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  Gen VI Run: WinterVines
Posted by: ChainReaction01 - 01-21-14, 10:55 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (45)

NBP #1

Ranger Chainy

OOC: This is going to be so much fun >:) I have big plans. And heads up, this is going to be a run like my last run with you was, mwah ha ha ha! Except probably not as hard because then you get upset and we don't really need to go into this so let's just get started.


I cricked my neck as I waited at the front entrance to the Ruined Manor. Doing so was super bad for my bones, I knew, and arthritis was probably going to be a pain in later life. Still, the sound was super satisfying and it helped to drive off the headaches that I occasionally got. I knew that this was probably just a placebo effect but that didn't matter to me; as long as it continued to work I would continue to do it, unless a doctor explicitly told me not to. And I hadn't seen a doctor for years.

The Ruined Manor was actually rather interesting. Us Rangers were spread so thin and kept so busy with all of our jobs (like escorting Trainer, tracking population cycles, defending the borders from poachers, and many more) that we simply couldn't spare the time to explore and map out the entirety of the island. The discovery of this building had happened quite by accident, and it actually was not an uncommon occurrence. Only about a couple of years ago we had discovered the Enigma Ruins, which we still did not understand. I was forever begging the higher-ups to let me tinker with it but they were afraid that I'd create a black hole or tweak Arceus' nuts or something. So, instead of playing around with machinery that I didn't understand, I was here, waiting for a Trainer to go on an Expedition.

Actually, I wasn't too upset by this. The Trainer was supposed to be a newbie, someone fresh from the Kalos region. I hadn't been sent the file yet, but I didn't mind who it was. All I wanted was a nice, relaxing run. Well, that and to have a bit of a nose around the Manor. My Dusknoir was also looking forwards to this; she was the most quiet member of my team, which meant she was overlooked. However, she'd practically begged to come along when I said I was going to the manor. In fact, at this moment she was lurking around somewhere. I couldn't see her at the moment, but I knew she wasn't far, definitely within earshot. She was probably making friends with the local Ghosts. With any luck, she'd be able to attract something cool for my Trainer to see.


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Mizuki
Location: Ruined Manor
Area Effects: 15 Encounters Remaining
Pokemon Encountered: N/A
Pokemon Captured: N/A
CC since last Encounter: 0

Pokemon Statistics:

Quirky F Greninja 100%
Name: Kaeruichi
Ability: Protean
EMs: Surf, Waterfall

Impish F Gengar 100%
Name: ChristmasPast
Ability: Levitate
EMs: Strength, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Taunt, Sludge Bomb, Will-o-Wisp, Hidden Power Flying, Substitute, Attract, Psych Up, Toxic, Protect, Energy Ball, Snatch, Focus Punch, Psychic, Torment, Counter, Ice Punch, Rest, Giga Drain, Focus Blast, Sleep Talk, Fire Punch, Skill Swap, Trick Room, Swagger, Dazzling Gleam, Icy Wind, Pain Split, Disable, Perish Song, Knock Off, Foul Play, Haze

Hasty M Drapion 100%
Name: To be determined, probably on the spot.
Ability: Battle Armor
EMs: Aerial Ace, Payback, Toxic, Taunt, Protect, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Poison Jab, Substitute, Roar, Earthquake, Brick Break, Bulldoze, Iron Tail, Rock Tomb, Thief, Rest, Sleep Talk, Agility, Confuse Ray, Aqua Tail

Quirky F Honchkrow 100%
Name: Karasu
Ability: Insomnia
EMs: Thunder Wave, Psych Up, Icy Wind, Roost, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, Whirlwind, Quick Attack, Heat Wave, Superpower

Item Statistics:

Digital Camera, Super Potion x5, Full Heal x2, Park Ball, x4, Hyperball x2, Superball x3, Apricorn Box


  All The Reasons I Don't Ref Much
Posted by: Ash K. - 01-21-14, 12:04 PM - Forum: Battle Results - Replies (151)

Battle 1371

Peaceful Giraffe vs Eridanus

Helds Off
No Starting Weather
Default Terrain

Flabébé vs Froakie

That hax...

Eridanus wins and gets $1,000
Peaceful Giraffe loses and gets $500
Ash K. refs and gets $500
Ash K.'s unpaid salary: $500
Ash K.'s all time ref wages: $1,020,000

  Ranger Wages: 1/6-1/19
Posted by: WinterVines - 01-19-14, 09:36 AM - Forum: Ranger Wages - Replies (1)

More wages. Things might start slowing down because school is starting up again for some, but let's try to keep on it as best we can. The sign-ups for the Gen VI Release event also end on the 22nd, so if you haven't done that yet, get on it. Remind others too. Remember, they only have to sign-up before the deadline; the run doesn't have to be completed.

If I forgot someone, let me know.


[MENTION=3239]ChainReaction01[/MENTION]; | 2 Posts | $2,000

[MENTION=3162]Felly[/MENTION]; | 4 Posts | $6,000 | If someone's posts are under 500, ask them to edit and add.

[MENTION=6574]Sky Lark[/MENTION]; | 1 Post | $2,000

[MENTION=4872]Taither[/MENTION]; | 1 Post | $1,000

WinterVines | 4 Posts | $8,000


Claiming mine.

  Ref Wages (5th January - 19th January)
Posted by: BlueTowel - 01-19-14, 08:43 AM - Forum: Referee Wages - Replies (2)

Synthesis: $4,000

CommBA: $2,000

Neonsands: $34,000

legs: $8,500

Monbrey: $18,000

WinterVines: $500

Princess Crow: $7,000

KnittyDragon: $9,000

Dinobot: $6,500

Turtwig A: $6,000

swiftgallade46: $8,000

Felly: $19,000

BlueTowel: $2,500

  URPG to Expand to Pokemon Crossroads (Feb. 21)
Posted by: HKim - 01-19-14, 01:49 AM - Forum: Announcements Archive - Replies (2)

Greetings My Friends,

As you probably already know (based on the title), I am pleased to announce that, this February, the Pokemon Ultra RPG will be establishing a new branch on Pokemon Crossroads!

To some of you, this does not come as a surprise. Many of us are already members on Pokemon Crossroads and a few of us were responsible for the establishment and creation of this community. It would only be natural for the URPGers there to want to bring together both worlds.

Pokemon Crossroads is a Pokemon site (and forum) dedicated to the works of the Pokemon fandom. While it does cover Pokemon news, the site content tends to focus towards editorials and fan creations such as art and comics. It receives a steady stream of traffic and activity. Last week, it averaged 486 posts/day (compared to 22 posts/day at PWN, 465 posts/day at PokeBeach, 1,340 posts/day at Bulbagarden, and about 85 posts/day at Pokemon Elite 2000 the same time last year).

In many ways the PXR Forum is the spiritual successor of the Pokemon Elite 2000 and Pokemon Stadium communities which both migrated there after the closure of both sites. The staff is comprised of leaders from both of these forums as well as familiar faces from around the online Pokemon community.

The PXR Staff reached out to us and asked if we'd like to establish a branch there. After a bit of discussion, we accepted under the usual terms. As always, the URPG has control of its own section with Moderator power and authority. Similarly, we control all URPG Staff and Profession positions. This is the authority that we've retained on every branch we've established. The PXR Staff has agreed to respect our authority.

There is an interest by the PXR Leaders to coordinate and cooperate in regards to events. A desire to bring together our communities in a manner that is a bit more than giving us a space to post. I hope that such efforts prove fruitful and look forward to what we might accomplish together.

In February, we'll be opening the branch, though I currently do not know the exact date. I encourage everyone to register an account on Pokemon Crossroads, especially those with a Profession or Gym Leader position. Please take the time to introduce yourself and get to know the members of this community. It is my hope that they'll see how friendly (or insane) we are and decide to join up as new members (please be more friendly than crazy). I'd say be at your best behavior, but I know you guys won't listen to me anyway.

Regardless, these are exciting times! The URPG is growing. Before we had 3 branches and once again that shall be the case! Here's to the URPG and here's to Tomorrow!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply and the Staff will do their best to answer them. If you have any cool launch event ideas, we'd love to hear them!

TL;DR Version

  • URPG Establishing Branch on Pokemon Crossroads in February
  • Join Pokemon Crossroads
  • Make Friends with the Members
  • Post if you have any Suggestions, Comments, or Concerns

  After My Last Loss I Quit!
Posted by: DarknessRuler - 01-18-14, 10:10 PM - Forum: Announcements Archive - Replies (1)

quit =P

Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you....

[Image: URPGanniversarybanner2.png]
Thank you Felly for the banners

Birth of the Game
On January 11th, 1999 white_rider_au, along with his best friend theholywhitedragon, created a Yahoo! Club named The Ultimate Pokemon RPG. Only 3 months and 12 days after Pokemon had been released in the United States, two teenagers worked hard on putting together the mechanics from the game and applying them to an online RPG. After two years it was apparent that dark times laid ahead of the Yahoo! Club as Yahoo had transitioned from Clubs into Groups then because of problems within the leaders, the Yahoo! Group was soon deleted. This didn't set well with the members so, feeling that it was their duty, Figgy and Nintendofreak, reformed the group under what we know now as The Pokemon Ultra RPG. However, as time goes on Figgy left the group in the hands of moderator Flareon who saw where the Yahoo! Group was heading. After losing many members when Ultimate was deleted and with the current members unhappy with the format that Yahoo had made its Groups, Flareon had negociated with PokemonElite2000, the founder of the Pokemon Elite 2000 (PE2K) forum and moved The Pokemon URPG to his site in February of 2003 . Flareon, knowing that he couldn't maintain leadership for long, passed the torch on to a very good man; lil_leprachaun33. After many changes and ups, as well as the downs, The Pokemon URPG then branched to what we have now on Bulbagarden (April 15th, 2010) and then again to The Pokemon World Forums which was then renamed Petalburg Woods Network or PWN (May 4th, 2013). It was then, just a little over a year later, that the URPG closed the doors on what was known to many as the Parent forum for the community for good.

Evolution of the Game
If you look at the banner above, you'll see how Pikachu has evolved from game to game. If you look at all the Snorlax spirits, it took it 15 years to get off it's lazy rear. It took 15 years from the inception of The Ultimate Pokemon RPG to what we have today. As the video games evolved, so did we; right along with it. Playing on the Yahoo! Club wasn't easy. The PokeMart had to be bookmarked along with your stats. Any story that you wrote had to be bookmarked as well and not forgotten about. Then you had to bug a grader to grade your story. There were no wages for grading back then. I wrote my first story shortly after I joined, and boy was it horrible! Had no plot to it at all. Was about a short as the first section on this, maybe a little longer. But do you really expect an 11 year old with ADD to type a whole story by the guide lines that are set, even with today's guide lines? I think not. Reffing a battle and posting the logs were just as bad. Yes, refs got paid. Some kept one post for all of their logs and some posted each battle individually. Either way, each time wages came around they were asked for their battle logs. There were no thread battles either because it would be extremely difficult to maintain those when they got pushed into what I called the Dark Abyss. FFA's where few and far between as well because of what we had to work with.

Nintendofreak, Figgy, Flareon, KoolKurtis and moon_lite_dragon were all my friends. They eventually helped me understand the game and the process for battling. Nothing about it really changed over the years. There's FAR more clauses now than what we originally had, but that's besides the point. We battled over Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Today we have it easy because we're all in a group chat on AIM and we have multiple chats for battling. Back then, we had to ask individuals if they would like to battle. 98% of the time, you managed to find an opponent so it wasn't that hard. The issue was finding a ref to actually wanted to ref said battle. The one thing that has changed since 1999, and I hope to bring it back eventually, is that the challenger always sent first. Gym battle or not that's how we determined the send order. FFA's were difficult to do on YIM due to life, still a fairly fresh group and the fact that EVERYONE was scattered throughout the world. Yes, many lived in Australia like white_rider and moon_lite_dragon but to get everyone on at once to do an FFA was very difficult. And you didn't have everyone added to your friends list either. So if a ref was wanting to put together an FFA, they had to actually search people out that were online. Thankfully, Yahoo! Profiles stated if you were online or not.

Reffing was different then as well; far more difficult. Refs didn't have a calculator to do their work for damage. Thank God there weren't abilities at the time as well. Refs used a formula and did all the math on paper, making battles last a while.

[Image: DamageCalc.png]
[Image: ModifierCalc.png]

With the except of the 'other', that's pretty much it. Yes, I had to search for that and found it on Bulbapedia. Also found this Video Game Example
to give an example if a ref was reffing like we did with today's setup. THANK YOU SO MUCH [MENTION=3434]Monbrey[/MENTION] FOR MAKING THE CALCULATORS!

Dark Side of the Moon
Like with everything in the world, there's always a darker side. HKIM did interviews many years ago for an article for the URPG Times. many truths came out that he and I would like to share.


Dire 8/30/2004]
[spoiler]HKimF: Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Harry Kim.
HKimF: I'm doing a forum article on the URPG and I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions.
Neith16: sure thing guess
HKimF: Thankyou.
HKimF: From what I can tell, you were called Jose?
Neith16: Yes thats right
Neith16: well am, since im still alive :)
HKimF: Heh.
HKimF: So, when did you join the URPG?
Neith16: wow...hmmm
Neith16: years ago...wow...lemme see
Neith16: was about 98 or 99 I believe
Neith16: not really sure, when I joined it was a yahoo club
Neith16: so u can imagin e how long ago
HKimF: Okay, and when you joined, who was in charge?
Neith16: It was white_rider_au
HKimF: How well did you know him?
Neith16: well, we werent like super close but i knew him well enough,we were friends
HKimF: How well did you know Figgy.
Neith16: hmmm...that one was different relationship, we were friends, but he had his own group of friends i guess so we didnt get to know eachother that much
HKimF: I heard there was some tension between Rider and Figgy.
Neith16: yup
Neith16: there was
Neith16: which caused rider to resign from leadership
HKimF: What were the arguments usually over?

Neith16: that was so long ago...I cant recall exactly
HKimF: I see.
HKimF: What happened to Rider?
Neith16: He eventually left the rpg
Neith16: I guess he got fed up of fighting
HKimF: I heard he created another group, Omega.
Neith16: no, that was Figgy
Neith16: I think
HKimF: I see.
HKimF: Did you know Pelican?
Neith16: course
Neith16: hehe he had a club too but thatw as more of a chatting place
HKimF: What was Pelican's position in the URPG?
Neith16: hmmm im not sure really
Neith16: he wasnt very active by the time i joined
HKimF: Okay.
HKimF: Do you remember the URPG deletion?
Neith16: there was some fuzz about it, I dont think they ever foudn out who it REALLy was, someone took responsiblity for it but just to stop the fighting, she didnt really delete it, but if they found out who it really was, I was never told
HKimF: I heard it was a three man job.
Neith16: all I know is who claimed responsiblity for it, wasnt the one
HKimF: Moonlite.
Neith16: ya
Neith16: she wasnt it
HKimF: Some people think it was Dire.
Neith16: I dunno why he would do it *shrugs*
HKimF: Okay, so how did the deletion affect the URPG?
Neith16: well I wish i could answere that question, but i did leave the rpg at some point
HKimF: So you left then?
Neith16: ya, not cuz the deletions or whatnot
Neith16: I was kinda tired of the fighting etc. I was in that rpg to make friends and have fun, didnt really need the stress
HKimF: I see.
HKimF: Did you join a side?
HKimF: Figgy or Rider?
Neith16: not I always remained neutral
Neith16: but I was more for Rider than figgy, to be honest
HKimF: Did Figgy have a girlfriend?
Neith16: for the laps ot time i knew him he ahd 2 if Im not mistken
Neith16: of*
HKimF: I see.
HKimF: Does any member stand out in your mind?
Neith16: Jag
Neith16: blackjaguar_amazonrainforest
HKimF: What do you remember about him?
Neith16: her
HKimF: Her, my apologies.
Neith16: shes ws prolly the best trainer in the rpg, atlest to me she was
Neith16: when she started in the rpg, i remember I helped her a LOT with advice
HKimF: Anything else?
Neith16: I believe she was the fir to beat my gym
Neith16: first*
Neith16: I used to be the Cerulian Gym leader, heh
Neith16: she had a firey temper sometimes hehe, but she was amazing
Neith16: amazing friend and amazing trainer
HKimF: Do you still talk to her?
Neith16: from time to time...she rarelly has any time online nemore and nor do I since Im in collge and all
HKimF: I see.
HKimF: Anything you want to add?
Neith16: is the rpg stilla ctive?
HKimF: Yes, actually.
HKimF: After the deletion, Figgy and Flare eventually moved it to PE2K.
Neith16: cool, I hope i guys have as much fun as i had in it :)
HKimF: From there, PE2K members joined the URPG.
HKimF: Now Lep leads the group.
HKimF: Do you remember him?
Neith16: Lep?
Neith16: Leprachaun?
HKimF: Yes.
Neith16: wow, never woulda guessed he'd be the leader now
HKimF: Oh?
Neith16: dunno...

  Main RP: Sandy Beach
Posted by: WinterVines - 01-14-14, 06:17 PM - Forum: Main Pokémon RP - No Replies

[Image: tanra5F.png]
Banner by Mistral

"Saltwater Water-types can be found here among the sands that race about the Park's mainlands. The beach slopes gently out into the resplendent blue of the clouded ocean before dropping sharply into its depths several hundred yards out. Small islands, almost nothing more than spotted sandbars out in the blue, dot the shores just before the drop-off into the endless deep."

  Main RP: Ruined Palace
Posted by: WinterVines - 01-14-14, 06:16 PM - Forum: Main Pokémon RP - Replies (39)

[Image: PoeENRA.png]
Banner by Mistral

In the shadows of The Woods’ trees and Meteor Valley’s great hills sits a once-grand complex. The high towers of this now-decrepit estate are home to mischievous Pokemon that like to creep through the shadows. Dark-and-Ghost-type Pokemon watch with eager eyes the travelers who pass through living quarters, art galleries, libraries, and so much more. Vast courtyards sprawl in the Palace’s center, where nature has attempted to reclaim its own – and, it’s rumored, where the more powerful Pokemon of the darkness can be found.

  URPG's 4th Unwanted Stuff Garage Sale!
Posted by: Bumblebee - 01-11-14, 05:05 PM - Forum: Marketplace - Replies (3)

[SIZE="5"]URPG's 4th Unwanted Stuff Garage Sale![/SIZE]
[SIZE="4"]Sponsored by the i bank of URPG[/SIZE]

[Image: Pokemon-Black-and-White-230x225.jpg]

Hello people and welcome to the second Unwanted Stuff Garage Sale!

Like the first one that was held back in late 2009, here's your chance again, for you to clean up that stat page of yours and get yourself some reward while you're at it. Got any unwanted TMs? How about useless stones or random items that you got from the Underground that you could never get rid off? Now, during the time period of this event, not only can you get rid of them, you will get a tiny amount of refund as well!

Anyway, here are the simple rules to sell your items to us. Do take a quick glance so that you will know how it works.
  • You can sell as many items as you want (unused TMs, evolution stones, berries, Park items, etc).
  • You can also sell (get rid) of Pokemon that you don't want. Do note that this process is non-reversible however, so think properly before doing that.
  • You cannot sell away your starter Pokemon.
  • I will be keeping a list of the items sold in the second post for record purpose.
  • Prices are fixed, so no nagging.
  • Try to sell away everything within one post. I will approve your transaction after that. If you're going to sell another item after that however, make a new post. Do not edit your previous.
  • You are not supposed to take the stuff out of your stats or add the money until the transaction is approved.
  • Have fun cleaning up your inventory and party of Pokemon!

Unlike before however, the refund price is slightly raised. Each item refund is worth $250 now. Each Pokemon can be sold for $2,000 each. We don't pay extra for any TM/HMs that were taught to them. For the following specific items however, they still refund $100 instead.
  • Fragrance (Removes 100 characters)
  • Scent Sprays
  • Cheri Berry
  • Chesto Berry
  • Pecha Berry
  • Rawst Berry
  • Aspear Berry

Also, in case anyone misunderstands: You sell your items to the 'URPG Bank', not to each other.

Event runs till January 25th. Have fun clearing out your garage!

  Hidden Power Reroll Station 7 - Reroll Your Crap!
Posted by: Bumblebee - 01-11-14, 05:04 PM - Forum: Marketplace - Replies (8)

Hidden Power Reroll Station 7 - Reroll your crap!

[Image: itsonlyagambl128481076765781250.jpg]

  • It costs 3,000 for a Pokemon's HP type to be rerolled
  • The Pokemon must already have a HP type (and therefore have HP)
  • When posting a purchase, post it like any other purchase, and include the Pokemon you want rerolled and a link to your stats
  • A Pokemon's HP type may only be rerolled once per event, even if it changes owner
  • This event is incompatible with rental Pokemon
  • You won't be rerolled the same type as the type you currently have
  • You must keep your new type, unless it happens to be rolled again in the future
  • After a HP type is rerolled, you must update your stats to reflect the new HP type
  • Don't start a battle if you haven't updated your stats with a reroll
  • Don't reroll the HP of a Pokemon if it is in a battle
  • Only Officials, Senior Refs, and higher authority members are able to reroll HP types
  • Rerolls should be witnessed by 2 people other than the roller
  • Reroll results should be posted in this thread; think of it like The Underground

Please use this list for all rerolls:

1 Bug
2 Dark
3 Dragon
4 Electric
5 Fighting
6 Fire
7 Flying
8 Ghost
9 Grass
10 Ground
11 Ice
12 Poison
13 Psychic
14 Rock
15 Steel
16 Water

Normal is missing because HP Normal does not exist. There is no need to renumber anything to avoid rerolling the same type. Just do another reroll if you land on the same type.

  • Reroll results should include the customer's name, the Pokemon species, the previous type, the new type, and the 2 witnesses
  • All purchases that occur within 336 hours (2 weeks) after this post are valid
  • When updating your Hidden Power, remember to follow the new guidelines found here

May luck be with you!