Winter Gift Station 2019
@Ash K.

[Image: 179.gif]

A Mareep from my stats!



[Image: 363.gif]

A Spheal from my stats!


@ NoY0

[Image: 276.gif]

A Taillow from my stats!



[Image: 360.gif]

A Wynaut from my stats!



[Image: 736.gif]

A Grubbin from my stats!



[Image: 192.gif]

A Sunflora from my stats!



[Image: 17.gif]

A Pidgeotto from my stats!



[Image: 73.gif]

A Tentacruel from my stats!



[Image: 166.gif]

A Ledian from my stats!


@Sweet Dee

[Image: 743.gif]

A Ribombee from my stats!



[Image: 167.gif]

A Spinarak from my stats!



[Image: 202.gif]

A Wobbuffet from my stats!



[Image: 595.gif]

A Joltik from my stats!



[Image: 666.gif]

A Vivillon from my stats!



[Image: 51.gif]

A Dugtrio from my stats!
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@Ash K.

You sir can have this scatterbug. She's an old basic, but I am sure she will do you well


You can have the jynx I pulled from Park all those years ago
@juliorain gets a Heart Scale from my stats.
So do @Dash and @Fenris

Buying a DC Pass for @"oribhel" - 4k$
For @Mikey57 - 4k$
For @evanfardreamer - 4k
For @Xali - 4k
For @Jack - 4k

21k - 20k = 1k

DC Passes bought here for
1 for @Surfer Liam
1 for @VeloJello
1 for @Monbrey
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Please accept these gifts so that I can rest....



[Image: 56.gif]

A blank Mankey from Art Capture!



[Image: 283.gif]

A blank Surskit from Art Capture!


@Gray Nine

[Image: 527.gif]

A blank Woobat from Art Capture!



[Image: 60.gif]

A blank Poliwag from Art Capture!



[Image: 161.gif]

A Blank Sentret from Art Capture!



[Image: 194.gif]

A blank Wooper from Art Capture!



[Image: 43.gif]

A blank Oddish from Art Capture!



[Image: 515.gif]

A blank Panpour from Art Capture!


@Surfer Liam

[Image: 422-east.gif]

A blank Shellos from Art Capture!



[Image: 406.gif]

A blank Budew from Art Capture!



[Image: 278.gif]

A blank Wingull from Art Capture!



[Image: 240.gif]

A blank Magby from Art Capture!



[Image: 511.gif]

A blank Pansage from Art Capture!



[Image: 513.gif]

A blank Pansear from Art Capture!



[Image: 72.gif]

A blank Tentacool from Art Capture!



[Image: 298.gif]

A blank Azurill from Art Capture!



[Image: 742.gif]

A blank Cutiefly from Art Capture!


@Voltaire Magneton

[Image: 218.gif]

A blank Slugma from Art Capture!



[Image: 173.gif]

A blank Cleffa from Art Capture!



[Image: 174.gif]

A blank Igglybuff from Art Capture!



[Image: 293.gif]

A blank Whismur from Art Capture!



[Image: 172.gif]

A blank Pichu from Art Capture!
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A dragon for you, holding salamencite
"Take Care of Yourself"

[Image: b39fbfee7b09365ea573d45fc9c2cdbe.gif]
[Image: tQja6Vd.png]
Heart Scale, take it.
[Image: Ofl2uek.png][Image: Gr0Pb2r.png][Image: Ofl2uek.png]
Because everything that's under my skin,
Where I end and begin, still belongs to me.
Adding onto a prior gift:

In addition to the Art Pass, a Pachirisu fresh from the Berry Store for @Fenris . Thanks fam!
Abras are so cute!
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@Fenris sorry for being that guy, buy I'm declining your gift in advance. I'll never use a Pansear and I'd rather someone else have it than me murdering it on a Garage Sale. Anyways, to make up for the trouble, I'm giving you a Z-Ring with Electrium directly from Mart.
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Everybody. Here are some shiny things.

To @Izuru - here's an [Image: 181.png] Ampharos

To @Surfer Liam here be that [Image: 24.png] Arbok

To @SarahShmarah have a shiny fresh [Image: 133.png] Eevee

To @ant2011 enjoy your new [Image: 596.png] Galvantula

Hey @Elise your stats look a bit chilly, this blubbery [Image: 365.png] Walrein will fit in

The last mon goes to @Saur who needs that FFA trolling [Image: 110.png] Weezing 

But, not to be forgotten, @evanfardreamer gets a Cover Fossil. Because Fossils are gifts too kids.

Note: DarknessRuler cannot be gifted, that fossil is too rare.
[Image: PVF1.png]
guess it is time for wgs. part 1. family drama and fangame... rip!

Gerri the blank shuppet for Fenris! it has 2 xp

I have Hesper the Cutiefly with like 5 xp for Gray!

A blank piplup for Ksay

I have 8 DC Passes

2 - Gold

1 - SinnohEevee

2 - Mikey

1 - ori_b who is now helter?

1 - DeKrueger

1 - Sarah

Another blank shuppet for.... Evan! it has two xp!
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=802&d=1507743197]

Img Made by Morru/Mako
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