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Hidden Power Rolling Log - Mistral - 12-09-13


Taither's Nidoking got Grass. CommBA & the rest of URPG Chat watched.

idk if this is good or not. .-.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - Ash K. - 12-10-13

Ash K.
Fine, who's witnessing the crimes that shall be committed against Felly's Umbreon?
10:41 PM"gofuckyourself"monbrey
10:41 PM"axion"lambrijr@gmail.com
10:41 PMAsh K.
10:41 PMAsh K.
4, Electric
10:41 PM"pinktextperson"iluvhim4eveh
Welp, that's gonna get rerolled at reroll station.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - Mistral - 12-14-13

Proto's Exploud gets HP Water. I think I'm safeish in terms of rolling HPs for now. xD

Also, Ash & the rest of URPG chat watched.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - Ash K. - 12-17-13

*prods Ash* HP please :>
10:42 PMpichubros12
10:42 PMAsh K.
Uh, sure
10:42 PMAsh K.
10:42 PM"nigerianprince"bulbaturtwig
People actually care when BMG goes down
10:42 PMDarknessRuler obey the darkness
i will
10:42 PMAsh K.
4 Burmy
10:42 PM"nigerianprince"bulbaturtwig
For Narnia
10:42 PMAsh K.
10:42 PM"pinktextperson"iluvhim4eveh
holy shit, lag from hell.
10:43 PMAsh K.
Damnit, I can't see that roll now
10:43 PMAsh K.
Someone read it :x
10:43 PM"pinktextperson"iluvhim4eveh
10:43 PM"nigerianprince"bulbaturtwig
12 1 4 4
10:43 PMDarknessRuler obey the darkness
12 1 4 4
10:43 PMSanctuary Lastname
10:43 PMAsh K.
Poison, Bug, Electric, Electric
10:43 PMSanctuary Lastname
or beat up a preschooler
10:43 PMSanctuary Lastname
either one
10:43 PMAsh K.
Let me double check those just to be sure
10:44 PMDarknessRuler obey the darkness
the enemies is always fun to beat the shit out of
10:44 PM"pinktextperson"iluvhim4eveh
He needs basics, basically.
10:44 PMAsh K.
Yeah, what I said there was correct

Hidden Power Rolling Log - Mistral - 12-18-13

legs' Aegislash gets Fighting & his Greninja gets Grass.

URPG Chat watched.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - BlueTowel - 12-19-13

Prince Vultan's Lanturn has HP Dark, his Greninja has HP Flying, and his Ampharos has HP Water. Airik and maybe Fawkes witnessed.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - Mistral - 12-27-13

Syn's washing machine rocks.

Basically, this means his Washtom got HP Rock. URPG Chat watched.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - BlueTowel - 12-28-13

Fawkes.' Goomy is secretly a bug, 'cause it's Hidden Power is Bug.

DarknessRuler witnessed.

Edit: leg's Venusaur has great tropical powers within, and wields a Hidden Power of the Fire type.

Fawkes. and maybe Protobabe and Ash K. witnessed.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - Mistral - 12-28-13

Towelie's Eevee got HP Electric.

People in FFA chat watched 'cause Smores was about to host an FFA, & everyone was yelling at each other there, as per usual.

Hidden Power Rolling Log - BlueTowel - 12-28-13

Felly's newly Owned Cacturne now has a Hidden Power of Psychic!

Synthesis and Dog of Hellsing witnessed.

Edit: Synthesis' Eevee has the Hidden Power of Ice.

Lots of people witnessed. Felly, Fawkes, Prince Vultan...