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Lost - bmkmb - 11-11-19

Kai, Fletchling - Ability: Big Pecks - Affiliation: none
This post affects no one.

When she awoke, she had a headache. She was laying down, face-first into the sand, eyes closed. Now that she thinks about it, there was a very high chance that should anyone have seen her, she would've looked very dead. With a sigh, she lifted her head so that it wasn't against the ground and tried to rub her bleary eyes. An odd feeling overcame her. Her arms refused to reach her eyeballs. And then... why was everything so big?

Blinking quickly to get rid of her sleepiness, she realized that she couldn't remember anything. Well, she could remember some things, like loud noises and battles and war cries, but she couldn't remember why she was here. She also couldn't seem to remember her name. That would be a problem.

Intertwined with her original set of memories was another. This one she could remember a bit more clearly. She remembered being a Fletchling. She remembered being born from an egg, learning to fly, and having a happy life. But no, that wasn't right... It didn't make sense. Was she a Fletchling or a human?

Pushing those disturbing thoughts away, she tried to remember her name. With the word "name," the word "Kai" kept coming to mind. It sounded a little... off for her to be called that, but nothing else came to mind, either, so she went with it.

Finally managing to stand upright, (she realized in the process that currently, she was a Fletchling, like her second set of thoughts) though it was quite challenging since wings weren't made for lifting, she said to the world, "My name is Kai, and apparently, I am a Fletchling." (But wait, she didn't say it, she chirped it, she chirped it in a high pitched note that sounded very Fletchling, but it sounded so wrong coming from her.)

Of course, there was no response. She hadn't expected one, instead using the moment to test out her words. (Why were Fletchling voices her so high, she couldn't stand it.)

Inspecting the terrain laid around her, she saw some rocks. No, she saw a lot of rocks and many, many cliffs. It seemed that the only way out would be through that slightly dangerous-looking zigzagging path. 

Kai sighed. (Or did she? She wasn't exactly sure. Could birds sigh?) And then it hit her and she had the sudden urge to slap her face, which her wings prevented her from doing so. She was a bird. Birds could fly. So that precarious zigzagging path, she could just completely ignore. 

Spreading her wings, Kai smirked. (But she had a beak. She couldn't smirk with a beak, could she?) She waited for a light gust of wind to help with her lift-of, then flapped hard. Luckily, with her second set of memories came instinct. 

Kai didn't know where she was going. Right now, she didn't care. She could ponder the past and the future later. For now, she glid around the coast like a Wingull scouting for leftovers. Why? Again, she didn't know, nor did she care. Maybe someone would find her and tell her what to do. At least gliding helped clear her thoughts.

RE: Lost - evanfardreamer - 11-26-19

Aaren the Aggron (Ability: Rock Head)

Aaren trudged down the narrow path to the black sand beach, the ground crunching under his heavy metal feet. He’d made the journey here several times trying to determine what happened to the strange Gengar who’d attacked him and others as soon as they’d appeared.

So far he’d found no trace; and aside from that first day had found nobody else on the beach, either. The expanse of black sand still drew him back for some reason he couldn’t place, and as he reached the beach he released a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. He’d never been particularly spiritual – at least, he didn’t think he had been, and he wondered if the rest of the island simply made him wearier by treading on it.

A flicker of motion above him caught his eye. Looking up he spotted a small, red bird fluttering and soaring about. It didn’t seem to have any particular destination in mind and perhaps it had also just arrived on the island.

“Hello up there!” Aaren called. “Did you just arrive here?”

RE: Lost - bmkmb - 11-26-19

Kai, Fletchling - Ability: Big Pecks - Affiliation: none
This post affects Aaren.

Maybe gliding worked a little too well, Kai mused as she drifted around in the air. 

Apparently, she'd been so absorbed in feeling the wind flow past her wings that she'd managed not to notice that a pokemon had visited the black-sanded beach - and wasn't even just any pokemon, but an Aggron! At least, that's what it seemed like from her birds' eye view of the bulky, rock-typed creature. 

How had she managed to miss that? The creature was huge!

Well, at least by the time it had asked its question, Kai was paying attention.

She stopped in place for a few seconds as she processed what had been asked before folding into a dive. 

Now fluttering a bit higher than the other pokemon's head, she asked, "Are you an Aggron?" and then continued, "I guess. I'm still trying to figure out what happened." 

She chirped quickly, barely leaving time to think, let alone answer.

She really should probably care more about those missing memories, but weird things always seemed to happen around her. Weird was basically her life. She was sure things would work out sooner or later. 

But her wings were getting really tired from all this flapping. Maybe the might-be-an-Aggron had a quicker answer.

"Do you know?"

RE: Lost - evanfardreamer - 11-29-19

Aaren the Aggron (Ability: Rock Head)

Aaren watched the bird descend, trying to keep himself still and avoiding sudden motion. Most birds were flighty – or he thought he remembered that – and he didn’t want to scare it away. He smiled, though he thought it was more reassuring than it probably turned out to be. “Yes, I am an Aggron. My name is Aaren and unfortunately I’m not sure what happened either.” He shifted his tail around to rest against it, dragging a furrow in the black sand.

“I’m one of several creatures that have washed up on this very beach, without recollection of where, or even who, we were before that. You’re the first new arrival I’ve seen in a while though. Do you remember anything? A homeland, maybe even a name?”

RE: Lost - bmkmb - 11-29-19

Kai, Fletchling - Ability: Big Pecks - Affiliation: none
This post affects Aaren.

The Fletchling frowned as she listened to the Aggron - Aaren - speak. She'd been trying not to think about her past too much, but maybe it was inevitable. "My name is... Kai, I think," she responded carefully. "I'm not completely sure if that's right, but I guess it'll work for now."

She flapped once before continuing. "And my memory is... I'm not sure how to describe it - it's sort of like my mind has been dunked in water and now it's wet and it's still drying off a bit, but whenever I try thinking about my past, it gets dunked in water again all over and it feels a bit murky and-" the Fletchling mentally  thanked whoever gave her feathers as she blushed upon realizing her rambling. 

"Er, basically, all I remember is fighting - lots of fighting - and I was there, with a golden sword and then there were flaming arrows and I swung the sword and my memory cuts off there," she finished quickly, somewhat flustered, "-but I don't remember being scared. It was sort of like I knew we were going to win..." the Fletching stops there, too absorbed in her own thoughts to say anything else.

RE: Lost - evanfardreamer - 12-20-19

Aaren the Aggron (Ability: Rock Head)
This post affects: Kai

Aaren nodded. What the Fletchling described sounded similar to his own experience. “Then unfortunately it sounds like you’ve been afflicted by the same curse that’s fallen upon most of us. We remember little more than flashes, names that may not be our own, nothing of who we were or where we hailed from.”

He shifted his weight slowly into a more comfortable position. “Myself, I’ve decided to look around the island and see what I can find of it. It’s surprisingly large, with a lot of different environments normally not found so close together. Maybe the memory loss will fade with time, but if I don’t know where I’d be going I’d rather not risk traveling on the sea.”

RE: Lost - bmkmb - 12-20-19

Kai, Fletchling - Ability: Big Pecks - Affiliation: none
This post affects Aaren.

Kai nodded. That made sense. She wouldn't want to risk the seas, either, especially since her size meant that it would take forever to travel, plus the fact that she wouldn't know the weather or where the next place she would be able to rest her wings her was going to be.

But something from the Aggron's earlier statement still had her attention. "You said 'us'?" the Fletchling asked. 

"As in, we're not the only ones on the island?" She didn't really know what she had been expecting after washing up on the beach. She guessed she must've assumed that it would be abandoned, but no - if she knew that, then the Fletchling wouldn't have flown around in plain sight for everyone to see.

"Wait -" Kai added quickly. "Is everyone here a pokemon? Do you know any water-types? Ooh, maybe they can tell us what's out there!"

RE: Lost - evanfardreamer - 03-03-20

Aaren the Aggron [Ability: Rock Head]
This post affects: Kai

Aaren looked pensive for a moment. “Yes, there are other Pokemon here, that I’ve met. I think at least one was a Water-type, but I can’t place it at the moment. Nobody has said anything they’ve found like that, though, and it may be the capable swimmers make it away and simply don’t return.” He goes silent for a moment, clearly still thinking about the implications.

“Oh, but speaking of other Pokemon, I must warn you about one of them. An insane Gengar with a big golden amulet appeared about the same time several of us did, and it started attacking us without warning. Be on guard if you see it. I have been hunting it but haven’t been able to find it again, and I hope it hasn’t harmed anybody.”

RE: Lost - bmkmb - 03-04-20

Kai, Fletchling - Ability: Big Pecks - Affiliation: none
This post affects Aaren. 

Kai stays silent as Aaren gains a thoughtful look on his face, thinking about what he just said. It was clear that the larger pokemon hadn't thought much about escaping the island before she arrived. Even if some pokemon did manage to swim away, they apparently left no clues on who they were or how they did it. 

Aaren breaks the silence to warn Kai of a Gengar and the Fletchling nods, deep in thought. So not all pokemon on the island were friendly; some might not even be tame. But none of them were truly tame, were they? Just a bit more civilized. 

In the case that she came across the Gengar, although the bird hoped she never did, she might be able to outfly it. Or maybe not. It was understandable that Aaren hadn't seen the ghost-type again; for one, it was a ghost, and most Aggron weren't known for being fast. 

Kai glanced around. "I... think if you don't have anything else to say, I'd like to try my hand - or wing - exploring the island. Does it have a name, by the way? Any tips, anywhere you think I'd like to go?" 

The Fletchling wasn't uncomfortable with the idea of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, but she wasn't excited about it either. Maybe she could find something... she was a Fletchling; if she could evolve into a Talonflame, she could try flying away.

RE: Lost - evanfardreamer - 03-08-20

Aaren the Aggron [Ability: Rock Head]
This post affects: Kai

Aaren scratches idly at his steel head. “I don’t know a name of this island, but then again I don’t remember the land I came from either. I haven’t traveled very far myself. Mostly just exploring the mountains. There’s a large forest I skirted the edge of, and I’m not sure what’s on the far side of that. But if you get hungry I saw some fruit bushes and nut trees in those woods.”

Sensing the conversation was ending, Aggron pushed back to his feet. “It was good meeting you. I wish you good luck and safe travels, little one. If you need help, you can probably find me around the mountains. Just look for my garden in a gully.”