Aaren The Aggron
Name: Aaren
Age: Young adult
Personality: Gruff demeanor but surprisingly gentle for his bulk. Patient with the naive or innocent, defensive of the underdog and willing to stand in harm's way rather than see a friend hurt. Slow to trust but quick to forgive unintentional slights.
History: No memories, but vague feelings of deja Vu associated with specific moves/ patterns of movement.

Available Forms: 

Species: Aggron
Gender: Male
Form Type: Imported (stats link in sig)
Abilities: Sturdy: Even incredibly powerful attacks can't finish him off in one hit, needing several telling blows to knock him unconscious. Rock Head: lots of experience throwing his weight around, usually head-first, have inured him to the pain of slamming into things at full force (immune to recoil).
Appearance: normal for the species.

Species: Galarian Zigzagoon
Gender: Male
Form Type: Earned (Taking advantage of Gen 8 event to reduce to Easiest, 8/10 posts)
Appearance: Mostly normal for species, but the white and black bands have a tiny thread of silver between each one.
Abilities: Gluttony: Zigzagoon is always hungry; over time he makes stashes of food all over the island and is rarely far from a meal. But if edible food is shown to him/ thrown at him, he’s easily distracted by it. Pickup: The pokemon always has something in his paws, usually something small enough to manipulate – twisting, bending, tossing hand to hand. Often it will be some minor useful bit of detritus, but it slows him down climbing rocks/rough terrain with one or two hands full.

Aggron form: Wayward Cove 1 for intro event. Wayward Cove 2. Wayward Cove 3. Wayward Cove 4. Wayward Cove 5. Wayward Cove 6. Wayward Cove 7. Wayward Cove 8. Hunting for Aggron-La 1. HfA-L 2. HfA-L 3. HfA-L 4. HfA-L 5. HfA-L 6, HfA-L 7, Surveyor 1, Everyone was Diamond Mining 1, EDM 2, EDM 3, (Mega) Of Stones and Shadow 1, Surveyor 2, Surveyor 3, (mega) of diving cliffs, cliffs 2, Lost (25; claimed to here), Lost 2, Lost 3, lost 4, lost 5, HfAL 8
Zigzagoon form: (Mega) of volatile earth, Inquisition 1, inq 2, inq 3, inq 4, inq 5, inq 6, (Random) We Walk With Giants, WWwG 2, inq 7 (10)
Residence: None yet.
Inventory: Rock-type megastone (bonding 8/15 - diving cliffs 1, 2, lost 1, 2, volatile 1, lost 3, 4, 5)
Dark-type megastone (inert)
Dragon-type megastone (inert)
Fire-type megastone (inert)
Staff, head grader, events & game design, judge, ranger. My stats (always a work in progress!)
Park: Evan Morphic: Aaren Cassandra

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