Beginner Run: Sapahn (Ruined Palace)
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Balance thrown off, Abigail begins to plummet, casting a flurried Peck at the Alolan Rattata. Beak lands dangerously true, stabbing into the side of its small muzzle, just barely short of the eye. Startled by the hit, the mid-bite creature instead gives a screech, and pushes off of the Pidgeotto. Black body thuds onto the ground as it fails to land on its feet, but it quickly wriggles back onto its feet.

Meanwhile, Abigail frantically beats her wings to try to keep herself from falling down into her Trainer's waiting hands. She manages to right herself at the end of the plummet and with a surge of her wings, she manages to keep from falling completely into her Trainer's arms--instead, she touches down briefly on Marcus' shoulder and uses it to springboard back off and plunge toward the Alolan Rattata. Admittedly, she gives Marcus a face full of flurried feathers as she does so, and casts back an apologetic caw in the moment before she moves to attack.

Her right wing, the same one that had nearly just become a Rattata's snack, is overtaken by a bright white glow, similar to when she'd used Quick Attack. She shoves the wing forward as she dives down to the hissing rat and gives it a solid thwack against the middle of its bodice with the wing, sending it flying back and into the overgrown grass with a cry. Abigail banks back to hover above her Trainer. The grass is still--though they can't see through the overgrowth, it lays stunned and dazed among the blades, and it'll take a second for it to recover.

With the threat at least temporarily subdued, the ancient statue of a Ranger shuffles forward and around the bush that Marcus had unintentionally intruded on. At first glance, she didn't see anything, but then she noticed a small glimmer in the dead grass at the bush's base. She shuffles the debris out of the way, unveiling a small golden amulet.

"Ah," she thinks aloud, "It's been hoarding shiny things." Another shuffle and she finds more things beneath it--a broken glass that catches the light, a silvery scrap of aluminum foil. It was probably collecting materials for a flashy nest that would attract a mate. She casts her gaze back to where the Rattata had flown into the grass. She can't see it just yet, and where it landed hadn't begun moving, so she assumes that it's either waiting or was dazed. "We can move past it if you'd like, it probably won't chase us once we get away from what it's guarding."

Encounter Stats:
[Image: 19-alola.gif]
Rattata-Alola / ? / ?? / ??? / 62% / [CON]
It's stunned!

[Image: 17.gif]
Abigail the Pidgeotto / F / Bashful / Keen Eye / 94%
Used Wing Attack!

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