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  Ranger Wages: 12/9-12/22
Posted by: Akinai - 12-22-13, 04:27 PM - Forum: Ranger Wages - Replies (1)

Since Winter is unable to post this weekend and Chainy is cracking out on DOTA/stalking his fellow Head/being an overall ninja I should probably do something other than write a crudload of posts, handing Wages this time around. If there are any mistakes, feel free to let me know and I'll look into it.

Akinai: 21 Posts - $32,000
@Felly; 7 Posts - $11,000
@WinterVines; 6 Posts - $10,000
@MuddyMudkip; 4 Posts - $7,000
@ChainReaction01; 4 Posts - $5,000
@TheProtobabe; 2 Posts - $2,000
@Dog of Hellsing; 2 Posts - $2,000 Make sure to update your log.
@Sky Lark; 1 Post - $2,000 Be sure to update your log, almost missed this one.

  Ref Wages (8th December - 22nd December)
Posted by: BlueTowel - 12-22-13, 10:07 AM - Forum: Referee Wages - Replies (1)

Siless: $2,000

Ataro: $7,000

Morru Magnum: $3,000

KnittyDragon: $43,000

SLCalamity: $7,000

CommBA: $13,000

WinterVines: $64,500

Monbrey: $14,500
+$2,000 Cloud #9

Synthesis: $24,500

Elamite: $31,500
~Error: Claiming $2,000 for a $1,500 battle.
+$1,000 from Swiftly Reffed Battles (sorta).

ChainReaction01: $9,500
~Error: Pay scale is incorrect. The first three out get $1,000 and it increases by $500 for each person out. You have it as the first four out.

Princess Crow: $6,000

Turtwig A: $18,500

Neonsands: $30,000

swiftgallade46: $79,000

Sky Lark: $13,500

BlueTowel: $47,500

Posted by: Voltaire Magneton - 12-20-13, 08:47 PM - Forum: Forum Battles - Replies (21)



@Felly; just notifying ;)
[MENTION=6568]BlueTowel[/MENTION]; are you gonna ref this too? (:

  Herpaderp stats
Posted by: Herpaderp - 12-20-13, 01:47 PM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Classification: Pokemon Trainer
Total Money: $9,000
Battles: 73
Record: W/L/T – 44/29/0
Held Battle Items: /
Unused Berries and Herbs: /
Other Items: Park Ball x4, Pokedoll x3, Type Repellent (Psychic) x1
HMs in Possession: /
Unused TMs in Possession:*
Badges in Possession:*
Orange Islands:*


Pokemon: Gengar (Ghost/Poison)
Nickname: /
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Battles: 19
Win/Loss: 11/8
FFA: /
Highest FFA Rank: /
Height: 4'11
Weight: 89.3 lbs.
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: TM 66 Giga Drain, SM Sludge Wave, MT Icy Wind
Level Up - Confuse Ray, Curse, Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Dream Eater, Hex, Hypnosis, Lick, Mean Look, Night Shade, Nightmare, Payback, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Spite, Sucker Punch

Pokemon: Cloyster (Water/Ice)
Nickname: /
Gender: Female
Ability: Shell Armor/Skill Link
Battles: 18
Win/Loss: 13/5
FFA: 1
Highest FFA Rank: 13th
Height: 4'11
Weight: 292.1 lbs.
Nature: Relaxed
Level Up - Aurora Beam, Brine, Clamp, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Iron Defense, Leer, Protect, Razor Shell, Shell Smash, Spike Cannon, Spikes, Supersonic, Tackle, Toxic Spikes, Whirlpool, Withdraw

Pokemon: Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)
Nickname: /
Ability: Unnerve/Sandstream
Battles: 14
Win/Loss: 9/5
FFA: /
Highest FFA Rank: /
Height: 6'07
Weight: 445.3 lbs.
Nature: Gentle
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: TM 102 Aerial Ace
Level Up - Bite, Chip Away, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Ice Fang, Leer, Payback, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Scary Face, Screech, Stone Edge, Thrash, Thunder Fang

Pokemon: Noctowl (Normal/Flying)
Nickname: /
Gender: Female
Ability: Insomnia/Keen Eye
Battles: 16
Win/Loss: 11/5
FFA: /
Highest FFA Rank: /
Height: 5'03
Weight: 89.9 lbs.
Nature: Calm
Level Up - Air Slash, Confusion, Dream Eater, Echoed Voice, Extrasensory, Foresight, Growl, Hypnosis, Peck, Psycho Shift, Reflect, Roost, Sky Attack, Synchronoise, Tackle, Take Down, Uproar, Zen Headbutt

Pokemon: Nincada (Bug/Ground)
Nickname: /
Gender: Male
Ability: Compoundeyes
Battles: 7
Win/Loss: 1/6
FFA: /
Highest FFA Rank: /
Height: 1'08
Weight: 12.1 lbs.
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: TM22 Solar Beam, TM 66 Giga Drain, TM72 Shadow Ball, TM102 Aerial Ace, BM Bug Buzz, BM Feint Attack, BM Final Gambit, BM Gust, BM Night Slash, BM Silver Wind, MT Fury Cutter
Level Up - Dig, False Swipe, Fury Swipes, Harden, Leech Life, Metal Claw, Mind Reader, Mud-Slap, Sand Attack, Scratch

Pokemon: Gliscor (Ground/Flying)
Nickname: /
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Veil/Poison Heal
Battles: 0
Win/Loss: 0/0
FFA: /
Highest FFA Rank: /
Height: 6'07
Weight: 93.7 lbs
Nature: Sassy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: BM Baton Pass, BM Counter, TM 78 Bulldoze, TM 26 Earthquake, TM 17 Protect, TM 69 Rock Polish, TM 51 Roost, TM 76 Stealth Rock, TM 90 Substitute, TM 12 Taunt
Level Up - Acrobatics, Feint Attack, Fire Fang, Fury Cutter, Guillotine, Harden, Ice Fang, Knock Off, Night Slash, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Screech, Sky Uppercut, Slash, Swords Dance, Thunder Fang, U-turn, X-Scissor

Pokemon: Wormadam 'Sand Cloak' (Bug/Ground)
Nickname: /
Gender: Female
Ability: Anticipation
Battles: /
Win/Loss: 0/0
FFA: /
Highest FFA Rank: /
Height: 1'08
Weight: 14.3 lbs
Nature: Bashful
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: TM 06 Toxic
Level Up - Attract, Bug Bite, Captivate, Confusion, Fissure, Flail, Harden, Hidden Power (Water), Protect, Psybeam, Psychic, Rock Blast, Tackle

  Geosenge vs Voltaire Magneton
Posted by: Mistral - 12-19-13, 05:00 PM - Forum: Forum Battles - Replies (48)

[Image: Geosengebanner.png]
Cave Terrain
No Starting Weather
Holds On
Acc/Eva/Slp/Frz/OHKO/Species Clauses
Challenger sends first
[MENTION=6603]Voltaire Magneton[/MENTION]; sends first, & [MENTION=6568]BlueTowel[/MENTION]; is our ref. ;D

  Stolen Love (WWC)
Posted by: Axion - 12-18-13, 12:52 PM - Forum: Stories - Replies (4)

Pokemon Aiming for: Klefki
CCs: 21,037

My submission for Winter Writing Competition, enjoy!

Nary a single sizable sliver of light shone through the dark courtyard as the late evening hours began their final descent upon the horizon. The walls of the mansion’s gardens were touched the few pale slivers that managed to penetrate the thick layer of clouds covering the sky, causing the stone divider’s to have unnatural portion that seemed to glow with an unearthly light. A brush flat against the southern wall shifted for a moment, then died down as its occupant shifted to gain a better view of the garden. Two sunken, beady eyes, both black as the night surrounding them, caught movement along the central path as the figure blindly followed its routine. A flashlight waved from side to side, lighting the black shadows that blanketed the plants and shrubs. The light never stopped long,l always giving new perspectives for the guardian to catch any mischief that might be afoot. But the light passed over the bush, saw nothing of interest, and continued on its oscillations as the security guard moved past the convenient hiding place.

Klefki watched as the flashlight passed over him, making one or two small metallic twinkles on the nearest leaves. he waited for the human to notice him, to lightly toss him over the wall as had been done so many times before. But the Klefki was a persistent pokemon, drawn by almost animalistic impulses even he did not understand. The flowers, the money, the priceless artifacts that were scattered around the house itself were of little to no interest, he had no use for such things. What he was really after was the key ring the jingled as the guard rounded the corner to return to his guard post along the front wall. Klefki’s eyes glazed over as those mesmerizing sounds traveled through the damp air. The tinkle of brass, the clanking hollow sound of the lighter aluminum keys, and the key prize, the golden skeleton key that sat between the others. it was the target, and Klefki was sure that this night, above all others, would be the success he so desperately craved.

Slowly pulling himself free of his hiding place, his keys themselves jingled. He had only two right now, each a gift from one of his parents. The golden key would be his third, his most prized possession. His small circular frame snagged on a branch, causing the two metallic objects hanging below to further increase their volume. Klefki stood deathly still, waiting to see if the human had seen him. After another tense moment of waiting, the small steel key ring unhooked himself and slowly floated along the ground, every little sliver of moonlight creating bright flashes that betrayed Klefki’s position. Rounding the corner, Klefki saw his target illuminated from the clearing sky above this portion of ground. His small levitating form managed to find itself right behind the night watchman, following every rhythmic footstep. The small clasp at the bottom of the key ring came apart, allowing the small pokemon’s arm to reach forward and grasp the key for a moment. Hesitation filled his head as his body stopped, pulling on the key he wanted unintentionally. As the guard felt a short tug from behind, he rapidly spun around to find his flashlight reflecting off a chrome key ring with eyes and a keyhole-shaped aperture of a mouth.

“You again!” the guard exclaimed both surprised and irritated at the appearance of the small key ring pokemon. A muscular hand leaped forth with almost superhuman speed, gripping the floating ring. “If I told you once, I told you a thousand times. Get out, don’t come back again, and leave my keys alone!” With the outburst over, Klefki was too slow to escape the grasp of the strength that now held him tightly, preventing escape or retaliation. With a deft movement of his arm, the guard once again threw Klefki over the whitewashed stone wall. The heavy jingle and sound of metal hitting the ground satisfied the guard, who finished his routine walk and returned to the relative peace and quiet of his guard station.

Klefki floated up from his awkward position on the ground, giving a small shake to free the small particles of dirt and plants that had become stuck in his keys. With an exasperated sigh escaping the inky black keyhole mouth, the animate keychain turned away from the mansion, returning home to try another day.


The hotel was hardly what most people, or even pokemon, would consider slightly comfortable. The roof had been removed ages ago, the few lone walls pockmarked and fallen to rubble from years of continuous neglect. The only portion relatively intact was the dark, shadowy underground basement, where Klefki found himself surrounded by the few brethren of his that had selected this desolate ruin as a home. The diminutive silver pokemon floated around, the sparse light filtering from the holes in the roof shining brightly whenever one of them hovered directly below. Everywhere was the jingle of metal, the sounds working as a form of communication specific to only the Klefki. The recently returned Klefki, while still downhearted from his recent failure, made his way over to his home, a box laying at an odd angle against the southern wall.

inside, the few shiny trinkets he had gathered lay in the corners, with no real sense of organization. Coins, paper clips, pens, and other trash had been grasped at night in hopes of it being a much sought after key, only to be proven as a failure the next day. Klefki kept them close to him as a constant reminder of both his failure and perseverance. He lowered himself, finding comfort between these various metal objects, falling asleep to the gentle sound of jingling outside.

He awoke later that day, refreshed after his long evening trek, and removed himself from his box to walk among the few other key collectors mingling in the derelict building. Almost immediately, a female Klefki who liked to be called Klefanne gravitated to his side. She was slightly younger, yet had four keys hanging on her spindly ring. “How are you today Kli?” He hated the nickname she had given to him, but occasionally enjoyed her company, and thus he tolerated it. “Did you finally get that… oh” she said, looking below at his two keys hanging limply below. “Well, there’s always tomorrow, yeah?”

“Yeah, sure” he replied, looking around to see who was home at the moment. He saw that many of the boxes and other assorted containers were devoid of life, meaning many of the Klefki inhabiting them had gone out for another day of hunting. He preferred going out at night, when few of the others were out. It offered him less competition and some time to think about his failed tactics. “Have you seen Klefina anywhere today?

“Why would you want to see her?” Klefanne asked, seeming somewhat hurt by the innocent question. Kleki had felt that his younger friend didn't like his crush, but he was unsure as to why.

“I just wondered if she was in, that's all.” He made an attempt to divert over to the main exit, trying to possibly steer himself and the conversation away from the occasionally touchy subject.

“She’s not, for your information. She went out with some of the others this morning. There was supposed to be some big thing going on, lots of people. So they went trying to grab what they could.”

“Okay.” He didn't say more, feeling that any further conversation along that line could only lead to a larger argument. Instead, he came to the rubble-covered staircase and made his way up to the tall bushes that hid the pokemon’s home from casual passerby. it was a crisp day in November, with few clouds in the sky but enough of a breeze to make the sun’s warmth negligible. The steel type pokemon felt this, but did not feel overly affected. metal body slowly losing the small amount of warmth it had gained below ground, he looked around to see if he saw any easy pickings, or other Klefki to talk to.

From around a short, almost barren tree, he saw a glimmer that formed itself into another ring-shaped pokemon looking in the other direction. His heart melted as he spied Klefina, her form aimed away at him. Her four keys shone brightly, appearing freshly polished in the midday sun. To him, her body seemed absolutely stunning, the chrome polished to perfection. She drifted farther away, becoming lost in the tall grass that inhabited the long route.With the passing glance he had, Klefki then decided that tonight would be the night he finally acquired the key, and he would present it to Klefina as a gift.


He found himself again hiding in one of the many overgrown bushes that dotted the garden, strategically placed as separators between neighboring beds of faded, slowly dying flowers. He currently was in a shrub surrounded almost entirely by blue-grey flowers on one side, and the small bit of yellow that contrasted despite its small size and aged appearance.. Immediately in front, the main path weaved around the garden, allowing most passerby to enjoy the many different colors that were now retreating due to the cold weather fast approaching. His mind was as clear as the night sky, the moon now giving everything a whitish blue tint. The guard had not yet passed the shrub, and Klefki became more and more anxious as the seconds rolled by without a telltale trace of the flashlight beam darting around in its usual manner.

As his impatience was nearing its breaking point, something finally wound its way around the corner. hope rearing up from within his focused mind, it quickly retreated as he saw that the entity was not the guard. Instead, a large white cat-like creature quietly slunk around the corner, dark face and tail menacing in contrast to its bright fur. The pokemon sniffed the air, as if looking for something in the garden. Klefki shivered involuntarily at the sight of the strange pokemon. He had never seen it here before, nor anywhere else. So who was it, and what did it want? The creature took another step forward, its nose moving about purposefully as the horn seemed to absorb the pale moonbeams touching it. Its eyes shifted focus instantly, from wandering the garden to the direct location of the hiding metal pokemon. It began to traverse the short distance between it and its target, Klefki’s inability to move a mixture of fear and determination.

As the round face pressed itself in between the thin branches to seek its prey, Klefki shrunk back, deeper into the prickly leaves, but he went too far. As he emerged from the rear of the bush, a bright light appeared, the harsh shadow of a keyring appearing in front of the startled pokemon. “Absol, over here. Chase this imposter out of here!”

Klefki chose this moment to run, his levitating form jingling as he floated between the bushes and wilted flowers. Behind him, he heard a rushing and crunching as the black and white creature ran at him. As he prepared to float above the high wall, he felt a strong tug that pulled him to the ground. Above him was the face of the Absol, dark and menacing. its fur glowed from the overhead lighting, enhancing its evil appearance. The smaller pokemon struggled to escape, but the clawed foot dug its talons into the ground, forming a makeshift cage. As he struggled, he felt his lower clasp loosening up against his will. With a final tug against the sharp points holding him down, his ring came loose, and he used all his energy to fly above the wall and the safety of the weeds on the other side.

it was not until after his heart was beating that he felt a notably smaller weight beneath him. His body contorted oddly, allowing his key-shaped head to look at his key ring. His heart sank lower than usual as he saw that one of his keys was missing. As he slowly poked his head up above the protective barrier to see if he could find it, the Absol was just now handing something small and shiny to the guard. it looked key shaped, and it quickly went into the human’s pocket.


Klefki did not bother going home that night, instead watching the thin layer of frost cover the lone key still in his possession. His attempts to keep it warm were in vain, so when he woke up in the morning he spent many minutes attempting to polish his sole remaining possession. After it was cleaner than the rest of his dirt-smudged chrome frame, he took another look above the wall. neither the pokemon or the guard were in sight, and the garden was silent. The depressed pokemon slowly fell to the earth, his mind and body unable to take action anymore. Finally, as the sun made its way to the zenith of its daily traverse, he rose again, and cautiously brought himself to eye level above the wall once more. He spotted the guard’s small shack near the main entrance, and he found himself following the wall’s high perimeter despite impulses telling him to stay away. Logic and emotion raged war in his head as he found a window cracked open, his small form narrowly managing to fit in between the pane and sill. The room itself was only lit from the window itself, the lights off due to the sun. Against one wall was a small table with a half eaten turkey sandwich, a beer bottle occupying the remainder of the flat space. Close by was a worn down cot with a sleeping man on it. Klefki recognized the aged man as the security guard he had been caught by so many times now, apparently napping after his evening shift. The Absol lay at the foot of the bed, curled up in a ball to keep warm. As the low snores echoed in the small room, Klefki hovered about, attempting to find what he had so recently lost.

Instead of the key that fell in the struggle, his beady eyes saw something else; the key ring that held the golden key prominently poking out of the haphazardly thrown pile of clothes on the floor. Klefki, despite his better instincts telling him otherwise, found himself floating ever closer to the elusive prize. his eyes were wide, anticipation flowing through every cell of his being. The miniature clasp released itself as his thin arm reached out to grasp the key, and made short work of the retaining ring. His arm grasped the golden treasure tightly, afraid he would die if he were to lose it after such a long time of chasing after it. He slowly removed himself from the area, his backward motion being halted by some new obstruction. Turning slowly around as to avoid any noises, Klefki’s eyes came face to face with another pair of eyes, deep white oceans with vicious blood-red centers. The fear from before returned in full force, his body refusing to move. As the familiar paw rose to meet its foe, Klefki’s response functions finally kicked in, his body retreating away from the pokemon as quickly as physically possible. As he did, he felt another light tug. he ignored it, keeping a tight hold on his new possession over all else. His silver form almost rocketed out the cracked window as he found his way outside and over the fence, the sounds of the snarling Absol fading behind him as it resorted to a fading howl in the increasing distance.


Klefki fell the the ground, a few stray leaves crackling underneath. He was exhausted, having flown for what felt like over an hour in order to get as far away from the mansion and its guard pokemon as possible. As his prone form lay upon the bed of grass and leaves, he took a moment to look over his scratched body. What small bit of pride that had come due to his achievement suddenly melted away as he noticed a lack of any keys left on his key chain. His golden trophy lay beside him, glistening in the drab sunlight that filtered through heavy grey clouds. However his mind was blank, as he had lost two keys just to gain one, and he hadn't even planned on keeping it. He was ashamed of himself, feeling undeserving of his species’ name. Sadly and with notable weight at his new burden, the two lithe metal arms securely fastened around the single worthwhile possession left to him, and Klefki began to make the tortuous journey to his home among the other, successful Klefki that he considered his friends.


Klefki poked his head out of his box home, the large key-like appendage at the top of his head making the sneaky maneuver that much more obvious as it reflected the stray light beams sifting down from above ground. The room was almost silent; the others were either resting or out on the daily prowl for new shiny treasures. He quickly made his way around the corner, again poking around it. It was also clear, and the sun felt comforting against the frigid breeze that blew around his contours, sucking away much of the heat in his body. The trees were now bereft of their greenery, the coming winter winds stripping their fragile hold of the verdant leaves. Klefki felt a kindred spirit with the leaves, his lower chain as naked as the barren branches that dotted the landscape. He skirted through the tall yellowing weeds, keeping himself partially shielded as he waited for Klefina to appear.

It was some time later, as the sun was once again beginning to retreat beneath the far off horizon that she did appear, chatting with one of her friends. neither noticed as klefki snuck up beside Klefina, accidentally nudging her as he did so. She turned around suddenly, her face neither showing joy nor anger. “Klefki, please watch where you’re going.”

She started to turn around and continue downstairs when he quickly shouted “wait!” His volume was somewhat louder than he expected, and the following silence made his nervousness increase. She floated idly, half paying attention as he swallowed his fear.“I know its not much, but I want to give you this.” Slowly and with a hint of hesitation, he loosened up his key ring. With it came the golden key, its shiny surface faintly reflecting the setting sunlight’s red and orange rays. He waited for her to take it, not daring to look at her. Instead of the gentle tug of her grabbing it, however, he instead heard a tinkling that indicated laughter.

“So what, this is a joke, right?” she managed to force out amid the laughing. “ Usually offering someone a key like that means you want some kind of relationship. And you only have that one key! What kind of Klefki can you be if you give me your only key, you’d be nothing. And I can’t be connected to a nothing.” With that, her and her friend continued to laugh as they floated away, oblivious to the slowly drooping Klefki behind them.

Klefki’s body touched the ground, everything limp and barely managing to stay upright as he drug himself back into the basement. As he attempted to climb into his box home, his mind was trying to shut itself down, to cry itself into eternal silence. But only a few dead moments passed before his small hovel was intruded upon by Klefanne.

“So I guess you've finally seen how dumb you were chasing after her. I thought I made my interest apparent, but you just HAD to go after Klefina. I hope you’re feeling good Klefki.” No response ventured forth from the depressed individual, not even a glance in the direction of the entrance. “If you had offered it to me I might have said yes, but you blew that. I hope you have a good life Klefki, and goodbye.” She silently removed herself from the pit of despair that Klefki surrounded himself in, having hardly heard anything that had just been said. It sunk into his clouded and busy mind eventually, but he no longer cared. Life was over to him. he only had one key, and nothing to show for all his effort.


Klefki had left his box and retreated to the safety of the open field, ashamed to be in the chamber with the successful Klefki, the pokemon who could actually obtain and keep keys. He was paying little to no attention to his surroundings, bumping into stray trees as he wandered aimlessly between the tall blades of grass and shriveled flower stems. the bark left miniature scratches on his surface, but he no longer cared about trivialities like that. He was no longer thinking about anything, he felt empty and useless. There was a void in his body where his feelings and hopes and dreams were once stored, but they no longer existed. Such was the past, and no future seemed to be coming his way.

As his eyes trailed along a short flat area of hard-packed dirt, a stray sparkle took his attention momentarily away from his random hovering. Intentionally moving towards the irregularity, his heart skipped a beat in anticipation of a new possession. When the shape went from a bright speckle to a long, thin rectangle with a jagged edge his pace quickened considerably. he gently scooped up the key, apparently left behind recently. And now, it was all his. As emotions began to return to his empty shell of a metal body, he didn't notice the yellow and blue sphere that was launched from somewhere in the tall grass. As the shiny new key was securely fastened with a click, a simultaneous click came from behind as Klefki became aware of a glowing red light that began to envelop his body, and his thoughts fought against the pressure that was attempting to control his desires, the darkness that was surrounding him. His last memories were of his body valiantly trying to shake free of the confining darkness.

Posted by: Sanctuary - 12-17-13, 05:03 PM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - Replies (1)

AIM: mynameissantuary
Position: Battler
Money: $5,000
Total Battles: 0
W/L/D: 0/0/0
HMs: None
Badges: None

  Judging for the Trainer's Court
Posted by: Ash K. - 12-17-13, 06:26 AM - Forum: Contest Results - Replies (70)

Contest 28

Legs/Jesus of Magikarps vs Felly

Normal Rank BW Contest
Helds Off
No Starting Weather
Default Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Accuracy/Evasion Clauses
No Contest Stats

Talonflame, Greninja, Aegislash, ??? vs Raichu, Charizard, Cradily, Mismagius

I counted Talonflame as Tier 2 and was going to count Greninja as 2 (or maybe 1, I forget now but I had it firmly set in my mind) and Aegislash as 1.  But it didn't matter in the end, the difference was way too high.  Also treated King's Shield as having the same effect as Protect/Detect but Tough, and used the most updated version of everything.  I wasn't sure what to do for Water Shuriken vs Storm Drain, counted it as hitting the full number of times but again doesn't matter because huge difference.  [MENTION=3266]SLC04[/MENTION];  [MENTION=3239]ChainReaction01[/MENTION];

[Talonflame | Raichu]: Flare Blitz (no burn, Static) | Thunderbolt; Fully Paralyzed | Thunderbolt KO;
[Greninja | Raichu]: Spikes (Protean) | Thunderbolt (immune); Hydro Pump (Protean, hits) KO;
[Greninja | Charizard]: Hydro Pump (hits) | Dragon Dance; [C|G]: Switch to Cradily | Water Shuriken (would hit 5 times, Storm Drain);
[Greninja | Cradily]: U-turn (Protean, to Aegislash) | Energy Ball (no drop);
[Aegislash | Cradily]: Iron Head KO;
[Aegislash | Mismagius]: King's Shield | Shadow Ball (Protected); [M|A]: Shadow Ball (no drop) | Head Smash (hits, recoil); [A|M]: Shadow Sneak KO;
[Aegislash | Charizard]: Shadow Sneak KO;

  [MENTION=6700]legs[/MENTION]; with 62♥ wins and gets $2,000 + $1,500 Contest Credits + [Image: Cute_Ribbon_Hoenn.png] on Greninja + [Image: Tough_Ribbon_Hoenn.png] on Greninja
  [MENTION=3162]Felly[/MENTION]; with 34♥ loses and gets $1,000 + $500 Contest Credits
Ash K. judges and gets $3,000
Ash K.'s all time judge wages: $77,250

  Gym Tournament 2013
Posted by: ChainReaction01 - 12-17-13, 03:11 AM - Forum: Tournaments - Replies (8)


Warm up your pitchforks and turn on CAPS LOCK because it's time for this year's edition of the Gym Tournament! As always, I'm looking forwards to wading through the complaints and outrage as we look once more for our most powerful Gym Leader! Well, actually, probably just the Gym Leader with the most OP Pokemon, but... still! Prizes are involved~

This year I will be trying out something new, a request that many of you made last year and has been reinforced by the Staff this year. For the entirety of this Tournament, matchups will be entirely random! Water and Flying Gyms, commence grinning. Grass and Ground gyms, commence groaning.


- You must post in this thread using the below form to confirm that your Gym is participating in this tournament.
- You may only use Pokemon you use in your Gym (owned or rented). If your line-up changes during the tournament, you will have to use the Pokemon that are on your line-up sheet.
- All battles and matchups will be determined completely randomly, avoiding any type bias.
- This is an elimination tournament. That means if you lose, you're out.
- If there is an issue with time zones then make sure you contact me as soon as possible and we'll set up a date and time for you to battle your opponent.
- Wildcards are not allowed in this tournament BECAUSE REASONS
- Defeating a Gym Leader in this tournament does not grant you their badge.
- All battles will take place on AIM and not the forum to ensure they are done quickly. The aim is to have each round take no longer than ten days.

Battle Rules

All battles during this tournament will be 6v6. Below are the default rules for all battles.

B/W Revolution (may be changed to D/P/Pt Revolution if both battlers agree)
Items On (may be changed to Items Off if both battlers agree)
No Weather / Default Terrain


Signups go from when this is posted until 8AM December 27th GMT+9:30. Assuming all goes well, after that each round will last between seven and ten days. I'm going to be really strict on that ten-day upper limit, so make sure you get battles done before the dates I'll post later.


First Place Prize:

- If you have any Rented Pokemon, you may choose one of those Pokemon to become Owned in addition to any EMs you have on them, and 3 more TMs on top of these.
- If all of your Pokemon are Owned, you can claim any non-Legendary Pokemon of your Gym's (or chosen) type with 3 TMs on it.
- If you own all the Pokemon of your Gym's (or chosen) type then you may pick any non-Legendary Pokemon with 3 TMs on it.

Second Place Prize:

- If you have any Rented Pokemon you may choose one of these Pokemon to become Owned in addition to any EMs you already have on them.
- If all of your Pokemon are Owned you may claim one Complex-level or lower Pokemon of your Gym's (or chosen) type.
- If you own all the Pokemon of your Gym's (or chosen) type you may claim a Complex-level or lower Pokemon.

Third Place Prize:

- If you have any Rented Pokemon you may choose one of these Pokemon to become Owned in addition to any EMs you already have on them, as long as their lowest-evolved form is Medium-ranked or lower.
- If you have Rented Pokemon but none of their lowest-evolved forms is Medium-ranked or lower, you may choose one Medium-level or lower Pokemon of your Gym's (or chosen) type.
- If all of your Pokemon are Owned you may claim one Medium-level or lower Pokemon of your Gym's (or chosen) type.

Sign Up Form


Posted by: legs - 12-14-13, 01:23 AM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - Replies (1)

AIM: wtheburgerkingw
FFAs: 28
Battles: 81
W/L/D: 55/26/00
Money: $4,500
TM/HM: TM Ice Beam, TM Dazzling Gleam, TM Dragon Pulse, TM Rock Polish
Items: Blazikenite, Expert Belt, Flying Gem, Leftovers, Lum Berry, Venusaurite, Weakness Policy
Key Items: Mega Ring

[Image: 681.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Stance Change
TM/HM: Flash Cannon, Hidden Power [Fighting], Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw
EM/MT/SM: Destiny Bond
Obtained: Starter
Value: $53,500[/SIZE]

[Image: 257-m.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Blaze & Speed Boost
TM/HM: Earthquake, Power-Up Punch, Stone Edge, Substitute, Swords Dance
EM/MT/SM: Baton Pass
Obtained: Poké Mart
Value: $42,000[/SIZE]

[Image: 091.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Shell Armor & Skill Link
TM/HM: Substitute, Surf
EM/MT/SM: Rock Blast
Obtained: Trade
Value: $20,500[/SIZE]

[Image: 658.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Protean & Torrent
TM/HM: Acrobatics, Dark Pulse, Grass Knot, Hidden Power [Grass], Ice Beam, Power-Up Punch, Scald, Taunt, U-turn
EM/MT/SM: Toxic Spikes
Obtained: Poké Mart
Value: $54,000[/SIZE]

[Image: 630.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Big Pecks & Overcoat
TM/HM: Roost, Taunt, Toxic, U-turn
EM/MT/SM: Foul Play, Knock Off, Snatch
Obtained: Poké Mart
Value: $39,500[/SIZE]

[Image: 479-w.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Levitate
TM/HM: Charge Beam, Hidden Power [Grass], Light Screen, Reflect, Rest, Shadow Ball, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Toxic, Volt Switch, Will-O-Wisp
EM/MT/SM: Sucker Punch
Obtained: Gift from Haze
Value: $94,000[/SIZE]

[Image: 663.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Flame Body & Gale Wings
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Taunt, U-turn, Will-O-Wisp
EM/MT/SM: None
Obtained: Poké Mart
Value: $25,000[/SIZE]

[Image: 003-m.png]
[SIZE="1"]Abilities: Overgrow (Thick Fat)
TM/HM: Bulldoze, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Hidden Power [Fire], Roar, Sludge Bomb
EM/MT/SM: Ancient Power, Knock Off, Leaf Storm
Obtained: Poké Mart
Value: $47,500[/SIZE]