The Life and Times of Samuel D. Hawkins
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Chapter #1 - A La Carte : Creamball


“pi! pi! ppppiiid!!”

 “…FINE! I’m up already...” a disgruntled young man gets up halfway, rubbing his eyes.

The sun had already fixed its eyes on Viridian City, signalling a new day.

Once a bustling and lively metropolis, Viridian City has been very discreet and serene in recent years. People firmly believe that it all began to change after the true nature of the Viridian City Gym’s very first leader, Giovanni, was exposed. It was none other than being the boss of the top crime syndicate of Kanto in the yesteryears, Team Rocket. It was not before long a new Gym Leader took over, by the name of Blue. However, just some days later, he was reported missing during his expedition to Mt. Silver in the Johto region. The Gym has been closed down ever since by the Pokemon League and has been out of action for many years now. No one actually knows why the League couldn't get another replacement instead of closing it down; food for thought. 

There are several other mysteries surrounding Viridian City, and the one that takes first place would be our protagonist, by the name of Sam. Samuel D. Hawkins, aged 15, a “lively” young lad who sports a spiky golden hair and greyish-blue eyes. He wears a necklace that resembles a tiny one-handed greatsword which is supposedly his parents’ memento. His right ear has two silver earrings and a silver bracelet on his right hand. The main outfit would consist of a short-sleeved black jacket over any plain white t-shirt underneath, with long black pants and a pair of brown boots. Sam has been living in a simple abode with his grandparents ever since he was young. As a hobby, he looks into the several mysteries surrounding Viridian City and has solved a couple to boot.

Like every other Trainer, he aspires to travel all the regions in the world, but with a particular goal in mind. To be the Pokemon Trainer who owns the most, if not all the shiny variants of every Pokémon species available, to become the Shiniest Trainer in the world. A dream that has yet come to light, Sam couldn't hold on to the excitement that secreted from his thoughts. Let's also not forget our fluttering alarm clock earlier that woke Sam, Creamball the Pidgey. A small but plump-bodied, flying type Pokémon. It is primarily brown in colour, but with a cream-coloured face, underside and on a few feathers. There is a short crest of three tufts on top of its head. Centre crest are brown while the side ones are also cream-coloured. Tucked under that crest are its narrow and brown eyes. Angular marking of some sort extends from behind its eyes down its cheers. To add on, it has a short, stubby beak and feet with two toes in front and one at the back. Both the beak and feet are greyish-pink in colour. To finish it off, a short brown tail made of three feathers at the back.

As the small avian glides to and fro within the walls of the room, our hero awakens just in time and lets out a huge yawn, a sign of succession of his long slumber. The sun’s rays spear through his window and have started to light up most of his room. He quickly groans, and vaults over his blanket and bed. Still in his favourite Darkrai themed pyjamas, he starts dragging himself towards the window and quickly tugs the curtains over. Pidgey then zooms in on Sam and perches itself atop his right shoulder.

 “I can’t believe it is morning already. Dammit. Better get ready and get to the Pokémon Centre fast. We are finally setting out on our journey, Creamball!” Sam petted Creamball as he slowly crept towards his closet.

<Sam's POV>

It might seem a bit odd, but like most Trainers who start out their journey at the nimble age of ten, I begin mine at the age of fifteen. You might think whatever could the reason be? Not only was I busy tackling all the mysteries around Viridian City, but I just disliked the idea of becoming just a Pokémon Trainer like any other. The usual travelling from region to region, battling trainers of many kinds, the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, aiming for the top, seemed very cliché. My plan, however, is to become the shiniest Pokémon Trainer in the world; basically to own the most shiniest Pokémon under my name. What inspired me to get such a crazy goal? I will touch on that story for another time. At the moment, it’s about Creamball; well not entirely, but it's finally time I really owned him! You thought he was officially mine, didn't you? No. I actually found him inside Viridian Forest during one of my frequent visits quite some time back. My memories of that very day remain as a clean slate in my head, but this fellow has been around me ever since. Was it something I did that made him stay this long? I can't remember at all. But I didn't care. I loved Creamball and the fact that he has been sticking around me for a very long time. Since I wasn’t an official Trainer back then, I couldn’t do a proper capture with a Pokeball. But that will finally change, today.

“…but you know pal, becoming the Shiniest Champion in all the regions doesn’t sound too bad either,” I smirked.

“…pidd…piii…” Creamball took off and hovered down the stairs, seeming apathetic in my end goal.

I got the cue and started to get ready. Having done with the morning routine and rushed down the stairs grabbed my bag pack from the dining table, bid farewell to my grandparents whom were having breakfast and made haste towards Viridian City’s Pokémon Centre with Creamball tailing me from the air. If you’re puzzled why was I visiting the Pokémon Centre instead of Professor Oak’s Laboratory in Pallet Town? I already had Creamball with me, and if anything else I actually needed was the remaining supplies intended for a Pokemon Trainer just starting out on his journey

<Professor Samuel Oak; Not only a world-renowned Pokémon Professor, but he’s also a highly touted figure by many other Professors from the neighbouring regions.  His focus in the research is the relationships between Pokémon and Humans.>

By the time I ventured out, the sun was already scorching hot and sweating like a monkey didn’t help. Quickly, I made a scoot for the Pokémon Centre nearby. It must be really good to be a flying type Pokémon. Pidgey didn’t look like it broke any sweat. But thankfully, the Centre already came into sight. Just before I entered, I took a quick glance at my surroundings. Not much people were roaming around today it seemed. Like close to a barren desert. 

“…not even signs of those Biker goons..? This is something you don’t get to see every day. Yo Pidgey! Let’s go, Phreeeee Phreeeeeet!” I whistled towards Pidgey, and like an aircraft which is due to land, it flew over me and roosted atop my shoulders.

“Your acute senses never cease to amaze me, cream ball.” Awe-struck a bit, I pushed open the glass doors and entered the Pokémon Centre.

<Pokémon Centre; a facility widely used by Pokémon Trainers of all kinds which tends to the medical needs of their Pokémon. There are different kinds and variations around the world, ranging from simple huts to extravagant buildings. >

I scuttled my way through and met up with Nurse Joy at the reception.

“Mornin' Nurse Joy! Can you show me where the PC with that phoney system is?” I eagerly greeted with an added incentive of a wide grin across my face.

“Good morning, Sam! Just walk down this aisle of phones and it’s the last one. Also, one of Professor Oak’s aids came earlier to do some fixes, so there should be no issues connecting with the Professor.” Nurse Joy smiled, pointing me in the direction I should go to.

“Well, I’ll be on my way then. Bless!” I grinned and started making my way there.

The Centre wasn’t that full with folks, but nevertheless, it was a sight to behold. There’s an open lobby, a couple of recovery rooms at the back of the reception area, beds and food for weary travellers and trainers alike, and also recently, we’ve had a brand new cafeteria opened up. 

I quickly headed over the cafeteria, particularly wanting some treats for myself and Pidgey. Before we could even reach there, an announcement came over the air and echoed throughout entire Pokémon Centre.

“…Calling any or all Pokémon Trainers within the Centre, assistance highly needed. Kindly get to the entrance of the Centre immediately, thank you!”
< End of Chapter 1? >
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