[20TH ANNIVERSARY] Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Invitational!
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The 20th Anniversary URPG Invitational!

Welcome, everyone! Come one, come all!

URPG is celebrating a special anniversary on the 11th--it's 20-year one! That's right, the URPG has been around for 20 whole years, starting from the humble roots of Yahoo Groups and AIM and moving up through various forums to finally land here, on its own forum!

The Invitational is an event being hosted here by the Pokemon Ultra Role Playing Game (also known as the URPG), a community based around a system that aims to simulate the experience of being a Pokémon Trainer, with sections designed to appeal to about everyone (from competitive battling, to art and stories, to roleplaying games)! We welcome Pokéfans of all kinds, and members of any and all Pokémon communities, to join us for the celebration; the aim is to make the atmosphere kind of like an online open-air fairground!

We're inviting you to chat about anything and everything, discuss your favorite Pokémon-related topics, and try the game out! The URPG's most helpful members and Staff will be on hand to answer questions about the event or the game.

This one is bigger than our usual fare! It'll last between January 11th, 12pm CST - January 27th, 11:59PM CST. Bring the party!

The Invitational Server!

This year, the URPG server itself will be hosting all events, instead of a dedicated event server! If you're not already, hop into the festivities here!

Active Buffs!

During the Invitational Server, the URPG experiences several awesome buffs throughout all of our sections! This time around, we're all powered up with:
  • Morphic Opening Event! The opening of URPG's newest section has finally taken place, and its opening event is deciding who gets to open the first clans in the game! You can get started quickly by reading this guide, and read more in-depth info in the Encyclopedia! The first event is a posting competition, so get your characters in and created to start posting ASAP!
  • Advertising Contest! Spread the word about the Invitational, and earn points to get awesome individual and collective community rewards! Read about it here!
  • All Pokemon in Battles and Contests are Fully EM'd! You heard right! When you participate in a non-gym/E4 battle, contest, or a contest boss levels 1-2 on the Invitational server (and the Invitational Server only!), your Pokemon can use any move that's on their Ultradex page! See what your Pokemon is fully capable of!
  • Ease into the Stories section with an event for old and new players alike! Write a story in chapters of increasing length, with a huge bonus for folks who participate in each step! In addition, graders will receive bonus wages for grades posted during the event!
  • Free Beginner Runs in the National Park! Locate your nearby National Park gate, because Beginner Runs are free! Members who are creating their first character, or have never been on a Park run before, are eligible to participate in a free Beginner Run!
  • Art Submission Bonuses for Newbies! As a newbie, if you submit art for capture during the event, you'll get an additional cash bonus when the work passes! For Simple or Easiest rank captures, you'll receive $1,000, and for Medium or above, you'll receive $2,500. Remember--can stack bonuses from January's monthly theme on top of this! You'll receive the monthly theme bonuses when your attempt is curated, pass or fail, but the work must pass to receive the additional invitational bonus! It doesn't need to pass right away, though--as long as it's submitted during the Invitational, you'll receive the bonus whenever it passes, whenever that may be!
  • Profession Wage Boost! We really appreciate the work of our players who volunteer to run the game. We couldn't do it without all of us! All creative professions will have their wages boosted by 1.5x during the event. Live professions will have their wages boosted by 1.25x during the event. Your wage person will add the wages and round at the end of the event, so don't worry about adding it to your logs except to mark which entries are event, so that your awesome wage person knows. The bonus does not count toward legend progress!

Like Old Faithful, we've got our favorite two events for this summer's Invitational: the Prize Wheel of New Beginnings and the Raffle of New Beginnings! Hop on over to nab some great rewards!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, via PMs, or in Discord! Let's make it a great one!

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