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Drifting Oasis
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Lost amidst the rolling dunes is a large oasis, filled with sparkling water. The sand dunes, always changing and moving around it, make it seem like the oasis drifts across a sea of sand. The winds that drive the dunes disperse mysteriously when they hit the oasis itself, providing refuge in even the fiercest sandstorms.
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11-20-19, 10:47 PM, evanfardreamer
Parched Crater
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Not far from the base of the Seething Peak is an impact crater, likely formed by debris from the eruption that destroyed the mountain’s top. This dry crater is about a half mile in diameter and is filled with rich minerals and ores.
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10-29-19, 07:12 PM, evanfardreamer
Onyx Temple
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In the center of the dry, cracked planes of the northern part of the Mirage Desert is a ring of standing stone pillars, black like the night sky but reflective like glass. Strange runes are etched into the stones. At night, the runes are illuminated with a gentle lavender glow. At its center is a low, flat oval rock, made of the same stone, like an altar.
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12-26-19, 12:18 PM, evanfardreamer
Sheer Canyon
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The island's shifting tectonics split open a rift on the far east edge of the Mirage Desert, creating a gaping boundary between it and the Prodigious Plains. Sand trickles down the sheer face, creating a murky waterway at the bottom where Outwash Basin's icemelt flows into the rift. The extreme drops rival that of the Stepping Stones, making it a precarious place to live, but someone well-versed in the linked ledges could find a secluded home warmed by the desert's heat and cooled by the water below.
01-11-20, 03:44 PM, evanfardreamer

Mirage Desert
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