Sumika | The Original
Name: Sumika
Age: Young Adult
Personality: Sumika's one-track mind can be as optimistic as it is arrogant.  Once she decides that she wants something done, she puts all her energy into trying to make her goals a reality.  Whether that means refusing to stay down in a fight or trying to break down a wall for an hour straight while her attacks make no noticeable impact, Sumika just never wants to give up.  Unless Sumika immediately notices a reason to distrust them, she's extremely friendly towards others, even strangers.  Right now all Sumika wants to do is explore the island of Mautte, but she generally places the safety of those around her above all else, even self-preservation.
History: Sumika can't remember much of her past, but she has one primal, burning memory.  When she closes her eyes and clears her mind, one thing rushes back to her: a pure, unadulterated hatred for Dark types.  She can't remember what Dark type Pokemon initially caused this hatred, but the mere thought of Dark types is enough to make her want to scream.
Accessories: Backpack - slightly over 2 feet tall, perfect for a small Pokemon to carry on its back or an excessively large Pokemon to carry between its teeth

Available Forms: 

Species: Magearna (Original Color)
Gender: Genderless
Form Type: Imported
Soul-Heart: Whenever an ally falls in battle, Sumika becomes enraged.  Whenever she or an ally knocks out an opponent, she gets a rush of energy.  Both of these effects increase the power of her attacks for the rest of the encounter.
Appearance: Just a regular red Magearna, or as regular as they can get in a world unfamiliar with such advanced technology.  Sumika's paint is unaffected by the tides that brought her to the island.

Species: Weavile
Gender: Male
Form Type: Imported
Appearance: Sumika's Weavile form has an unkempt, ragged coat of pitch black fur with various missing patches, clumped together tufts, and fur strands going in seemingly random directions.  The feathers that normally adorn a Weavile's head in a neat, orderly pattern instead jut out of Sumika's head at various tilted angles.  Instead of a well-kept, glistening yellow gem in the Weavile's forehead, a hideous brown one cracked straight down the middle takes its place.  No claw on any hand or foot matches another, all of them seem to be chipped in their own unique ways.  Citizens of Vermont can call 1-800-4-RABIES if they see this thing in their backyard.
Sumika's... unorthodox... appearance frightens unsuspecting foes.  If this is the first time an opponent sees this form is in battle, Sumika's Pressure can make her basic attacks seem much more threatening than they actually are if it's the first attack Sumika uses in her Weavile form.  Going in for a simple bite can terrify the enemy into seeing thousands of teeth in Sumika's mouth when there aren't, a basic slash gives off the impression that the arm she's attacking with is as large as the rest of her body combined, etc.

Species: Rayquaza
Gender: Genderless
Form Type: Imported
Appearance: Shiny

Air Lock
A bubble with a 20 foot radius follows Sumika in her Rayquaza form.  This bubble blocks out minor weather effects from entering it (strong sunlight and rain can't bypass the bubble, but a solar beam or a thunderbolt can). Serious damage to Sumika can cause this bubble to disappear.
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CASTAWAYS (Wayward Cove, The Outskirts) [M1] [M2] [M3] [M4]
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-met Gawain

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-end of first day

Backpack found

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-learned hatred of Dark types by encountering Daniel

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catalyst ;; sumika (Cascade Falls, Skylark Jungle) [M36]

??? (minor) found

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