Pokemon Claim Thread
If you have caught a Pokemon in your run and would like to claim it, please post in this thread. Please note that those on Individual Runs can only claim 3 Pokemon, those on Beginner Runs can only claim 1 Pokemon, and those on Endurance Runs can only claim 4 Pokemon. Please use the below form to claim your Pokemon. Once you have filled this form out, you can add the Pokemon to your stats and continue to use it in the rest of the URPG.

[html]Name: (Please include your username and your character’s name)
Type of Run & Location:
Pokemon Captured:
Link to Capture Post:[/html]
[Image: uBRJiWx.png]
Name: K'sariya - K'sariya Yeboah
Type of Run & Location: Main RP / Mt. Deckbi
Pokemon Captured: Fletchling / M / Hardy
Link to Capture Post: At the bottom, sorry can't link to individual post!
Name: Fenris - Jiji
Type of Run & Location: Beginner Run / The Woods
Pokemon Captured: Pidgey / M / Docile
Link to Capture Post: Caught baby bird Jesus here!
[Image: gYOBInD.png]

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