shaped silhouette, I stared down at the moping young man. “I need you right now more than ever.” A wide fanged grin was etched across the creature's face. Three eyes were neatly aligned where there should have been two. On each shoulder rested two more eyes. Then atop the back of i's hands were two more, twitching. The final two eyes were each on a single foot. All creating a grotesque figure of pulsing black bulges and eyes. 

i held out their hand. “Yuu. You have nothing left but me… to remember that day.” 

Yuu glew purple again, all the wounds healing. The blade forced itself out. 

“If you really don't want to live… I will allow you to die. But you will not end up where your dear family is. Not if you runaway.” The creature gave a smirk. It's white eyes contrasting the black mass of a body.

Yuu slumped to the ground again and stared off at the ocean waves. The seagulls cried out, as free as anything. 

I is for Innocence

“lack of guile or corruption; purity.”

“There are six left… right?” Yuu spoke with glazed eyes. His skin paler than usual. Dark circles hugged his eyes closely. Unkempt hair danced wildly in the wind. His cloak flapped in the wind. Against the moonlight, some may dare say he resembled a vampire. 

The skyscraper towered over all beings within the city. Every building and every road all lead here. The capitol building was where all went for judgement. The government here held an iron grasp on it's hedonistic citizens. Execution in the last few years had become a normal occurrence to the citizens. Yet their desires had to be sated. In the end, all were caught and all were punished accordingly. In a city like this, no one could be saved. 

Atop capitol building anyone could feel like king of the world. Except for Yuu. Clutching his hands tightly. He pulled his knees in. Shivering from the cold, he took a deep breath. Letting the cold air into his lungs was one of his many pass times. The never ending quest to truly feel alive again was always so distant. When he felt nature and the world he resided on, he could feel his heart jolt to life.

The shadowy form of i stood tall against Yuu's kneeling positioning. A fanged smile still on its face, it looked off deep into the city, as if looking into a bottomless well. “Six are left. Yes! Yes!” i said cheerily. The vacuum of the open sky swallowed it's voice, leaving an unbearable silence. They pretended to clear their throat. “Yuu. How far are you willing to go for this?” i now kneeled down behind Yuu, hands placed on his shoulders. The eyes upon the backs of their hands staring at the lost soul, or what Yuu thought was left of it.

Yuu swallowed, shaking breath. “I'm not sure.” His knuckles whitened as he held them tighter. “You're all I have… so I guess… pretty far.”

The clouds darkened. The sun hid itself behind the towering buildings on the horizon, giving the chaotic city a heavenly glow. New Hellia could be at times, a beautiful place.

i sighed. It was hard to hear, but maybe deep in the back of i's soul, they could feel sympathy. Their grasp upon Yuu got softer. The eyes gaze no longer staring through him, but at him. “Yuu, You won't like this next Eye.” 

And as Yuu discovered what he had to do, he shivered. Standing up, he gave i a hostile look. “I can't seem to find it in me to say no.” He brushed past the creature and towards the stairway to the world below.

i turned, mouth agape. “I… hate to make promises, friend.” 

Yuu stopped but did not face them.

“But… when this is done… I promise to give you the happiness you deserve.” A small smile came upon i's face. 

Yuu nodded, and kept walking.


The city streets were flooded with screams. The banged up limousine floored it through the city, bashing each and every car that came in its way. The limo could handle it, as it was the mayor's after all. 

“Please! Dear god! What is it you want?” The man in the back of the limo shouted out. Tears poured from his face, snot drenched his upper lip and sweat was oozing from his forehead. “Money?” The limo swerved. “Power?” The limo careened onto the highway. “Women?” Well over the speed limit, the limo was bumbling towards the beach on the horizon. “Please! I can give you all of those things, just let me go!”

The limo kissed the side of a semi truck, causing both to begin to loose their steady driving. The limousine, losing control, launched through the guardrail of the highway and into the wilderness below them. 

Crashing down like a missile, it.tore apart all the trees in its path. The ones that didn't get in the way, had black paint marks and metal dust scraped onto them. The limo began rolling as it hit the ground. The man in the back was screaming for his life.

Calmly and silently, Yuu got out of the driver's seat. He took a deep breath. Yuu had never actually learned how to drive. With shaky legs as if getting used to land again after a boatride, he stepped to the back door. Throwing it open, he leaned in and grabbed the man by his foot. He then tossed him a few feet across from him.

The balding man held his hands to his head. “What the hell do you want?” He scampered back as Yuu came closer.

Yuu just looked at him silently. Drawing his sword he pointed it at the man. The sun's rays reflecting off of the blade made it look like it was made from pure gold. The silence of the forest was heavy. A thick smoke hanging over. 

The man took a breath, looking to Yuu. His breathing began to grow weaker. All of a sudden, he grabbed at his throat desperately trying to breath. Gasping, his eyes rolled back and he held himself up with his elbows. 

Yuu tilted his head in confusion. This wasn't asthma. The man let out a howl, it echoing through the forest. He looked up to Yuu, his eyes glowing red and his mouth hung agape. 

“You aren't going to like this.” i's own words echoed. Yuu covered his own mouth, retching. He had killed before, so he was unsure as to why he would dislike this hunt. 

The man stood up, arms hanging limply at his side. A guttural voice came forcing out of him. “SO HE HAS AWAKENED.” The puppet of a man stepped forward. “ARE YOU HIS PLAYTHING THIS TIME?”

Yuu stumbled back, as pale as a ghost. Images of his father flashed into his as he looked at the red eyes staring through him. He pressed his free hand to his face and let out a whimper. 

Unprocessed emotions. Something Yuu never grew to understand. Always on the run, he had never learned to process pain or the events that had haunted him. Instead, he had projected onto the world through the acts of violence i enabled him commit. 

Yuu threw his resting hand onto his sword, holding it tightly with both. Tears streamed down his face. Rushing the man, he stuck his blade into his stomach. Yuu let out a cry.  The man at first seemed unphased, but as Yuu tumbled back, letting the wound do it's work. The man fell to the ground beginning to vomit red and black. On the ground now was a small eye in the same shape as i. 

Yuu grit his teeth together and let out a shriek. Throwing his sword into the dying body again, the body fell, lifeless. But Yuu did not stop. He kept stabbing at the body, tears pouring from his face. 

“No! No! No!” He wailed. “I can't lose you again! I can't!” Yuu fell to the ground, dropping his sword. He reached over to the man and pulled him close. “Dad… I can't…”

And when moments like these happened, Yuu felt so desperately alone. He felt his soul pounding against his shell of a body, wanting free of this curse. 

“Dad… I'm… I'm sorry “ Yuu looked up, pressing the unfamiliar man's face to his. Although alive, Yuu looked just as lifeless as the corpse.

To go back.

That was all he wanted anymore, or ever.

J is for Just

“The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.” 

“Cursed one. Get up!” A familiar voice came from behind him. 

Yuu slowly turned, his cheek caked with the blood of the man. Behind him, floating, was an eye. It carried a different aura though. It's gaze was not erratic, nor did it give off cold stares. It simply was there, watching him as any human would. 

It spoke again. “Judging by my awakening there are five left to go.” It floated towards Yuu, a green aura flowing from it. Yuu blinked, unsure how to process there being a second i, even if it wasn't truly a second one.

The night sky had taken a grip over the forest. A low fog haunted the ground, blinding ones step forward. The trees ruffled in the wind echoing together to create a storm of sound. 

Yuu stared still. “We need-” he took a breath, his entire body shaking. “We need to move.” He glanced at the crashed limo. “They'll find me…” 

“Grab onto me.” The eye spoke. “We will rush forward through time, saving us both hours of hiding. The green aura began to cover Yuu's body. He wasn't sure if it was out of free will or control, but he took his hand and placed it upon the bottom curve of the eye. 

It clicked in Yuu's head now the difference between the two. Physically, anyways. The top was the same, but the bottom turned into a slight hook. It's eye also gave off a much different demeanor, but Yuu had already noticed that.

“Your name is j, isn't it?” Yuu asked.

“Very astute for a human. Yes.” A flash of light. 

Yuu found his body twitching all over. Every cell of his body vibrating at once. He could feel his heart racing at three times the speed as usual. And then he found himself being dragged off by his new partner. His body seemed to move faster than the moon and clouds shifting in the sky. 

“Cursed One. Do you know why you are fighting?” The eye looked to Yuu.

“To kill the-” Yuu was cut off.

“My brother did it again.” j chuckled, his voice was much deeper than i's. “No, my human, that is not it. But I'm sure that isn't too much of a surprise.” 

They came to a stop, deeper into the woods. Roots of trees weaved in and out of the earth twice their size. Grass brushed against Yuu's knees. This place had not been touched by mankind for ages. 

“Four more will be coming.” j sighed. “I have good news and bad news for you, cursed one.” 

Yuu turned, staring blankly. 

“I cannot heal you like my brother. I can only move time forward.” j blinked. “But, these four could not even be considered a battle, truthfully.” j hovered to Yuu. “You just have to distract them while I devour them.” 

“i always said that I had to do the killing.” Yuu said curiously. 

“That's because he cannot fight as I do… but it also because he is mad.” j faced away from Yuu. 

“What makes you different?” Yuu asked. 

“Nothing.” The grass rustled. “I may seem like the good guy. But I am just as awful, just as terrible as the other option.” j began to glow again. “You are cursed. Your fate is out of my hands and in i's. There is no point for me to treat you like dirt.” j looked back one last time as the pounding of footsteps approached from the forest all around. “I do not care about you, but I sympathize with you. No one wants to be a tool.” 

Four dog like creatures launched from the darkness. All covered in matted black fur. The all looked to Yuu, tongues hanging out, dripping black. They each had a single eye in the middle of their head. Slowly, they circled Yuu. 

Yuu drew his sword, panicked. 

“No. Rest, Cursed One.” The green aura launched from j and onto the wolves. They howled out, a deep man's scream hidden slightly behind the howl. Within a matter of seconds, they fell to the ground weakly. Then, their bodies began to fall apart and decay. Soon enough they were nothing but an eye and bone. “We kill these eyes, because we are the fifteen-eyed god.” j walked over, beginning to absorb the eyes. 

A pulsating darkness surrounded j. After a moment, j was looking at Yuu with a humanoid body as well. “You have guaranteed the destruction of this world, Cursed One.”

Yuu felt his heart drop. j walked over to him, holding its hand out. Although j had less eyes on its face, it resembled i almost exactly. “But.” j exclaimed. “You have not guaranteed yours.”

Yuu stood up. “Hold on…” 

j stopped. “I will fast forward you through this conversation if it takes too long, Cursed One.” 

Yuu clenched his fists. “I have… questions.”

j put their hands on their hips. “And I don't have many answers “

Yuu tried to speak, but only a small noise came out. 

“Speak, or we go.” j yelled. 

“What is… the fifteen-eyed god?” Yuu stepped forward. 

“The end of everything.” j said softly. “Judgement upon the inhabitants of this world.” j stretched its arms, still not used to having limbs.

“Why though…? What have we done to deserve this fate... awakening a god can never be good.” Yuu tensed up. 

“Don't go picking fights you can't win.” j spoke firmly. Silent for a moment, then he continued. “It’s not about if they deserve it. It is the natural order. It instinct to eradicate a world and begin it anew for us.” 

Yuu nodded, with one last reply. “Why me?”

j looked off for a moment.“Random chance.” Then, they began to walk forward. Yuu felt the green aura around him his heart beginning to race as he speed through time, catching up with j.”

K is for Killjoy 

“A person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others through resentful or overly sober behaviour.”

“Mom! Mom!” Yuu found himself running down the pavement, a smile growing wider and wider. 

“What is it sweetie?” Yuu's dear mother came from the back yard. Her hair in a ponytail and a sun hat atop her head. Her t shirt was stained in green and her shorts were caked in mud. Despite this, Yuu buried his face into her with a big hug. 

“Nothing! I just missed you!” Yuu smiled. looking up to his mother. 

His mother pressed her hand atop his head. Before Yuu could blink he was lifted into the sky. “Well…” she spun him. “I missed you too!”

Yuu laughed along with his mother in the summer heat.


The sword had impaled through the crying woman. Her body was pure black, a single eye now staring emptily at Yuu and J. 

Yuu blinked, breathing heavily. Grasping his head, he looked around confusedly. 

“This one was too strong to decay.” j spoke solemnly. “So I had you kill it.”

Yuu exhaled and stared at his black covered hands. “Had me?...” 

“I fast forwarded you through the fight. You were hesitant, Cursed One.” j looked over, now absorbing the woman. The black pulse through its arm, like a snake beneath skin. Soon enough, an eye appeared on its chest. It blinked adjusting to its new placement. 

Yuu shook his head. “I would have….done it.” 

“Yes, but you took far too long.” j shrugged. “We must awaken soon, and we cannot dwell on your emotions.” 

Yuu cursed under his breath. “I really am a tool to you.” He pulled his sword from the ground from where the corpse used to be. “Don't I get a say in anything?...” 

“Don't bother complaining, Cursed One. I understand why you are hurt, but we lack the time to coddle you.” j walked to face Yuu. “And I will speed you through it.” 

Yuu grabbed his head, pressing his thumbs into his temples. “Fuck fuck fuck!” Yuu threw his foot forward, stomping at nothing. Shutting his eyes he screamed. 

“Honey?” Yuu found himself looking up at the sky. He mumbled sleepily to himself.

“You fell asleep!” His mother peeked into his vision. A soft smile on her face. Her eyes were like pillows, a comforting gaze.

“O-oh! I'm sorry Mom!” Yuu launched up with vigor. “I won't do it again!”

“Honey, It's fine. Sometimes kids get sleepy after being so busy all day!” She smiled, taking his hand. “Now, come on, let's go get lunch!” 


Yuu felt sand pushing itself between his hands. He blinked, his head felt heavy like he had awoken from a long deep sleep. He lifted his head to see the ocean, and two shadowy figures at the shore. 

As his body adjusted to reality once again, he began to hear the voices bickering back and forth. 

“You told him he was a tool? You idiot! You absolute idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” One of them was waving their arms wildly, as the other stood there cross armed. 

“He deserves the truth, at the very least.” the cross armed shadow shrugged. 

“No! No! No!” The angry one stomped around. “No time! No time!”

“We have all the time in the world.” The calm one looked over to Yuu. “The Cursed One is awake, i. Tell hi-”

“Well, I ain't waiting!” i grabbed onto j and pulled him close. 

“Dammit, i.” were the last words from the calm shadow as it was consumed by a gaping maw. i's body split at the torso to create a jaw just begin enough to devour its twin. 

Yuu watched silently, still in a daze. 

A large black orb surrounded i. The world went dark as the moon hid away. All that was left to shine light was the purple and green aura that ejected from the black orb. Within an instant, fifteen eyes all flickered to life upon the orb. Then, appendages grew. They grew from any and all angles, becoming an endless stream of arms. A gaping smile appeared as well.

The fifteen-eyed god had awoken.

Yuu and i, and everything

“I wanted to tell you that wherever I am, whatever happens. I'll always think of you, and the time we spent together, as my happiest times.”

“Yuu.” The creature spoke, a mix of an energetic voice and a monotone one. “I suppose... this is your chance, before it all ends.” 

Yuu stood up weakly. His voice shaking. He had seen the creatures before, but this was emanated power that he had never ever felt. “Are you i, or j?”

“We are one and the same, the fifteen-eyed god.” The monotone voice was in control. “But, call us what you would like.” One of it's one thousand arms beckoned Yuu to come closer. 

“I…” Yuu looked to the ocean.

“We will not rush you anymore. The deed is set in stone.” 

“What do you plan to do?”

“Obliterate everything.” The god said firmly. “Everything must be eradicated so that it can be reset. 

“Why must it be reset though?”

The god leaned forward. “We do not know. As j has stated, it is instinct. We exist as the natural course of this planet.” 

Yuu stared off, thinking. “Why me, i? You could have killed me.”

“ Luckily enough for you, your father denied his fate.” The god poked at the earth with its giant black hands. “Leaving you, the next choice.” The god paused. “It was merely chance. Merely chance.”

Yuu shuddered. “Do I… mean nothing to you, then?”

“Do you want me to call you a dear friend, Yuu? Because I can…” The god squinted with all of its eyes.”But I would be lying. You are to me, what your sword is to you.”

Yuu's eyes watered a little. He had known the answer, but he needed to hear it.“I thought of you as a friend, i.” 

The god shifted up and down as if nodding. “And I thank you for that. Just because you are lesser to me, does not mean I do not respect you and all of your deeds.” The god shrugged. “But that does not mean I am your friend.” 

Yuu sighed. “So what happens now that you have…” Yuu fell to the sand. “What happens now that you have awakened?”

“Everyone will perish, like I said.” The god pressed its finger to Yuu's face.“But I can save you from this fate. A reward for what you have done.” the god looked to the sky. “Divine intervention. That is what you'd call it. Tell me, Yuu. Are you okay if this same fate happens, again and again? If my wrath always comes… but you never feel it?”

Yuu looked up. “I… I don't know…” 

“I'll take that as a yes.” The god put its hand on Yuu's head. “I have decided… to consider you a friend. The more I think about it, the more I understand what it means to you. j keeps telling me to be honest with yourself. I will spend my single ounce of care onto you. For all of eternity.”

Yuu's heart fluttered. “Th-thanks.” 

“But it changes nothing. The same fate will befall everyone.” The god sighed. “Yuu, close your eyes.”

Yuu did so. 

“Thank you for everything.”

Yuu felt his body tear apart, as if exploding. Pain wretched through his body as he felt every wound he had ever had. His heart pounded out of his chest, bursting into the air. Yuu's consciousness slipped off into nothingness.

From here to eternity

The scent of pumpkin filled the dining room. Flooding everyone's senses with pure bliss. It was impossible to be angry or sad when there was such an aura of love hanging on to everything.

A spiral of differently colored candles was lit, each a different color, but all the same scent. They all peaked higher than anyone at the dinner table. It was hard to look past them, but they smelled so good no one dared to complain. 

“Honey, aren't you going to eat your dinner? A soft voice spoke. 

Yuu found himself staring at the back of his hand. His eye shaped birthmark staring back at him, piercing through him as if alive.

The clicking of utensils against plates surrounded Yuu. Sometimes the scratching they made was grating. But for some reason, it brought a sense of peace to Yuu. 

He moved his gaze to his plate. Chicken! His favorite! He looked to his dear mother. Who was still watching him, waiting for a response. 

“Of course mom! Sorry, I spaced out.” Yuu poked at his food, ashamedly.

His sister sneered from across the table, peeking from behind the candles. “Hey you know your birthmark looks no different from yesterday right?

Red flooded Yuu's face. “H-hey… I know that!” 

Their mother shot Yuu's sister a glare. She slowly sunk back into her seat, disappearing behind the candles. 

Their father flicked the newspaper, straightening it. “Finish your food before it gets cold. Mom put a lot of work into it.” He nodded. “You can taste the love!” 

Their mom laughed to herself. “I try!”

Yuu's father began to speak with his mouth full. “Did you hear about that mayor who killed a bunch of his co-workers in New Hellia, then himself?” 

His mom slapped her fork down. “Not at the table.” She gave him a cold stare. 

Yuu scratched at his hand. 

His sister spoke up. “I really hope that someone like that doesn't come around here!” 

Yuu jumped onto his chair. “Don't worry! If anyone comes for you guys, I'll protect all of you!” Puffing out his chest, he stared at the ceiling like a superhero. 

“Oh! Is that so?” His mother giggled. “Well you can't protect us if you don't eat your food, so eat.” She lightly pushed his plate towards him. 

“Fine!” He plopped back down and took fork and knife in hand. 

As always, dinner was the same as usual. Lovely.
"Take Care of Yourself"

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