The 2018 URPG Awards!
Best Battler: Gray Nine
Best Gym Leader: Ash K.
Best Referee: Gold
Favorite Referee: Gray Nine

Best Coordinator: idk
Best Judge:Gold
Favorite Judge: idk

Favorite Author: K'sariya
Best Author: Jack
Wish-You-Would-Write-More: K'sariya

Best Grader: evanfardreamer
Favorite Grader: Jack

Favorite Roleplayer: Gold
Best Roleplayer: K'sariya

Best Ranger: idk
Favorite Ranger: idk

Best Artist: Oribhel
Favorite Artist: Oribhel
Wish-You-Would-Draw-More: Sou

Best Curator: K'sariya
Favorite Curator: idk

Favorite URPG Moderator / Official: K'sariya

Coolest Member: DeKrueger
Funniest Member: Velojello
Nicest Member: K'sariya

Fastest Growing Member: Oribhel

Most Helpful Member: Gold
Most Dedicated Member: K'sariya
Most Knowledgeable Member:Monbrey

Favorite Pokemon: Keldeo
Favorite Type: Ice

Fondest Memory: Voice-chatting with people late at night when I'm near comatose yet they're all there with me
Wish You Were Here: Ebail, CommBA, Protobabe, Sou, Origamidragons

Best URPG Emote: DatBag
Favorite URPG Meme: haha yes
Favorite FFA Rule: Fate FFA
”Most Likely to Win This Award” Award: a lamp
URPG Stats[url=][/url]
[Image: woDfB6A.png]
Best Battler: Ash,  Gray (sorry Gold, the dice voted against you, and I can't not pu *Ash*.
Best Gym Leader: Idk
Best Referee: Idk
Favorite Referee: Idk

Best Coordinator: Gold, Gray
Best Judge: Mako, Gold
Favorite Judge: Mako, Gold

Favorite Author: Idk
Best Author: Idk
Wish-You-Would-Write-More: Idk

Best Grader: Idk
Favorite Grader: Idk

Favorite Roleplayer: Idk
Best Roleplayer: Idk
Wish-You-Would-RP-More: Idk

Best Ranger: Idk
Favorite Ranger: K'sariya

Best Artist: Idk
Favorite Artist: Idk
Wish-You-Would-Draw-More: Idk

Best Curator: Idk
Favorite Curator: Idk

Favorite URPG Moderator / Official: Dash, Mikey

Coolest Member: Idk
Funniest Member: Mikey, Xali
Nicest Member: Idk

Fastest Growing Member: Fenris, Oribhel

Most Helpful Member: Gold, Dash
Most Dedicated Member: Gold
Most Knowledgeable Member: Ash, Gold

Favorite Pokemon: Eevee
Favorite Type: Psychic

Fondest Memory: Becoming a Judge
Wish You Were Here: dp876, Smiles, Ely, swift

Best URPG Emote: :KawaiiXali:
Favorite URPG Meme: Mikey, Xali
Favorite FFA Rule: Team Work
”Most Likely to Win This Award” Award: Idk
Best Battler: Ash
Best Gym Leader: Ash
Best Referee: Xali
Favorite Referee: Xali

Best Coordinator: Gold
Best Judge: Gold
Favorite Judge: Gold

Favorite Author:
Best Author:

Best Grader:
Favorite Grader:

Favorite Roleplayer:
Best Roleplayer:

Best Ranger:
Favorite Ranger:

Best Artist:
Favorite Artist:

Best Curator:
Favorite Curator:

Favorite URPG Moderator / Official:

Coolest Member: Xali
Funniest Member: Xali
Nicest Member: BlueTowel

Fastest Growing Member: Fenris, Oribhel

Most Helpful Member: BlueTowel
Most Dedicated Member: Gold, Elrond
Most Knowledgeable Member: Ash, Monbrey

Favorite Pokemon: Husnain
Favorite Type: Dark

Fondest Memory:
Wish You Were Here: Husnain, Smiles

Best URPG Emote:   ohsnap
Favorite URPG Meme: 
Favorite FFA Rule: Type Swap
”Most Likely to Win This Award” Award:  Husnain, Xali, Gold

Note to self: Consider doing something at all in 2019
[Image: PV2.png]

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