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Legend Defender - Monbrey - 04-30-12

[Image: 8P9Qk7X.png]
Banner by K'sariya

One person holds the title: Legend Defender (LD). It is your job to beat him/her in a battle, and take that title away from him. Then you will be the new Legend Defender.

  • The LD chooses any Legendary Pokemon to use as a Temp. This legend can't be used in any LD title battles. If the LD loses, the challenger becomes the new LD and chooses a Legendary Pokemon.
  • Challengers that lose must wait one week to challenge again. If the LD loses, they can't challenge until the next week.
  • Earnings are the same as a Gym Battle. Like a gym, the current LD shouldn't deny challenges unless they provide a good reason.
  • Every match, regardless of win or loss, must have its log linked in this thread.
  • If the LD successfully defends 10 battles in a row from at least 7 unique battlers, they receive the title of Legend Defender Champion and can select a permanent Legendary, thus stepping down from the LD position.
  • The 10 free EMs on the temporary legendary are lost.
  • The new LD will be rolled from the pool of challengers against the LD Champion.
  • Any LD Champion will be ineligible to compete in Legend Defender.
  • To challenge LD, Players must have 6 Pokemon and have been a member of URPG for at least one month.

Battle Rules
  • 4 VS. 4+
  • SM Private Full or Preview
  • Items Optional
  • Sleep, Freeze, OHKO, Accuracy, Evasion and Legend Clauses On
  • Mega, Z, Item and Species Clauses Optional
  • Starting Weather and Terrain Optional

The challenger may change any of the optional clauses or the battle size

LD battles pay like Gym battles.

LD Champions: Synthesis (Zapdos), Ash K. (Rayquaza)

Current LD: Gold
Legend: Zeraora

Legend Defender - TheEvilDookie - 05-14-12

[URL="http://www.thepkmnworld.com/thread/3837-crappy-reffing/#post48266"]Xali defends against Ash K

Legend Defender - TheEvilDookie - 06-07-12

Smores defeats Roulette for LD

Legend Defender - Krummhorn - 06-07-12

I think I can take Celebi, if I can I'm taking that.

Legend Defender - Ash K. - 06-12-14

Pidge fails.

As for me...

Legend Defender - Mistral - 07-01-14

Ash won another.

Legend Defender - Lovecraft - 08-26-14

Synmothy must be stopped. Shame he wasn't.

Legend Defender - Lovecraft - 08-31-14

[URL="http://forums.petalburgwoods.com/98318-post39.html"]Syn now owns a permanent legend. Or something (That's victory #15)

Legend Defender - Lovecraft - 08-31-14

Umm, since the dice proclaimed me LD I'll get a Victini with Sub, Protect, Bolt Strike, Energy Ball, Dazzling Gleam, U-Turn, Heat Wave, Work Up, Psyshock and Thunder Wave.

Legend Defender - WinterVines - 09-01-14

Ash is the new Legend Defender.