Individual RP: weirlind120 [Ruined Manor]
Murkrow let out a chirp of delight as they moved closer to the Manor. Algar couldn't wait either; it had been a while since he'd come to the park, and since his last foray hadn't been very demostrative of Algar's skills as a Trainer, he was looking forward to the opportunity to give his all again. Since he'd been taking Pressie pretty much everywhere, he'd decided on the Manor, since it'd have plenty of Ghost types to fight, and because the air and atmosphere was something Pressie was sure to love. With everything in order, Algar set out from the Ranger HQ and walked the way to the Manor to meet his Ranger.

Well, meet may not be the right word. The Ranger taking Algar today was Babbs, the same Ranger that had taken him on his less-than-flattering first run through the Park, and that made it doubly important for Algar to do this run right. He was glad to have an experienced Ranger be willing to take him on again, though, and he quickened his step as the foliage and path turned darker and darker shades. He noticed the gate first; long, winding around the Manor foreboding, as if trying its best to keep him out. Long, tall tendrils of ivy clutched at the gate, twirling up the length and adding to the creepy vibe. Algar shuddered as he looked up at it, but quickly noticed an older woman and a Pokemon not far off from the gate. Spirits lifted, he ran up to her and called, "Hey Babbs! Long time no see! It's me, Algar! How ya been?"
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