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  • CAEID 1036 - Livestream
  • CAEID 1728 - A Minecraft Mod
  • CAEID 1729 - Agent Riamu Yumemi
  • CAEID 2424 - Agent Akira Sunazuka
  • CAEID 2429 - Agent Rhiannon Mitchell
  • CAEID 2459 - Teleportitis
  • CAEID 2506 - A Desktop Assistant
  • CAEID 2527 - Agent Thomas Jacob "T.J." Langton
Index of Submission Stories (in posting order)
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[001] vs. Green Pikachu
CAEID 1036 - Livestream

Entity Classification: Aleph

Description: CAEID 1036 is a phenomenon affecting video game livestreamers on the HelixTV service, occurring near the beginning of each month. 

CAEID 1036 affects only streamers who are alone (that is, not in the presence of other human subjects), not connected to any voice conferencing software, and playing sandbox or open-world games. CAEID 1036 is less likely to affect streamers who are playing on large servers.

Individual cases of CAEID 1036 consistently last 50 seconds, during which the livestream will "freeze", as if the streamer had lost connection. Upon resuming, the affected channel will become an instance of CAEID 1036a.

CAEID 1036a are channels that invariably broadcast first-person live footage from what appears to be "within" the game. The streamer, henceforth designated an instance of CAEID 1036b, is at this point narratively and metaphysically transferred to the world of the game they were playing. However, they remain cognizant of the contents of the stream's live chat despite having no physical way of perceiving it.

Interview Log 1036b21-7: Interview with Akira Sunazuka (CAEID 1036b21), conducted by Consortium anomalous AI "Riu" (CAEID 2506)
CAEID 1036b21, formerly Akira Sunazuka, aged 15, was the victim of a CAEID 1036 event on 3 December 2019 while streaming Minecraft. Later inspection revealed that she was using an anomalous modification, now classified CAEID 1728. When the stream was accessed, the subject was seen walking through a forest.

To view this interview, use your Consortium-issue one time pass: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Addendum [1036,1728]A
Project Signalum Blade has been approved, and CAEID 1036b21 has been successfully retrieved and contracted as an agent for the Consortium.
CAEID 1728 - A Minecraft Mod

Entity Classification: Dalet

Description: CAEID 1728 is a 619 KB .jar file containing a modification for the video game Minecraft, compatible with any version of the game. When the game is run with this modification, using the Forge Mod Loader, the player will immediately be placed into a server, designated CAEID 1728a. CAEID 1728a is theorized to be situated in an anomalous extradimensional location.

CAEID 1728b is the administrator of the server; it is the only user with operator status and claims to be an artificial intelligence.

Any modifications installed alongside CAEID 1728 will be transferred into CAEID 1728a, allowing for those modifications to be used. CAEID 1728a will, however, reject any modifications that are deemed "too overpowered" by CAEID 1728b. Modifications that are normally incompatible may be installed on the server with no effects.

[ work in progress ]
vs. Green Pikachu
cash submission, 5202 characters

It was the fifteenth of December, and Base DF-209 was covered in four inches of snow. That wasn't the most important thing; rather, it was the fact that creatures once thought fictional were appearing throughout the world. Pokémon started showing up in places around the world with no pattern to it whatsoever; at first, it was only one or two a day, but now it was so commonplace that the Consortium conceded and stopped trying to contain them.

Nonetheless, Pokémon were seen as of great use to the Consortium, and so Agent Yumemi Riamu had been sent out to the surface level with a new Pokémon, contained in a Consortium-made Poké Ball prototype.

"Oh, I'm probably going to be ill if I stay too long outside... Ah well..."

She retrieved the Poké Ball from her belt. It was green on top and white on the bottom; inscribed on it was the logo of the group she was working under - the letter D in the general Consortium insignia, signifying that it was Member Group D - as well as its identification code in minuscule digits, so small that Riamu couldn't read them.

"Well, guess there's nothing else left to do."

Riamu took out the instructions that she'd received along with the Poké Ball. Something about pressing the button in front to enlarge it, and pressing a larger hidden button on the top to send out or call back the Pokémon... She quickly read through it before packing the sheet of paper back into her pocket.

She pressed the button on the front, and the Poké Ball grew by twice its diameter. With a bit of force applied to its top half, the Poké Ball buzzed and a Glaceon appeared by Riamu's side.  It let out a cry, somewhat startled, before sitting down. She bent down to pat it, and it made a soft purring noise.

Didn't know Glaceon could purr like that, she thought to herself.

Riamu smiled. "Now to test the retrieval part."

Riamu squeezed the ball again and the Glaceon disappeared.

"Could use some work with the aesthetics," she remarked, and went back into the building. There were two other agents waiting for her - one was Akira, once her favorite livestreaming personality and now her squadmate, and Agent Rufaurum, their commander.

Akira had gone through a lot, and Riamu tried to be there for her when it happened. She had been trapped in a video game for two months, worked as an agent for three years following that, and at this point had become effectively immortal and a powerful reality warper. Despite all this, she remained loyal to the Consortium and her friends.

"Oh! Riamu! Right on time, you are," said Agent Rufaurum. His normally neatly combed hair was in a mess today. "You two are going to enjoy this one, I would think."

Rufaurum's hand, which had some sort of hologram projector embedded in it, lit up with several maps.

"Here, if you'll look, there is an anomalous entity approaching our base, and it looks like a giant green Pikachu. We need you to take them out, and capture them, if possible."

"I'll just teleport us there," Akira announces, and soon enough they're standing a hundred meters in front of the base, and a hundred meters from the massive green Pikachu. It looked like one of those Pikachu mascot costumes, hue-shifted like a badly done Photoshop edit.

"Excuse me, this is a restricted area," Riamu shouts. The one ability she had was that she could communicate with literally any being capable of thought, regardless of any language barriers or species differences.

"Like I care," the Pikachu shouted back, though Akira heard it as an aggressive "Pii, pikachu!"

Riamu stopped for a moment, then pulled out her Glaceon's Poké Ball. "Let's see what you can do, hmm?"

She gripped the Poké Ball, let the Glaceon out, and started to issue orders. "Freeze that big Pikachu's feet so it can't move!" 

The Glaceon slowly made its way to the other side of the Pikachu, unnoticed and unimpeded, blending in with the snow. Then the Pikachu's leg suddenly stopped moving.

"Whoa, good job there!" Riamu shouted. "Let's do this! Akira, use a Poké Ball, see if it can be captured!" 

Akira threw the Poké Ball at the giant Pikachu. It bounced off and landed in the snow without detecting a Pokémon to capture.

"I thought so. I'll handle it!" Akira says, taking out a minigun from her inventory - her ability to use the inventory was one of the few good things to come out of being trapped in Minecraft for so long - and revving it up.

While trying to break its leg free from the massive ice cube that now enveloped it, the Pikachu fell over, and Akira fired her weapon.

"Well, that was easy," Akira declared, before teleporting herself, Riamu, and the Glaceon back to base, along with the anomalous pathogens that the Pikachu had released. 

"A job well done." Riamu and Akira said in unison. "Wow, we're so... in sync today," Akira remarked. 

The duo left Glaceon in Riamu's room, went to the cafeteria for lunch, and spent the rest of the day in the break room, contaminating almost everything they touched without even knowing it. The bacterial infection would later spread to over five hundred personnel at Base DF-209 before being discovered, and over five hundred disappearances would be recorded simultaneously the next week.
CAEID 2527 - Agent Thomas Jacob "T.J." Langton

Entity Classification: Theta-G

Description: Agent Langton is currently a Gallade recovered from CAEID 291. Upon retrieval, it was discovered that the Gallade possessed the following anomalous qualities:
  • The memories and personality of Agent Thomas Jacob "T.J." Langton, previously thought to be irretrievable after a test with CAEID 3177.
  • A heightened resistance to Bellis-Wokulisz psychic inhibition fields; where a normal Gallade would be effectively neutralized at 300 mБ, Langton's current form requires approximately 22.7 Б to disable just the basic Confusion technique
  • Heightened telekinetic potency (maximum force exerted 3,580 kN, over 10 times the average for Gallade)
  • The ability to lower the average intensity of Amane-structural waves in his line of sight to as low as 30% of baseline within 2 minutes; this is sufficient to allow ordinary humans to warp reality to a slight degree within Langton's field of vision
Agent Langton is not to be kept in a Poké Ball unless absolutely necessary, as his anomalous qualities are known to interfere with most Poké Ball systems.
CAEID 2429 - Agent Rhiannon Mitchell

Entity Classification: Theta-L

Description: Agent Mitchell is an animate flesh golem resembling a young female of Asian-American descent, dressed as the character Koishi Komeiji from the Touhou Project series of games. She was recovered from the [REDACTED] cosplay convention after she reported a "large wooden creature eating people in plain sight" to the authorities. Later investigation revealed she was created by a circle by the name of "The Gensokyo Emergency Alert System Association" (幻想郷緊急警報システム協会), which also produced anomalous CDs, and the "wooden creature" to be an antimemetic anomaly, now neutralized. The circle had disbanded five years prior.

Agent Mitchell possesses the ability to perceive 90% of currently known antimemetic anomalies, making her a valuable asset to Consortium Member Group-L's Antimemetic Anomalies Department.

Assigned Pokémon Team:
Hibiki the Ditto (CPAID L-220563)
Suzune the Glaceon (CPAID L-224239)
CAEID 3293 - Crazy Noisy Bizarre Ripoff of a Ripoff Supermarket

Entity Classification: Chi-2

Description: CAEID 3293 is an extradimensional space accessible through a door on Platform 1 of the [REDACTED] train station in Japan. The door exists solely between 0600 and 1220 hours JST on Fridays; attempting to exit the CAEID 3293 through this door at other times results in exiting out of a staff-only door in the [REDACTED] mall in [REDACTED], Vermont, USA.

The interior of CAEID 3293 is a supermarket with an infinite but static area. Items on the shelves are off-brand versions produced by nonexistent companies.

Exploration Log 3293.ac

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