Tao'ao Aoghwa | Passimian
Name: Tao'ao Aoghwa

Age: Adult

Personality: His name: Tao - Maori for "warrior"; Ao Ao a creature from South American mythos that parents use to frighten their children and Ao the Maori primal deity and personification of daylight and clouds; and a morphed (to make the name sound more fluid and like the call of Gibbons) "aghụghọ" meaning trickster, deceit, cunning, and crafty in Igbo.

Tao'ao is fiercely loyal to whichever group he is apart of, even if they are morally questionable. He is kind, caring, and cunning, including those he sees as a part of another group-- he is usually just winning them over before crafting his penultimate deceit. A natural leader, he would have what some have called "the gift of the gab" or a "silver tongue"; charming yet charismatic. However, he does not make a good leader. He is selfish in terms of the group; anything or anyone he deems against the leader or ideals of the group, even if it's a mistake or a brief laps of judgment, and Tao'ao will devise a trick to play and eventually shun said traitor. Never at rest, Tao'ao will seek others not within his group to win over, prank, or attack with fury. 

History: Tao'ao remembers little outside his name and a fog of moments where he felt a great thrill of his team winning, a deep sting of betrayal, a growing pith of vengeance, and the relief of final revenge. Maybe he tries to relive this cycle to remember more of his past-- he certainly doesn't enjoy the amnesia this island brought upon him, but more or less this vague past does little to entice him. However, mysterious and melancholic pits within him that radiate the loss of a loved one hang on his conscious. He feels he may have been a clan leader, and his significant other was somehow taken away from him... he may never know.

Available Forms: Passimian

Species: Passimian

Gender: Male

Form Type: Imported - Passimian (Mahakakotobozoo)


Receiver - When in combat, if a teammate is KO'd or indisposed, Tao'ao will be able to take on their ability within 2 posts. Newly acquired ability is only prevalent until the fight is over, then Receiver comes back. Only able to take on one per thread.

Defiant - Whenever Tao'ao's defenses, speed, or attacks are hindered (only in references to his stats), strength sweeps throughout his body to lash back at the opponent. This sometimes takes the form of ruthlessness, as Tao'ao will want to make certain his others will understand that he does not like to be subdued.

Appearance: Tao'ao has large ruffles of fur around his neck and chest. He braids these tufts to keep them from matting and decorates them with beads, feathers, and shells. He has tattoos along his arms; mysterious symbols in blocky, colorful lines. Accompanying his tattoos, he has body paint on his face that he replenishes with muds and flower pedals he's ground with his teeth. The coconut helmet he wears is a natural brown husk, but painted and decorated along the same fashion as his tattoos. The coconut he carries with him is just a regular coconut; he replenishes it from time to time when the milk has gone dry and the coconut begins to decay.

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Place of Residence: N/A atm
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