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Great Lakes
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At the west side of the mainland, nestled between the verdant forestry of The Woods and the monolithic bulk of Mt. Oktori, are a series of impossibly deep lakes. They teem with freshwater Water-type life; the waters are ripe with variety not found elsewhere. Reedy plant life springs to life on the fertile earth found at grassier shores, while other stretches sport long swathes of freshwater beach-front.
2 23 Beginner RP: Oribhel (Gre...
12-27-18, 03:16 AM, xX_origin_Xx
Sandy Beach
Threads: 1  //  Posts: 15
Saltwater Water-types can be found here among the sands that skirt the Park’s mainlands. The beach slopes gently out into the resplendent blue of the immense ocean before dropping sharply into its depths several hundred yards out. Small islands, almost nothing more than spotted sandbars out in the blue, dot the shores just before the drop-off into the endless deep.
1 15 Beginner Run: After, Sand...
03-06-21, 05:58 PM, VeloJello
The Woods
Threads: 7  //  Posts: 93
A vast and varied wood. The Woods are often frequented by Trainers seeking the forest’s populous, easily-trained Bug types that live in the heavy vegetation and leaf litter of its deciduous outer layers. However, as one ventures deeper into the forest’s old growth, the low plant life is choked out by the impenetrable, coniferous canopy that is a host to a variety of powerful and fearful creatures. The sunlight only reaches through the forest’s center at the small pool that lies in its heart.
7 93 Individual RP: Rick [Wood...
07-01-20, 02:20 PM, Rick
Mt. Deckbi
Threads: 9  //  Posts: 101
This active volcano is unforgivable terrain. Fire, Rock, and Ground-types are about the only creatures who can stand its heat long enough to call it their home. A wide, spiraling trail snakes up the deep red mountain’s side. Higher altitudes are almost completely choked out by ash, while the lower and surrounding portions are barren, hosting only ashen rock and the most stubborn of scraggly shrubs. A complex cave system snakes through the mountain’s churning gut.
9 101 Beginner Run: Shock3600 (...
02-21-21, 04:47 PM, Shock3600
Botanical Gardens
Threads: 5  //  Posts: 78
A wide-open plain bursting with immeasurable plant life, interrupted only by small, scattered ponds. An infinite variety of trees, flowers, bushes, fruits, and vegetables host many Grass, Normal, and Fairy types. Hollow logs and plentiful foliage serve as perfect nesting grounds for these Pokemon, but sometimes the Gardens are not as pleasant as they seem. Where there is easy prey, there are always eager predators.
5 78 Beginner RP - Evanfardrea...
06-14-20, 03:12 PM, evanfardreamer
Wildflower Prairie
Threads: 5  //  Posts: 118
Not so long ago, a wildfire completely razed a large portion of The Woods and the Botanical Gardens. With the coming rains, and some suspected help from Landorus, the lifeless land has bloomed into a beautiful field of wildflowers. This grassland is relatively flat, with seemingly endless flora stretching in all directions. An occasional–but very scarce–young tree or shrubbery provides shade.
5 118 Individual Run: Existenti...
02-20-21, 09:30 AM, Beemo
Abandoned Power Plant
Threads: 5  //  Posts: 67
Dark, dingy gray windows adorn the squat, sprawling building that is the Abandoned Power Plant. Run-down solar panels roost mostly-shattered upon its weakened roof. Hundreds of twisting, maze-like corridors carve out its insides. Despite its abandonment, the drab overhead lights still dimly cast lamplight gazes down on the damaged linoleum and fallen ceiling tiles. Rusted machinery lines the collapsing walls. Some say the Electric types that live here are the only thing that keeps the place quietly chugging along, but they share the space with Poison Pokemon left over from man’s neglect. Steel types also lurk, drawn by the magnetism of the plant.
5 67 Beginner Run: Existential...
12-21-20, 12:56 PM, Beemo
Mt. Oktori
Threads: 4  //  Posts: 43
Mt. Deckbi’s frigid twin guards the southwest corner of the island. Oktori is a massive mountain of slate-gray stone jutting several miles into the sky. Like Mt. Deckbi, Oktori has extensive cave networks and a spiraling trail up its sides. A ring of tundra creeps and stretches from its frigid base. About a third of the way up, the mountain dons thick layers of snow and ice atop its bleak stone. These environments are perfect for the hardy Ice and Fighting types that live here. Tales say, though, that higher up the mountain, shrouded in the mystery of the snow, are powerful Dragons who take refuge in the isolated terrain.
4 43 Eternus Situs
02-13-21, 06:59 AM, sapahn
Meteor Valley
Threads: 4  //  Posts: 112
Two large hills encircle a valley created by the impact of a meteorite. The valley, made rich by the meteorite’s minerals, is dozens of miles long. Thick trees coat the valley’s hills, concealing the sparse caves in their sides. While the valley itself is filled with knee-high grasses and flora, the entire area is also strewn with piles of boulders and chunks of meteorite, though nature often grows around most of them. In the back is a wide, deep pond. This enigmatic, alien area draws Psychic types from all around to live here.
4 112 Individual RP: VeloJello ...
03-17-21, 03:39 PM, VeloJello
Ruined Palace
Threads: 7  //  Posts: 98
In the shadows of The Woods’ trees and Meteor Valley’s great hills sits a once-grand complex. The high towers of this now-decrepit estate are home to mischievous Pokemon that like to creep through the shadows. Dark-and-Ghost-type Pokemon watch with eager eyes the travelers who pass through living quarters, art galleries, libraries, and so much more. Vast courtyards sprawl in the Palace’s center, where nature has attempted to reclaim its own – and, it’s rumored, where the more powerful Pokemon of the darkness can be found.
7 98 WinterVines & ChainReacti...
03-14-21, 11:58 PM, ChainReaction01
Enigma Ruins
Threads: 6  //  Posts: 33
Within this cave system lies an abandoned laboratory, tucked away and only recently discovered. The experiments there seem to have warped the very fabric of space and time; the area’s very existence is unstable. It unpredictably creates realities of other areas of the Park within itself, allowing Trainers to taste many of the Park’s areas without having to commit to any one. There’s no telling what this mysterious place will give you. This area contains every Pokemon! When rolling an Encounter List, roll a random location for each encounter, then its Pokemon.
6 33 Jiji (Raikaris)
12-23-20, 05:00 PM, Raikaris
Event Runs
Threads: 82  //  Posts: 960
This is where Park Event RPs of all kinds will be placed. So always be on the lookout for any Event RPs, as you'd be able to win Event-only prizes!
82 960 [Team Rocket Invasion] - ...
04-15-21, 04:23 PM, Beemo

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