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Monthly Fourplay! - Smiles - 06-11-17

Stories Fourplay!

[Image: tumblr_ogrj08dtDC1qioqevo2_r1_500.gif]
out of this world yo!

2 Pokemon at 2 Ranks reduced every 2 Months!

You heard us right, Stories fam! To warm up new and old writers alike to writing every month, we're implementing a monthly reduced rank for two Pokemon at the Hard and Complex rank for two months' duration! What will come from this?! Only you can refine your writing experience and relationships with authors and graders through this event! Welcome to Stories Fourplay!


x. You may not use a Story Pass, or a Boosted Story Pass for your stories

x. You may write for a maximum of two Pokemon per two months

x. Put (x4) somewhere in your story title!

x. Please note that a Fourplay Pokemon's rank is only considered reduced in the context of writing for that Pokemon. If you are not writing a work featuring that specific Pokemon, it will still count as its original rank for all intents and purposes.

Monthly Fourplay!

March 9th to May 9th!

Fennekin, Swablu -> Medium
Lapras, Mareanie -> Hard


Prior Fourplay:
x4 Stories due by 11:59 P.M. PST the night of the last day!

Monthly Fourplay! - Elysia - 08-02-17

August 1 - October 1!

Rhyhorn, Volbeat -> Medium
Kecleon, Abra -> Hard

Monthly Fourplay! - Smiles - 10-02-17

October 1! - December 1!

Oricorio, Ponyta -> Medium
Drilbur, Dhemise -> Hard

Monthly Fourplay! - Smiles - 12-01-17

December 1 - February 1!

Wimpod, Tynamo -> Medium
Lapras, Mareanie -> Hard

Monthly Fourplay! - Jack - 02-03-18

Feb 2nd - April 1st

Hard -> Medium
Sableye and Cranidos

Complex -> Hard
Durant and Zorua

Monthly Fourplay! - Jack - 04-01-18

April 2nd -> June 1st

Skorupi and Klink

Sigilyph and Kecleon

Monthly Fourplay! - Jack - 06-11-18

June 11th to August 11th

Skarmory, Happiny

Hawlucha, Lickitung

Monthly Fourplay! - Elrond - 08-15-18

August 15th (IT'S MY BIRTHDAY Y'ALL) till October 15th:

Complex -> Hard
Feebas, Phione

Hard -> Medium
Furfrou, Eevee

ALSO, since it's my birthday and also because I'm head of Stories and I can do whatever I want, and also since Eevee is a Mart mon, anyone who writes for an Eevee during this period at the reduced rate will also be able to choose a free TM for their Eevee!

Monthly Fourplay! - Elrond - 11-02-18

Available now, till January 2nd:

Complex -> Hard
Gible, Sawk

Hard -> Medium
Rowlet, Chatot

Mart mons come with a free TM! (Gible, Rowlet)

RE: Monthly Fourplay! - Elrond - 01-06-19

Available now, till March 6th:

Complex -> Hard
Turtonator and Litwick

Hard -> Medium
Seviper and Rufflet