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⦀ gearing up - W32Coravint - 06-13-19

Allen the Umbreon :: Synchronize
It was not that long ago that Miki told him about this place, and he decided that he would go over as soon as possible. And so as he descends the cliff, down to the shoreline, he stays alert for anything that catches his eye.

The annular patches on his body grow brighter as night falls, and by the time he reaches the bottom, it's completely dark save for the bright light from his luminescent rings, which light up the surroundings sufficiently. He's looking to find something that he can use in a fight, in case he does have to engage in combat at some point...

Which, he believes, is inevitable, as more and more creatures wash up on the island, some not exactly the most friendly...
Looking for some sharp bronze claw tips that fit my Eeveelution characters.

RE: ⦀ gearing up - VeloJello - 06-13-19

As the sun sets, the clouds roll in. It isn't long before the moon and stars are swallowed up by the encroaching storm front. And a storm is coming; Allen can probably smell the scent of water on wind before the first raindrop falls from the sky.

But the rain is gentle, at least for now, and Allen's way is unimpeded for several moments. Then he sees something up ahead - stone that juts out of the cliff face, forming sharply-angled, almost geometric ledges. There's no sand below, only more stone, basalt beach carved by chemistry and time into polygonal patterns that look almost deliberate.

As Allen approaches, he'll realize that there isn't any more sand left for him to tread. There is no shoreline anymore; there are, however, a few basalt platforms lower down that will permit him access to the higher levels, and allow him to continue further down the beach. The water is also fairly calm this evening; if he wants to move forward, he has his options. The going might not be easy, however. Those few drops of rain won't stay few forever. The storm is gathering now, and in minutes the harsh droplets falling on the sea will be falling on Allen.

RE: ⦀ gearing up - W32Coravint - 06-14-19

Allen the Umbreon :: Synchronize
erhaps he had not noticed the rainclouds approaching until he started descending. The light from his body dims as the moon is blocked by the incoming storm cloud. Nevertheless, he proceeds onward, not wanting to go back empty-handed. His body isn't exactly suited for climbing, but he makes do; he tries his best to look for something, anything that's washed up on the rocks.

And so Allen doesn't waste any time proceeding down the beach, though he exercises some caution as he briskly makes steps along the uneven ground. He's never seen this type of natural rock before, and he's somewhat suspicious that something - or someone - had done this, and it wasn't the natural state of the cliff face. But nonetheless he continues, not wanting to leave without at least something to make his trip worthwhile.
Umbreon probably have night vision in general, but Allen isn't used to making use of it.

RE: ⦀ gearing up - VeloJello - 06-23-19

The ground does not act in any particularly suspicious way. While these ledges certainly look rather strange, they aren't any more dangerous than standard rocks. There's only one real risk: the rain, its faint droplets slicking down the stones. It's not enough to make Allen fall, but it is enough to throw off his balance more than once, forcing him to stick close to the cliffside to avoid falling into the ocean below.

Before long, more sand appears, the beach stretching out from the rocks once more. Allen is free to continue following the ledges; they're a bit more broad here, with more ground for Allen's paws to grip. However, the narrow strip of sand is no doubt tempting ground, though there's little enough sand and the waves are getting high enough that following the low ground might be just as risky.

In the foggy edges of the night, something lies on the beach, wedged between cliffside and waves. It's hard to tell, but it seems like some sort of small hill, or perhaps a pile of detritus. Allen can see it a bit better if he focuses, though the rain is beginning to make it harder to see.