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  Testing the Waters
Posted by: Fenris - 11-29-19, 11:31 AM - Forum: Brilliant Reef - No Replies

•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••
Character: Ricktor
Form: Pikachu
Ability: Static
Affiliation: Rogue
Post Involves: n/a
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••
He'd been spending large swathes of time exploring the jungles of Mautte and trying to make them more hospitable; clearing debris, forging paths through the tree-boughs, and mapping out area of fresh water and shelter in his mind's eye. So dedicated to this pursuit he'd been that he'd actually lost track of how long he had been on the island, or even how long since he'd last seen another living creature. He supposed that wasn't such a hard thing to do, really; there were so few survivors here, and the island so expansive, not seeing another soul for weeks or more at a time seemed plausible if not likely. 

But even a loner like him needed to see something other than leaves and the little den he'd made for himself in the top reaches of Cloudbreak. And so he'd wandered his way down to a beach, any beach - if this one had been named by another islander during his absence, he did not know. The area was warm, and quiet, the water peaceful as it came to rest at the shore. A far cry from the dark shoreline he'd been tossed up upon once upon a time.

The though stirred something in him. Reminded him, really. This island, Mautte, was not where he was meant to be. His place was far from its craggy cliffs and muggy jungles, beyond the seas surrounding it. He belonged out there, somewhere, and he needed to return to that place as soon as possible. To do that he'd one day have to set sail, though how he'd accomplish that he wasn't sure just yet. But he'd never get there if he didn't at least try to explore the waters nearby first. So determined to do just that, the electric rat let loose a surge of electricity to steady himself, and skid out onto the water on a sturdy plank of wood he'd scavenged from the nearby treeline; Surfing along the surface out towards the reef he could see peaking from the waves in the near distance.

He needed to escape this place, and he was taking his first steps to do just that.
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••

Posted by: juliorain - 11-28-19, 10:23 PM - Forum: Character Applications - No Replies

Name: Claus
Age: Adult
Personality: Shy but mischievous. Stays along the sidelines and cracks jokes at the idiots in front, but then tease the people teasing them. Very quick and alert, and can get bored easily.
History: Spend some time in the Military.

Available Forms: (Please use a set of the below fields for each form)

Species: Dragapult
Gender: M
Form Type: https://juliorain.wordpress.com/2019/11/...dragapult/
Abilities: Clear Body: I can stealthily hide when I need to, and Infiltrator: can find ways to find my ways in buildings
Appearance: None differing from the standard; love the dragon's color scheme.

  Sword and Shield Invitational - Special Gift Station!
Posted by: Dash - 11-28-19, 04:25 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (40)

Welcome to the URPG Gift Station for Winter this year! We will be slightly changing it up a bit more than we have in the past, please read over the rules carefully! This is a mix of the Gift Stations we've done in the past to give the best experience for beginners and veterans alike! We of URPG events team hope you enjoy it!

General Gift Station Rules
  • You may only give one gift to each person.
  • There is no limit on the number of people you may give gifts to.
  • You can gift any Pokémon in your stats except for your starting Pokémon.
  • PokéMart purchases can be linked as gifts, however you must state in the PokéMart post that you are purchasing a gift.
  • TMs and items may be gifted. These must also be added to your stats.
  • Berries can be gifted in bundles of up to three berries of any kind.
  • You can also bundle a Mega Ring with a Mega Stone as a gift.
  • HMs and TM Bundles (more than one TM) are NOT allowed to be gifted.
  • A single item may be attached to a gifted Pokemon as a held item for gifting purposes.
  • Fossils are NOT allowed to be put on Pokemon as a held item for a gift.
  • Gifts MUST NOT be removed from your stats until they are claimed by the recipient.
  • All players may receive a total of TEN gifts. If you are given more than this, please choose which ones you want to receive. However, if you've already claimed ten gifts, you may not exchange them or change your mind once claimed.
  • Veteran players will have to wait to claim gifts until after the gifting period closes on December 15th.
  • Unclaimed gift purchases may be refunded after the Gift Station. Any use of or battles with the purchase will void the refund option.

Special Beginner Gift Station Rules
This Gift Station takes place during an Invitational, so we want to make it extra newbie-friendly! Here are special rules that apply to newbies (and people who gift newbies!) during this station!
  • For this event, "newbies" or "new players" are considered to be those who joined after August 1st, 2019. If you feel like you should still qualify to be a newbie (perhaps because you joined at a different date, didn't do much, then just now returned, for example), message the Invitational Host, evanfardreamer, and he will let you know if you qualify for an exception!
  • Newbies can claim gifts as soon as the recipient would like. This is to allow newcomers to use their Pokemon as soon as they're given and get a head start into the game.
  • For gifters who gift a newbie, you will receive 1/4th of the value of your gift rounded up by 250 when a newbie claims your gift. This works for anything you gift. To calculate this for Pokemon: Median value of their rank at first stage + any evolution items + total amount of TMs/Daycare moves. Mart Pokemon are calculated based on their mart value. Once the newbie posts to claim the gift, post again to include the amount that you will receive for this and add it to your stats.

The following Gift Station items may be purchased as gifts also:
  • Daycare Passes - $4,000 or $8,000. A coupon for $4,000 or $8,000 to spend on Daycare purchases: Breeding Moves, Move Tutorage, Special Moves and Hidden Abilities.
  • Park Passes - $5,000. A coupon for free Park entry, 3 Park Balls, and 2 Energy Powders.
  • Story + Art Passes - $10,000. A coupon to reduce the rank of a single Pokémon in a story by one rank. E.g. A Hard-ranked Pokémon becomes Medium-ranked, for quality and character count.

If you wish to change your gift to someone, please edit your post accordingly. You cannot do this if your gift has already been claimed.

  Sword & Shield Invitational - Advertising Contest!
Posted by: K'sariya - 11-28-19, 10:49 AM - Forum: Events - Replies (2)

URPG Advertising Contest!
november 29th - december 15th!

Hello, fellow URPGers! It's time to do some recruiting, so let's get things back in gear with some advertising to bring in the new generation!

Note that if you've posted advertisements or recruited new members within the past month of the contest starting, you may claim rewards and contribution for it through this event!

The way this contest works is fairly simple: advertise URPG in as many places as you can in order to get cold hard chance, and hopefully new members who are interested in the game! To advertise, choose whichever advertisement you'd like the Advertisements section below, and post them into the advertising sections of your favorite communities, forums, and social media sites!

Note that regular advertising rewards are not available during this event, only the ones below!


Breaking any of the below rules will void the rewards of the advertisement you broke the rule with.
  • Follow the rules of all forums, sites, and other communities that you post advertisements in. You are representing URPG, so take your time and read their advertising rules to make sure you don’t break any, and respect their community. This includes posting an advertisement in the appropriate format and in the appropriate place.
  • Check for pre-existing ads for URPG on that site. Do not post another advertisement if one has already been posted. Search for a pre-existing one!
  • Do not advertise or recruit in the chat boxes of other forums--only post advertisements where you’re explicitly allowed to.
  • Advertisements must be posted in a semi-active community to count. The community has seen some sort of social activity (not other advertisements) in at least the past two months to be considered active.
  • Try to be socially aware of where you're advertising; don't advertise in places where you don't think a URPG ad would be welcome, such as previous host forums or somewhere else that might not take well to an ad. These places are few and far between, but just be aware!

Advertisement Rewards:

  • $5,000 - Recruit a new member. Must have created stats and participated at least once in a section. Link to: recruit’s stats, proof of section participation (battle or contest log; sketchbook entry or artwork; National Park gate application or run thread). While not required to show by default, staff may ask to see proof that you were their referrer (them mentioning what ad brought them, them acknowledging that you referred them, your username listed as a referrer in their forum registration, etc.)
  • $2,500 - Recruit a returning member. Member must have not been active on URPG in the past 12 months. Must have updated stats and participated at least once in a section. Link to: returning member’s stats, proof of section participation (battle or contest log; sketchbook entry or artwork; National Park gate application or run thread)

  • $1,000 - Post a Discord advertisement. Advertisement must be in a channel that permits advertisements, or must have that server staff’s/community's permission to advertise! Link to: screenshot of whole server window (including server name and channel that permits advertising) + any special permission you’ve been given to post (if applicable).
  • $250 - Post a forum advertisement. Advertisement must be in an appropriate advertising board. Link to: advertisement post, thread, page, etc.
  • $500 - Advertise in a forum signature. Once per forum, not applicable on URPG host forums. Link to: a screenshot the signature in a forum post, or link to a post you’ve made with that signature.
  • $500 - Post an advertisement on social media. Maximum 1 per week per platform. Link to: the tweet, post, deviantART journal, etc.
  • $750 - Post a journal in a deviantART group. Once per group, in a group with at least 10 members. Link to: the journal.
  • $500 - Plug URPG in the description of a URPG or Pokemon-related work on a content sharing site (examples: AO3, deviantART). Limited 3 per week per platform. The plug/advertisement must include a link to the Getting Started page of the InfoHub and a link to the Discord server. Link to: the work with the advertisement.
  • $250 - Reblog, retweet, or similarly re-share another member’s advertisement. Must be another member’s and not your own. Link to: your reshare of the content.
  • $500 - Advertise in your signature on another forum. Must have the advertisement still in your signature until the end of the event. Once per location.

Have an idea/method for advertising that doesn't fall under the above categories? Post it here, or DM it to K'sariya on Discord!

Site-Wide Rewards:
On top of your advertisements earning you money, they also earn prizes for everyone else! Your prize totals pool together with everyone else's, and those rewards unlock rewards for the entire site!

Everyone earns $50,000:
  • Double-exp week for basics
  • A free Underground roll!
Everyone earns $75,000:
  • 25% off Park shops and fees for a week
  • An additional set of fourplay Pokemon rolled in the next period for both Art and Stories
Everyone earns $100,000:
  • 1.25x cash rewards on battles and contests for a week

Dates for site-wide bonuses will be chosen accordingly: Each top earner will choose up to two dates that are best for them, then the event participants will vote on these dates. The date with the most votes will be the date the bonuses take place!

The Advertisements:

Tips and Tricks:
Does this whole thing seem a little daunting? Don’t know where to start? Here are my best tips!

Logging Your Ads:
Use one post to track your advertisements. When you log your advertisements, you need to include only a couple of things:
  • What you completed and how much money that will give you
  • Proof of your advertisement (a link where able, if advertising on a place that’s harder to link [like a Discord server], please do a full-window screenshot instead that shows where you advertised, in what channel/spot, etc.)
  • Your total rewards (which you can claim at the end of the event)
Please list your advertisements/money gains chronologically, so that we can track our global rewards easier and more regularly!

  ⫷ Richter Castelleron ❄️ Gingersnap Snowflake ⫸
Posted by: Izuru - 11-28-19, 10:32 AM - Forum: Accepted Characters - No Replies

Richter Castelleron
Age: Young Adult
Thread Tracker: Here
Personality: A friendly soul though inwardly wary and cautious. They want to be part of a family but find themselves hesitating in growing close to others. Will attempt to help others regardless unless found to betray trust.
History: Richter had come from a family with a noble title, what that title was, they never learned. For as one in a household of a number of children, a step-mother with no love to give children not her own could easily sell one of them at little cost or notice to herself. The young noble was passed through many hands, and remembered. They had slunk with them a journal, one that held their name, and would add to it and read it over each night for years, in the hopes to one day be able to track down their siblings and find out what had become of them.

Passing from place to place, Richter eventually came to the notice of a knight, one who knew the worth of the Castelleron name, and took on young Richter as a squire, training them, and getting them their first Pokemon companion. A patterned Charmander that came to be known by the name of Gumbo. Richter took their training seriously, as did their Pokemon, finally thinking that maybe they could be happy here. During a meeting with another knight however, things went sour.

Richter's mentor was betrayed, and killed before their eyes. Leaving them to climb aboard the recently evolved Charizard to flee the area. Town after town, it became clear that they were framed for the murder, and a bounty had been placed. So Richter urged Gumbo to fly out for another land, and the pair were caught in a storm. Keeping airborne in a tropical storm was no easy feat, especially when one bore a sword among their gear. Light lanced through the sky and struck the pair of them, Richter falling to meet the ocean below, not to know what had become of their partner.


Available Forms: 

Species: Alolan Vulpix
Gender: Agender
Form Type: Imported
Abilities: Snow Cloak In a landscape of snow, ice, or during hailing weather, Richter's fur blends in with the background and they become increasingly hard to spot in these situations. The farther away you are, the harder it is to spot the snow white fur, up to the point where the pix becomes invisible at the farthest range one might be able to see.
Snow Warning (Locked) Richter uses the Alolan Vulpix's species trait of producing colder temperatures to whip up a blizzard with a distance of 25 feet in diameter, though they must start at a point where they stand within the circumference of the blizzard. The blizzard lasts for 3 posts inside a fight and 5 posts outside of a fight. They can not engage this ability again until they have had at least 4 hours of rest. They can not fight weather effects like harsher temperatures, and this will become rain if used in a desert or other hot climate.
Appearance: Almost the same as typical, but like ice the sun shines upon, there are flecks of gold over the Vulpix's body that catch in the sunlight. There is a small scar on their back, the shape of a many pointed star, and at times this aches.

  Galar Blitz - K'sariya
Posted by: sapahn - 11-28-19, 01:13 AM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (3)

Ranger Post #1

Wrought iron bars cast against gaping cave mouth gave the dark scene before him a feeling just as cold as his insides and sweat dripped relentlessly from his forehead, doing the young ranger's nerves no favors. The curves and bends of the gate's intricate design seemed almost like a sinister grin on Joe as he approached, fumbling a small ring of keys between shaking fingers. The tales told to the red-clad man of this wondrous space certainly made him question the intelligence of entering it: a space so unstable no one on staff at the Park could predict what it would produce for its inhabitants. Even though the other Rangers seemed to just accept this fact for what it was and carry on, the inexperienced Joe couldn't help but feel reprehensive toward being tasked with guiding a fellow trainer through this unknown cave. Even so, he had to admit there was a certain thrill to the uncertainty he hadn't felt since his own days of traveling as a Pokémon trainer.

But what was he doing here in front of the Enigma Ruins, preparing to meet with his charge? Exciting news for the National Park had recently attracted an influx of eager customers raring for a chance at Pokémon previously vacant of this region. Pokémon from the distant Galar Region have started appearing with the Park's areas, most notably the Enigma Ruins where they presently seemed to be most plentiful. Joe, himself, was rather anxious to see some of these Pokémon he had never seen before, adding to the nostalgia of his journey years ago. It was just a shame they had to literally trek through space and time for the greatest chance to see them and that's what the customers want right now. He breathed a heavy sigh when he finally got a firm grip on the key inscribed "Enigma."

But that could wait a bit longer, he thought, as he lowered his arm and paced toward the side of the tunnel and leaned back against it. Lazy eyes scanned the black silhouettes of tree tops against the orange sky ushering in the sunrise. He was early, as he liked to be, so there was still time before Finch, the customer he had been assigned today, would probably arrive. In the meantime, he may as well relax and enjoy the birdsong of the edge of the woods around him.

With a click of a Pokeball at his waste, he released the brown, burly form of a Conkeldurr. Bella gave her trainer a brief glance and read the worry and stress he felt. She closed her eyes and gently lay the two large cinderblocks she held on the grass beneath her, damp with morning dew, and slowly lowered herself to sit against the cave wall at Joe's side. Joe smiled as he closed his eyes as well. He starting to feel restful, his breath leveling out.

Trainer Stats:

Pokémon Stats:

  the wishing lands
Posted by: K'sariya - 11-28-19, 12:25 AM - Forum: The Stepping Stones - Replies (3)

<div style="position:relative; height:400px; width:100%; background-image:url('https://i.imgur.com/eltJ4BC.png'); margin:auto; background-size:cover; background-position:right top;">
<div style="position:absolute; top:100px; right:24px; width:364px; height:260px; background-color:rgba(43,27,65,.5); overflow:auto; padding:13px; color:#d9ecfd; font-size:12px; text-align:justify;">Their trek down from the Summits is more quiet than their meeting on the peak--Io has to focus more carefully on where she places her paws, and there's something nice to the way she doesn't feel obligated to fill the quiet with Gawain. It's nice, to simply be able to be with someone. It's the way that friendship is supposed to be, she feels.

Eventually, the terrain evens out, and the snow fades to stone, and then to dirt, and then to more temperate flora budding to life along the slopes. Their trek through the Spine eventually brings them to its easternmost endcap.

The first floating mountain comes into view as they round about the path, stepping from behind the last of the slopes and into the land of sheer drops and gravity-defying colossi. Ever-so-slowly, she's worked to overcome the anxiety around this place, borne from the trauma of the first plummet from its heights. She looks to Gawain, only barely managing to keep the apprehension from her features as she realizes that he may not have a form that's well-suited for traveling here. Eye remains fixed upon him, quiet for a few moments, as she looks him over to ensure he's alright from the journey. As if she hadn't already been glancing back at him the whole time to check anyway.

<div style="position:absolute; bottom:18px; left:18px;">[Image: EkyjQEf.png]</div>
<div style="text-align:center; margin-top:6px;">table by k'sariya | space stock by funerium / resurgere</div>

  [MEGASTONE] of overgrowth and carapace
Posted by: K'sariya - 11-27-19, 09:06 PM - Forum: The Menagerie - Replies (1)

A sickly purple stone withers the plants beneath it as it clatters to the Menagerie floor. Not far away, one that practically buzzes with energy quivers on the edge of a root, as if waiting for the perfect moment to roll away, as if it has a mind of its own.

A Poison and Bug Megastone have spawned in the Menagerie!

Posted by: VeloJello - 11-27-19, 01:09 PM - Forum: Wayward Cove - Replies (12)

Vincent the Scolipede (Swarm Ability).
Affected RPers: N/A.

The Pangoro's hand closes around his throat. The school of Basculin fly in his face, showering him in briny water. Wood crunches as his horns slam against the Trevenant's body, running it through and pinning it against the wall. 

He remembers all of these things, and then they disappear, leaving him at once heavy and weightless, agonized and numb, so cold that coldness loses meaning.

You're gonna be the star of our show.

Slow, shaking legs try to find purchase on sodden sand. His body, huge and heavy, doesn't want to move. But Vincent knows that he can't delay. Where there is vulnerability, there is threat.

He looks around - his neck snaps side-to-side until the resulting dizziness puts him on his knees, just for a moment. It doesn't make a difference how fast he tries to take in the scenery; he can barely see. The salt water stings his eyes, exhaustion and a ringing headache nearly bringing him down again. He slowly rotates his head around.

Blackness beneath him... black sand? He's familiar with sand. It's supposed to be hot and dry, though, not wet and bone-chilling. Not this color. He traces one uncertain foot down the beach. He doesn't like the way it shifts. If he needs to run, there'll be no way for him to get traction.

But he doesn't see any reason to run - be it into or away from a battle. No sign of life... yet, at least. Vincent takes his first few footsteps inland, away from the ocean that nearly claimed him.

  Storm the Beaches ⚡
Posted by: Fenris - 11-27-19, 10:29 AM - Forum: Wayward Cove - Replies (18)

•• ━━━━━ •••• ━━━━━ ••
Character: Jiji
Form: Raikou
Ability: Pressure
Affiliation: Rogue
Post Involves: n/a
•• ━━━━━ •••• ━━━━━ ••

He felt heavy; limbs dragged down by invisible weight and his head being buried further and further in the...sand? He was laying on sand? Wha...?

It took longer than was comfortable to pry his eyes open to see what was going on, and where he was. A large swathe of sand and rocks greeted him. Water lapped at his legs then, and he shuddered, pulling himself further ahead with difficulty after a moment. He was on a beach then, though how he'd gotten there was a blurred mess of images and colors in his mind's eye instead of a clear memory. Perhaps there had been a ship...? but further detail escaped him, and he had more pressing problems to deal with.

First of them being standing up and figuring out exactly where he was. Seawater streamed down his back where it escaped from the sodden mess of his mane (Was he supposed to have a mane? Something about that felt strange to think...)

Those first tumbling steps took him far longer than he'd ever like to admit, but eventually he was up and and to properly look at where he was. Just where had he ended up?
•• ━━━━━ •••• ━━━━━ ••