Fit For Royalty (#ANew Chapter)
Prompt: Fairy Tale deviation
Hard Pokemon Target: Mudbray
Grade Request: Concise

Explicit Language
Fit For Royalty (1) - The Princess and the Flowers

The princess.

A delicate maiden of royal blood; not only bewitchingly beautiful, but a woman who is graceful and kind to her loyal subjects. Intelligent and adept at a myriad of skills, she is an icon beloved by all……

Far, far away...
Ultima Royal Castle, Arpege
Penha’s Diary


My mother screeches across the hallway, her stern, raspy voice ricocheting across the luxury paintings and glasswork that adorn the walls. I pay no heed to her frantic calling and continue dashing from room to room. Some of the maids and house servants attempt to capture me, but I quickly out-maneuver them with minimal effort.

Child’s play.

It’s been about a year since I’ve come to this posh palace in the capital of Arpege. Although I like the food, comfy pillows, and sparkly trinkets the royal castle has to offer; I really do miss the open outdoors. It's too stuffy in here, there are too many rules. Mom complains too much. Even today she wants me to go to some nobles’ pokemon exhibition. Miss me with that drab shit, I ain't interested.

Having lost most of my pursuers at this point, I make my way to my usual secret hideout. From a window on the third floor near the dining room, a balcony opens up towards the back end of the castle. Normally, it would be impossible to drop down from so high up, but I have my ways of getting around.

I climb up on top of the balcony railing and roll up my sleeves to reveal a silver bracelet with a pokeball in the center. I dislodge the miniaturized ball from the bracelet and click the middle button, returning it to its normal apple-sized height.

“Minnie, escape plan three.”

I toss the capsule below me, letting it bonk on the ground and open to reveal a tall, handsome Mudsdale. She took a moment to stretch her limbs out and clopped over into position just little bit ahead of me. With a hushed neigh, she thrust her forelegs forward and stomped on the ground in front of her.


A small circular area begins to stir with sand and wind, slowly forming a stout twister underneath the balcony. Minnie and I practiced this move specifically to create a small cyclone that wouldn't attract a lot of attention or make too much noise. I hop down from the railing, covering my face as I let the wind catch me and drop me in the sand. Oof. It still kind of hurts a bit, but it gets the job done. I dust my legs off and high five Minnie on her scuffy mane as she smiles at me. Good work team!

“Let’s go to the garden,” I whisper to Minnie as I mount myself on her back. Having successfully left the castle of doom, we head towards my favorite place to hang out.

Alone, but peaceful
Old Garden, Ultima Castle
Penha’s Diary

The palace houses two gardens on the estate; one in the south and one in the east. For one reason or another the south garden was eventually abandoned and left to care for itself. The now overgrown courtyard is home to several different pokemon and wild plant species. I come here often because it reminds of home. My old home.

My mother, Queen Persephone of Arpege, is the textbook definition of a royal born into nobility. We share the same silver white hair and tanned skin, but sometimes it feels like we aren't even related at all.

I’d been raised in the countryside with my uncle as my parents thought it would be better for me to grow up in privacy. I ran around the fields with pokemon and lived life surrounded by nature. However, when my mother came to bring me back to the castle when I turned 18, she said I’d become a “barbarian, unfit to be a princess.”

I grumble as I take my seat in the grass near a pond in the garden. Minnie lays her body down next to me, ready to take a nap. All this thinking about mom has put me out of the mood though.

In the time I’ve been at the castle, I’ve been called uncouth and a failure. The royal princess is a brute, hated by everyone; is the narrative I tend to think of my situation as… I dislike how she wants me to change. Sure I’ve got some rough edges, but I can't take it when she tells me to wear this, talk like this, blah blah blah. The worst was when she told me to get rid of Minnie.

(“That old mare is unfit for an individual of your status. A more regal pokemon like a frillish shall accompany you.”)

Fuck you.

I grab a rock on by my side and chuck it across the pond at full strength. I didn't add much of a twist cause I was angry so it just plunges into the water after making a large splash.

Minnie was given to me as a gift by my uncle. He comes from my father's side of the family that isn't connected to the nobility. He was an easygoing guy with a passion for pokemon and taking care of his fields.

I only need Minnie and I don't need anyone else.

Claiming ch1
"Take Care of Yourself"

-you ever see a phrase and realize you always needed it in your life in the writing world?
"Miss me with that drab shit" is just that
-overall compared to your munchlax story the detail is already much stronger from the very beginning. The way you made the protagonist animated from the very first few lines is a great hook.
-A nice take on the Princess trope!!! It's cool seeing wild princesses always...
-I enjoy the title cards, "far far away" "alone, but peaceful." Really adds charm

Quote: I didn't add much of a twist cause I was angry so it just plunges into the water after making a large splash.
I'm not sure why but this sentence reads strance to me. Is it the length? The pacing? The choice of words? I think breaking this into two sentences would help the reader digest this more.
-overall the last few paragraphs feel oddly rushed. The story is continuously strong but as it closes, it feels as if it beelines, rather than taking in the scenery.
I get excited too when wrapping a story of chapter up, make sure to take your time and finish it with grace, you will reap the rewards
- in contrast to the titles, I feel like stating the location wasn't necessary for this story, it almost meant nothing to me as the reader, especially when you do a great job of describing the scenes,

As a simple, this passes! Well done. You've earned your 3k
"Take Care of Yourself"

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