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  URPG Mafia/Werewolf Game Sign Ups!
Posted by: juliorain - Yesterday, 12:46 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)


FOR WHAT??? MAFIA!? or In this Case WEREWOLF!!!!  weary2

[Image: 42494092_232086580994211_852105160084563...NQ%3D%3D.2]

So what's a Mafia/Werewolf Game?

Mafia is a game where you are split into two or three factions (Villagers, Werewolves, Third Party). As a villager, you have to lynch every single mafia member. As a werewolf, you have to outnumber the villagers. Third-party roles have their own special win condition that varies per role. While the Villagers are the blind majority, the Werewolves have the advantage of knowing who each other are (there are some cases where some don’t, like in this game) and their nightly kill.

The game then has two phases-- Night and day, where most of the action happen during the night. This game will be conducted in real time over discord. During the day, everyone can vote to “lynch” another player, kicking them from the game. During the night, everyone with actions will then send their actions to me via DM. Then the day begins and whatever has happened during the night will be revealed and people will get their action results. The cycle repeats until a faction has won. I will only reveal the KO'd person's alignment and not their role, e.g. Villager, Werewolf when they die.

So what're the Roles?

Well, each game has their own spins, but the game I'm hosting will feauture:

The Werewolves:
Lycanroc Midnight

The leader, the original wolf bitten from from generations of malice. This werewolf is normal in the day but becomes a ferocious beast at night before the moon.


Immune to the psychic magic of Xatu, and embracing the its powers of illusion, it cannot be traced by Xatu.

Third Party:

Is it your friend or your foe? We don't know! What we do know is that if it explodes (gets lynched) then it wins and the game is over!

The Villagers:
Xatu is awoken each night by me and asked who they would like to see. I'll then indicate to Xatu if the person they have selected is either a Villager, or a Werewolf. Special roles are not revealed, only the person’s alignment, so Audino would be indicated as Villager.

After all other roles have determined who they will kill, they will have the option to spare (give the targetted a healing potion) or curse (give them a dose of poison)

A villager who may protect a player from being killed every night, but can only do so once in each game

Decidueye is a villager, who when killed (by any means) takes their bow and arrow, and kills one other person with their dying breath. The target must be chosen quickly and without intervention from the rest of the village. Any protection the target may have received during the night phase no longer applies, and the target will be killed regardless of any other factors. They don't get to hunt the first night.

The rest of the town:
If all roles are taken, I will roll you a random pokemon from your stats that aren't already mentioned. They will not have any special roles.

The mafia game will be conducted on Discord on June 15, 2018 at 13:00 EST. DATE IS FLEXIBLE

I'm planning on having days be 30 mins - 1 hour long and nights be 15-20 minutes! Games are usually four days and four nights long, but can be shorter or longer. I'll extend/shorten day and night times as I see fit. If either Wolves fail to send during the night phase, then the game is over and the Villagers win. We'll treat this like a FFA. Failing to vote or contribute to the discussions two days in a row will result in disqualification regardless of alignment. (Electrode cannot win this way.)

Sign Ups:
1. [@Gray Nine
+ however many wanna play

  Maylee Week 1 Stats Thread
Posted by: Gold - 05-15-19, 12:42 AM - Forum: Battles - Replies (11)

Welcome to Maylee Week 1!

All battles will be logged in the appropriate referee's log. Refs will earn an additional 1k for every battle reffed during Maylee. It does not count towards Legend.

You must post your stats here before joining ANY Maylee battles. This may be simply a link to your normal stats EXCEPT for any rentals; all rental info must be put on your post in this thread, and editted as it changes.

Good luck out there!

  ILEX (Capture)
Posted by: Mako - 05-13-19, 02:30 PM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

I deleted my previous submission for Metapod (titled “Dreams of Imago”) since I think it was too low effort.

Here's my new submission for capture:

[Image: BmSfdZy.png]


Capture. Metapod. Simple. Concise or extensive, do what you wanna.
Signed it as Morru on the lower left.
Done on GIMP 2.10.8 with mouse. And tons of patience. Special thanks to smooth stroke and the Eraser tool.
Style inspired by the wonderful Koolaid-Girl. Check them out.

  URPG Battle Section: May Melee (MAYLEE 2019)
Posted by: Gold - 05-07-19, 05:34 PM - Forum: Battles - Replies (17)

(*Note*: Big thanks to Evanfardreamer for coming up with this entire idea! Big props to him!)


The rules are simple; 4 weeks of battle sprints with an ELO ladder system. Who can make it to the top?

Signups start now and last until 11:59 on May 14th CST.

One week sprints:
  • May 15th through May 21st
  • May 22nd through May 28th
  • May 29th through June 4th
  • June 5th through June 11th

After each week concludes (Midnight CST) the rankings will be tallied and ratings adjusted the following day. Battles in progress at the end of the sprint will count towards the FOLLOWING week.

We will be using the newly released Professor Kauri to track the ELO system! More on this and how rankings work will be forthcoming in the following week!

Battle Rules:

Modified Box Rules: When entering, at the beginning of each week, battlers submit a team of 10 Pokemon to form their battle box. Abilities, items etc do not need to be specified. This battle box CANNOT be changed for the duration of the week, unless a mon is traded or sold - in which case it is removed from the box and not replaced. EMs and HAs may be purchased at any time other than during a battle.

You may use different boxes every week. All Boxes will be sent to RecordBot before the week starts. All Box info (Stats on owned mons/rentals, HAs and EMs) will need to be posted to the respective week's thread before each battler may participate in the week's battles. All Maylee battles will be logged in a separate thread.

6v6 SM Private Full
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion/Accuracy/Legends clauses active
Helds on, building terrain, no starting weather

If both battlers agree, the following rules may be changed: Mega/Z/Item/Species, Preview instead of Full

Battles use new Tournament pay system.

There will be prizes ranging up to Complex Pokemon for the winners/top of the ladder, as well as other various participation prizes for refs and battlers alike!

Rental Pokemon:

"But Gold," you might ask, "What about people that don't have 10 Pokemon?"

Introducing Rental Pokemon!
Everyone may rent at least 2 fully evolved Mart Pokemon to use during the event, and if they use those mons in 10 battles, they may keep the Pokemon! EMs and HAs may be put on these Pokemon; if you don't make it to 10 battles with the mon, all money is refunded at the end of the event. Anyone with less than 10 mons may rent as many mons as they need to make it to 10 Pokemon (min 2); these Pokemon carry over automatically into the next week if desired, and only need 10 battles total over the event to be earned (meaning you can use Greninja in weeks 1 and 3, and as long as you have 10 battles between those weeks you may keep the Greninja).

Good luck everyone, and make sure to get signed up soon!

  A new Professor has taken up residence!
Posted by: Monbrey - 05-06-19, 04:57 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

As I've long been promising, Dicebot 2.0 is finally here!

Professor Kauri is now available for use in the Discord server. Most of the commands are the same at the moment, but several have improved output and searching capability. Partial matching across all commands is greatly improved, and shouldnt error for little typos

  • !dex now provides embedded details for the Pokemon you search, so you wont need to open an external site. You can react with M to view Moves, which replaces the old !learnset command. X (and Y if applicable) reactions will show you the Mega form of that Pokemon
  • !dice now supports extended formats. Any number of # or #,# arguments can be provided, space separated.
    For example, !d 2,100 3,8 3 will roll two 100 sided dice, three 8 sided dice and a 3 sided die
  • The old !info command has been split into specific searches: !eot <effect> for end of turn effects, !statuseffect <effect> for statuses, and !veto to show the veto tiers. !weather coming soon
  • !metronome is now its own command instead of being a flag on !move
  • !rank <rank> will display a list of Pokemon matching the given rank. For Stories/Art these are grouped by generation, for Park they are grouped by location.
    !rank <location> will display a list of all Pokemon in a given Park location, grouped by rank
    The rank of a single Pokemon is shown in the !dex command.
  • !weight <pokemon> as before will give you the damage dealt to a Pokemon by Grass Knot or Low Kick
    !weight <attacker>, <defender> will calculate the damage a Pokemon can deal to another with Heat Crash or Heavy Slam
    Did you know Charizard is heavier than Blastoise?
Several more features will be released in the near future to support a much stronger Discord presence for the URPG!

Please feel free to provide feedback, suggestions and bug reports to me or in this thread.

  Night Shade
Posted by: sapahn - 05-06-19, 11:21 AM - Forum: Art Gallery - No Replies

Targets: Rowlet (Hard) + Growlithe (Medium)
Concise curation, please.

[Image: H0WzMxX.jpg]

  Oh no! but then I was like "this is a story"... and a good one
Posted by: Surfer Liam - 05-05-19, 11:06 PM - Forum: Battle Results - Replies (5)

Liam's Ref Log (Provisional License)

Legend Tracker: $0/$1,000,000

  Consolidated Grader Wages
Posted by: evanfardreamer - 05-02-19, 10:11 PM - Forum: Grader Wages - Replies (1)

This post: From 2/1/2019 to 4/30/2019.

Grader Wages 2/1/19 to 4/30/19, go ahead and reply to claim. Please let me know if I missed anyone or if I goofed anywhere.
@Elrond : $4,000
Dearest Concise: 55k story, $2,000+($200*10)=$4,000
@Voltaire Magneton :  $2,200
Remember and Rebirth Concise: 10k story, $2,000+($200*1)=$2,200
@Jack : $2,000
Calm Mind Concise: <5k story, $2,000
@evanfardreamer ; $13,000
father. Concise: <5k story, $2,000
It is 3am. Concise: <5k story, $2,000 *1.1 = $2,200
We have to find it! Concise: 20k story, [$2,000 + ($200*3)] *1.2 = $3,120
Ecclesiastic. Concise: 5k story, $2,000 *1.3 = $2,600
Heroes Concise: 10k story,[ $2,000 + ($200*1)] *1.4 = $3,080

Claiming mine.

  Rain Dance
Posted by: sapahn - 05-02-19, 02:29 PM - Forum: The Stepping Stones - Replies (2)

[Golduck/Cloud Nine]

The roar of the flow around him deafened any other noise. His vision was but a blur of white around the stones jutting from the cliff's walls, bathed in shades of blue under the midday's strong sunlight. How Wade was able to detect and evade the obstacles was beyond him, but he certainly wasn't complaining. Then again, he was streaking up the waterfall at a blistering pace one would probably describe as supernatural. The Waterfall attack was definitely handy in scaling The Spine's lower walls that reached down into Skylark Jungle.

With a final push, the duck Pokemon shot out of the top of the Cascade Falls, bounding toward the rocky shore to his right where he made his landing. The lush green of the forest that had been his backdrop below was replaced with the endless gray Wade began to survey under furrowed brows. Stone spires towered before him, becoming less and less spacious toward the horizon - a landscape much more demanding than the underbrush and trees below could muster. Mastering this terrain could prove useful, in addition to improving Wade's stamina for battle.

And stamina he certainly needed. He staggered a bit and looked pitifully to his shaking legs as they tried to steady themselves. The Waterfall attack, while useful, took its toll on the Golduck's body. Wade sighed. He could say the same thing for probably half of his moves, and that had ended up leading him to sticky spots in sparring sessions since his arrival on the island. He closed his eyes in reminiscence and scratched his chin with a webbed hand: he could also be fairly reckless with his physical attacks, he admitted to himself with a nod.

His thoughts were interrupted by the increasing warmth of the sun that was quickly drying his body. Wade glanced up with a scowl to which the bright white light of the sun quickly flooded in, forcing him to abruptly look away and rub his eyes in an attempt to regain his vision. He didn't know how long he had been on the island now, but it was definitely long enough for the sunny streak the island's climate seemed to be stuck in. He couldn't remember the last time he had been graced with a nice shower, but he could vividly make out the low, soothing rumble of thunder that accompanied the harmonious rhymic patter of rain in his head. He could almost see the sunlight slowly fade behind a sheet of black clouds.

The Golduck's vision was finally back in focus in time for him to see dark clouds dotting the southern skies. Wade peered toward the horizon well beyond black sandy shoreline that was Wayward Cove on the far edge of Skylark Jungle. He was almost convinced he still had a bit of sunlight to work out of his eyes until a swift round of thunder boomed in the distance.

He chortled, wondering if he willed the oncoming storm. But before he could let the joke rest, he shrugged his shoulders as he prepared to stretch his limbs for the hike ahead. Suddenly, the clouds seemed to leap closer. Wade shook his head and stared. He wasn't seeing things: the clouds were barely on the horizon but now took up most of it. The weather didn't move that quickly, did it?

He reached his left arm over his chest, grabbing it with his right and pulling. To his astonishment, the clouds followed each motion, drawing nearer across the previously clear blue sky. The sight of the hastily approaching rain filled Wade with a peppiness that turned his stretches into a silly dance that the billow couldn't help but follow along with.

  Saur's Stats (the sequel)
Posted by: Saur - 04-28-19, 08:58 PM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - Replies (2)

i'm play urpg

Saur: Episode 3

Certifications: Trainer
Cash Money: $18000
Contest Cash Money: 5000CC

Total Battles: 6

Real Battles (non-basic battles): 0
Record: 0/0/0

Basic Battles: 4
Record: 2/2/0

FFAs: 2
1st Place Finishes: 0

Battle Hold Items: Who needs items?
Other Items:
Five rare candies
HMs: Don't need these either
Unused TMs: TM Protect

Badges: 0