Gun6's Stats
(ignore the Poliwag; trading to Shock3600 in )
Traded Stantler to Gold
Spinarak Art Capture (for Fenris)-

[Image: Bcm0K6m.png]
Trainer, Azalea Gym Leader
Contact Info:
Discord - Gun6
Cash: $25100
Berry Credits: $6000
W/L/D/T [5/1/16 - Present]: 0/0/0/0
W/L/D/T [OLD: Start - 5/1/16]: 329/278/2/598
[Image: egYKl7g.gif]
Wigglytuff ♀ {22}
Cute Charm
Starter Pokémon 
[Image: gWM09Hd.gif]
Jynx ♀ {82}
Oblivious - Forewarn
Calm Mind, Dream Eater, Hidden Power [Ground], Icy Wind, Sweet Scent, Substitute 
[Image: ck717e0.gif]
Jumpluff, The Popo ♀ {19}
Chlorophyll - Leaf Guard
Encore, Sunny Day 
[Image: hIllWpJ.gif]
Butterfree ♂ {16}
Compound Eyes
Energy Ball, Hidden Power [Electric], Substitute 
[Image: PGFlnlU.gif]
Electrode, Electron {13}
Soundproof - Static
[Image: L5hLudZ.gif]
Swalot ♂ {8}
Liquid Ooze - Sticky Hold 
Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Swallow 
[Image: cvA1Izo.gif]
Dusknoir, Osteo ♂ {26}
Brick Break, Calm Mind, Charge Beam, Dark Pulse, Earthquake, Hidden Power [Ice], Ice Beam, Imprison, Ominous Wind, Pain Split, Protect, Psychic, Psych Up, Rest, Rock Slide, Skill Swap, Shadow Ball, Snatch, Substitute, Taunt, Toxic, Trick Room 
[Image: 6dn87yI.gif]
Heracross ♂ {107}
Guts - Swarm - Moxie
Earthquake, Rain Dance, Return, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, Substitute, Swords Dance 
[Image: e4dM148.gif]
Magmortar ♂ {7}
Flame Body 
[Image: QGYYoXZ.gif]
Kabutops ♂ {138}
*Mystic Water
Swift Swim - Battle Armor
Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Brine, Ice Beam, Low Kick, Rain Dance, Reflect, Return, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Substitute, Surf, Swords Dance, Waterfall, X-Scissor (gym) 
[Image: 2ukp1Cv.gif]
Armaldo ♀ {73}
*Wide Lens
Battle Armor - Swift Swim
Aerial Ace, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Knock Off, Low Kick, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Substitute, Superpower, Swagger, Swords Dance, X-Scissor (gym) 
[Image: NEK9rbT.gif]
Ninjask ♀ {66}
Speed Boost
Facade, Hidden Power [Water], Night Slash, Protect, Return, Roost, Sandstorm, Secret Power, Shadow Ball, Silver Wind, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swagger, Toxic, U-Turn, X-Scissor (gym)
The Mysterious Magik Monster, Pt. 2 - Nostalgia! 
[Image: nVVp95Y.gif]
Shedinja {7}
Wonder Guard
Facade, Hidden Power [Water], Night Slash, Return, Secret Power, Shadow Ball, Silver Wind, Swagger, Toxic 
[Image: MDUBTec.gif]
Raticate, Marth ♂ {9}
Guts - Run Away
Attract, Hidden Power [Steel], Return, Substitute, Taunt
URPG Christmas Tree Present (Marth) 
[Image: EWAQn3a.gif]
Clefable, Ha-ha you fell! ♀ {13}
Cute Charm - Magic Guard 
[Image: 7okFbKB.gif]
Dustox, Shadow ♀ {10}
Shield Dust 
Bugging Out 
[Image: nq2r8w6.gif]
Parasect, Super Mushroom ♂ {20}
Effect Spore - Dry Skin
Aerial Ace, Agility, Brick Break, Leech Seed, Return, Seed Bomb, Substitute, Swords Dance
Bugging Out 2: The Paras Strikes Back 
[Image: vfVNN5z.gif]
Crobat, Nikki ♀ {12}
Inner Focus
Brave Bird, Endure, Flail, Hypnosis, Nasty Plot
Spring Gift (Nikki the Mew) 
[Image: boygpzi.gif]
Beautifly, Kemusso ♂ {0}
Trade (Nikki the Mew) 
[Image: LsH0SqZ.gif]
Vespiquen, Queen Elizabeth ♀ {8}
Bugging Out 3: To Bee, or Not to Combee?
[Image: A4NDyw7.gif]
Cherrim, Cherry ♀ {7}
Flower Gift
Trade (FlameRyushin)
[Image: qlHtyZ4.gif]
Kricketune, Violint ♂ {7}
Shed Skin
Bugging Out 4: Are You Gonna’ Eat Your Tater-Kricketots?
[Image: rLXHnFm.gif]
Ditto, Legend Slayer  {1}
Limber - Imposter
[Image: hIt1Hid.gif]
Lopunny, Misfit ♂ {5}
+ 13
Klutz - Cute Charm
Ice Punch, Thunderpunch
Trade (Tyranitar_Trainer)
[Image: cPZdXQm.gif]
Drapion ♂ {7}
Battle Armor - Sniper
[Image: KAFaZFs.gif]
Sharpedo, Vangs ♂ {1}
Rough Skin - Speed Boost
Dive, Surf, Waterfall
Trade (Diesel 34)
[Image: G3q2QDc.gif]
Mr. Mime, Quin ♂ {7}
Soundproof - Filter
Hidden Power [Ice]
[Image: 2sZk7KT.gif]
Lanturn, Fruit Punch ♂ {7}
Volt Absorb - Illuminate
Surf, Waterfall
[Image: FsZ8s5z.gif]
Purugly, Catnip ♀ {7}
Own Tempo - Thick Fat
Trade (djax94)
[Image: 8pEFPZs.gif]
Wormadam, Bom ♀ {7}
Hidden Power [Bug]
Bugging Out 5: Winter’s Cloak
[Image: 5dA5LCy.gif]
Wormadam, Chicka ♀ {7}
Hidden Power [Dragon]
Bugging Out 5: Winter’s Cloak
[Image: e2qiziR.gif]
Wormadam, Wah ♀ {7}
Hidden Power [Water]
Bugging Out 5: Winter’s Cloak
[Image: rGYr4O1.gif]
Mothim, Wah ♂ {7}
Hidden Power [Steel]
Bugging Out 5: Winter’s Cloak
[Image: 5HgfIFo.gif]
Machamp, Jared ♂ {12}
Guts - No Guard
Fissure, Mega Kick, Stone Edge
Super Smash Mothers Brawl
[Image: AI0fsLy.gif]
Lickilicky, Vanilla ♀ {0}
Own Tempo - Oblivious
Counter, Surf
URPG Summer Giveaway Gift (Marth)
[Image: DQ8jxtw.gif]
Hitmonlee, Legs ♂ {0}
Limber - Reckless
Attract, Stone Edge
2009 Valentine’s Day Auction
[Image: H0YOfoS.gif]
Ambipom, Hands-On ♂ {7}
Technician - Pickup
[Image: g3FGNVP.gif]
Mamoswine, Tuskan Raider ♂ {2}
Oblivious - Snow Cloak
Easter Eggstravaganza Auction
[Image: GKDKYOp.gif]
Feraligatr, Hunter Crocodile ♂ {0}
Surf, Waterfall
Trade (Marth)
[Image: S8gSYl8.gif]
Mismagius, White Mage ♀ {7}
Calm Mind, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power [Fire], Thunderbolt
[Image: Pp37ys8.gif]
Stantler, Golla ♂ {0}
+ 4
Intimidate -  Frisk
Iron Tail, Thunder
Trade (Michael)
[Image: cyq22vO.gif]
Flygon, Desert ♂ {10}
[Image: DRvJyDq.gif]
Forretress, Shell ♂ {9}
[Image: wq4U2Xn.gif]
Bibarel, Beava ♀ {8}
Simple -  Unaware
Surf, Waterfall
[Image: W8NppBg.gif]
Azumarill, Bouncy Bubbles ♀ {10}
Huge Power -  Thick Fat
Surf, Waterfall
[Image: C2z0BXY.gif]
Yanmega, Ludicrous Speed ♂ {11}
Speed Boost -  Tinted Lens
Giga Drain, Hidden Power [Steel], Roost, Shadow Ball, Substitute
URPG Comic Competition 2009.
[Image: 1fjwoKK.gif]
Xatu, Iris ♀ {7}
Synchronize -  Early Bird
[Image: mTZBxX6.gif]
Typhlosion, Fahrenheit ♂ {10}
[Image: r105ArS.gif]
Hypno Dream ♂ {7}
Insomnia -  Forewarn
Belly Drum, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Wish
[Image: Y06FQmt.gif]
Marowak, Boner ♂ {0}
+ 8
Rock Head -  Lightningrod
Earthquake, Stone Edge
Trade (luke39)
[Image: 1Ke5pMU.gif]
Slowking, James ♂ {0}
Oblivious -  Own Tempo
Surf, Waterfall, Hidden Power [Grass]
Trade (luke39)
[Image: qORYwRp.gif]
Linoone, Watermelon ♀ {8}
Pickup -  Gluttony
Attract, Extremespeed, Giga Impact, Iron Tail, Protect, Rain Dance, Return, Secret Power, Seed Bomb, Shadow Claw, Surf
[Image: ln3cJXX.gif]
Omastar, Tripper ♂ {7}
Swift Swim -  Shell Armor
Surf, Waterfall
[Image: WS1nhtV.gif]
Plusle, White ♂ {0}
[Image: DfGcsbX.gif]
Minun, Black ♀ {0}
[Image: Mgvga1I.gif]
Hitmonchan, Punchy-chan ♂ {0}
+ 1
Keen Eye -  Iron Fist
Earthquake, Focus Punch
Trade (Xalapeno)
[Image: OuGZXIr.gif]
Venomoth, Kuriboh ♂ {11}
Shield Dust -  Tinted Lens
Baton Pass, Energy Ball, Hidden Power [Fire], Protect, Reflect, Roost, Sludge Bomb, Substitute
[Image: ZEPO6HD.gif]
Medicham, Zen ♂ {7}
Pure Power
Bulk Up, Return, Rock Slide
[Image: E4vxXGZ.gif]
Donphan, Donny ♂ {0}
+ 8
Trade (kanga) 
[Image: CfKqABb.gif]
Ariados, Lisand Deception ♀{7}
Swarm - Insomnia
URPG Summer Giveaway Gift (Pidge) 
[Image: bwx4OOj.gif]
Spinda, Money-Honey Minaj ♀{0}
Own Tempo - Tangled Feet
[Image: 0OijzZC.gif]
Accelgor, Honor ♂{7}
Hydration - Sticky Hold
Attract, Baton Pass, Encore, Hidden Power [Electric], Focus Blast, Rain Dance, Rest, Sandstorm, Spikes, Substitute, Swagger
Art Gallery 
[Image: bzjotBX.gif]
Leavanny, Leaves of Grass ♀ {10}
Swarm - Chlorophyll
Art Gallery 
[Image: nGEqd0m.gif]
Delcatty, Texas ♀ {7}
Cute Charm - Normalize
Art Gallery 
[Image: TgehXsP.gif]
Vileplume, Raffles ♂ {10}
Art Gallery 
[Image: h3wnjY8.gif]
Gothitelle, Ribbon ♀ {10}
Calm Mind, Thunder Wave
Art Gallery 
[Image: tBqLOow.gif]
Tentacruel, Coco Tapioca ♂ {7}
Politoed, Pollyanna ♀ {10}
Clear Body - Liquid Ooze
Surf, Waterfall
Art Gallery 
[Image: fhFK0IY.gif]
Politoed, Pollyanna ♀ {10}
Water Absorb - Damp - Drizzle
Surf, Waterfall
Art Gallery 
[Image: Pw8jfST.gif]
Scolipede, Waifu ♀ {10}
Poison Point - Swarm - Speed Boost
Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Return, Substitute, Superpower, Swagger, Swords Dance, Toxic Spikes
Art Gallery 
[Image: sCyCg2D.gif]
Bellossom, Snowbelle ♀ {10}
Art Gallery 
[Image: Zb9Y92e.gif]
Galvantula, Statik ♂ {7}
Compoundeyes - Unnerve
Energy Ball, Hidden Power [Dragon], Light Screen, Rain Dance, Substitute, Thunder, Volt Switch
Art Gallery 
[Image: 6g0Mtrp.gif]
Noctowl, Impa ♀ {7}
Insomnia - Keen Eye
Art Gallery 
[Image: 2SfCmYa.gif]
Lotad, Sombrero ♂ {0}
Swift Swim - Rain Dish
Art Gallery 
[Image: sCvmmZ2.gif]
Lampent, Candlejack ♂ {7}
Flash Fire - Flame Body
Art Gallery 
[Image: daXPGBR.gif]
Surskit, Indiana ♂ {0}
Swift Swim
Art Gallery 
[Image: l2GJ1Bk.gif]
Weedle, Knees ♂ {0}
Shield Dust
Art Gallery 
[Image: iEEBqcC.gif]
Vivillon, Pixel ♂ {10}
Compoundeyes - Shield Dust
Art Gallery 
[Image: HAO6I72.gif]
Pancham, Yojimbo ♂ {0}
Iron Fist - Mold Breaker
Art Gallery 
[Image: 6srOfVT.gif]
Bunnelby, OG Bunny B ♂ {0}
Cheek Pouch - Pickup 
Art Gallery 
[Image: sLk7Ia8.gif]
Dedenne, Super-Nimble Mega Hamster ♂ {0}
Cheek Pouch - Pickup 
Art Gallery 
[Image: 9Y2XY6j.gif]
Swirlix, Cotton Candy ♂ {0}
Sweet Veil 
Art Gallery 
[Image: xZW0puL.gif]
Spritzee, Marilyn ♀ {0}
Art Gallery 
[Image: WV5ce5r.gif]
Pumpkaboo (Small), Marzipan ♀ {5}
Pickup - Frisk 
Art Gallery 
[Image: 5uY3CJ1.gif]
Ralts, Psychic Feel Zone ♂ {0}
Synchronize - Trace 
Art Gallery 
[Image: 2HsrUNs.gif]
Staryu, Oyvey {0}
Illuminate - Natural Cure 
[Image: h0yf0xi.gif]
Scyther, Mantiquilla ♂ {5}
Swarm - Technician 
Art Gallery 
[Image: MMr0rAi.gif]
Castform, Sunny D ♂ {0}
Art Gallery 
[Image: 9gVfhPt.gif]
Amaura, Aurora ♀ {0}
[Image: FT8H6yf.gif]
Ledyba, Shooting Star ♂ {0}
Swarm - Early Bird 
Art Gallery
[Image: AIVB7wS.gif]
Volcarona, Jaws ♂ {0}
Flame Body  Giga Drain, Hidden Power [Ice?], Light Screen, Protect, Psychic, Roost, Solar Beam, Substitute, Sunny Day, U-turn, Will-O-Wisp
Winter Gift Station 2016 (Gift from EmBreon)
Magikarp image Magikarp, Mia ♀ {0}
Art Gallery
[Image: ttWywHh.gif]
Croagunk, Narrator ♀ {0}
Dry Skin - Anticipation 
Art Gallery
[img]Morelull goes here[/img]
Morelull, ???? ? {0}
Illuminate - Effect Spore 
Art Gallery

Spinarak goes here
Spinarak, Webster ♂ {0}
Swarm - Insomnia
Winter Gift Station 2019 - Fenris

Kricketot goes here
Kricketot, Looney Tunes ♂ {0}
Shed Skin
New Life 2019

[img]Pikipek goes here[/img]
Pikipek, ???? ? {0}
Keen Eye - Skill Link
Art Gallery
TM’s & HM’s

HM Surf
HM Waterfall
01x TM X-Scissor
01x TM Captivate
01x TM Energy Ball
01x TM Dazzling Gleam
01x TM Taunt
02x TM Protect
01x TM Rest
01x TM Sleep Talk
01x TM Snore
01x TM Dream Eater
09x Daycare Passes
01x Story Pass
01x Boosted Story Pass
01x Art Pass
Evolutionary Items
Link Cable
02x Moon Stone
01x Thunder Stone
Battle Items
01x Max Revive
Held Items
01x Thick Club
01x Choice Band
01x Choice Specs
01x Heart Mail
02x Iron Ball
01x Light Clay
01x Metal Powder
01x Mystic Water
01x Quick Powder
04x Wide Lens
01x Icicle Plate
01x Insect Plate
01x Mind Plate
01x Bug Gem (thanks Juliorain!)
01x Fighting Gem
Pewter City - Cerulean City - Vermillion City - Celadon City
Saffron City - Fuchsia City - Cinnibar Island - Viridian City
Violet City - Azalea Town - Goldenrod City - Ecruteak City
Cianwood City - Olivine City - Mahogany Town - Blackthorn City

Rustboro City - Dewford Island - Mauville City - Lavaridge City
Petalburg City - Fortree City - Mossdeep City - Sootopolis City
Oreburgh City - Eterna City - Veilstone City - Pastoria City
Hearthome City - Canalave City - Snowpoint City - Sunnyshore City
Striaton City - Nacrene City - Castelia City - Nimbasa City
Driftveil City - Mistralton City - Icirrus City - Opelucid City
Orange Islands
Mikan - Navel - Trovita - Kumquat - Pummelo
Azalea Gym

[Image: 2N849AL.gif]

[Image: 6dn87yI.gif][Image: DRvJyDq.gif][Image: 2ukp1Cv.gif][Image: nq2r8w6.gif][Image: Zb9Y92e.gif][Image: NEK9rbT.gif][Image: Pw8jfST.gif][Image: C2z0BXY.gif]

[Image: 0OijzZC.gif][Image: OuGZXIr.gif][Image: 8qgnYAP.gif][Image: Nj1mARj.gif][Image: aItg3Yy.gif][Image: k2ovhEv.gif][Image: QGYYoXZ.gif]

[RENT] Scizor, Bulletproof ♀ {21}
Ability - Swarm, Technician
TMs - Brick Break

[RENT] Crustle, Socks {0}
Ability - Sturdy, Shell Armor

[RENT] Volbeat, Soul Glo {0}
Ability - Illuminate, Swarm, Prankster
TMs - Attract, Baton Pass, Encore, Light Screen, Psych Up, Roost, Substitute, Tailwind, Thunder Wave

SM Private Full
Tall Grass Terrain
Rain Weather (ON or OFF)
Helds OFF
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clauses ON
Legend Clause ON
Mega/Z-Move/Dynamax Clauses ON
(Rules are ultimately to be determined by the leader.)

Gym Prizes: Hive Badge, TM39 X-Scissor

Gym battle record: 92 Win 0 Draw 77 Lose

Certified Trainers: DarkGardevoir (x2), Loyal Arcanine (x3), Tamer, Fenix, Player Slayer, We The Pichus, Pidgeot79, VT, Chao Breeder, Rhauk, IT, Pokemontrainerchase, EVIL, Megumi, Ball, SiberianTiger, May Norman, Husnain, Ataro, Rpg Racoon, Dark Charizard, Leman (after he lost), Eraizaa-kun, SalamenceMaster, Ataro (after reset), Team Evolution, Cress Albane, Screech1941, Crazy1234...?, Canis Lupus, SuperSmashBrawl, The Jr Trainer, Silver Skarmory, Trainer17, Pokelord01 or w/e, BryceBoy10, Adrenaline, Adam 230, AmericanTreeFrog, Sota (x2), -Pichu Boy-, Volcanflame, TheEvilDookie, Lusitania, Nyurgh, iReign, luke39, Bumblebee16, Near, Masami, Sec, MagicTricksKill, Xalapeno, Shinies, Magikchicken, AceTrainer14, roulette16dare, Synthesis, Kai-Mei, Ebail, Maverick Kaiser, Nitro, Neonsands, Ash K (x2), Morru Magnum, legs, Synthesis (after reset), Skylark, BK201, Elysia, swiftgallade46, Ace Trainer Liam, GrayMagicΓ, juliorain, sapahn.

Defeated Trainers: We The Pichus (x2), Amplified Pikachu, ER (x2), Killik, SiberianTiger, AmericanTreeFrog (x3), Robert the Unforgotten, Legend Slayer, Padman, FireflyK, Ataro (after he won), Leman, Team Evolution, ~Falcon~, Eraizaa-kun (x2), akdude (x2), Lan (.Azurelights) (x2), Ataro (after his reset), Finchy, nitrodown (x3), Skullz, Tyranitar Trainer (x2), BryceBoy10, Noob of all Noobs, Shiny...whoever, TheEvilDookie, Sota (x3), Adam 230, yoda55 (x2), Neurotic Nero, joangaes, iReign (x3), Khajmer (x2), luke39 (x3), Near, Shinies, Fierce Deity (x2), Sequentio, bleepbloop (x2), Sec, QIC, Kirethidae (x2), Brizer, The Golden Tyranitar, badalcristiano, Magikchicken, Feng, Zolar, AceTrainer14, Blank, mubz, Legendary Master (x2), alaskapigeon (x2), Morru Magnum (x3), smoregasbord (x2), joangaes, Xpedential, Neonsands, Black Reaper, Gliscorman, Princess Crow, Mlouden (x2), Elamite, Nitro, GrayMagicΓ (x3), Voltaire Magneton, weirlind120.

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