Winter Gift Station 2019
One Eevee holding a Pixie Stone for @Gold and one Eevee holding a Soothe Bell for @Mako.

Purchased here:

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@VeloJello @"oribhel"

@Ash K.

Purchases: Double DC Pass(x4)

Funds: $61,500
Cost: $32,000
Remaining: $29,500
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Alright, here goes:

@"oribhel" You wanted a Story Pass, you get a Story Pass! It has been getting dust on my Inventory for so much time, it needs to go.
And after that I still have a second Story Pass to go... @VeloJello can take it, 'cause I guess I should give something for the Event Run from Park.
@Gold You took too long to get the trade done, so you get the Decidium-Z gifted instead. Isn't that a shame?

Got other stuff to gift, just don't know who's gonna take 'em... guess I'll wait a bit longer...
Oh, and all that stuff is from my Stats by the way
Gift time! Tagging seems to be screwy so apologies in advance. In no particular order:

@SinnohEevee ; I didn't get as much arting done as I'd hoped, but didn't want to deprive you of a blank Cubone.

@JacenBoy; here's a TM Protect for your Vikavolt. Go win that next FFA!

@Monbrey ; I didn't know what moves you'd want so here's a DIY Flareon kit! Your bots are :fire:

@VeloJello ; hung onto this a while to give it to you, thank you for being so helpful as an art mentor. I hope you enjoy a blank Cutiefly holding an art pass I got from the wheel!

@Dekrueger ; glad I caught that offhand comment you made. Have a blank Oddish.

@"heltear" ; I wholly support the year of stories. You've come into URPG swinging and it's a delight to see you rocking so many sections. Have the story pass I got from the wheel spin and let's see those stories!

@K'sariya ; It's been inspiring to see you pushing URPG back to healthier activity levels, and you've sunk I don't even know how much time into polishing sections - both yours directly and helping out with the others. Please enjoy a Boosted story pass I got from last invitational's wheel.

@juliorain ; @Mikey57 ; @Jack ; I'd love to see more stories from you! Buying you a story pass apiece.

@Dash ; @Gray Nine ; Buying you two daycare passes each. Thank you for helping me with battles!

Staff, head grader, events & game design, judge, ranger. My stats (always a work in progress!) 
Park: Evan Morphic: Aaren Cassandra Emily
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Whoops, of course I forgot one.

@W32Coravint Here's the Aggron.

Aggron, hatched from 2011 Easter egg
Male, 2w/11l/0t (0ffa)
Sturdy/Rock Head
Moves: Autotomize, Double-Edge, Harden, Headbutt, Heavy Slam, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Metal Burst, Metal Claw, Metal Sound, Mud-Slap, Protect, Roar, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Tackle, Take Down
EMs: Rock Smash, Surf, Rock Climb
Staff, head grader, events & game design, judge, ranger. My stats (always a work in progress!) 
Park: Evan Morphic: Aaren Cassandra Emily
Had a bit more time than I expected today. @Gold ; If captured, this blank Lotad holding a story pass. (If not captured I will tweak and keep submitting.)

Staff, head grader, events & game design, judge, ranger. My stats (always a work in progress!) 
Park: Evan Morphic: Aaren Cassandra Emily
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Hey so, I like annoying gold, and youre one of the big up and comers so I couldnt ignore your presence around these parts.
Giving you something with the sole request you either: Dont EM it, or give it ems Gold says not to.

hello 3amer. I enjoy the time as well.
Plz dont delete this into the void.
Let us remember.

Heard you need Pocket Monsters. Ive got 90. Take one.

"Take Care of Yourself"

[Image: b39fbfee7b09365ea573d45fc9c2cdbe.gif]
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Finally, just take this stupid fucking Klunkong holding a Psychium-Z from my stats 

Klunkong (Klinklang) + Psychium-Z
Nature: Docile
Gender: ---
Met: PokeMart

Thanks for always being a friend and getting me into URPG when I started out just a few months ago.
You do a lot of things for others, but make sure to take care of yourself as well!!
We all appreciate the work you put into the game Goldooo
Queso i cry i also DM you for stupid shit :sob: thanks for putting up with my bullshit in the art section, and I really appreciate how open you are with my suggestions and new ideas! I'll be bothering everyone in 2019 as well, so here's a

blank Chinchou from art capture + Art Pass I'll be buying below! 
Makoooooooooooooo come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk show us your artttttttttttt
Hope you're feeling better lately, and that everyone is always here to listen if you need an ear! 
It's not much, but I got you a

blank Drowzee from art capture for your collection + Art Pass I'll be buying below!
@Gray Nine
3AM Fariy grimfo :weary: Thanks for always answering questions I have for contest and listening to me ramble about stupid music stuff! 
I come with tribute for your fairy kingdom 

blank Flabebe from art capture! also join curator :boi:
deeeekayy I know you're busy with work and stuff; thanks for playing games and stuff with us when you can!
I was going to get you Swinub, but then I did some gift swapping and Gold said you liked ghosts so,

Treevil!! blank Phantump from art capture
Glad to see you back in urpg stuff! Thanks for all the encouragement and compliments although I'm always moody! 
I originally drew Phantump for you, but since you said you were looking at Soundproof mons, here's a 

Snover from art capture with Hidden Ability Soundproof unlocked! (1/7 EXP for unlocking HA @ stats)
Ref king, the olive garden man, thanks for talking to me even really early on when I joined URPG! 
You said you didn't want it but I'm still going to give it to you!!

blank Solosis from art capture! take my squishy
The new bot is looking really good (thanks for all your hard work!), and your snarky humor is fun to watch 
Your wishlist was really short lol, but you've been enjoying LGPE lately so I figured I'd get you a Kanto mon!

blank Nidoran male from art capture! hope you like Nidoking ;;
Thanks for being really nice and friendly since early on, and your shitposts brighten up a lot of peoples' days! 
I don't always have to best words or advice to help, but I hope you know that you're definitely a presence that every one of your friends cherishes. 
It was on your wishlist, so I got you a 

blank Corphish from art capture!
Gamer dadddddddddd, your incessant puns have grown on me since I've joined URPG  rly 
Thanks for putting up with my stupid questions, and I really do love seeing your art!
I'll be dabbling in stories every now and then, so hope you can critique me the same! 

This was originally for your gym, but iirc you're gonna drop Ground or whatever? idk 
here's that blank Drilbur from art capture + an Art Pass I'll be buying below! u give me story pass i return w an art pass :morrukombat:
I already said this a while back, but thanks for being so friendly with me even though we didn't really talk that much in urpg! 
I'm always down to help with your game stuff! Stick with your vision and show the world your story :muscle: 

here's Jojo blank Pancham from art capture to match your Dio!!
Same with Sari, thanks so much for putting up with my shit in the art section :sob: 
Our art styles a kinda different, but I really do like your art a lot (as does everyone else!) 
and I think we both have that depressing artist mindset, but I hope you can find a way to conquer some of those mental demons this year! 

here's a blank Litleo from art capture! + Art Pass I'll be buying below! 
Thanks for listening to me talk about stuff whether it's irl or urpg, even when you've got your own problems to worry about :crie:
I think you're always really professional whether it's urpg or art stuff; good luck at school too! 
Looking forward to your drawings when you get your tablet :relaxed:

here's that Spongebob blank Binacle from art capture + Art Pass I'll be buying below! 
Rhythm game hell buddy...I haven't played aichuu in a hot second 
Your love for pink child has touched my heart....
I've brought her home to you.........

blank Audino from art capture ur daughter now
I joined a about a month after you, so I've been the only newbie next to you for most of last year! 
I don't particularly like Pika...but your devotion to Ricktor is respectable. *salute*
Your bug spam is scary, but now I can't complain since I destroyed queue for gift station too....
Good luck with the Electric gym! For you, a

blank Helioptile from art capture + Art Pass I'll be buying below! 
@Elrond big boss man, your art is awesome and it's nice to see you doing digital art now too!
@liam1324 thanks for making contests and roleplaying really fun! Glad to have you around 
@juliorain thanks for all of your work with the Battle Royal and Music section! Hope your game goes well! 

Buying Art Passes for everyone!

Here's that Park Voucher from my stats I promised! I wish I could give you all of my park stuff
I didn't know what to get you, but you were missing one Eeveelution? 

here's a blank Eevee from the mart with a Water Stone! 
I joined just a couple months back, but welcome back to the game! 

here's a blank Tepig from the mart! It's the year of the pig :tada: 
@Voltaire Magneton
I know you're busy with irl stuff, but thanks for RPing with me anw! 

a blank Tepig from the mart for you too! Fighting gym right? 

Art Passes for 9 people 

Money: $93,000
Purchases: $90,000
Change: $3,000
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Probably my last wave unless I make some cash to gift more.

@Surfer Liam
Here's a Bulbasaur fresh from the mart, for a cool dude. It's been rapidly growing on me, so I hope you like it!

@Izuru Here's an Eviolite for your Murkrow! Thanks for hanging out and participating in FFAs!

I told you I'd get you something cool.
Here's a Shuppet holding a Banettite, so you stop using the vastly inferior Gen 3 Ghost. :beatoriche: Thanks for being an awesome streamer and friend; I adore you and your voice.


Hey man.

There's a lot I want to say, but I don't wanna go on and on. Thanks for being there man. The reason I wanted you to see Spiderverse was because it reminded me of you; I see that spark in you and it's amazing.
This is kinda a gag gift but whatever. This Blastoise is "blank" in the sense that you can choose whatever gender and nature; however, it comes EMd so that you might actually use it!
Blastoise from the mart with:
Ice Punch
Icy Wind
Ice Beam
Brick Break
Work Up
Aura Sphere
Aqua Ring
Focus Blast
Rock Slide
Rock Tomb
Fake Out
Mirror Coat

Thanks for being you man, it's a pleasure knowing ya.
Abras are so cute!
Joined URPG 1/28/2017!
Competitive Showdown player

[Image: Nudist_Beach_forum_sig.png]
Continuing my mission to ensure everyone has a Charizard (or at least something from the best evolution line), next one goes to @VeloJello

One [Image: 4.gif] with TM Fire Blast for you!
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