A New Chapter
- For veterans and new players alike -

[Image: pokebook.jpg?w=444]
Hello, everyone! Please read below for details on the event we’ll be running in the Stories section to help celebrate our 20th Anniversary Invitational!
For our New Chapter event, you’ll be required to write a story in chapters of increasing length, with a huge bonus for folks who participate in each step! You’ll choose a Hard Pokemon to feature in three stories, starting with the Easiest rank and working your way up. At the end of the event, once all of your stories pass, you’ll be able to claim that Hard Pokemon in addition to any other cash or Pokemon you earned through the three stories!
First, choose a Hard-rank Pokemon you’d like to capture. Then, choose one of the following writing prompts to follow for your chapter story. 

Finally, get writing! Here’s what you’ll need to do:
Step One: 1/11 – 1/18 at 11:59 PM EST
Write an Easiest-rank introduction to your story.
Step Two: 01/19 – 01/25 at 11:59 PM EST
Continue your story with a Simple-rank chapter.
Step Three: 01/26 – 2/8 at 11:59 PM EST
Continue your story with a Medium-rank chapter. (You’ll have two weeks for this step!)
Other rules:
1.  Your Hard Pokemon must be featured in all three chapters in order to earn it at the end of the event.
2.  You can capture other Pokemon, or write for cash, in each chapter.
2.  Post all chapters of your story in the same thread.
3.  Use #ANewChapter to mark your thread somehow.
Step Four?: 2/9 and beyond
Continue your story after the event ends, and the next two Pokemon you target in that story will be reduced in rank!

Finally, we have a special note for participants of this event who enter our other Invitational-related event, the Winter Writing Competition! If you participate in our New Chapter event, you’ll be able to use your entire story, including all chapters, as an entry for WWC.

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