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Non-Latin Unown
from the Great Encyclopedia, 206th Edition (2015)  

The term non-Latin Unown refers to Unown corresponding to letters of other alphabets. There exist Unown corresponding to Greek, Glagolitic, Elder Futhark, and Georgian letters; three Unown corresponding to simple Han characters have also been attested; however, their existence is dubious. 

It is theorized that Greek Unown are the predecessors of the common Latin Unown subspecies; the near-identical appearances of Unown unown :: a (Unown-A) and Unown hellenae :: alpha (Unown-alpha), among other pairs whose corresponding capital letters appear identical in print, is commonly cited to support this theory.

However, non-Latin Unown differ from identical-looking counterparts in that their Hidden Power distributions are skewed depending on the letter they represent. For instance, Unown hellenae :: pi (Unown-pi) are skewed towards the Grass, Steel and Rock types, and away from the Fire type.
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