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  Welcome to the Sword and Shield Invitational!
Posted by: evanfardreamer - 11-27-19, 12:18 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: image0.jpg]

Welcome, one and all, to another fabulous URPG Invitational!

The Invitational is an event being hosted here by the Pokemon Ultra Role Playing Game (also known as the URPG), a community based around a system that aims to simulate the experience of being a Pokémon Trainer, with sections designed to appeal to about everyone (from competitive battling, to art and stories, to roleplaying games)! We welcome Pokéfans of all kinds, and members of any and all Pokémon communities, to join us for the celebration; the aim is to make the atmosphere kind of like an online open-air fairground!

We're inviting you to chat about anything and everything, discuss your favorite Pokémon-related topics, and try the game out! The URPG's most helpful members and Staff will be on hand to answer questions about the event or the game.

For this event, "newbies" or "new players" are considered to be those who joined after August 1st, 2019. If you feel like you should still qualify to be a newbie (perhaps because you joined at a different date, didn't do much, then just now returned, for example), message the Invitational Host, evanfardreamer, and he will let you know if you qualify for an exception!

Active Buffs/Events
  • Advertising Contest! Spread the word about the Invitational, and earn points to get awesome individual and collective community rewards! Read about it here!
  • All Pokemon in Battles and Contests are Fully EM'd! You heard right! When you participate in a non-gym/E4 battle, Normal or Super Contest, or a contest boss levels 1-2, your Pokemon can use any move that's on their Ultradex page. See what your Pokemon is fully capable of!
  • Profession Wage Boost! We really appreciate the work of our players who volunteer to run the game. We couldn't do it without all of us! All creative professions will have their wages boosted by 1.5x during the event. Live professions (Reffing and Judging) will have their wages boosted by 1.25x during the event. Your wage person will add the wages and round at the end of the event, so don't worry about adding it to your logs except to mark which entries are event, so that your awesome wage person knows. The bonus does not count toward legend progress.
  • Fabulous prize wheel! Step right up and try your luck with a spin on the wonderful prize wheel, catering to all the sections, located right up the fairway at this thread.
  • Medium stakes raffle! A great way to potentially get a lot for a little, give the prizes a look and see if you think they’re worth the gamble! (If you’ve ever rolled in the underground the answer is a yes, btw) You can find it here!
  • Gift station! Have a friend you want to show you cherish? Want to help out someone who doesn’t have the latest and greatest? Maybe there’s someone who has done a lot for you, or you want just to recognize. Open the wallet or Pokemon box and show them some love here!

Section Events

Several sections have some events going on coinciding with invitational and/or targeted for Gen 8.
  • Morphic is doing a discounted earned form so long as it targets a gen 8 Pokemon!
  • National Park is throwing a Gen 8 mini-run event through the Enigma Ruins. And remember, beginner Park runs are free! Why not give it a try?
  • Stories is hosting our annual Write A Roll as well as an invitational specific Fourplay!
  • Art is offering submission bonuses for newbies! As a newbie, if you submit art for capture during the event, you'll get an additional cash bonus when the work passes! For Simple or Easiest rank captures, you'll receive $1,000, and for Medium or above, you'll receive $2,500.

  | King of Pentacles | Vincent
Posted by: VeloJello - 11-26-19, 11:01 PM - Forum: Accepted Characters - No Replies

[Image: tumblr_nkc3izS9Jp1un95hzo1_r3_500.gifv]
Double vision from the blood we've shed
The only way I'm leavin' is dead
That's the state of my, state of my, state of my head

Name: Vincent.
Age: Adult (equivalent 35 years).
Gender: Male.
Personality: Easygoing/Dramatic/Principled/Keen/Laid-Back.
Most of the time, Vincent is a pretty nice guy. Laid-back, relaxed, confident, and good for a laugh, he tends to be easy to get along with. He likes meeting new people, and is equally comfortable among large crowds and small groups. A bit of a limelighter, he has a flair for the dramatic, and can be a bit of a ham around people who he knows well. He enjoys a good debate or competition - the more challenging, the better, particularly if he wins. While he doesn’t often show it, close relationships are extremely important to Vincent, as he can be a bit insecure where abandonment is concerned. 

Vincent considers himself to just be a working man who’s good at his job - and it just so happens that his job involves bashing people’s faces in. Generally, he has a very ‘might makes right’ attitude. He has no problems stepping on others to get what he wants, reasoning that the weak will get trampled over no matter what, and he might as well benefit from it. Vincent would not hesitate to lie, steal, or harm anyone who he’s not close to in order to achieve his goals - and given his habit of distancing others out of both trust issues and a desire to avoid conflicts of interest, he doesn’t exactly have a lot of those people. Further, though he is reluctant to admit it, he has a sadistic streak. Part of him enjoys exerting his power, making sure that others fear and respect him. His dramatism plays into this somewhat, as part of him legitimately enjoys playing the part of a ‘villain’, though he isn’t proud of this particular tendency. Despite his casual lack of empathy for anyone he’s not close to, Vincent has his own set of standards. He doesn’t hurt children, and in general tries to keep his quarrels as non-destructive and discreet as possible. He also loathes backstabbing and would never actively betray someone who he is loyal to or who depends on him. Overall, in his unsavory dealings, he is ever the professional - rigid about his personal codes, but nigh-impossible to rattle and implacably thorough when it comes to the task at hand.

History: Vincent was trapped as a small Venipede in Unova, caught by humans organizing fighting rings for Pokemon. He was expected to die as cannon fodder against one of the champions - imagine his captors' surprise when he survived, fighting violently til the bitter end against each opponent thrown at him. Eventually, he became a crowd favorite, so that whenever he evolved, growing from a lowly Venipede to a mighty Scolipede, he became one of the champions of the arena that he'd been thrown against. 

His handlers had put him on a boat, preparing to ship him off to a big show in some far-off land when it happened. The storm. All he remembers is the cage, the dark room rumbling around him, the wood pulverized by the power of the sea, salt water filling his lungs...

And strength. He remembers feeling admired, revered, feared. And he misses it.

Available forms:
Species: Scolipede.
Form Type: Linked.
Abilities: Poison Point. The barbs on Vincent's sides are incredibly toxic. If they cut a foe, they'll be left with a painful, stinging poisoning. Loading on more of the toxin leads to fatigue, fever, and muscle stiffness. However, contacting a foe with these barbs also leaves Vincent's soft underbelly unguarded and open to attack.
Swarm. When Vincent is critically wounded, he can harness his rage into one last, desperate burst. His slashing, puncturing attacks become more frantic, leaving messes of wounds. This boost can only be activated once per thread, when Vincent is in dire condition, and it lasts for the duration of one post. When it's over, Vincent will be left more vulnerable and exhausted than ever.
Speed Boost. The longer Vincent fights, the quicker his reflexes become. As adrenaline pumps in his heart, he becomes faster, more quick-witted, more dangerous. However, as his speed increases, he struggles a bit with maneuverability - he runs like a freight train when he really gets going, and that level of velocity can be a little tough to alter.
Appearance: Vincent is pretty much an average Scolipede, though he's bigger than the typical bug. His armor is deep crimson, with bright purple markings and bands. There's a horizontal scar along his beak where the plate was chipped; there are a few other scars and dents in his armor, though none of the others are so prominent.

Post Tracker: Here!
Clan: N/A.
Place of Residence: The Menagerie.
Inventory: N/A.

Posted by: Fenris - 11-26-19, 04:47 PM - Forum: Accepted Characters - No Replies

♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦
Name: Jiji
Species: Raikou
Age: Later Teen / Young Adult
Affiliation: Rogue
Post Tracker
Thread Tracker
♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦

[Image: dd9e8eb3c2c21e48aac439bdf3e7b772f6a74ad8...9e9545.png]
Artist: Susiron
♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦
Personality: Jiji is a pragmatic, if somewhat gullible youth. Somewhat of a loner, he softens considerably around those he is closest to, but can seem stand-offish or distant to others due to his wariness. The needs  of those he loves come before his own always in his mind, and he works himself to exhaustion making sure others needs are met if given half the chance to. 

History: In another life, he may have once been royalty; fawned over from a young age and raised to follow in his father's footsteps as Emperor of a grand nation. He may have once born the title of Prince only with great ill-ease, unhappy with the future planned for him and the strict conduct his days were made to pass by under. Once, a younger brother and sister, may very well have been the only spots of joy in his listless life - each as trapped by their standing as the others and longing for freedom in their own ways. Each scattering to the wind as their own means of running from their fates came to them, leaving them separated and on the run. 
Whether that truly was the life he held before his arrival here or not matters little really. Now there is only Mautte, and the feeling of thunder roiling in his veins, and the vague longing for the siblings he cannot fully recall but still listlessly searches for. He had found his freedom...but at what dreadful cost?
♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦♦♦ ━━━━━ ♦♦

FORM #001
Species: Raikou
Gender: Male (I do what I want >:P)
Form Type: Imported
Pressure - Jiji's distant demeanor and incredibly imposing form can be an incredibly intimidating sight. opponents are unable to use the same move twice in a row while in a battle with him. (Essentially Torment but as an ability.)  

• Inner Focus (Currently Locked / Unusuable) - Due to his dedication and willpower, Jiji has an incredible ability to retain his focus. He cannot be made to flinch when hit by an attack and remains calm in situations that might otherwise cause others to spin into a panic.

Volt Absorb (Currently Locked / Unusuable) - Jiji's body is incredibly tough and conductive to electrical energy, so much so that it can convert such charges into healing energy. What would shock another to the brink of death instead only makes him stronger. (Once every 3 posts, he can absorb an incoming electrical attack or surge of electrical energy, and boost the power of one of his own attacks in turn).

  Sticks and Stones
Posted by: MandL27 - 11-26-19, 03:40 PM - Forum: Somber Wood - Replies (20)

[Lucario/Inner Focus @ Mega Stone (Fighting, unattuned)]

Dark grey paws crunch against the leaf-laden ground of the Somber Wood as a Lucario treks along a faintly-marked trail. Clutched in his right hand-paw is an odd, spherical stone, a dull orange in color and appearing rough in texture. What could this be? Seiro contemplates as he looks over the stone, its powers and purpose both seeming lost. Maybe Gawain would know...

Soon, the Lucario nears the Knights of Avalon base, a loose border of sticks and branches encircling the settlement of log dens. Once he's within the settlement's borders, he slows his pace and begins looking around for a certain face, unsure what form he's in at the moment.

  Form Blitz - Generation 8!
Posted by: K'sariya - 11-26-19, 02:46 PM - Forum: Out of Character - Replies (1)

Form Blitz - Generation 8!

To celebrate the release of Generation 8, the first Earned form of a Generation 8 Pokemon you claim will be treated as being one rank lower!* This Pokemon's Earned form rank cannot be lowered further through other means, and this discount will not expire as long as you claim the form and make at least one post with it by December 31st.

Remember that an Earned form is just a form you are working toward to obtain through Morphic--you do not have to make the required # of posts to convert it to an Imported form to obtain it by the deadline.

As a reminder, here are the # of posts you need in an Earned form to complete it into an Imported form:
  • Easiest: 10 posts
  • Simple: 20 posts
  • Medium: 35 posts
  • Hard: 50 posts
  • Complex: 70 posts
  • Demanding: 90 posts
*Easiests are not applicable for this discount, for reasons you can surmise. This is first-per-player, not first-per-character.

When you claim your first Generation 8 form before December 31st, post here with a link to the Claiming Hub where you claimed the form so that we can keep track of who made the deadline. If you don't post below, the discount will not apply!

  [EVENT] Galar Blitz Runs!
Posted by: K'sariya - 11-26-19, 11:36 AM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (8)

Galar Blitz Runs!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Generation 8, we are doing short and sweet Park runs that will feature only Generation 8 Pokemon! These will act as if a Galar Region Spray is applied, so they will take place in the Enigma Ruins. Each will have three encounters rolled. You may take one Pokemon out through regular capture means, though remember that befriending doesn't count toward the cap--you can befriend one Pokemon per run by meeting 1.25x its MCR if you'd like to take out an additional Pokemon.

These runs will cost $3,000. It's advised to sign up now, but remember that runs will not start until full release. The sign-up deadline is December 15th, 2019. Additional repellants or sprays may not be used here.

[b]Trainer Name:[/b] (name of your character, with a link to your approved Park sign up)
[b]Items:[/b] (remember that if all of your items are currently in a run, you will need to purchase extra supplies for this event! You can do so here: https://forum.pokemonurpg.com/showthread.php?tid=1701. You will [u]NOT[/u] have the chance to purchase supplies while on the run, so stock up on the correct rank of Pokeballs you'd like accordingly)
[b]Park Mastery:[/b] (optional. If you have Park Mastery with your character, list it here)
[b]Fee:[/b] (your current money) - $3,000 = (your remaining money)

[b]Pokemon Team:[/b] (maximum of two Pokemon)

[u]Nickname:[/u] (not required)
[u]Ability:[/u] (If your Pokemon has more than one, pick one to use for the duration of your visit)
[u]Nature:[/u] (a list of natures is found here: https://pokemonurpg.com/info/park/natures-anime-style-battling/)
[u]TM/HM/BM/SM/MT:[/u] (any extra moves you've added to your mons)

[u]Nickname:[/u] (not required)
[u]Ability:[/u] (If your Pokemon has more than one, pick one to use for the duration of your visit)
[u]Nature:[/u] (a list of natures is found here: https://pokemonurpg.com/info/park/natures-anime-style-battling/)
[u]TM/HM/BM/SM/MT:[/u] (any extra moves you've added to your mons)

  Forum Gym Battle: [DEWFORD] Voltaire vs. Shock (ROUND 2: FIGHTING-TYPE BOOGALOO)
Posted by: Voltaire Magneton - 11-23-19, 07:54 AM - Forum: Forum Battles - Replies (21)

Shock's second attempt for Dewford's badge!

Dewford Gym
Knuckle Badge
TM Drain Punch


SM Public Open
Normal Weather
Building Terrain
Helds Off
Clauses: Sleep / Freeze / OHKO / Accuracy / Evasion / Mega
No Legendary Pokemon

Challenger sends first

  Generation 8 Pokemon Locations!
Posted by: K'sariya - 11-21-19, 10:02 PM - Forum: National Park - No Replies

Generation 8 Pokemon Locations

Hello, Park-goers! We've ranked the new Pokemon, as well as shuffled an old one or two! Here are the results:

Skwovet (Common, Wildflower Prairie)

Blipbug (Common, Meteor Valley), Nickit (Common, Ruined Palace), Gossifleur (Common, Botanical Gardens), Zigzagoon-G (Common, Ruined Palace)

Rookidee (Uncommon, Mt. Deckbi), Yamper (Uncommon, Abandoned Power Plant), Rolycoly (Common, Abandoned Power Plant), Silicobra (Uncommon, Mt. Deckbi), Clobbopus (Uncommon, Sandy Beach), Pinchurchin (Common, Abandoned Power Plant), Snom (Uncommon, Mt. Oktori), Morpeko (Uncommon, Wildflower Prairie), Stunfisk-G (Uncommon, Mt. Oktori), Corsola-G (Uncommon, Ruined Palace), Cramorant (Great Lakes, Uncommon)

Chewtle (Uncommon, Great Lakes), Applin (Uncommon, The Woods), Arrokuda (Uncommon, Sandy Beach), Sizzlipede (Uncommon, Mt. Deckbi), Hatenna (Uncommon, Meteor Valley), Impidimp (Uncommon, Ruined Palace), Falinks (Uncommon, Mt. Oktori), Stonjourner (Uncommon, Meteor Valley), Eiscue (Uncommon, Mt. Oktori), Cufant (Uncommon, Mt. Oktori), Duraludon (Rare, Mt. Oktori), Ponyta-G (Uncommon, Wildflower Prairie), Darumaka-G (Uncommon, Mt. Oktori), Farfetch’d-G (Uncommon, Wildflower Prairie)

Toxel (Rare, Abandoned Power Plant), Sinistea (Rare, Ruined Palace), Dracozolt (Rare, Abandoned Power Plant), Arctozolt (Rare, Mt. Oktori), Dracovish (Rare, Great Lakes), Arctovish (Rare, Sandy Beach)

Meltan (Mt. Oktori), Zacian (Wildflower Prairie), Zamazenta (Mt. Oktori), Eternatus (Ruined Palace)

Existing Pokemon Changes

We shifted some things around to slightly tweak the areas.

Sableye - Ruined Palace: Uncommon -> Rare
Zorua: Ruined Palace -> Meteor Valley
Pawniard: Meteor Valley -> Ruined Palace
Mimikyu: Ruined Palace -> Wildflower Prairie

  Saur's Scribbles
Posted by: Saur - 11-21-19, 09:22 PM - Forum: Story Journals - Replies (1)

Am doing a JOURNAL

November 2019
21st - Plot 1, Entry 1

  Jack's Story Journal
Posted by: Jack - 11-21-19, 12:03 PM - Forum: Story Journals - Replies (1)

Writing is hard.

The wayward sea is said to be a dastardly place. An unforgiving land of isolation. One where even the strongest wills find themselves destroyed mentally and physically. The mad grow madder and the weak grow weaker. Although a natural course for those living under the King of the World’s rule, this curse is amplified when alone on the dreadful waters. 

The ailments of the people are not existent for silly reasons, despite what people say in hushed whispers. Upon the coronation of the first King, their first order was to slay the great dragon Giratina, and open the gates to the spirit world. And that he did, with great success. The great dragon fell apart, and the gate opened.

Now, the people walk the streets, feeling their presence, but not seeing the dead ones that they called family. Some angry, draining their life force, while other spirits merely watch in horror as they are unable to be heard. Or at least, that is what the dead believe. Some though, who have had a brush with death, are cursed to see this cycle in its full wretched glory.

Heavy metal boots stomp onto the wooden floorboards. Drowning out the creaking of wood, the Dark Knight makes their presence known with another stomp onto the wood. Water crashes against the hull, rocking the boat in place. The boat shifts, seemingly unable to take the blows of the water. The tall armored figure stands in the darkness of the boat, waiting. With red eyes, they stare off at the crowd of people unpacking their rucksacks and fitting their clothes properly. 

One coughs and turns to the Dark Knight. Glassy eyed and sickly face, the totter over the rucksacks and strew out clothes. Water drips from the ceiling, splashing against his face. He stands in front of the Knight now, swallowing.

“You’re the one that Deadblood guy, right?” The man shakily stuck out his hand. The waves shoved the ship too and fro. The Knight simply nodded and reached their hand out to clasp theirs. Mockingly, as they reached out, the water shoved them in opposite directions, hands swinging by one another. “Damn s-” With a grimace he stared up at the ceiling, lanterns swung wildly. “Whatever.” He brought his hand back in, and crossed his arms.

The fumbling behind them slowed to a lull as the crewmates manned their stations above. Empty cots were scattered about, covered in the filth of travel. The dingy smell of wood filled the Knight’s nostrils, even behind their helmet. Cough pressed against their chest and the back of their throat. They did not want to show weakness, so they forced it back into weakened lungs.

“One of those Deadbloods…” The crewmember spoke, turning around and staring at the ladder at the back of the room. “Cursed folk. I know you are” They pulled a small leather hat from their jacket and slapped it onto their head. “But Ol’ CrackJaw is a menace,” Scratching at their neck, they continued. “and we think yer one of the few that can actually kill the damn thing.” Wiping water from their forehead, they whispered to themselves. “That is,” The boat creaked. “if you can kill something that is dead.” Shooting the Knight a glance, they continued to the ladder. “Like we stated in your contract, be our eyes, ears and sword, and the payment is yours before we even land.” With a thumbs up, they were swallowed by the surface above.

The Knight nodded and stepped out from the shadows. Even in light they were swallowed in darkness, Red eyes gazed emptily at the man who was now climbing up to the deck. Bending down, they grasped their hand around a large metal handle, with a grunt, they threw the handle over their shoulder. That’s all it was. Just a large handle- a hilt of a sword. No blade to shine and reflect the light. Carrying heavy boots to the ladder, the knight shifted their gaze upwards. The man above them weakly climbed off of the ladder, hacking and coughing as he stumbled onto the boat deck. The boat shifted as the sea began to bear all of its weight. Their mission had begun.

Fog hovered over the surface of the water, pushing up a cold breeze. The crew wandered in silence, panicked. Worried eyes gazing at the murky water. Or rather, what they could see. The Dark Knight gazed emptily at the waters beneath them.The darkness, the unseeable. Even though they could see far more than any normal human, they found themselves still terrified by the sea. Flashes of faces punched against the inside of their skull. Faces they used to know.

The water’s current picked up. The boat’s sails no longer pulling them forward. Current ferociously shoving back against the boat. An immovable object collided with an immovable force, and the two were at a standstill. And as the waves crashed, the men yelled, throwing themselves into action. The Dark Knight stood still, metal hands digging into the railing. The noises around them were familiar. Heartbeat irregular, they pressed their palm to their helmet. They had been here before.

Shaking, they fumbled back as the boat rocked vigorously. A loud bubbling churned in the waters, a large fin taller than the boat emerged, stabbing through the fog.

“Blast!” A random crewmember spoke as they sprinted by the Knight. The water climbed the side of the boat like a spider, slowly inching its way higher and higher. Some fell back from the force, falling unconscious.

They could feel long lost spirits circling them. In circles and circles, spiralling around his soul. Begging to be free. The Knight grasped their sword and held it out. The sound of metal cracking pierced the chaos. Sword arm no longer covered, the metal had climbed down the Knight’s arm and upwards past its hilt, creating a broadsword.