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  URPG Contest Section 2019 Summer Wheel
Posted by: Gold - 1 hour ago - Forum: Contests - Replies (5)

[Image: 2be.jpg]

Welcome to the URPG Contest Section Summer Wheel!

1. The fee is 2,000CC per spin, or 500CC for anyone who joined after January 1st, 2019. This may only be paid in CC.
2. The event lasts for two weeks. It will end on Sunday, August 4th at 11:59 PM CST.
3. You can spin the wheel twice a week. However, you can unlock bonus spins by fulfilling certain objectives each week, which brings the total spins to 8! You will still need to pay for these spins. Also, if you manage to make 7 of the spins, you can guarantee that your 7th (or 8th) spin is a guaranteed 25, earning you the special contest item!

Week 1 Objectives:
Participate in a Normal Contest.
Judge 2 Contests OR Earn a Normal+ Ribbon.

Week 2 Objectives:
Participate in 2 Contests.
Judge 2 Super+ Contests OR Earn a Super+ Ribbon.


1-5: TM Sunny Day

6: Any Master tier Pokemon from the Berry Store. Must pay a fee of 7.5k to claim.
7: Any Hyper tier Pokemon from the Berry Store. Must pay a fee of 7.5k to claim.
8: Any Super tier Pokemon from the Berry Store.
9: Any Normal tier Pokemon from the Berry Store.
10: Any Easiest tier Pokemon from the Berry Store. Alternatively, may claim 5kCC.

11-23: CC Airdrop! Roll a d5: 1k, 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k! If this isn’t your first spin in the week, move like a combo and double it!

24-25: Summer is all about turning up the heat and soaking in the sun. Keep yourself protected with one set of Premium, Limited Edition Contest Section Summer Sunglasses. Look as suave as Mako, or as sleek as Scorne while you Contest with only the best in attire.

But what’s this? There’s more! These glasses also have a powerful ability in Contest Bosses: When used, they allow the user to gain the effect of either moving up or back in line for the next round (similar to Quick Attack or Curse). This must be chosen when the move is sent.

26-28: Status-Curing Berry of choice

29-31: Restoration Berry of choice

32-34: Quarter Pinch Berry of choice

35-37: Category Hit Berry of choice

38-40: Type-Resistant Berry of choice

41-45: TM Overheat!

46-60: Two free Berry Store TMs!

61-70: Berry Basket (choose any three berries. Only one may be Lum).

71-75: TM Rest!

76-95: Contest Moves bundle (Mimic, Thief, Double-Edge, Swagger, Curse)

96-100: TM Water Gun!


Approvers: All Staff Members, Events team Members, and Chief Judges

  Summer Gift Station 2019: Summertime Bonanza!
Posted by: Gold - 07-15-19, 01:18 PM - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=4664185]

Welcome back once again to the URPG Summer Gift Station! We've got everything you know and love back once again for some fun summer gifting! Read the rules below and get out there folks, it's gonna be one hot summer!

The Gift Station is a great event to give things to members new and old who have had an impact on you in URPG. Whatever it may be, from the simplest of Absorb Bulbs to the bulkiest of Demanding Pokemon, this is your chance to give that special gift to those that you know!

The Gift Station this year is just like the others, but to help you all remember (and do make sure you don't pass out from this heat!) here are the rules again:
  • You can gift any Pokémon in your stats except for your starting Pokémon.
  • Pokémon MUST NOT be removed from your stats until they are claimed after the Gift Station closes.
  • PokéMart purchases can be linked as gifts, however you must state in the PokéMart post that you are purchasing a gift.
  • Unclaimed gift purchases may be refunded after the Gift Station. Any use of or battles with the purchase will void the refund option.
  • You may receive a total of TEN gifts. If you are given more than ten gifts, please choose which ones you want to receive.
  • You may only give one gift to each person.
  • There is no limit on the number of people you may give gifts to.
  • TMs and items may be gifted. These must also be added to your stats.
  • Berries can be gifted in bundles of up to three berries of any kind.
  • You can also bundle a Mega Ring with a Mega Stone as a gift.
  • HMs and TM Bundles are NOT allowed to be gifted. This is to prevent abuse of the gifting system.
  • Fossils are NOT allowed to be put on Pokemon as an item for a gift. This is to prevent abuse of the gifting system.

The following Gift Station items may be purchased as gifts also:
  • Daycare Passes - $4,000 or $8,000. A coupon for $4,000 or $8,000 to spend on Daycare purchases: Breeding Moves, Move Tutorage, Special Moves and Hidden Abilities.
  • Park Passes - $5,000. A coupon for free Park entry, 3 Pokéballs and 2 Energy Powders.
  • Story Passes - $10,000. A coupon to reduce the rank of a single Pokémon in a story by one rank. E.g. A Hard-ranked Pokémon becomes Medium-ranked, for quality and character count.
  • Art Passes - $10,000. A coupon to reduce the rank of a single Pokémon in an art piece by one rank. E.g. A Hard-ranked Pokémon becomes Medium-ranked, for the quality of the overall piece.

If you wish to change your gift to someone, please make a new post instead of editing an old one. This makes it easier to keep track of gifts and ensure none are overlooked, as posts which have already been added in updates are unlikely to be rechecked for edits.

Note: Gifts cannot be added or removed from stats until the gift station is closed.

Gift station will end at 11:59pm CST/GMT -6 on July 29th, 2019.

  bmkmb's Stats
Posted by: bmkmb - 07-10-19, 03:28 PM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies

Trainer Name: Raina Moon

Money: $5,500
Contest Credits: 5,000 

Usable Items: 
Extra Move Coupon x1
Rare Candies x1

Park Items: 
Park Balls x5
Super Balls x3
Hyper Ball x1
Lava Cookie x1
Poke Doll x1
Energy Powder Plus x1


   [Image: 661.gif]
Fosha (Fletchling)
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave
Ability: Big Pecks
Learned Moves: Acrobatics, Peck, Roost, Tailwind, Razor Wind, Tackle, Quick Attack, Growl, Flame Charge, Steel Wing - Me First, Flail, Natural Gift, Agility
Obtained: Starter
Experience: 1

[Image: 404.gif]
Impulse (Luxio)
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
Ability: Rivalry
Learned Moves: Crunch, Bite, Discharge, Spark, Thunder Fang, Wild Charge, Charge, Tacke, Scary Face, Roar, Leer, Swagger, Baby-Doll Eyes
Obtained: PokeMart
Experience: 0

  [Spacial Anomaly] Boss Event - Botanical Gardens
Posted by: Gold - 07-10-19, 12:55 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (8)

Post #1
Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Gamma
[Image: SPOILER_san_su.png?width=366&height=609]

The Gardens were quiet and peaceful, and wholly unindicative of the turmoil that the Park was about to be thrown into, when San got the call. He rolled over, groggily, searching for the Ranger phone; he found it under Gamma’s long fur right as the call was to go to another Ranger, and San put on a voice that didn’t give away his doziness as he answered the phone. “Is it time already?” he said, barely able to hold back the disinterest in his voice. “Yep, looks like the next one is coming at you in the Gardens. Were you sleeping? You have to quit that habit, boy, this is serious business! This Pokemon isn’t just huge, it’s something we’ve never seen before!” San recoiled a bit at the derision on the other end. “Sorry, Chief. I’m on it,” San said as he hung up abruptly, gathering himself as he pushed to his feet.

These wormholes were a real pain for a Ranger like San. He wasn’t new enough to avoid them, but wasn’t experienced enough to know how to handle them on his own, so he’d been assigned a Trainer team as an assist. He’d much rather be supporting an experienced Ranger like Babbs with Gamma than leading his own, but hey, duty calls. And the first part of that duty would be finding his team, who were waiting for him near the main gate. He took one last look over the gardens from his perch on the Wildflower Prairie, then jumped aboard Gamma as they took off towards the rendezvous.

San was close approaching his rag-tag group when they saw the portal open up. Long leaf-like tendrils dripped from the maw of the portal, as a large white puff burst through. It was unlike anything San had ever seen before, and it was as beautiful as it was massive. Large brown spots permeated throughout the fluff, and the long tendrils seemed to be holding the fluff in place on top of a… body? Gamma immediately sped up towards the group as San started calling it in, but something they never could have expected turned the wheel of fate. The creature began to shift the very air.

Winds around the giant Pokemon began pulling Pokemon and plant alike into the white mass, which disappeared inside it like a humongous cloud. Gamma couldn’t hold out against it either, as they were both pulled into the large intruder. San was freaking out at this point, racking his brain to think of what they could do, but his thoughts could only turn towards the small group down below. San made one final desperate call to the team: “Stop this thing!” as he was pulled into the fluff of the large Pokemon. Once San was pulled in, the winds stopped, as if mulling over the creatures it had just absorbed. It would be up to the Trainers below to save their Ranger, and by extension, the entirety of the Gardens and Park, before the creature drained everything.

Boss Stats


  [Spacial Anomaly] Boss Event - Enigma Ruins
Posted by: K'sariya - 07-10-19, 12:55 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (11)

Babbs stands, hunched over her gnarled wooden cane.

The natural branch was taken from the oldest tree in The Woods, long ago, when the chill of the cool, waking mornings began to seep into her bones. Her childhood friend had passed away the night before, and as she looked at the centuries-old tree, with its wide span and boughs laden with its branching children, she felt an emptiness that she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to fill. The stirring wind jostled the dead branch loose and down to her, and she found that the curled, knobby end fit perfectly in her slowly-swelling knuckles.

Babbs was old. Babbs was tired. But standing here, at the metallic outpost positioned at the edge of Enigma Ruins, at least she still felt alive.

The elderly Ranger shifts her weight. The steel toes of thick combat boots click together, hidden beneath the lip of her long crimson robe. A din rises from the steel structure squatted before them. Inside of it, part-time Wormhole experts bustle about, led by their full-time technician, directing and shouting details from the scrolling live-feeds, drone cameras fixed and hovering on every area of the Park.

”We’ve got a spike in-- No, nevermind, it’s back down. Mark the Gardens as being on watch!”

”7.5, 7.5 near the Palace! It spiked then dropped there too! Nothing on the cams yet!”

The voice overlap. Babbs finds it hard to process all at once. Her old Gogoat, Nana, leans into her comfortingly. She gives her a scratch behind the ear, just above her mane of leaves, yellowed with age. The goat idly trims the grass around the outpost. Blue eyes close. She drowns it all out, just for a moment. The Park is the only place she’d ever felt safe, and at home, and she’d be damned if she lets it and the rest of the world go to these… giants. She’d seen their destructive potential in a massive world inside of the Wormhole. She wasn’t going to see that happen here.

Babbs would save her crotchety “I told you so”s for later. But they would come. Oh, they’d come!

The ground shakes. Babbs cracks open a weary eye.

”EVENT! We’ve got an event right now, right now, right here inside the Ruins!” comes the cry in the wake of the small quake. The command follows quickly. ”Miss Babbs! The interference in the Ruins is keeping us from getting more information on what it is! Your squad needs to take it out--be careful out there!”

She casts her eyes back at the pre-assembled group behind them. Babbs gives them a final look-over, hiding her skepticism masterfully. Well, if this rag-tag bunch was all they had between them and disaster, so be it. They’d give ‘em hell. When Margo gives her a soft uttering of good wishes, she returns a warm smile.

”You heard ‘em!” comes the old woman’s raspy voice, rising above the din as she rallies her small crew. ”Let’s move out!”

They step into the dark of the enigmatic cave. A flash of neon red briefly illuminates rocky walls, and then another, as Babbs switches her reliable Gogoat for a more bright companion. Fire flares from black, leathery scales, molten heat moving beneath the Poison type’s pelt. In the soft glow cast by the Salazzle, Babbs looks back at her charges.

They’re all ones she hasn’t seen in the Park before, save for the first. The first was a ghostly apparition of a girl, thin and dainty and pale, who she recognizes as Ciel from a short forray through these very same ruins. Another, a kid so short that he’s probably one of the only semi-grown people she’s seen shorter than her in her life--if she hadn’t seen his Park paperwork, she’d mistake Kouryu for half the age he was. She casts blue eyes over his pale hair and blue eyes and can’t help but wonder if he’s somewhat related to the first; there’s been a lot of white hair recently. The old woman doesn’t feel as old with all of it about, at least. The odd one out with the brown hair would be average, if it weren’t for his similarly dead eyes and a hoodie so bright she could probably see it without the cave lit. If the rest of the Park wasn’t at stake here, she’d be worried about if this whole light-hair-bright-dress thing was what the kids found cool these days, though it probably wasn’t any better than the wild stuff she did as a youngin’.

And-- Babbs squints at the last one, at the back of the group. She thought she’d only have three, but a fourth she hadn’t seen before had appeared--a towering behemoth of a man that she almost mistakes as a Pokemon with his size, decked out in armor and a gas-mask-seeming piece of somethin’ on his head. She’s about to remark on it when the ground shakes beneath them, nearly tossing them off of their feet. Later. She’d worry about who this guy was later, because they had a Park to save.

The rock around them groans, a roar rising up from deep within the caves. ”Alright, for you first-timers here who don’t know how this place works, listen up!” she shouts above the echoing din. ”This here’s Enigma Ruins, it’s got some bad juju goin’ on ever since the Wormholes opened up; it has the tendency to warp us around the Park. Whatever’s in here--it’s the worst place it can be, ‘cause it can systematically destroy every part of the island from right here if it gets the luck of the draw! If you start feeling queasy, hold on, ‘cause--”

Even as she says the words, the roar rises and the earth shakes. And there’s a strange feeling, a light-headedness, something that makes their eyes cross and the breath seep from their lungs, like the air dissipating from the cavern. Babbs’ voice fades with her breath as the world seems to change around them.

The most intense sense of vertigo they’ve ever felt strikes them as their very existences are disassembled and reassembled miles away, into a dimness where they can see only gray. Heat washes over them as they’re launched into the temperature rivaling a hot summer day, the air drying so quickly it makes Babbs feel thirsty. Every bit of the air in front of them is covered in ash, falling, whisking around them.

”Cover your mouths!” Babbs shouts as she pulls a bandana from her oversized pack, tossing extras to any who need it. ”We’re at the base of Mt. Deckbi!” Though they can’t see more than a few yards in front of them, miles above, the volcanic mountain’s peak has begun spilling ash.

Earth beneath them quivers once more, shaking as something massive drops a gargantuan foot into the parched ground about two football fields away from them. They can’t see it at all, and that’s a problem, especially with something that could likely squash them in a moment’s notice.

”Don’t approach it until we can tell what the heck it is! We need to clear this ash before we can even try to get near that thing! ” she shouts, for all of them to hear. They had no clue what it was--approaching it without knowing was certain death.

pokeball BOSS EVENT pokeball
The Ruins have teleported the group to the base of an ash-choked Mt. Deckbi, and something massive lurks in the dark, veiling flurries! You’ll have to work to clear the ash to start the assault!





  [Spacial Anomaly] Boss Event - Ruined Palace
Posted by: VeloJello - 07-10-19, 12:51 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (9)

Four-point-nine. Six-point-three. Seven-point-five. Margo catches the numbers, then sets them aside and doesn’t pick them back up. She’s no stranger to numbers, to categories one through five, but she also knows that the waiting and listening, the frantic efforts to understand, predict, control, can drive you mad. She’s triple-checked her supplies and gathered her people; now, with the preparations in place, all that’s left is to wait out the storm.

Of course, this isn’t perfectly familiar protocol. For one thing, Margo’s never taken it on herself to go chasing hurricanes. The storms that tear up Hoenn’s coastal regions in the summers aren’t things you hunt down and defeat. And there’s nothing “natural” about these disasters. The huge Pokemon, when they arrive, won’t stop wrecking the Park until they’re made to.

Margo’s squad is actually fairly well-outfitted, for a group of Trainers so hastily gathered. Margo is somewhat reassured by Rick’s presence - she’s worked with him before, and he’s shown himself to be capable in a crisis. The others are new faces. A short, bespectacled man with dark skin and black hair stands to one side; Margo’s told that his name is Aladdin, but she knows next to nothing else about him. He must have shown that he’s at least capable, though, so Margo decides to extend trust to him. This Liam fellow, on the other hand, is actually a Kanto Gym Leader, though he looks a little worse for wear, a bit more pale and thin than might be healthy. Hopefully the heat of battle will bring out his vitality.

The first portal takes them all by surprise. Margo can hear the technicians’ panic as they report it opening up directly into the Ruins. So Babbs, the oldest and most experienced Ranger, Trainer, and all-around person in the room is called on. “Fair winds and clear skies,” Margo murmurs to the group as they pass, an old Hoenn blessing usually only dispensed by the superstitious or the very nervous. Or sometimes both.

There’s a brief argument over whether the current base of operations is still safe with a rampant giant in the Ruins, but it dies quickly; there’s nowhere else to go. They have to trust the Trainers, now; they’re back to the waiting game. The watchlist swells as the whitecoats write down suspect areas and their corresponding numbers. Multiple swells at the Gardens. A single massive uptick in activity at the Beach. Pings at Meteor Valley south and Woods east. San’s squad is dispatched when another wormhole opens up in the Gardens. Another mobilization, another blessing, and then it’s back to waiting.

It happens just as soon as Margo is about to tell her Trainers to take a nap while they can get one.

“Event at the Runed Palace! Repeat, event at the Ruined Palace!” Margo jumps up out of her chair as the technician issues the alert. “Ranger Margo, your team needs to get out there now.”

Another labcoat pops open a Pokeball, revealing an Alakazam. Anything but Teleport travel is too slow and too risky right now. “Alright,” Margo replies, her ‘calm crisis survivor’ voice locked in. “Everyone, Pokemon away and gather in front of Alakazam.” As she walks over to Alakazam herself, she turns to the gaggle of technicians gathered around their screens. She has time for one question. “Species?”

The reply, and not Teleport sickness, is what sends Margo’s stomach into free-fall. “Unregistered in any ‘dex. It’s something new.”


Bitter-cold gusts blow over the grounds of the Ruined Palace. Huge, thick clouds, painted red-orange by the evening sun, roil above like a churning sea. The distant pines and forests sway, stirred to a semblance of life, their quiet rustling carried far by the wind.

The Palace itself is as still as the grave. Once-white walls stand, stained and cracked by time, crimson in the fading light. A few of the gaps in the wall are large enough for an experienced climber to clamber through, but such entrances are frowned upon by most of the Rangers, considering the risk of unnecessary entry. Trainers are expected to enter the Palace by its gates. The huge stone parapets, decorated with tattered banners from some long-gone empire, looms large over the Trainers as they’re teleported in. The wrought-iron gate is rusted, but thanks to the Park’s preservation efforts, it still stands firm, its sharp, stark edges casting long shadows in the half-light.

The team is just in time for the end of the first act.

It looks like a second sun has appeared right between the gate’s parapets, swallowing up the black and red and turning everything to molten gold. The Pokemon silhouetted in it gleams like ivory, too bright to look at, but it’s definitely some manner of bird.

When the portal fades, Margo’s first thought is ‘albinistic Honchkrow’, but that's nowhere near accurate. The feathers are pure silver-gold and, of all things, metallic; the beak is thicker and sharper and sits beneath a metal mask rather than a hat-shaped crest. The bird’s forelegs, most of its torso, and its wicked talons are encased in armor, the same alloy as the mask. Huge pauldrons cover its shoulders, rounding out an intimidating, majestic presence.

Despite its size and apparent strength, the Pokemon looks confused, lost, its razor beak turning from side to side, its brilliant blue eyes huge with confusion beneath its mask. It doesn’t react to the humans at all, instead turning toward the Palace itself. With an uncertain stride, it walks toward the castle, transfixed. It lays one talon against a gap in the wall, head tilted in… confusion? sadness?

“Pokemon out now, while it’s distracted,” Margo murmurs. The strange Pokemon is so engrossed by the ruins that it might be possible to get a sneak attack in -

Suddenly, the bird shrieks, a keening cry that seems to split the very air. Margo claps her hands to her ears, cursing herself for not remembering to bring ear protection. “That’s Perish Song!” Margo shouts over the bird’s mournful wailing. “Try to tune it out; focus on the most distracting song or sound you can! And tell your Pokemon that the battle is on!”

Boss ??? Appeared!
[Image: Body09.png]
100% HP. Using Perish Song!

Pokemon Stats.
Aladdin - ???
Liam - ???
Rick - ???

The Ruined Palace. The sun is starting to set, and there’s strong wind above that isn’t quite as powerful on the ground. A Perish Song is active; cover your ears or distract the boss Pokemon if you don’t want to take damage!

Trainer Stats.

  Backlog Blitz!
Posted by: evanfardreamer - 07-07-19, 01:08 AM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

Howdy, grader team! We’re into July and our backlog still has unclaimed stories from the January event. To that end, we’re putting on a little incentive push for this month, and how rewarding it is ties directly into how many grades get posted! Each grader who posts a grade this month (must be above Weak rank) will get the entire reward bundle.
If 3 or fewer grades are posted within the month, each grader who participated gets a free EM.
If 4-6 grades are posted, they also get a free Mega Stone or Z-crystal of their choice.
If 7-9 grades are posted, they also get a story pass. If 10 or more grades are posted, it’s instead a boosted story pass.
And remember – grades within a wage period are on an increasing multiplier, worth 10% more each time! I’ll do next wages at the end of July.

Prospective graders, fear not! I'm happy to take grader tests at any point, and will get you a verdict within a day or two. Which is a nice segue into a minor announcement - @K'sariya has passed the grader test and assembled her infinity gauntlet! Please join me in welcoming her to the grader ranks!

  In Which Cosmo Duels a Honedge
Posted by: Ether3al - 07-01-19, 10:43 PM - Forum: Stories - Replies (3)

With my extremely recent arrival in this community and eagerness to participate in the upcoming NP event I felt it proper to begin filling in the critical gap between "where did this guy come from?" and "looks like he's gonna try to help us with giant pokemans". Given that Cosmo is front and center this story won't make much sense if you haven't already seen his character application. If that cripples the story's ability to stand on its own merit, so be it.

I think I'm trying to catch a Shinx (am I doing this right?).

For kicks I also recorded a vocal reading of this story. Here's the audio for those who would prefer listening to eyeballing.

Things I did do beforehand:
- Spellcheck
- Read the "how to write stories" page
- Cut out a bunch of audio yelling at my cat because she was making noise

Open to and appreciative of critique.

  [EVENT] Spacial Anomaly - The Park Boss Battle Event!
Posted by: K'sariya - 07-01-19, 12:59 PM - Forum: Mission Event Pokemon RP - Replies (15)

[Image: tumblr_inline_p6f08lAQ3k1vn00tk_400.gif]

Spacial Anomaly

Following the strange wormhole openings that plagued Enigma Ruins almost two years ago, the Park settled back into some semblance of a routine. The streams of overeager press and hungry venture capitalists waned to a trickle, turning the flooded Park back to its more natural, quiet state, filled once more mostly with eager-eyed Trainers and other characters looking to explore, expand their roster, or just otherwise step away from the grind of daily life for an adventure.

However, nothing is ever really normal for long.

The site’s singular wormhole specialist tech, hired at the time of the original wormhole occurrence, began detecting… abnormal readings. In the middle of the busy summer, the Park went on a brief lockdown around the Enigma Ruins, not wanting to risk the safety of Trainers should the wormhole open up unexpectedly again…

Readings fluctuated throughout the month. Some days they would be completely normal, and others they would spike. During the last week of June, the readings went completely silent. And then, just as the Ranger staff re-opened the ruins, the first Event happened.

Two wormholes dropped from the sky, one at the heated slopes of Mt. Deckbi, and the other at the icy cliffs of Mt. Oktori. From it dropped two gargantuan, oversized Pokemon: a Rampardos at Deckbi and an Alolan Ninetales on Oktori. The two rampaging creatures wrecked near-havoc on the two mountains’ slopes, forcing Rangers to evacuate their Trainers and take the creatures down themselves. Unable to be subdued, the creatures were defeated, and the wormholes that had brought them here returned them to their realms. However, when they closed, they left a few rare stray specimens behind, most of which seemed to be peculiarly colored…

The spike in wormhole activity across the entirety of the Park has left Rangers desperate for help, their own forces stretched too thin for them to cover the portals opening. Qualified Trainers have been invited to the Park, promised the reward of any normal-sized shiny Pokemon the wormholes left behind…

Welcome, Trainer!

You’ve been commissioned by the Park to help with their little boss Pokemon problem, tempted into accepting for some reason or another. They’ve got the wormholes under control for this hour and this moment, but very soon, they anticipate another spike that’ll open up more. Once they open, they’ll be dispatching you all in teams to deal with them, and once you've defeated the boss, you'll be able to capture a Pokemon that the portal leaves behind!

How It Works

  • You can begin signing up for the event right now! You will have a week to prepare and sign up for for the event. The first bosses and assorted groups will be posted on July 10th. Others can sign up after the first week up until the second week of July, but may not have a guaranteed boss/run due to group numbers. If not enough stragglers sign up after the deadline, you may be out of luck, so get in early so you're guaranteed the fun!
  • Only one of a player’s characters can sign up for this event.
  • With their application, Trainers should send a list containing nine Pokemon that they have a chance to receive from the event:
    • Three of their choice of Common Pokemon
    • Three of their choice of Uncommon Pokemon
    • Three of their choice of Rare Pokemon
  • Teams will be assigned randomly. Trainers will not know their other team members or size until their team’s boss thread is posted on the 8th. Late sign ups will form new groups that may not get to RP if there aren’t enough stragglers to fill them, so it’s best to sign up early to participate!
  • Trainers will submit a small team of two Pokemon to take with them to battle.
  • A designated Ranger will host each group and roleplay the boss. The team’s objective is to take down the boss through battling.
  • Each time a Ranger posts, players will have three days (72 hours) to respond. Players who do not respond in this time frame will not make a move for that round, though they and their Pokemon may still take damage! Late posts for that round won’t be accepted, and will be removed if made!
  • Rangers will also have posting deadlines! Elite and Head Rangers have 36 hours to complete judging on each post once every player post is submitted in a battle, or once 72 hours has passed since the beginning of the round. After judging is complete, the Ranger managing the run has at least 72 hours to respond!
  • Players may join this event even if they are in another Event Run!

This event is meant to serve as a learning experience for Park that will welcome all skill levels of roleplay and Park experience! This will be because of the way rewards will be decided.

Deciding Rewards

  • After each player has responded, that run’s Ranger will review all players’ posts with the Elite and Head Rangers. Together, they will determine a score for each player’s post that decides the damage (or effect[s]) they deal to the boss.
  • This breakdown will be messaged to each Trainer, letting players know what they did right and what they could improve on to be the best Park explorers and battlers that they can be!
  • When the boss is defeated, Pokemon will spawn based on the players’ choices of Pokemon, rolled randomly. Based on their score, players will have either a Common, Uncommon, or Rare Pokemon rolled from their sign-up list! If you do not have a Pokeball suited for that rank, you will have the option to purchase one mid-run!
  • Beginners need not worry, however--while most reward scales will be decided by damage and performance, there will also be other bonus metrics to give other hard-working players chances at better rewards as well!
  • Elite Rangers are not allowed to participate in this event, but those who will be participating should submit a list of Pokemon they want to have a chance at rolling in this thread! Depending on their activity and quality of posts, they will also be placed in a reward bracket and have a Pokemon rolled for them!


To sign up for this event, complete the form below!

[b]Trainer Name:[/b] (name of your character, with a link to your approved Park sign up)
[b]Items:[/b] (remember that if all of your items are currently in a run, you will need to purchase extra supplies for this event! You can do so here: https://forum.pokemonurpg.com/showthread.php?tid=1701. For this event, healing items are recommended. Don't forget that if you do not have a Pokeball suited for the rank that you are rolled/are placed in, you will have the option to purchase one mid-run!)
[b]Desired Pokemon:[/b] (these are the Pokemon that you want to have a chance at catching! To see a list of all Pokemon and their ranks, go here: https://pokemonurpg.com/info/park/park-map-and-pokemon-locations/ Remember that Mart Pokemon are not in the Park, and that they are all listed and ranked by their basic form! [ie Volcarona would be listed as Larvesta] )
[u]Common:[/u] (required, choose three, no duplicates)
[u]Uncommon:[/u] (required, choose three, no duplicates)
[u]Rare:[/u] (required, choose three, no duplicates)

[b]Pokemon Team:[/b] (these are the Pokemon you are bringing to fight the boss! You can [and should!] bring up to two. Only have one? Be sure to redeem your free choice of a Mart Pokemon in this list by posting in this thread: https://forum.pokemonurpg.com/showthread.php?tid=1682&pid=32330#pid32330)

[u]Nickname:[/u] (not required)
[u]Ability:[/u] (If your Pokemon has more than one, pick one to use for the duration of your visit)
[u]Nature:[/u] (a list of natures is found here: https://pokemonurpg.com/info/park/natures-anime-style-battling/)
[u]TM/HM/BM/SM/MT:[/u] (any extra moves you've added to your mons)

[u]Nickname:[/u] (not required)
[u]Ability:[/u] (If your Pokemon has more than one, pick one to use for the duration of your visit)
[u]Nature:[/u] (a list of natures is found here: https://pokemonurpg.com/info/park/natures-anime-style-battling/)
[u]TM/HM/BM/SM/MT:[/u] (any extra moves you've added to your mons)

  Cosmo's Log
Posted by: Ether3al - 06-29-19, 12:58 AM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies

Name: "Cosmo"
Apparent role: Clueless wanderer

Money: 9500
Contest Credits: 5,000

Totals earned / written:
Battles: $5000
Writing: $5000
NPRP Characters: 0

Total Battles: 1
Win/Loss/Draw (all battles except basics): zip/1/nada
Basic Battles: zero/null

Battle Hold Items:
Other Items:
Unused TMs:
Candies: 5 Rare

Kanto (0/6)

Johto (0/6)

Hoenn (0/6)

Sinnoh (0/6)

Unova (0/6)

Kalos (0/6)

Orange Islands (0/5)

1. Caliber, the Honedge

[Image: 679.gif]
Gender: Sword
Nature: Serious
Abilities: No Guard
Level Up Moves: Aerial Ace, Automize, Fury Cutter, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Metal Sound, Night Slash, Power Trick, Pursuit, Retaliate, Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, Slash, Swords Dance, Tackle
Taught Moves: None
Obtained: Starter
Current EXP: 2/5

2. Mercedes, the Jangmo-o

[Image: 782.gif]
Gender: Female
Nature: Impish
Abilities: Bulletproof, Soundproof
Level Up Moves: Bide, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, Headbutt, Iron Defense, Leer, Noble Roar, Outrage, Protect, Scary Face, Screech, Tackle, Work Up
Taught Moves: Toxic
Obtained: Pokemart, via coupon
Current EXP: 4/5

3. Silas, the Shinx
[Image: 403.gif]
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
Abilities: Rivalry, Intimidate
Level Up Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Bite, Charge, Crunch, Discharge, Leer, Roar, Scary Face, Spark, Swagger, Tackle, Thunder Fang, Wild Charge
Taught Moves: Volt Switch
Obtained: Pokemart, via purchase
Current EXP: 3/5