Gravitationally Bound to a Wasteland, with Dreams of Greatness [ANewChapter]
ANewChapter: going for Eevee.


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非論理的な命名法 ~ Futuristic Name (Illogical Nomenclature ~ Futuristic Name) [COMING SOON]
ナラティブの旅人の存在論 (Narrative Traveler's Ontology) [COMING SOON]
イリジウムの雨 ~ Metallic Group (Iridium Rain ~ Metallic Group) [COMING SOON]
ハーフソードガール (Half Sword Girl) [COMING SOON]
インバージョンシジルの顕現 ~ イデオロギーの逆数 (Manifestation of the Inversion Sigil ~ Reciprocal of an Ideology) [COMING SOON]

Item #: SCP-3002-Θ

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As all SCP-3002-Θ instances are uncontainable with current resources and pose significant risk of reality restructuring, priority is to be placed on neutralizing these instances as opposed to containing them.

Description: SCP-3002-Θ is the collective designation for 3 entities, individually designated SCP-3002-Θ-A through SCP-3002-Θ-C. These entities originate from a deeper narrative level, namely fanfictions of the Pokémon Trainer Chronicles series. All three entities are capable of altering perception, thought, and in SCP-3002-Θ-C’s case, reality itself, and are classified as high-priority threats.

SCP-3002-Θ-A is biologically an underweight teenage human male. In spite of its appearance, SCP-3002-Θ-A claims to be 10,000 years old, and possesses atypically high resistance to injury. Further information is restricted to 4/3002 clearance.

SCP-3002-Θ-B is an android resembling a teenage human female, and contains several non-Euclidean spaces within its body. Further information is restricted to 4/3002 clearance.

Information about SCP-3002-Θ-C’s appearance constitutes an infohazard; however, its voice is described by agents equipped with portable Scranton Reality Anchors as “grating” and “torture to the ears”. Further information is restricted to 4/3002 clearance.

Addendum 1: The creator of the fanfiction in question, “soraharu20”, is designated Person of Interest 10559, and has been identified as Haruno Sora, a 17-year-old female user of the website “ptchronicles-fanfiction.███”.

Addendum 2: As of 2029/09/30, contact with PoI-10559 has been established. PoI-10559 was unaware of the existence of SCP-3002-Θ, and has agreed to provide information on SCP-3002-Θ to the Foundation so as to enable the discovery of more feasible methods of neutralizing these entities.

Addendum 3: As of 2029/10/07, SCP-3002-Θ have achieved high positions in the governments of ████████ and █████, and have destroyed various regions throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Attempts at maintaining normalcy in spite of the events caused by SCP-3002-Θ have failed.

You were right, Yukari.

Some guys in military uniforms came in a few weeks back. They wanted to talk to me about one of my fanfictions. Apparently three of the characters from my earliest fanfiction, written when I was still learning how to write good characters, became... real. And they’re three of the most overpowered, blatant Mary Sue characters I’ve ever seen.

Now that those characters are taking over the world, I think I’ve brought about the end of our civilization.

I... I should’ve listened to you.

I’m sorry.

Sora clicks “Send” and slinks away from the computer, moving to lie on her bed. Her Eevee, who she’s nicknamed Coco, hops onto the bed next to her. Sensing her distress, Coco starts pawing at her hand gently - Sora usually liked it when she did that.

Sora doesn’t really feel it helps, and she moves her hand away from Coco, but Coco simply follows. She’s definitely persistent, I’ll give her that, Sora thinks to herself. I’ve tried everything I can from home: deleting the original fanfiction, which failed due to a server error; deleting my drafts, which did nothing to stop them; posting a canon chapter where they die, which also failed due to a server error...

I’ve got to stop them somehow.

cash submission.

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