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Can I request a Ralts please?
(02-11-19, 10:58 PM)ZachieBlade Wrote: Can I request a Ralts please?

Of course!

[Image: tumblr_mqo51ej39l1szx1oxo1_500.gif]

Here is your Ralts's UltraDex page, where you can view the Level Up moves that your Pokemon gets automatically, and what additional moves (TMs, HMs, Breeding Moves, etc.) you can purchase with in-game currency! We have no 4-move limit here in URPG, so these Level Ups can all be used in battles and contests!

Along with your Ralts, you get:
  • a coupon that lets you get a Pokemon for free from the Pokemart's selection!
  • a coupon for one EM (Extra Move), redeemable at the Pokemart!
  • $10,000 in URPG currency. This can be spent in many places, and is our main currency.
  • 5,000 Contest Credits. Abbreviated as CC, this is our special currency earned in Contests, which can be spent in the Berry Store!
  • 5 Rare Candies that can be used to give your Pokemon experience. To see how much your Pokemon need to evolve, check their UltraDex page! To learn how you can earn experience in other ways, see "How do I evolve my Pokemon?" on the Getting Started page. This page will also get you started here!

So, what should you do next?
  1. Create your Trainer Stats in this board. Think of your Trainer Stats thread like your Trainer Card, your Party, your Inventory, and your PC all wrapped into one! You keep track of all of your game progress there.
  2. Redeem your free stuff! Your starter pack comes with a free PokeMart Pokemon voucher, and a voucher for a free move on that Pokemon! See what Pokemon you want from this list, and see what move you want for your Pokemon, and then post in that thread with your choices! While you're there, you can also spend your $10,000 in money. Pro tip: There are great Pokemon under $10,000 available for purchase in the Mart with that money that can help you get started more quickly!
  3. Find what section you're interested in! The URPG Infohub is the centralized hub for all of URPG's information. Check out the summary of all of URPG's sections to see if one catches your eye. Find one you like? You can read more about it by clicking that section's name, or you can click and use the hamburger menu in the top left of the Infohub to navigate to its Encyclopedia.
  4. (optional) Find something you're interested in? Post in this thread and request a mentor for that section! A mentor will pick you up ASAP! You can apply for more than one, and completing a section's mentorship program will net you and your mentor both a free Medium Pokemon!

From there, you can do what you'd like--explore the sections you want to participate in on your own, or get help by getting a mentor for that section! Most of all, have fun! We're happy to have you here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the Discord channel, #questions-approvals!

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