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  StarSketch's Stats
Posted by: StarSketch - Yesterday, 03:01 PM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies

StarSketch's stats

Money: $15,000
3 EM Mart Tickets (can be redeemed at the PokeMart for any Technical Machine, Breeding Move, Special Move, or Move Tutor Move)
1 Ribbon Coupon (can be used to save yourself the use of one of your Contest Ribbons when purchasing a Pokemon from the Berry Store)
5 Rare Candies
HMs: n/a



  1. Fletchling
  2. Trapinch
  3. Mareep
  4. Oshawott

pokeball Hibana / Fletchling

Gender: Female

Nature: Jolly

Abilities: Big Pecks

Protects the Pokemon from Defense-lowering attacks.

Level Up Moves: Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Agility, Ember, Flail, Flame Charge, Fly, Growl, Me First, Natural Gift, Peck, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Roost, Steel Wing, Tailwind

Taught Moves: n/a

Obtained: Starter

Experience Points: 1

pokeball September / Trapinch

Gender: Male

Nature: Mild

Abilities: Arena Trap
Prevents opposing Pokemon from fleeing or being switched out.

Hyper Cutter
Prevents other Pokemon from lowering its Attack stat.

Level Up Moves: Astonish, Bide, Bite, Bulldoze, Crunch, Dig, Earth Power, Earthquake, Feint, Feint Attack, Fissure, Hyper Beam, Laser Focus, Mud-Slap, Rock Slide, Sand Attack, Sand Tomb, Sandstorm, Superpower

Taught Moves: n/a

Obtained: Mart

Experience Points: 1

pokeball Abby / Mareep

Gender: Female

Nature: Hardy

Abilities: Static
Contact with the Pokemon may cause paralysis.

Level Up Moves: Charge, Confuse Ray, Cotton Guard, Cotton Spore, Discharge, Electro Ball, Growl, Light Screen, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Tackle, Take Down, Thunder, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave

Taught Moves: n/a

Obtained: Mart

Experience Points: 1

pokeball Sheldon / Oshawott

Gender: Male

Nature: Bold

Abilities: [b]Torrent

[/b]Powers up Water-type moves when the Pokemon is in trouble.

Level Up Moves: Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Encore, Focus Energy, Fury Cutter, Hydro Pump, Razor Shell, Retaliate, Revenge, Swords Dance, Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Water Sport

Taught Moves: n/a

Obtained: Mart

Experience Points: 1

  Mira's Stats
Posted by: Mira - Yesterday, 12:08 PM - Forum: Trainer's Stats - No Replies


Money: $15,000

3 EM Mart Tickets (can be redeemed at the PokeMart for any Technical Machine, Breeding Move, Special Move, or Move Tutor Move)
1 Ribbon Coupon (can be used to save yourself the use of one of your Contest Ribbons when purchasing a Pokemon from the Berry Store)
5 Rare Candies

HMs: n/a


1. Porygon
2. Beldum
3. Magnemite
4. Deino

Tron / Porygon
Gender: Genderless
Nature: Impish
Abilities: Download - Adjusts power based on an opposing Pokemon's stats.
Trace - The Pokemon copies an opposing Pokemon's Ability.
Level Up Moves: Agility, Conversion, Conversion 2, Discharge, Lock-On, Magic Coat, Magnet Rise, Psybeam, Recover, Recycle, Sharpen, Signal Beam, Tackle, Thunder Shock, Tri Attack, Zap Cannon
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: Starter
Experience Points: 1

Tank / Beldum
Gender: Genderless
Nature: Rash
Abilities: Clear Body - Prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats.
Level Up Moves: Take Down
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: PokeMart
Experience Points: 1

Magneto / Magnemite
Gender: Genderless
Nature: Naive
Abilities: Magnet Pull - Prevents Steel-type Pokemon from escaping.
Sturdy - It cannot be knocked out with one hit.
Level Up Moves: Discharge, Electro Ball, Flash Cannon, Gyro Ball, Light Screen, Lock-On, Magnet Bomb, Magnet Rise, Metal Sound, Mirror Shot, Screech, Sonic Boom, Spark, Supersonic, Swift, Tackle, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Zap Cannon
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: PokeMart
Experience Points: 1

Hydra / Deino
Gender: M
Nature: Adamant
Abilities: Hustle - Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.
Level Up Moves: Assurance, Bite, Body Slam, Crunch, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Focus Energy, Headbutt, Hyper Voice, Nasty Plot, Outrage, Roar, Scary Face, Slam, Tackle, Work Up
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: PokeMart
Experience Points: 1

  nox album.
Posted by: VeloJello - 09-13-20, 01:22 PM - Forum: Shimmering Caverns - Replies (1)

Vincent the Scolipede (Poison Point Ability) -> Grimmsnarl (Frisk Ability).
Affected RPers: N/A.
Poison Stone, Attuned.

Mountain exploration has never exactly been Vincent's idea of a great time, but his talk with Aaren got him curious about Mautte's ranges of elevated stone. Unfortunately, Vincent seems to have found himself in a rather cavernous area, one that doesn't really allow his diurnal vision to pierce the veil. His bird form would be just as useless here - its night vision is laughably bad, even worse than that of his natural body.

With a frustrated grunt, he peers into one of the caves. He wouldn't make it more than a few meters in before the darkness closed in around him. Some of his attacks can conjure glows, but none of them would last long enough to be reliable light sources.

Maybe he can shapeshift? He did the same thing when he turned into that little bird. It didn't go as well as he'd expected, but he'd gotten what he wanted. He shuffles a little further into the cave - just in case someone unscrupulous finds him and catches him off his guard - and sits with his eyes closed, focusing on the still, dark air around him. He imagines opening his eyes to see the stone around him clearly - he imagines standing up on four strong legs.

He gets two out of three, which isn't bad. When he opens his eyes, he can see just fine - though a purple protrusion like a horn obstructs the very center of his view. His sense of hearing has grown exceedingly keen, and by the feel of it, he's covered in coarse fur. When he looks at his forelimbs - huge and muscular - he sees that the fur is pure white, and that his fingers are capped with claws. He stands up - a little difficult without a tail and a quadrupedal stance, but he manages - and grins. Now this is shapeshifting he can get used to.

Posted by: VeloJello - 09-13-20, 12:37 PM - Forum: Drifting Oasis - No Replies

Jones the Heliolisk (Sand Veil Ability) -> Flygon (Levitate Ability).
Affected RPers: N/A.
Ground Stone attuned.

She wakes up in the middle of a sandstorm. 

Jones has been quite busy as of late. After meeting that Kira fellow, she abandoned her previous oasis territory. No sense returning to a place where a former and possibly future adversary can possibly find her while she's off her guard, after all. And there are other oases. The others she's found are small - too small to sustain her for long - but for today, she's nested down beside a nice, sizeable pool and had a delicious dinner of apicot berries. She's ready to lay down for a nice stretch of rest and digestion in the sun's beautifully blistering heat.

But the sound of rumbling and the whipping winds against her skin wake her up. She reacts immediately - skittering away from the water's edge, closing her nictitating membranes to shield her eyes, running in the same direction as the wind as she seeks a high dune to shelter on. A natural sandstorm like this could throw nearly anything at her, but it'll be easier to weather on a hilltop. She runs, as fast as she can, trying to find somewhere stable and safe to shelter.

As she runs, she catches sight of one of her feet. It's... big. Too big. Beige and gold like the desert sands, unlike her usual black toes. The claws are larger, too, curled like a raptor's. She can't feel her frill anymore, but she has antennae again. And what's weirdest - there are new muscles, new limbs, on her back. She has wings.

Is this just going to be how things happen from now on? The growl that rumbles in Jones's overlong throat is abnormally deep. At least this strange shapeshifting can be useful. If she can get through the winds, she can fly above the sandstorm and pass it by. So she leaps into the air - carried far farther than she thought she would be - and spreads her wings to glide as she catapults herself above the storm's edge and into sight of the desert sunset.

  Thirsty Thursday
Posted by: sapahn - 09-07-20, 03:24 PM - Forum: Parched Crater - Replies (1)

Wade the Golduck - Cloud Nine
This post affects: anyone

Webbed hands clamped against the collapsed duck's head. The constant buzz of wasps in the area wasn't making it any cooler. In fact, it was just making the tired water-type even more annoyed about his predicament. He had taken to habitually climbing a bit of the mountains that towered over the rivers of the western end of the island he had decided to call his home.

But this time, it appeared he had come down the wrong end. He had figured the chilly, nearly frozen grove he had come across at the base of the mountain couldn't have been too far from the wooded cliffs he was becoming familiar with. Yet instead of leading to the waterfalls he loved, he found himself slumped over on his belly in a fairly hot, rocky terrain he didn't recognize. He was already tired from his exercise climbing the mountain. It wasn't taking much more of this heat to leave him utterly exhausted and desperately gazing around from any source of water.

  Many Thoughts, Head Full
Posted by: Silas - 09-01-20, 10:41 PM - Forum: Story Journals - Replies (12)

Journal Entry I
Crossover Idea: Neon Genesis Evangelion

The basic premise I have for a crossover story with Neon Genesis Evangelion stars Shinji with a Silvally. NERV is essentially the Aether Foundation here and it takes place in Tokyo-3, not in Alola. Angels are represented as Ultra Beasts, and perhaps a few other legendaries or mythicals. The plot would loosely follow Evangelion but not beat for beat, and I'd also like to incorporate End of Evangelion. I won't go into the details of the show here because it's one of the best anime ever, so I recommend everyone watch it. If I do write this story, it would be multiple chapters and would definitely be PG-13 due to violence. I'm not gonna pull punches here, I want buildings destroyed and the threat of actual death. Something like the Pokemon manga does. As far as what Ultra Beast will be which Angel, it's pretty hard to say as their designs don't match. What is really interesting to me is how Guzzlord or Xurkitree would function in a setting like Tokyo-3. I do wish I could fit in my favorite angels from the show, so perhaps as a companion piece I could do the opposite and have the angels show up in the Pokemon World as Pokemon that can be captured.

  Writing/Grading System Changes, September 2020
Posted by: Elrond - 09-01-20, 03:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies



Now that we've gotten the important part out of the way, welcome!

The Stories section needs some major updates. The Writing and Grading Encyclopedias are supposed to tell our players how to succeed in the Stories section, but some of their information is outdated, and some has been flat-out wrong for a long time. The purpose of these updates is to provide everyone with a unified understanding of what's really important when writing or grading URPG stories.

For a more concise summary of our new writing requirements, please see the Stories section's new Getting Started guide. We are in the process of reclaiming the "Writing Encyclopedia" title for a new page that will focus on providing writing tips. Please stay tuned for updates!

For a more in-depth explanation of the rationale behind the changes we've made, read on:

Minimum Character Requirements

I feel like I was really clear on this one. Gone-zo.

Length requirements are really useful when, for example, you want to make sure everyone who enters a contest has done at least a certain minimum amount of work. They're useful when you're an editor trying to fill a certain amount of space in a newspaper, or a publisher trying to meet expectations for the amount of book your fans are hoping to read each time you release a new installment in a series.

For URPG, however, length requirements have made it much harder for us to implement any kind of new system or reward structure based on quality instead of quantity. For example, we've wanted to copy the Art section's "pass-at-rank" system for a while, but we knew we would need to implement a better rubric to help graders determine the rank of a story without measuring its length.

Length recommendations may continue to exist in URPG in two very specific ways:
1) First, we reserve the right to implement length requirements for contests or other situations in which multiple writers may be compared against each other.
2) Second, we may make very broad length recommendations for the various capture ranks, to help give new writers a baseline if they aren't sure what to shoot for.

That being said, going forward, length will not be considered in any way while grading URPG stories.

Cleaning up the grading rubric

Today, there is no consistent rubric for grading stories. We believe that forcing every grader to pull the requirements out of their own hats makes it harder for them to do their job, and harder for writers to understand what they need to do to capture Pokemon successfully.

In summary, the new rubric will ask graders to base their judgments on the following categories:

1. Diction and Presentation
2. Grammar and Style
3. Character and Plot Unity
4. Pokemon Integration
5. Setting
6. Dialogue

If you are a grader, and you're unsure what these words mean, fear not. Please see the new rubric, available in our Getting Started guide, for a detailed description of the new categories and how you should judge them.

Briefly, we'll ask you to judge each of the above categories on a scale from Basic to Exceptional. Each rank will require some number of categories to meet a certain threshold in order to pass. This means that instead of looking at the story's length and its targets' requirements, and then making a judgement based on gut instinct, you'll have a very specific set of criteria to determine how well the author did. You can then pass this benefit on to the author so that they know how they can improve.

What about the old criteria?

I've spoken at length (ha ha) about minimum character requirements, and I want to give a short rationale for removing, renaming, and recategorizing other criteria that graders have used since long before I joined URPG. In short, the categories that the Grading Encyclopedia listed until now are either obsolete, do not represent the qualities of writing that matter most, or simply don't encompass those qualities in a way that's easy to categorize.

Introduction: For a long time, this has been a common heading that graders use to provide story feedback. Please note that you are still allowed to talk about how the introduction of a story contributes to your enjoyment! From now on, it just won't be one of the official categories by which you should determine your verdict. We haven't carried this category into the new grading rubric because any problems in a story's introduction will fall into other categories already.

Plot: The existing Plot category has been re-worded as "Character and Plot Unity." We've made this change in order to better describe what actually matters when it comes to plotting a story. Our new "Character and Plot Unity" is designed to affirm that a plot is a series of events driven by character actions, traits, and choices. What makes a story "interesting" will differ based on the reader, but every grader should be able to come up with a tangible judgment of how well an author used their characters to create conflict and intrigue.

Grammar: This is still a category, but we've combined it with "Style" in our new system. The old grading system dealt with grammar in a very confusing way. It described grammar as a category for grading, but also admonished graders not to nitpick or strongly base their grades on it. Under the new system, it's very clear how to evaluate a writer's use of grammar. Elements of style fill out the higher ranks of this category because style, like grammar, is generally a mechanical skill.

Description: This old category makes up the bulk of the new "Diction and Presentation" category. We're renaming the category for two reasons. First, calling the category "Description" makes it seem like more is better, but that is only true up to a certain point. Second, calling it "Description" may give the incorrect impression that we're looking specifically for more adjectives. The truth is, good word choice includes knowing how to employ every part of speech to create mood, tone, and sensory detail. The old Grading Encyclopedia calls this out, but we're trying to make it more concise.

Battle: For some reason, this section still exists in the Grading Encyclopedia, despite the fact that it hasn't been an official requirement in, oh, at least a decade. We're cleaning that up.

Other Changes

I alluded to this earlier, so I'll make it official now: the Stories section is implementing "pass-at-rank." This means that if you submit a story with the intention of catching a certain Pokemon, but you surpass the requirements for that rank, you'll be able to claim the difference in cash, in addition to your Pokemon.

There is some sad news that follows from this change: you'll no longer be able to add captures, ad infinitum, to stories that surpass a certain length. The truth is that adding more length to a story never meant adding more quality, and this change will reflect that. Multi-captures in stories will now work similarly to the art section, such that Pokemon ranks can be added together, up to a certain point. If you want to capture many Pokemon in a story, we encourage you to break the story up into chapters so that you don't run up against the limit. (This should also make things easier on our graders.)

To make that a little more enticing, we're going to make "Most Pokemon caught in a single story" a legacy record and begin tracking that statistic for chapter stories, even when the chapters are submitted for separate grades. We’ll start tracking this record once someone earns at least seven Pokemon in a multi-chapter story started after today’s date.

In Conclusion

That's all for now! Please check out the Getting Started guide to find our updated rules for writers and learn more about the new categories by which your stories will be graded.

Thanks for reading!

  Memory: Null
Posted by: Silas - 08-31-20, 02:24 PM - Forum: Wayward Cove - Replies (5)

Post #1
Xande the Silvally
RKS System

Affected RPers: -

Xande wasn’t sure what finally dragged their submerged consciousness out of the black depths of oblivion. Could it have been the splitting headache assaulting the back of their head, after it was almost literally split open by the jagged rocks that had greeted them off the coast of Mautte? Perhaps it was instead the relentless sun baking their waterlogged, sand-caked fur making them feel like they were a crispy Magikarp fillet. There was also the instinctive sense that the creature was being watched, complimenting unnaturally quiet surroundings save for the gentle crash of the waves along the beach and washing up against Xande.

It was likely a combination of all three, and Xande shakily shifted from laying on their side to pushing themself onto their four legs. They gradually found the ability to stand as the strength that had been sapped from them in the incident that led to their current situation started to return. Xande stretched their sore legs, wincing slightly at the pain but steeling through it as they were much tougher than this. They couldn’t recall why they were stronger than this… as when they tried to recall their memory, nothing came up. It wasn’t immediately apparent that something was wrong with their memory, as one might think it would be, but they simply couldn’t remember. It’s like expecting one’s body to be able to walk on principle but when the time comes to get out of bed and stretch, one instead goes crumpling into the floor like one’s legs were made of paper.

Xande wouldn’t freak out just yet, as the moment they tried to remember, they forgot they were trying to remember and instead their brain jumped to the next action, figuring out the surroundings. They took in the landscape of the beach. Black sand, perilous cliffs, and a lot of branches, shells, and stones littering the shore. Not a very welcoming locale, to be honest, as it didn’t have the sort of fun and relaxing atmosphere one would expect from a vacation spot. Go for a moonlit walk here with your lover and you’re likely to stab your foot on something buried in the sand. Xande walked over to a pool of water that had filled an indent in the shore and examined their reflection. They recognized themself, and checked for injuries. Nothing too severe other than sore muscles. Their silver fur was caked with brine and sand but that could be cleaned. A few cuts on their tail but that would heal naturally. They tried to remember again the steps that led up to this moment, and this time the fact that they couldn’t do so stuck this time. They could only recall their name, and an implacable desire for revenge. Against who, they couldn't recall. And that just made them angrier.

Now they could freak out.

  luck's chickenscratch - sketchbook
Posted by: luckgandor - 08-29-20, 02:50 AM - Forum: Sketchbook - No Replies

began: august 29, 2020
current streak: 0 days
longest streak: n/a
latest sketch: n/a

completed prompts:
none to list.

  [ORAS, Normal Rank, Random Roll Contest]
Posted by: Eternus Situs - 08-28-20, 07:55 AM - Forum: Forum Contests - Replies (2)

Yeah Hi Co-Ordinators,

First of hopefully many forums contests held by myself.

Normal Rank ORAS TOUGH!
OP Combo Clause ON
Nervous Clause ON
GBA Clause ON
24 hour send periods from when I post each rounds stats.

No send you will forfeit/nervous for that turns move.

@ExistentialBeemo @Mlouden03 @Saur @Gold

Hi contest goers, please send your mons and 4 moves by 12pm EST via discord.