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  [↑↓] 双季節の樵 -Ξυλοκόπος-
Posted by: W32Coravint - 12-23-19, 10:38 AM - Forum: Somber Wood - Replies (9)

<div style="border-radius: 3px; overflow: hidden;"><div style="height: 38px; font-family: 'Yu Mincho'; font-size: 20px; text-align: center; background-color: #A1DC91; color: #000000;"><div style="width: 20px; height: 20px; margin: 6px; border-radius: 20px; border: 3px solid black; float: left; text-align: center; font-size: 14px; font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-weight: bold;">27</div><ruby>双季節<rt>そうきせつ</rt></ruby>の<ruby>樵<rt>きこり</rt></ruby> -<ruby><span style="font-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman';">Ξυλοκόπος</span><rt>キシロコポス</rt></ruby>-</div><div style="font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial; background-image: url('https://i.imgur.com/Ov2GNTb.jpg'); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 0% 70%; background-size: 100%; padding-top: 10px; background-size: cover; "><div style="float: left; background-image:url('https://i.imgur.com/IhOVtxA.png');background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 384px; background-position: 80px calc(100% + 90px); width: 300px; min-height: 300px; color: #FFFFFF; padding-left: 10px; margin-bottom: -44px; text-shadow: 0px 0px 3px black; z-index: 24;"><strong>Miki the Leafeon :: Chlorophyll</strong></div><div style="border-radius: 2px 0px 0px 2px; overflow: hidden; width: calc(100% - 400px); float: right;"><div style="color: #FFFFFF; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);  max-height: 250px; overflow-y: auto;">

Miki's paws carry her leafy body forward, towards a spot just to the right of the thin trunk of a tree. As she passes the tree, she hops into the air slightly and turns her body ninety degrees to the right, allowing her razor-sharp tail to slice right through the tree at an angle to the ground. The tree-trunk, sliced roughly at its base, falls over, missing the Leafeon's body, and lands with a few cracking noises and a thud onto the forest floor.

She makes another cut with her tail through the fallen tree just below the lowest branch and uses her <em>Strength</em> to push the lumber back towards base camp.

</div></div><div style="clear: both; height: 44px; width: 100%; color:rgba(0,0,0,0);">i think i'm having too much fun with css</div></div></div>

  inquisition - aaren and vincent.
Posted by: VeloJello - 12-22-19, 09:55 PM - Forum: Seething Peak - Replies (4)

Vincent the Scolipede (Poison Point Ability).
Affected RPers: Aaren (evanfardreamer).

Poison Stone attuning, Post 2/15.

A flash of black-and-white catches Vincent's attention, breaking his revery, reminding him that he is in unfamiliar territory among unfamiliar Pokemon. The stone in his armor fills him with a sense of strength, of power, and most of all of renewed toxicity. Invigorated, he turns toward the direction that the stranger ran in and follows their path, catching sight of a few pawprints in the ash.

However, he can't catch sight of the stranger. This area is particularly rocky, and the boulders break up the horizon in multiple places. Despite Vincent's considerable height, he can't see everything. To compound the issue, there are a few places where the ground heats up - no doubt from recent magma flows or the molten stone beneath the earth - forcing Vincent to choose his steps very curiously. Trying something, he calls to the stranger he thinks he saw. "Hail! My name is Vincent. I apologize if I frightened you earlier; such was not my intention."

  Ripples from Waves
Posted by: After - 12-22-19, 08:49 PM - Forum: Wayward Cove - Replies (12)

Rogue - Zoroark - Illusion (inactive)
Weather: Cold, windy, overcast


It's so dark... He lost sight of the ship long ago, the currents carrying it away with the traitor's smile still gleaming in the moonlight. His strength is flagging, his lungs burning... Wave after wave crests his head, filling his mouth with seawater...

It's dark and he's so cold... He's falling, falling... drowning...



Awareness returns to him sluggishly. The sound of waves comes first, louder and more insistent as the moments pass. The cold comes next; he's soaked to the bone, water lapping up to his chest, frigid under a sea-cooled wind... It is that cold more than anything else that draws him from returning to blissful unconsciousness. He cracks open a bleary eye to clouded daylight, and it's several blinks more before he can open both eyes enough to focus on his surroundings.

'Dark sand...? Where...?'

He winces. His head is pounding...

He pushes himself up a bit to take a breath and almost immediately begins coughing up seawater, throat raw and mouth tasting of salt and sand. As the coughing steadily subsides and he spits out flecks of grit, he becomes aware of a strange weight at his back. A glance behind him reveals several pounds of long, red, sea-matted hair.

'Has it... always been this long?' It does feel strangely unfamiliar, but...

He winces again at a spike of stabbing pain from the back of his head. It hurts. What happened to him? He reaches a hand - claws? - back to brush against a tender spot, causing him to hiss. Had he hit it on something? Or... had something hit him? He has vague recollections of struggling to stay afloat, steadily losing his battle with the waves... only to wash ashore here. How he had ended up in the water in the first place is a complete mystery to him, as is anything before that point much to his concern, but at least he's alive.

...Although, with the matted tangle at his back and his front thoroughly caked in damp sand, he certainly doesn't much look it. He rises carefully and begins brushing the detritus from thick fur, scanning the cliffs further up the beach as he does. His ears are pricked forward, wary and alert.

Questions circle endlessly through his mind. How he had ended up on this beach, why he can't remember anything, why his body feels inexplicably wrong in subtle ways... He wants answers, but will he find them here?

He takes his first steps up the beach beneath the ominous, cloud-covered sky. For now, there's little else he can do but hope.

  [4-play] Delibird gives Toxel a Silly Christmas Surprise
Posted by: juliorain - 12-19-19, 03:43 PM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

[Image: gtmnjJ9.png]

ugh; it's finally done!

It should follow the monthly theme of snow, right? Or is that Sketchbook?

Toxel (Comlplex -> Hard)
Concise Curation please
This was done digitally and with a mouse.

  URPG Budget Gym Tourney Round 1
Posted by: Gold - 12-19-19, 11:50 AM - Forum: Tournaments - Replies (12)

[Image: giphy.gif]

Welcome to the 1st Round of URPG Budget Gym Tourney, where any type can win!

Reminder that all information on this tourney is in the following document: URPG Budget Gym Tourney!
-You now may have 16 Pokemon, matching the current max gym size.
-The budget is now 600k to accomodate the above.

The tourney will use the following rules:

SM Public Open (Can be Private and/or Full/Preview if both battlers agree)
OHKO ACC EVA SLP FRZ Dynamax Imprison (If Mega/Z Clauses are turned on, Dynamax may be turned off if both battlers agree)
Legend Clause ON
Helds On (may be changed to Off if both battlers agree)
Mega, Z-Move, Species, Item Clauses OFF (Any of these may be changed to On if both battlers agree)
Standard Weather and Terrain
Referee rolls for first send if Public Open

Also, prizes will be:
1st Place: Any Complex Pokemon of choice with 3 EMs.
2nd Place: Any hard Pokemon of choice with 2 EMs.
3rd Place: Any Medium Pokemon of choice with 1 EM.
4th/5th/6th (to avoid doing 2 Round Robins): Any Simple Pokemon of choice.

And now, without further ado, here are the matchups:

Dash (Ghost) vs Shock3600 (Ground)
Gold (Water) vs SinnohEevee (Ice)
Gray Nine (Psychic) vs Jack (Dark)
VeloJello (Ghost) vs Mikey57 (Poison)
Juliorain (Dark) vs Ash K. (Normal)
Liam (Psychic) vs JacenBoy (Dragon)

This round will end when the clock strikes December 26th, please try to get your battles in early if you won't be as free around Christmas!

  ImTheRealCamper's Stats
Posted by: ImTheRealCamper - 12-19-19, 02:21 AM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies


Money: $15,000

Pokemon Mart Ticket (can be redeemed for any Pokemon in the PokeMart)
1 EM Mart Ticket (can be redeemed at the PokeMart for any Technical Machine, Breeding Move, Special Move, or Move Tutor Move)
1 Ribbon Coupon (can be used to save yourself the use of one of your Contest Ribbons when purchasing a Pokemon from the Berry Store)
5 Rare Candies

HMs: n/a


1. Gastly

Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Abilities: Levitate
Level Up Moves: Curse, Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Dream Eater, Hex, Hypnosis, Lick, Mean Look, Night Shade, Nightmare, Payback, Shadow Ball, Spite, Sucker Punch
Taught Moves: Grass Knot, Low Kick
Obtained: Starter
Experience Points: (Need EXP? See "how to evolve my Pokemon" here: https://pokemonurpg.com/info/general/getting-started/ )

  Woobums's Stats
Posted by: Woobums - 12-19-19, 01:50 AM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies


Money: $8000

1 Ribbon Coupon, Park Balls x3, Energy Powder x, Lava Cookie x1

HMs: n/a


1. Frosch

2. Kämpfer

3. Monyet Api

4. Rokkari

5. Dre

Frosch / Toxicroak 
Gender: M
Nature: Quiet
Abilities: Poison Touch
Level Up Moves: Astonish, Belch, Feint Attack, Flatter, Mud Bomb, Mud-Slap, Nasty Plot, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Pursuit, Revenge, Sludge Bomb, Sucker Punch, Swagger, Taunt, Toxic Venoshock
Taught Moves: Brick Break (EM)
Obtained: Starter
Experience Points: 7/7

Kämpfer / Hitmonlee
Gender: M
Nature: Bold
Ability: Guts
Level Up Moves: Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Close Combat, Double Kick, Endure, Fake Out, Feint, Focus Energy, Foresight, Helping Hand, High Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Low Kick, Meditate, Mega Kick, Mind Reader, Revenge, Reversal, Rolling Kick, Tackle, Wide Guar
Taught Moves: N/A
Obtained: Free Pokemon Voucher
Experience Points: 7/7

Monyet Api / Infernape
Gender: F
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Iron Fist 
Level Up Moves: Acrobatics, Close Combat, Ember, Facade, Fire Spin, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Fury Swipes, Leer, Mach Punch, Nasty Plot, Scratch, Slack Off, Taunt, Torment
Taught Moves: N/A
Obtained: Pokemart
Experience points 5/5

Rokkari / Lycanroc-Dusk 
Gender: F
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Vital Spirit
Level Up Moves: Accelerock, Bite, Counter, Crunch, Howl, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Rock Climb, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Sand Attack, Scary Face, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Tackle, Thrash
Taught Moves: N/A
Obtained: Trading Machine
Experience Points: 7/7

Dre / Seismitoad 
Gender: M
Nature: Impish
Ability: Swift Swim
Level Up Moves:  Acid, Aqua Ring, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Drain Punch, Echoed Voice, Flail, Gastro Acid, Growl, Hydro Pump, Hyper Voice, Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Round, Supersonic, Uproar
Taught Moves: N/A
Obtained: Christmas Gift Claim
Experience Points: 5/5


  Galar Blitz - evanfardreamer
Posted by: K'sariya - 12-17-19, 11:08 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - No Replies

[Image: FMOeegb.png]

Post #1

"I'm gettin' too old for this, Duchess, I'm tellin' ya."

The graceful, thin-necked swan beside her gives an almost sarcastic-sounding, pitying croon. She reaches wide beak to groom puffy cotton down for a moment. Then, she raises her head to bat wispy eyelashes at the ancient old woman beside her.

Babbs raises her brow, fixing her with a stink eye for a moment, and then reaches over and hooks her arm around the Altaria's narrow neck and pulls her close, ruffling the Dragon's ribbons. "Don't you sass me, miss, or I'll dunk you in the bath when we get home." Duchess gives a happy chortle and gives her companion a playful buffeting with her wings. Babbs' features wrinkle into delicate pleats of papery skin as she grins and releases her.

Despite her feigned stink over it, Babbs didn't mind the late night shifts. Sure, the Ruins kinda gave her old bones the heebie jeebies at this time of night, but she figures it'll drop them somewhere at least a little more pleasant with enough patience. Right? Right.

She plucks the rolled registration sheet from the netted side pocket of her adorned hiking pack, whose beige bulk rises high above her pale-haired head. Unfurling it, she takes a glance over the photo-copied application. Lessee here... got ourselves an Evan, it seeeeeeems... Even though the scanned ID is in black and white, she can still recognize the tell-tale lightness of his hair. Blonde, probably? Though, with kids these days, she never knew what kinda crazy colors they dunked on their luscious locks. Idly, she reaches her fingers to brush her own snow-white bun. Old age did give her one benefit--no need to bleach. Maybe a pleasant lavender? Or a rad lime green? She glances over to Duchess. Oooo, or a lovely sky blue, to match Duchess. The old woman gives her winged friend a loving pat on the neck as she gazes down the path, waiting for her Trainer.

pokeball Encounter pokeball
None yet!

Trainer Stats:

Pokemon Stats:

  Galar Blitz - Rick
Posted by: K'sariya - 12-17-19, 10:17 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (1)

[Image: Spr_B2W2_Lenora.png]
Elisabet "Eli" Estrada
We ride as one!

Post #1

Electricity crackles across monochrome-striped hide before fizzling on dark rubber saddle blanket. From her perch upon his back, Elisabet raises an amused eyebrow. She's suited up to deal with it either way, with rubber-trimmed bracers and slim insulated gloves, but he's usually a little more careful with it.

"You alright, Sora?" she quips affectionately. He gives a curt snort. The huff of air from his nostrils sends a small spray of dew from the grass bursting onto his face, prompting a raise of his head and a series of rapid blinks. Eli laughs lightly and gives him a pat.

The morning is fresh, clean, and quiet. The verdant green grass edging the path to the Ruins' Gate shimmers beneath the sun peeking over the distant trees. Sora gives a heavy step forward, browsing for the best verdant sprouts as they wait for their charge. She'd been given a heads-up on this one--he knew his way around the Park, so she could have a little more confidence in his abilities than she would some greenhorn. Very well, then. She'd try her best to keep him entertained. And, well, perhaps the Ruins would too.

The place had been especially active recently. Galar Pokemon had always been on the Park, but their populations had always struggled, most of them being over-preyed upon by some of the more powerful and more resource-consuming of the Park. As of late, they'd seemed to finally find their foothold, and had sprung from that foothold and into a bit of a nuisance problem. The Park finally felt comfortable letting Trainers run into them, opening up territories that had previously been avoided to avoid interfering with population growth. Eli's excited; the overabundance would hopefully mean that Svette would get to see some friends. Or maybe this Trainer would prefer to avoid half-ton steel elephants. Only one way to find out!

pokeball Encounter pokeball
None yet!

Trainer Stats:

Pokemon Stats:

  Galar Blitz - MandL
Posted by: K'sariya - 12-17-19, 12:23 AM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (4)

[Image: Spr_B2W2_Lenora.png]
Elisabet "Eli" Estrada
We ride as one!

Post #1

It's a dreary day--the rain pours from the guts of thick, black clouds sprawled across the heavens. Rain plinks harmlessly against her metal companion, whose massive body towers above her, guarding her from the elements as they walk side-by-side. Leaden steel feet squelch as they press themselves into the thick mud, careful not to splash. Eli pats the damp surface of her Copperajah companion.

"You know you don't have to, Svette," she chuckles softly. Half-lidded eyes roll down to capture a glimpse of her teal poncho. The elephant gives a dismissive wave of its trunk. Eli shrugs, but smiles nonetheless.

As miserable as the weather is, it's the nature of the Park--with such a tight schedule at this time of year, run applications were non-refundable and non-reschedulable, regardless of the weather. Not like it's fine print, either; in fact, Eli's seen it: big, bold letters along the top, and circled in red ink if you came in looking particularly fresh-faced. Not that she can judge. She's only been here a month or so herself.

She looks down at such a red circle on the photo-copied version of this one's application, pressing fingers against the laminated sleeve. Nathan, huh? Well, we'll just have to see what you've got. Well, when you get here. She stops at the Ruins' Gate, then glances at the slim digital watch on her wrist, shielding her eyes as she looks into the rain. Can't see much.

The massive hill that inconspicuously hosted the Ruins--and the not-so-inconspicuous iron gate that guarded its entrance--weren't too far from the Docks one arrived in. Trainers were allowed to get to where they needed to go however they chose, with plenty of clearly-marked signs and well-paved paths to guide their way. One thing Eli's picked up on in her short time here: you can always judge a Trainer by how they choose to get to their run area. She would just need to see what kind of statement Nathan wanted to make, if he wanted to make one at all.

pokeball Encounter pokeball
None yet!

Trainer Stats:

Pokemon Stats: