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RE: Testing the Waters - Fenris - 05-10-20

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Character: Ricktor
Form: Pikachu
Ability: Static
Affiliation: Rogue
Post Involves: Gaius
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"...Something like that. Can't remember anything from before, but I know there's someone out there I'm supposed to find. And I can't do that trapped here." he gestures to Mautte in a vague way, clearly less than thrilled with the island as a whole. This place was not a paradise to him the way several other survivors saw it. It was a prison. A trap.

One he fully intended to escape when the chance presented itself. He just needed to be ready when that chance appeared.

"This reef is the farthest point from the island I've managed to make it to so far; anything too far out seems to just...not be there. It's strange, but so if everything else around Mautte. It seemed as good a place as any to test the limits of the island."

RE: Testing the Waters - Mlouden03 - 05-13-20

Kira (formally Gaius)
Tyranitar ---->Impidimp
Ability: Frisk
Post affects: Pikachu

The large green Pokemon nodded and looked out towards the water. He knew that he was meant for more, that he was supposed to escape, but he did not know how or where he was even supposed to go. 'I get that, I do. I'm hoping that we can find a community and find more answers. We could scour the island trying to find any evidence of why we are here. This can't be some kind of natural phenomenon. Amnesia among one of us sure, but group amnesia to every person seems too unlikely to be a coincidence. I still struggle to remember things sometimes and can't remember how long I've been here for sure." It was at this then his body suddenly changed and became about the size of the small, mostly black creature with pointy ears.

The creature was unsure how this occurred, but still felt normal. "I...I don't know why I am suddenly smaller, but this feels....oddly normal. It seems I have gained this power since I came to the island, or perhaps I have had this all along."