Garage Sale
URPG Garage Sale

Saddled with some useless item you don't want anymore, or a Pokemon that you just can't seem to trade to anyone else because nobody wants Delibird like why would you even it? The Garage Sale is the place for you! Open 24/7, some poor NPC schlupp will take it right of your hands for a price that is probably robbing you, but is better than it sitting in your stats!

While we still encourage trading to get the most out of your money (try putting something Up for Trade in the #trading-post channel before trashing it!), you can still sell things for cash here at a reduced value.

All items and Pokemon can be sold in the Garage Sale for 1/2 of their actual (median trade) value. This includes the cost of EMs, HAs, and evolution items.

  • You can sell as much as you want.
  • Every transaction will be reviewed and approved by Staff and/or Approvers.
  • Do not edit your stats, money, items, nor Pokemon, until your transaction has been approved.
  • Once something has been sold, it is GONE! It will be irreversibly gone forever.
  • Pokémon prices are determined by the average CC of their basic rank (i.e. Medium = $15,000, Hard = $25,000, etc.)
  • Mart available Pokémon's base price is their mart price (this excludes Berry Store as those have different currencies).
  • Revived Fossil Pokémon's base price is $7,500 ($2,500 for UG roll + $5,000 for revival). Aerodactyl and Spiritomb, however, go by their average CC of rank. Unrevived. fossils go for $2,500.
  • Elemental Plates are worth $2,000 just like their non-Plate counterparts
  • Prices with be rounded up from  $250 --> $500 and $750 --> $1,000.

These are items/Pokemon that cannot be sold in the Garage Sale:
  • Your starter Pokemon cannot be sold.
  • HMs. HMs also add nothing to your Pokemon's overall value.
  • Link cables
  • Honey
  • Apricorns
  • Passes (Art Pass, Story Pass, etc.)
  • Vouchers (EM Coupon, Mart Coupon)
  • Event-exclusive items (Oak's Parcel, Carnival tickets and exclusive scarves, etc.)
  • Morphic items/accessories

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