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  How Odd-ish(Gift Capture)
Posted by: Shock3600 - 06-14-20, 09:21 PM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

[Image: Oddish.png]
Concise grading. Gift for Mikey

  U R Pidgey(Gift Capture)
Posted by: Shock3600 - 06-14-20, 09:20 PM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

[Image: Pidgey_Coloring.png]
Concise grade. Gift for Yumpy

Posted by: ExistentialBeemo - 06-14-20, 06:18 PM - Forum: Wayward Cove - No Replies

Form: Tauros
Ability: Intimidate

Lying on his side, Tauros' unconscious mind floated around several key faces and emotions. Pain, rage, sadness. All three swirling in his psyche like the froth of the ocean mixing with the tides. A fog covered the figures, and he was becoming confused. "Where am I? Who are all these people?" he thought as he fought to escape the mysterious illusions he was surrounded by.


A moderate wave came up and submerged the lower half of Tauros' body; leaving his three-pronged tail and back hooves in miserable wetness. This finally spurred Taurus to awaken from his stupor, eyes burning for the sudden spray of salty sea air. A brief grunt & a shake of his pale-golden head followed. His vision cleared, and he saw he was on a beach. Not just any beach, but one of incredibly white sand.  The partially-cloudy skies made the temperature bearable; much to the relief of Tauros.

Having given himself a couple moments to fully awaken, the large white-gold bull heaved his body upright with all his reserved strength. His hooves began to sink gently into the sand, as the gentle waves came crashing in. Taking a look around, all he noticed were tall mountains, making the surrounding landscape ominous to travel. The bull snorted and pondered to himself, "Alright.... what do I know? I'm on an island I don't know, and there isn't anything that's even remotely recognizable. Also.... who is Taurus?" The bull shook his head and gave another brief grunt. "Alright, thoughts for later. Let's get out of here first off," the Tauros told himself sternly as he began to walk towards the direction of the closest mountain he could see.

  Taurus Fureres | Tauros
Posted by: ExistentialBeemo - 06-14-20, 01:52 PM - Forum: Accepted Characters - No Replies

Name: Taurus Fureres
Age: Adult (Mid-20's)
Personality: Taurus has always been a quick to act and hotheaded individual as long as he can remember. He can't remember how long it has been since he decided to lighten up his mood, and become more reserved. However, Taurus now is shy and unsure of how to interact with people. Afraid of becoming berserk, he protects himself by staying away from as much conversation as possible. If someone mentions plant life around him however, he suddenly becomes much more vibrant and talkative. 

History: Taurus doesn't remember much before the fateful incident that changed his life. All he thinks he remembers is that one day not that long ago, he got exceptionally angry at a passerby. He also vaguely remembers something about a blood clot and his head. He also gets flashbacks of being completely immobilized in a field. However when Taurus found himself on the Island of Mautte, his memories had become a total haze and the events of his life that led him to this mysterious land have hidden themselves. 

Available Forms: 

Species: Tauros
Gender: Male
Abilities: Intimidate - Taurus uses his previous disposition towards people to deliver menacing glares to anyone he finds unsavory. He will also snort loudly and with force to get others to back away from him. Only uses this when he doesn't want a direct confrontation.

Anger Point - This is the state Taurus enters when something has crossed his proverbial line. He loses all sense of where/who he is and begins rampaging. (NOTE: This ability requires an extreme situation to occur in order for him to go berserk, as it is tied into his history.) When in Anger Point, his eyes turn blood red and loses all ability to speak other than in grunts. After using this ability & three posts have passed in the thread; Taurus will collapse and be forced to rest for the rest of the thread. (THIS ABILITY CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE PER THREAD)

Appearance: A pale-golden Tauros (Shiny Variant) Nothing extra special. 


  Runs That May or May Not Have Happened (Beemo's Ranger Log)
Posted by: ExistentialBeemo - 06-13-20, 01:50 PM - Forum: Ranger Logs - Replies (3)

Run #1

Ranger Name: Drew "Beemo" Exient

Trainer - SinnohEevee (Aladdin)
Location: Enigma Ruins (GALAR BLITZ)
Link to Run (1st Post)

Pokemon Currently Encountered: N/A
Pokemon Currently Captured: N/A

Posts: #1,

Posts Paid For: N/A


  Galar Blitz Run - SinnohEevee
Posted by: ExistentialBeemo - 06-13-20, 01:36 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - No Replies

#1 - The Setup

"Come on buddy, this is our first day. We don't wanna mess this up right from the start," Drew mentioned kind of annoyingly to his partner Pokemon, Dubwool. The shiny, thick-haired sheep rolled her eyes at Drew's insistence before beginning to roll in the direction of the laboratory entrance. The air was stale, but the temperature couldn't have been any more perfect for an adventure. Drew's dark-brown hair remained motionless as there wasn't a breeze to be felt; almost as if the Ruins were preventing any air currents from forming. Even as far away from the main doors as Drew was, he could feel the unsettling presence of mystery and discord. Drew wasn't afraid of the Enigma Ruins, but it didn't reach the top of his list of preferred destinations in the Park.

Drew had just become a ranger, excited to get to interact with a bunch of new Pokemon he had never seen before. However, his heart sank when he heard his first assignment would be at the Enigma Ruins. During his time at the Ranger Academy, he heard other students mention the uneasiness even the most experienced rangers felt when they were assigned this area. Drew always wondered why trainers would willingly want to enter such a foreboding place; but the stories of Pokemon from all over the Park gathered in one area always gave him the answer he required.

Looking down at the clipboard the Head Ranger handed Drew before sending him off to the Enigma Ruins, Drew began to read the profile of the trainer he was to be escorting. "Aladdin.... huh, that's a cool name," Drew amusingly murmured to himself. He then noted that Aladdin mentioned in his bio that he was a shorter man with light-brown skin. "Well hopefully that'll make it easier to spot him should he arrive soon," Drew thought as he flipped the bio sheets back to their original resting position. He knew that this trainer was here for the Galar Event that the park was putting on, as he concealed the can of Galar repellent in his jeans pocket. Drew didn't blame the trainer either; as this was touted by the Park Staff as a monumental way to get the Park more traffic. "Why though couldn't it be anywhere but here..." Drew exasperatedly thought as he brought his clipboard to his side. 

From a small distance away near the giant laboratory walls, he heard the baas of his faithful companion. Drew looked up to see that Dubwool had already rolled the 300 or so yards to the entry of the Ruins; undeterred by the ominous energy being exuded from the mysterious place. Drew sighed and thought, "Alright, you became a Ranger and you gotta follow through no matter what. Let's get going." Drew began his walk towards his shiny Dubwool and proceeded to wait for the trainer he was meant to be escorting.


  Yumpy's Job Tracker
Posted by: Yumpy - 06-12-20, 06:25 AM - Forum: PokéJobs - Replies (3)

Pokemon Claimed from PokeJobs:
Medium: Carvanha, Dwebble

Posted by: Elrond - 06-11-20, 05:45 PM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

Target: Gossifleur
Rank: Simple 
Theme: Grass Pokemon

[Image: gossifleur_by_elrond15_ddz73xa-fullview....BsvKYqRB9w]

  Little Lapras (x4)
Posted by: Yumpy - 06-11-20, 12:51 AM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

Lapras for this months Fourplay!
Complex reduced to Hard.
Concise is fine! Thanks so much.
[Image: 07yusny.png]

  Angy Berg
Posted by: Elrond - 06-10-20, 08:00 PM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

Target: Bergmite
Rank: Medium
Concise or In-Depth curation is fine. 

[Image: bergmite_by_elrond15_ddz5181-fullview.jp...n0FeMlEWdo]