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  shocking, scorching
Posted by: bmkmb - 08-06-20, 09:42 AM - Forum: Seething Peak - Replies (4)

Embris, Charizard - Ability: Blaze (transforms into) Kai, Pikachu - Ability: Static

A large orange dragon rests atop the Seething Peek, soaking up the heat that sleeping on a volcano would bring. Magma flows freely around the slumbering winged creature, not touching the beast as it does so. Abruptly, an eye cracks open and the Charizard grirs her teeth. She lets out a strangled roar as a golden light surrounds her, spinning. The light forms a ball and it shrinks, finally dissipating once the transformation is complete.

Surrounded by magma, a yellow mouse squeaks out a curse. Kai calls for the other anchors, but all she receives is a frustrated shove out of her own mind. "Why am I a Pikachu?" the new rodent muses to herself. She scans her surroundings and just seems to notice the flowing substance around her. Kai curses again. "Of course, I just have to transform on a volcano," she mutters heatedly. 

It's hot and the furry creature is beginning to feel the heat. She tries to shift back into a different form, but none of the anchors are responding. "Fine. I'll just have to get away from here myself," the mouse decides. Her fur sparks and she smirks. Surprisingly, it felt nice. 

So with a half-formed plan in mind, Kai leaps over a trickle of magma and makes her way (hopefully) down the volcano. But it's a long way down and she's quite small, not to mention unfamiliar with the rocky, heated terrain. Frankly, the little mouse could use some help.

  Scroll of Chains, Ref Chapter - Volume II
Posted by: ChainReaction01 - 08-05-20, 10:22 PM - Forum: Battle Results - No Replies

New Wages Start

Battle #?1

SM Public Box
OHKO ACC EVA SLP FRZ Dynamax Imprison Clauses On
Helds Off
Default Weather and Terrain

@Mlouden03 vs Praetor (Alyx)

Mlouden03: Machoke, Slakoth
Praetor (Alyx): Dreepy, Sobble

I thought 2v2 basics would be safe to ref as my first in literal years while work was quiet. Infestation politely disagreed.

Mlouden03 wins and gets 1,000
Praetor (Alyx) loses and gets 500
I fumbled my way through and get 1,000

Unpaid Wages: 1,000

Legend Tracker: idk, prob won't ref enough for it to matter tbh

  Art Submissions
Posted by: Asha_Kaideem - 08-02-20, 04:58 PM - Forum: Art Gallery - Replies (5)

[Image: 20200801_163213.jpg]

  Leaping Wag!
Posted by: Mlouden03 - 07-30-20, 12:20 AM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies


Poliwag jumping out of the water. Still trying to work on puddles and wave effects

  SubzeroSongbirb's Stats
Posted by: SubzeroSongbirb - 07-27-20, 01:12 PM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies


Money: $15,000

3 Pokemon Mart Tickets (can be redeemed for any Pokemon in the PokeMart)
3 EM Mart Tickets (can be redeemed at the PokeMart for any Technical Machine, Breeding Move, Special Move, or Move Tutor Move)
1 Ribbon Coupon (can be used to save yourself the use of one of your Contest Ribbons when purchasing a Pokemon from the Berry Store)
5 Rare Candies

HMs: n/a


1. Mienfoo

Max / Mienfoo
Gender: Male
Nature: Impish
Abilities: Inner Focus - Immune to being Flinched. Reckless - Powers up moves with Recoil (eg High Jump Kick) and Regenerator - Restores a third of max HP when sent out
Level Up Moves: Aura Sphere, Bounce, Calm Mind, Detect, Double Slap, Drain Punch, Fake Out, Force Palm, Fury Swipes, High Jump Kick, Hone Claws, Jump Kick, Meditate, Pound, Quick Guard, Reversal, Swift, U-turn
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: Starter
Experience Points: 0 as of now

  They will pay for this.
Posted by: ChainReaction01 - 07-26-20, 09:08 PM - Forum: Wayward Cove - Replies (5)

Post #1

Hanün the Bisharp (bulky shoulder armour, faded red carapace)
Ability: Inner Focus
Affiliation: None
Affected RPers: None for now, if anyone comes in please feel free to mention me and let me know if you'd like me to do the same!


I wake up the way I always do - like an animal at the bottom of the food chain. Never once have I been blessed with the drowsy, gradual awakening of a comfortable, well-fed predator; no, I go straight from asleep to awake faster than a hawk diving to catch their prey.

Immediately, I am aware that I am cold and wet. This is not a surprise - I recall that I am often forced to rest in uncomfortable places, although I am having trouble recalling any at the moment. A tiny sliver of familiar fear wraps itself around my stomach as I vaguely recall that it is no surprise my memory is not to be trusted.

I open my eyes and find myself on an unfamiliar beach. Without even looking, I can tell that most of the left side of my body is being gently caressed by the ocean. I raise my right hand to rub at my eyes, and for a moment I see ruddy tanned skin and five scarred digits.

Then I blink my eyes, and my hand is replaced by a white club-like appendage tipped with small, barely-manoeuvrable claws. And I know on some intrinsic level that this is wrong. I have been wronged in some way, by someone. And they will pay for this injustice.

I scoot away from the water and sit down on a small rise of sand to inspect myself. The exterior of my body is metallic - mostly faded red and dull black, but with white claws and boots. Sharp blade-like protrusions jut out around my midsection and behind where my wrists should be, causing a small smile to tug at the corners of my cheeks. These will cause problems for anyone who crosses my path and needs to be dealt with. I am also aware of a heavy helmet-like covering, but it is hard to properly comprehend its shape using only my stubby hands, which themselves do not have much in the way of tactile senses. No doubt due to the thickened, metallic covering of my new body.

Well, whoever is responsible for stranding me on this beach in an unfamiliar form has made their first mistake. They have given me weapons to hunt them with.

  Ties that bind
Posted by: evanfardreamer - 07-26-20, 10:24 AM - Forum: The Menagerie - Replies (8)

Cassandra the Delphox (Ability: Magician)
Disciple of the Forgotten
This post affects: nobody yet
Cassandra was sure she’d never get used to the strange world of the jungle depths. She pushed aside a tangle of vines and marveled as they continued moving, curling on themselves and out of the way. “Better make sure I don’t step into something that wraps me up,” she said aloud. Her voice seemed to trigger reactions in a trio of small mushrooms near her feet, which began to emit a weak purple glow.
The Delphox had already scooped a few pawfuls of the rich jungle soil into her satchel, intending to see if she could get anything to grow back in the patch of desert she’d claimed for her own. She still wanted to try and find some thinner vines to help her lash some poles together, and in the bewildering variety of flora down here she was sure she’d find something suitable.

  Canvassing the land
Posted by: evanfardreamer - 07-26-20, 10:13 AM - Forum: Flotsam Bluff - No Replies

Emily the Meloetta Ability: Serene Grace
Post affects nobody yet
(OOC: looking for a sturdy scrap of canvas or oilcloth, square-ish, about two feet by two feet in size.)
Emily picked her way down to the stony beach, her footing sure as she climbed down the steep path. It helped that she didn’t weigh much, and most of the rocks barely shifted as she stepped on them. Her orange hair draped down her back, with the occasional strand dancing merrily in the breeze. She still wasn’t used to the salty tang in the air, and she resolved to head further inland once she was done looking around here.
Eventually she reached the water line. She’d come most recently from a beach of black sand, but this one was made of larger rocks and hunks of driftwood and seaweed. The going was easy enough, but her small stature meant climbing onto the larger rocks to get a better look at the place.

  Hanün | Bisharp
Posted by: ChainReaction01 - 07-25-20, 06:45 PM - Forum: Accepted Characters - No Replies

Post Tracker

Name: Hanün

Age: Adult. Definitely closer to the end of his lifespan than to the start. In fact, he has a sneaking suspicion that he's dealt with amnesia and memory issues even before arriving on the island...

Personality: Hanün is self-centred, first and foremost. He has very definite opinions on what the universe owes him, and won't hesitate to take actions necessary to balance the scales in a way he would define as fair (although, others might dispute his particular definition). That said, he is not greedy and doesn't take anything more than he believes he is owed. For example, if he was hungry and stumbled upon someone's camp, he'd eat their food without a second thought but wouldn't take any of their possessions - he didn't earn them, after all.

Being the self-focused creature that he is, Hanün shows no particular interest in companionship, but isn't against forming bonds. Those he deems as worthy allies enjoy the benefit of his "universe fairness" system being applied to them, and he'll fight to defend their interests without a second thought. However, if anyone acts in a way that Hanün determines to be detrimental to his own wellbeing or goals, they are instantly treated as enemies - although this doesn't mean he'll immediately attack them, more than he'll closely watch the actions they take and note everything down to ensure all slights against him are repaid appropriately.

Upon waking up on the beach, Hanün is certain that his arrival on the island is some kind of karmic injustice. A higher power of some sort has levied an unfair punishment on him, and no doubt taken his memories in fear that Hanün would come hunting it. Well, it'll take a lot more than a spot of amnesia to end Hanün's hunt...

History: Hanün feels like he has been robbed (emphasis on "robbed") of many, many years' worth of memories. His drive to recover those memories is a familiar feeling, which makes him feel like he's fought with similar mental illnesses before. He can't recall any specific events or people in his life, but he seems to have retained a number of inherent skills, which he assumes were developed during his occupation(s) - in particular, he believes he was a carpenter or blacksmith or something similar.

Available Forms:

Species: Bisharp
Gender: Male
Form Type: Imported
Abilities: All of Hanün's Abilities manifest as slight mental shifts - almost like personality changes, except it's only the framing device around Hanün's mental capacities that swaps around.

Defiant: Upon having any of his stats lowered, Hanün reacts decisively and swiftly. He greatly resents anyone attempting to inhibit or weaken him, which allows him to access normally-dormant parts of his brain and temporarily increase his physical strength to incredible levels, not unlike that of mothers who lift cars off their children. This allows him to take on opponents who would normally have his number or flee with great speed, if the situation requires it. This effects lasts for one post, and can only occur once per thread.

Inner Focus: In most situations, Hanün employs a very defensive mindset, as this allows him to carefully evaluate all of his choices and decide on the best path of action accordingly. This mental frame assists Hanün by greatly suppressing his pain receptors, enabling him to fight through high levels of pain, at the cost of aggravating any serious wounds he may have.

Pressure: The mental frame that Hanün uses least, because he doesn't have an innate understanding of how it works. It causes Hanün to emit a negatively-charged gravitational field from within his steely carapace, which means opponents that rely on physical attacks have to spend more of their energy to land their blows. However, it also makes his own attacks harder to land. In his spare time, Hanün is experimenting with distorting the field to increase his jump height and allow for similar acrobatics, but finer applications of this ability elude him for the time being...

Appearance: Hanün looks very much like a regular Bisharp, except that his shoulder armour is slightly bulkier than most and the red sheen on his carapace is faded in places.

  A concerted effort
Posted by: evanfardreamer - 07-25-20, 06:17 PM - Forum: Wayward Cove - Replies (4)

Emily the Meloetta
Ability: Serene Grace
Unaffiliated (post affects nobody yet)
The swells of music carried her along as she twirled atop the stage, her orange hair flowing after her like a ship’s wake. She felt the music deep in her soul, the dance’s steps coming as naturally as breathing. She heard the roar of the crowd as she finished the number, and she knew this was the best opening night she’d ever had – maybe would ever have. She skipped half a step in the closing notes to end on her knees facing the adoring nobles that flocked to the stage.
She opened her eyes to see them, but instead she saw waves crashing onto a beach of black sand. She looked around – where was she? And where was the theater? She knelt on a sodden plank, not a polished stage; the waves were carrying her towards the edge of an island she didn’t recognize. Of the hall there was no sign, nor any indication of other creatures that she was sure had been right beside her.
In short order the plank grounded against the beach with one last surge of water. She leapt nimbly to shore, the sand barely dimpling beneath her scant weight. She wasn’t sure how she’d gotten here, though she had to get back to the theater. But then she realized she couldn’t even recall the name of the theater, the grandest hall in – in where?
Her breathing quickened as a panic took hold. She was Emily, she was a famous singer and dancer, but she could recall nothing else of what she had been – and what she had been doing – moments before. Where was she, how did she get here, and what had happened?