Important Information
Important information about the URPG is found here.
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News & Announcements
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Important changes to the game are announced and archived here!
295 1,753 Technical Team Rework
03-20-21, 12:34 AM, K'sariya
Getting Started
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Interested in getting started in the URPG? This is the place where you can find helpful links, programs, and info on how to start the game!
4 780 Starter Requests
07-12-21, 03:40 PM, URPGlover1
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Here, you can find threads for URPG-wide events across all sections. If you're looking for a section-only event, check that section's board!
33 2,575 Winter Gift Station 2020
06-02-21, 11:02 AM, evanfardreamer

Trainer's Hub
The central point for Trainer's transactions, stats, and discussions.
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Trainer's Stats
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Your Trainer Stats are like your Trainer Card and your Pokedex combined--they keep track of your game progress! Post your stats here after requesting a starter, or view others' stats.
Sub Forums:
294 2,913 PokeJobs Board
07-06-21, 02:53 AM, Ash K.
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Purchase items, Pokemon, or redeem your Coupons from your Starter pack in the PokeMart. You can also find auctions, make trades, go digging for valuable items, and more here!
44 14,979 The Underground
07-09-21, 05:38 PM, sapahn
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Chat about anything URPG-related here, or post an introduction thread and get a warm welcome from our members and get familiar with our community. You can also find General topics and threads like the Housekeeping Thread here. Be sure to join our Discord for your more casual chatting needs.
21 593 Someone tell Gold my disc...
03-04-21, 11:59 PM, PokeViper
Trainer's Court
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This board is for URPG's various important discussions. Share your constructive thoughts on critical discussions here!
26 274 URPG Public Moderation Lo...
12-13-20, 10:28 PM, Gold

Competitive Play
These are the sections where you fight to the top against other players! These sections typically happen on Discord, but may happen in the forums as well.
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Results, records, and announcements of battles and battle events go here.
439 11,559 Ash said take ref test, M...
07-26-21, 09:46 PM, Xali
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Participate in coordinator contests and win ribbons. Talk about contests in general in here.
138 3,702 Don't Trust the Judge. Sh...
07-16-21, 11:06 AM, Asha_Kaideem

Creative Exploits
Writing, art, roleplay, and all things in-between take place in the sections below!
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Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.
474 4,134 The Feeling Pokemon
07-28-21, 12:13 PM, evanfardreamer
National Park
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Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!
279 3,371 Character Sign Up
06-13-21, 10:15 PM, burstingbubblegum
Art Gallery
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A picture is worth one thousand words. Grab your brush and catch some Pokemon!
517 5,152 After's Sketchbook
3 hours ago, After
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A fully URPG-integrated RP section. Use your URPG Pokemon as forms for your character in this shape-shifting, player-driven RP!
257 2,553 alate.
04-07-21, 01:18 AM, ChainReaction01

A place where the game's growth takes place! Here, you'll find the development board, and if you're in the right team, the team and staff boards!
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Other URPG content, such as development, archives, and advertising, can be found here!
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Now-irrelevent content, like old URPG sections, can be viewed here.
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Onmyo Region
76 397 Trainer Sign-Up
07-19-18, 04:42 PM, evanfardreamer