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Testing the Waters - Fenris - 11-29-19

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Character: Ricktor
Form: Pikachu
Ability: Static
Affiliation: Rogue
Post Involves: n/a
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He'd been spending large swathes of time exploring the jungles of Mautte and trying to make them more hospitable; clearing debris, forging paths through the tree-boughs, and mapping out area of fresh water and shelter in his mind's eye. So dedicated to this pursuit he'd been that he'd actually lost track of how long he had been on the island, or even how long since he'd last seen another living creature. He supposed that wasn't such a hard thing to do, really; there were so few survivors here, and the island so expansive, not seeing another soul for weeks or more at a time seemed plausible if not likely. 

But even a loner like him needed to see something other than leaves and the little den he'd made for himself in the top reaches of Cloudbreak. And so he'd wandered his way down to a beach, any beach - if this one had been named by another islander during his absence, he did not know. The area was warm, and quiet, the water peaceful as it came to rest at the shore. A far cry from the dark shoreline he'd been tossed up upon once upon a time.

The though stirred something in him. Reminded him, really. This island, Mautte, was not where he was meant to be. His place was far from its craggy cliffs and muggy jungles, beyond the seas surrounding it. He belonged out there, somewhere, and he needed to return to that place as soon as possible. To do that he'd one day have to set sail, though how he'd accomplish that he wasn't sure just yet. But he'd never get there if he didn't at least try to explore the waters nearby first. So determined to do just that, the electric rat let loose a surge of electricity to steady himself, and skid out onto the water on a sturdy plank of wood he'd scavenged from the nearby treeline; Surfing along the surface out towards the reef he could see peaking from the waves in the near distance.

He needed to escape this place, and he was taking his first steps to do just that.
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