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Valentine's Auction 2020! - Gold - 02-22-20

Thanks everyone for coming out for this auction! It was my first one, but I hope to run more for you guys!

Without further ado, the winners:

Shock - $7,000 - Licktung, Speedy Munna
Jacen - $6,000 - Stufful, Jack Exeggcute
Xali - $55,000 - Chansey, PV Slowpoke-Galar
After - $3,000 - Orbeetle, Fenris Lurantis
Sapahn - $2,000 - Spoink, Monbrey Applin
K'sariya - $1,100 - Alomomola, Sou Corsola

Sapahn earns a 3 month Temporary Azelf! $100,500
Ash K. earns a 3 month Temporary Mesprit! $25,000
After earns a 3 month Temporary Uxie! $10,000

Shock earns a Z-Crystal of choice!
Ash K. earns 2 Berries of choice!
K'sariya earns a Megastone of choice!

Through the Grand and Participation Prize, the following people also get a Medium and a Throat Spray:
Shock, Julio, Ash K., After, Monbrey, JacenBoy, Axion, Fenris, Xali, K'sariya, Sou, Soul, Jack, PV, Mikey, Gold

Sapahn instead gets a Hard and a Throat Spray! But he also pays 120.5k.

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - juliorain - 02-22-20

Clamming Corsola-G

yay 100th pokemon!

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - After - 02-22-20

Claiming Throat Spray, temp Uxie, Orbeetle, and taking Snom as my Medium! Thank you! :D

Temp EMs for Uxie: TM Substitute, TM Protect, TM Toxic, TM Psych Up, TM Charge Beam, TM Psychic, TM Dazzling Gleam, TM Iron Tail, MT Foul Play, MT Ice Punch.

$14,750 - $13,000 = $1,750

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - Monbrey - 02-22-20

Claiming Applin, big ty to sapahn for that, and Silicobra for my Medium

+ whatever a Throat Spray is

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - PV - 02-22-20

Claiming Slowpoke-G, a Medium Koffing, a throat spray and some dignity.


RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - Fenris - 02-22-20

Claiming Lurantis, the Throat Spray, and a Togedemaru for my medium participation prize! TY to Gold for hosting and everyone for participating! And TY to After for the princess buggo!

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - Gold - 02-22-20

I clem Throat Spray and Morpeko, thank you self and Sapahn

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - Axion - 02-22-20

Claiming rookidee and throat spray.

Good auction, needs more steel types

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - sapahn - 02-22-20

Claiming 3-month Azelf (exp. 22 May 20), Spoink, Throat Spray and Applin as my Hard.

Total: $223,000 (it was 120.5, not 120)
On-hand: $267,000
Remaining: $44,000

Azelf EM's:
Calm Mind
Fire Blast
Stealth Rock
Light Screen

RE: Valentine's Auction 2020! - Sou - 02-22-20

Claiming Corsola-G (Tysm K'sa <3), the Throat Spray and Koffing for my medium~!
tysm for hosting!