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The Outskirts
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These are special areas—the only places where things from the outside world leave and enter the island. These territories can not be claimed.
35 448 A concerted effort
10-19-20, 12:08 AM, Mlouden03
The Spine
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A narrow but tall swathe of formidable mountains that curls around the rounded northern edge of the island. Its base and midriff is temperate, with temperatures suddenly dropping a few thousand feet from the tops of the peaks—with the exception of the Seething Peak.
34 294 everybody was diamond min...
10-11-20, 10:46 AM, evanfardreamer
Mirage Desert
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Mirage Desert is the carpet at the Seething Peak’s doorway. The land here has been turned to a husk by the volcano’s heat, carried on the winds that sweep down from its slopes. Blasting gales swept the loose sand and sediment to the southern portions of the desert, creating an interesting ecosystem of ever-shifting dunes, exposing the barren and cracked land in the north.
38 257 OPEN: Canyon Exploration
09-23-20, 06:04 PM, VeloJello
Skylark Jungle
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The Skylark Jungle is the first impression most newcomers will get of the island, as its massive boughs spread from Wayward Cove to the southern edge of the Spine. A myriad of plant life fills these hills and valleys, where tree trunks grow tall and strong alongside clean waters.
40 558 Ties that bind
10-18-20, 11:30 PM, Mlouden03
Drifter’s Lagoon
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While the massive ocean surrounding Mautte might appear foreboding to most, there are many Pokemon that can make the churning oceans their home. Sheltered reefs and ice-cold currents surround the coast, forming a variety of oceanic biomes home to every kind of Pokemon that can hold their breath. The ocean currents mysteriously prevent anything, even the most innocent of manmade items, from washing up here.
13 116 invisible walls.
10-18-20, 06:55 PM, Mlouden03
Prodigious Plains
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Opposite Mirage Desert is a vast stretch of flatland. The massive plain drinks in the rains that never quite reach the desert, creating a broad variety of grasslands dotted with wooded areas. Rivers stretch through the plains, nourishing the flowers and trees before running off into the ocean.
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10-04-20, 11:58 PM, Mlouden03

The Island of Mautte
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